CofCC: Under the Microscope

Bob Barr Addressing CofCC

OD now reaches around 30,000 unique visitors a month. Last month, Occidental Observer had 90,000 unique visitors and TOQ Online reached 18,000. At a minimum, Stormfront, Amren, and VDARE combined must be reaching over hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month. The other pro-White sites in America reach tens of thousands of more unique visitors and cater to any number of diverse sub-cultures within the movement.

Here’s the rub: with such a huge online media presence, why are so few people involved in pro-White organizations? I’ve lost count of the number of people over the years who claim they want to do something. Most take a look at the existing organizations and find some objection that deters them from joining. The ubiquitous splinter groups in the White Nationalist movement and the social penalties that follow from membership aren’t exactly inspiring.

This troubling fact raises important questions. The long term plan here at OD has always been to spend a few years building up a huge online media presence and then create an activist wing down the road. With pro-White sites already reaching so many people, why aren’t more Americans coming out from behind their computer screens? What is the point of reaching more people with more media if the extent of their involvement is limited fighting with each other on internet blogs and forums?


In this post, I want to take a hard look at the Council of Conservative Citizens. I’ve known of the CofCC for seven or eight years now, but until recently I haven’t paid much attention to them. What are the strengths of this organization? What are the weaknesses? Where is the CofCC headed in the future? What are the objections to joining? What are the counterarguments?

This is a whole can of worms that hasn’t been explored here. I believe this is the first post in OD history (correct me if I am wrong) about the merits of a pro-White organization. It is a small mystery in itself why we have talked about Red Jeffrey and Guy White over a dozen times, but until now haven’t discussed the ways in which we can get involved in the real world to bring White Nationalism out of the fantasy realm and into reality.

Pros and Cons

1.) I would rather start my own organization.

One of the most demoralizing aspects of White Nationalism are the thousands of splinter groups that have one or two members, do absolutely nothing, and wither and die within a year. It gives new recruits the impression that the movement is hopelessly disorganized and will never get its act together.

This problem can be traced to the radical individualism that has always been prominent in American culture. Everyone wants to be the chief. No one wants to be the Indian. In the White Nationalist movement, this translates into hundreds of little micro-fuhrers each with their own small website that they call an organization. Several Facebook groups of this sort come to mind.

It is usually a better idea to join an established organization than to start a brand new one. Established organizations have the resources, networks, and knowledge that micro-fuhrers lack. If you join an existing organization, you can work within a community to make your own division or unit a success.

There isn’t as much pressure. You will be taken more seriously. It is easier to make a name for yourself and get things done.

This is probably the greatest strength of the CofCC. They have been around for twenty years now under that name. Their roots can be traced to the Citizens’ Councils of America which fought integration in the 1950s and 1960s. CofCC has a fifty year legacy of resistance to integration and multiculturalism.

In a manner of speaking, CofCC is the oldest bank in town. It is a safer place to invest your time and resources. Of the existing pro-White organizations, it is the largest and most stable.

2.) I haven’t joined a pro-White organization because they are full of cranks, kooks, losers, or sub-cultures that I would rather not associate with.

I’ve been involved in pro-White discussion groups for almost ten years now. This is the major reason why I stayed on the sidelines for so long. My impression of the movement was that it was full of individualists who cared more about parading around in white sheets or flaunting their swastikas than making a serious effort to preserve our racial and cultural heritage.

Now that I am meeting people in real life, I have discovered that the loudmouth types who I see all the time on the internet, who I mentally associated with White Nationalism, are usually keyboard commandos. I’ve been to a few pro-White events and the people I met there were ordinary, intelligent, and normal Americans.

As the old saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Similarly, you can’t judge the White Nationalist movement by the crazy people you see on internet forums.

CofCC has managed to ward off most of these types. They have done a better job of this than any other comparable pro-White organization. If you want to be around sane, normal, ordinary Americans who are concerned about their racial future, I can’t think of a better established organization.

3.) I haven’t joined a pro-White organization because I can’t afford the membership dues.

The cost of joining the CofCC is $25 a year. That is trivial. Anyone can afford that. It is equivalent of two cases of Bud Light or eating a steak dinner at a chain restaurant.

4.) I haven’t joined a pro-White organization because I want to protect my identity.

Use a pseudonym. If you join under your real name, the information is confidential and your privacy will be protected.

5.) I’m still not ready to join an organization.

Every White Nationalist should determine his or her own level of involvement. If you aren’t ready to join an organization like CofCC, there are still things you can do.

You can show up at events. You can donate. You can write articles for the newspaper or blog under a pseudonym. You can buy things like books and t-shirts. You can participate in online blogs and discussion forums. You can advertise and recommend pro-White organizations. You can invite people to the relevant Facebook groups.

6.) I’m a White Nationalist, not a faileoconservative. Why should I join the CofCC?

I’ve had this debate several times with Matt Parrott. I consider myself a White Nationalist. He calls himself a “conservative” and “White Advocate.” When you get beyond these labels, there isn’t much difference between our respective views. This is mostly an argument over semantics.

There are lots of White Nationalists involved with CofCC. At the 2010 CofCC Conference, Sam Dickson bluntly described himself as a racial nationalist in his speech. Everyone involved in CofCC is pro-White and anathema to mainstream conservative circles.

Personally, I want to create a Jew-free, White ethnostate in North America. That’s why I call myself a White Nationalist. Moving beyond that minimum, I flesh out the details:

– I want to see a White ethnostate created in the American South.

– I want Anglo-Celtic Southerners to be the ethnic core of the White ethnostate. In other words, I want the White ethnostate to be a Southern homeland.

– I want to restore the Confederate States of America as an independent nation.

– I want the South to be South again. I want to return to traditional, authentic Southern culture. This means doing away with the garbage that is pumped in here through print, radio, and television.

– I want a healthy Protestant Christianity to be the predominant religion of the South: old school, middle class, sensible and sturdy Christianity, not the Evangelical nuttiness that spread like kudzu here in the twentieth century.

– I want a federal national government and a constitutional republic. The states should have more of a say in their own affairs than they do now.

– I love Confederate monuments. I was raised to believe that Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis were heroes. There is no conflict between White Nationalism and wanting to conserve the history, heritage, and tradition that made the South great.

The moral of this story is that there are plenty of things about the South that I wish to conserve, namely, our race and culture. I’m simply of the belief that revolutionary action – a dissolution of the United States – is the indispensable prerequisite to any Southern racial and cultural revival.

7.) The CofCC isn’t strongly enough opposed to the Jews.

There is no shortage of Jew-awareness in the CofCC. Everyone involved knows about the problem and understands its significance. Get involved and you will see for yourself.

The Jews played a prominent role in destroying the Jim Crow South which the CCA fought so hard to preserve. That fact has hardly gone unnoticed. At the same time, most people in the CofCC are intelligent enough to recognize that they are all sorts of factors pushing American decline. The Jewish Question is only one aspect of a larger problem.

8.) The CofCC is hostile to Westerners and Northerners.

This is not the case. The CofCC has chapters in New York, Indiana, and California. They are based in the South, but are eager to expand into a national organization.

It would be great to take back the whole country. I’m all for it. If I had to choose between a Southern or American ethnostate, I would choose the latter. I don’t think it is practical or possible to take back all of America, but we should certainly try, and Northerners and Westerners should be actively building chapters in their own states.

9.) The CofCC is Christian. I am not a Christian. We should be attacking Christianity which is a Jewish religion.

There is no religious litmus test for membership. I think attacking Christianity – the religion of 85% of White Americans – is a complete non-starter. Instead of attacking Christianity, we should encourage Christians to return to their roots.

For 300 years, American Christians didn’t have a problem with “racism.” If Christians examined their own religion, they would find that mainstream churches didn’t embrace anti-racism until the twentieth century, and then on dubious theological grounds. The Southern Baptist Convention didn’t embrace anti-racism until the 1990s.

10.) CofCC is a bunch of old fogies. We need a brand new organization that caters to White Nationalist youth.

I’ve already explained why a new organization is a bad idea. In the podcast, I explained why the age ratio within CofCC favors younger members: simply put, there are plenty of opportunities to advance. Within twenty years, younger CofCC members will be leading the organization.

CofCC has evolved in the past. In 1988, it changed its name to Council of Conservative Citizens from the Citizens’ Councils of America. What could Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers with the CofCC? That day will inevitably come.

11.) I want to get involved in mainstream politics.

CofCC is the largest pro-White organization and the only established organization that has any influence in state politics. If you live in the South, CofCC is the logical organization to join.

Conclusion: It is better to join an established organization and make your mark than to launch a risky new start up with zero name recognition. Of the established organizations, CofCC is the largest, oldest, the most normal, the most tolerant and flexible, and offers the most opportunities for young people (in particular, Southerners) to advance. They already have connections to the political mainstream. See the image and caption.

OD reaches thousands of racialists in Virginia, Texas, and Florida. We have a lot of people in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina as well. Shouldn’t we join existing chapters or start new ones where they don’t exist? What is the purpose of pro-White media aside from promoting pro-White activism?

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  1. FED-led orgs, ‘tax evasion’ traps, RICO traps, ever-more-stringent ‘homeland security’/patriot act… so many ways to snag ya, even when you personally didn’t do anything wrong.

  2. Amen to Vlad Katonic:

    One should fear Entrapment, Agents provocateur. And this is even if you’re just intellectually interested in joining a nationalist group. You may have heard of the term “crimethink” — from George Orwell’s 1984. It is a real phenomenon; not yet a crime, but it is a huge problem when one is painted as a racist…

    Also check out Leaderless Resistance:

  3. My only goal is racial preservation. I don’t care about Christianity, states-rights, restoring the constitution, or any other reactionary pipedream. I wish the CofCC the best of luck in their efforts and if they had any activity in my state I’d be willing to meet with them. It’s doubtful I’d join due to my disagreements with their principles but that doesn’t rule out friendly cooperation.

  4. @ Hunter

    The problem today, isn’t North-South, it’s the costal metropolexes on both the East & West coasts vs. the flyover. It includes such Southern venues as Atlanta, Charlotte & the Research Triangle, and much of Florida. You can’t get any more cosmo than that. Don’t beat a dead horse.

  5. One of more important reasons is that people are afraid to lose their jobs. We live under Soviet conditions when it comes to taboo politics on race, immigration, etc. The Diversity posters are everywhere in Corporate America, and the penalties are swift. Ask Jimmy the Greek or Don Imus. I think this is why politically active young people need to be taught to avoid debt at all costs. I did not appreciate this when I was young, went to a national law school, and acquired $130K in debt ten years ago. While this increased my income, it radically reduced my wealth (which is negative) and my ability to accumulate wealth. It also limited my ability to practice law in a desirable place like Idaho or Montana. That kind of debt load is a real burden that stops you from buying a business, being able to say FU to your company, and generally to do your own thing.

    We need to all take a cue from the immigrants that are successful, mostly through entrepreneurship, financial lending within their group, and through owning things like car lots, convenience stores, mechanic shops, and other businesses that are nearly recession proof and where you can believe and do what you want in your spare time.

  6. White Nationalist might be better to use the Masons order of the Secret Society . To join and public organization is to be subject to political correctness or break the law.

  7. to Jacob C. who wants to find charities that help poor Whites.

    I have had good experiences working with LOCAL White LDS Churches (Mormon Latter Day Saints).

    Though the LDS Church as a whole is becoming less White – mostly Hispanics and Pacific Islanders/Samoans, most local churches are very White and have a very extensive local social welfare program. Just make sure your donation goes to the local church and get to know the local Bishop. Yeah, the national LDS church now does stupid stuff like sending relief missions to Haiti, but local churches concentrate on helping local (White) people and there is a very strong self reliance/suspicion of big government, big media etc.

    Theology aside (and I admire much of Mormon/LDS theology) LDS White folks have lots of great organizations and policies like emergency food storage.

  8. “Secession” is a delusional fantasy. If you think the South can possibly secede while things remain as they are in the rest of the country (i.e. under Jewish control and with a substantial non-white population), you are insane. The South would be militarily crushed (nuked if necessary) in an episode that would make the Civil War look like a complete joke. This is completely obvious to anyone with a functioning brain.

    Any successful white nationalist movement needs to be not just national, but international. What white people need now is *unity* in the face of a common threat, not division into a zillion competing micro-ethnic groups. That is white nationalism. Philo-Semitic neo-confederates are not white nationalists and should not be mistaken for such.

  9. “Secession” is a delusional fantasy

    Quebec is always threatening to leave Canada. There are any number of separatist movements in Europe. Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia disintegrated.

    If you think the South can possibly secede while things remain as they are in the rest of the country (i.e. under Jewish control and with a substantial non-white population), you are insane.

    If the South seceded from the United States, I imagine it would radically destabilize the rest of the United States. It would become far easier for other secessionist movements to get off the ground in places like the Northwest.

    The South would be militarily crushed (nuked if necessary) in an episode that would make the Civil War look like a complete joke. This is completely obvious to anyone with a functioning brain.

    The South is loaded with nuclear weapons. The Sunbelt is the American industrial heartland. Southerners and Westerners are the U.S. military. New England couldn’t stomach a war with the insurgency in Iraq. There is utterly no way they could coerce the South back into the Union this time.

    Any successful white nationalist movement needs to be not just national, but international.

    The Union is the problem. As I pointed out before, if the South was an independent country, neither the Voting Rights Act, Immigration Act of 1965, or the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would have ever been signed into law. The only reason that George W. Bush didn’t get his amnesty for illegal aliens is because he faced so much opposition within his own party in the South.

    What white people need now is *unity* in the face of a common threat, not division into a zillion competing micro-ethnic groups.

    Unity is fine. Northerners should retake control of their own states and secede. We could always reconfederate.

    That is white nationalism. Philo-Semitic neo-confederates are not white nationalists and should not be mistaken for such.

    I’m not a philo-Semite by any stretch of the imagination. If the South remains in the United States, we are doomed. I can tell you that with 100% certainty. Of course the same is true of any other state in the Union whether it be in the West or the North.

  10. The CofCC isn’t for everybody. No single organization can be. No single type of advocacy can deemed “the way to do it”, as we all have different beliefs, different gifts, and different personal situations. Not everybody can afford to be public advocates. Not everybody can contribute by blogging under a pseudonym. Not everybody can afford to invest in the cause.

    But the bottom line is this: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you believe in the cause but you’re not helping with it, then you suck. There’s no other way to slice it. Most folks can plead ignorance or apathy, but to be vividly aware of the stakes and the challenge before us yet remain inert is to be a special kind of asshole, one who I have less respect for than I have for my enemy.

    Nobody here is so unintelligent or uncreative that they couldn’t think of some way to do something which works in their own personal situation. Can’t afford to risk your job? Take 5% of each paycheck from that job and anonymously donate it to the CofCC. Broke? Spend 30 minutes of each day combing through local and regional news sites for race-related articles and make pro-White comments. Broke AND devoid of free time? Reprioritize.

    But I’m wasting my breath. “Men” who lack the will to action won’t find a suitable way of acting. The porridge will always be too warm, cold, lumpy, or runny for their refined tastes. A grown man who possesses the will to action will hop aboard an existing movement, find a way to “leaderlessly resist”, or even start his own movement.

    You can tell within the first few minutes of conversing with somebody whether this is a hobby or game to him or whether he’s serious. I treat the former respectfully and patiently, and I do what I can to inspire people in that category to action. But there’s no point in trying to reason a person out of a position he didn’t reason himself into. Possessing the will to action is a matter of the heart.

  11. The people I have met involved with the CCC have been men of principle and well meaning, intelligent, individuals. Although it is not right for me I can understand why someone with want to get involved with this advocacy group.

  12. No single type of advocacy can deemed “the way to do it”, as we all have different beliefs, different gifts, and different personal situations.

    1.) Everyone in the White Nationalist movement has small differences with others.

    2.) Thousands of racialists sit around waiting of the perfect organization to emerge which matches every detail of their ideology.

    3.) Such an organization never emerges. People sit on the sidelines. Nothing gets done.

  13. Mr. Wallace and others,
    I hve been reading the posts here on a daily basis for several months, but have never posted. This post, and the reponses to it, have finally prompted me to post my opinion.
    One thing that the responses to this post has brought home to me is that there really is such a thing as “leftist white nationalism” in this country. I had read this several times before, both here and at other blogs, but it has never really hit home until now. Evidently there are intelligent, well-intentioned persons who favor large centralized governments, with all the restrictions on freedom and all the ineffiencies that this implies, provided that said governments are controlled by WNs and rule over nations comprised entirely or almost entirely of whites. It would seem that what is wanted by some is some kind of WN version of the EU. One commenter has even suggested that Christianity be ditched and that, instead, we recruit the spirit of William Pierce to act as our new God.
    Mr. Wallace, in a post you made here some weeks ago, you mentioned in passing that, in an all white society, you would have no objection to socialism. I must strongly disagree. I have no desire to support trash–black, brown, Jewish or white.
    Mr. Sam Davidson has stated here that “My only goal is racial preservation. I don’t care about Christianity, states-rights, restoring the constitution, or any other reactionary pipedream.”

    Most prople who are to any significant degree receptive to the WN message DO CARE ABOUT Christianity, states-rights, restoring the constitution and perhaps other “reactionary pipedreams”.
    With all due respect, our movement is a “right wing, reactionary” movement, and has to be. I have no desire to be a “national socialist” or any other kind of socialist; neither do the vast majority of folks who would find the WN message to be of any interest. What is needed is free enterprise with as much of a localist basis as is workable, not socialist or
    quasi-socialist egalitarianism and not “capitalism” in the Jewish/GOP sense.

    Having stated my opinion, I wish you well, and will continue to read regularly.–Steve, Henrico Va. (60 miles east of Cville).

  14. SER,

    It all sounds good but at the end of the day, we need to keep our jobs. We are living in a time when jobs are at stake at the slightest mention of white identity. Who cares what the relatives or neighbors think. The boss is a different story.

  15. Steve, I couldn’t agree more.

    We desperately need organizations that promote the interests of white people. As a group, we have been maligned, abused, demeaned and demoralized to such an extent that our collective behavior presents as “Stockholm syndrome.”

    However, nationalism, is by any modern definition, Statism. Be it leftist statism, or rightist statism.

    One of the central tenets of nationalism is that the individual ows a duty of self-sacrifice to “The Greater Good” of his nation, and that the noblest act a person can do is to give his life for his country during a war.

    HOGWASH! For the first 2/3 of my life, I was a Reaganite schlub. I spent 9 years in the Marine Corps Infantry because I believed in the Gipper’s “shining city on a hill.”

    in 1924, a young socialist was in the joint for “community organizing.” During his incarceration he wrote a book which, as it turned out, was a roadmap for his future.

    In this book, titled “Mein Kampf,” Hitler promised that the National Socialist German Workers Party would eliminate State’s Rights forever…and that “The individual states of the American Union…could not have possessed any state sovereignty of their own. For it was not these states that formed the Union, on the contrary it was the Union which formed a great part of such so-called states.”

    Hitler, like Lenin, Stalin, and Marx, was a great admirer of a deranged, mass-murdering psychopath named Abraham Lincoln. Who, as it turns out, also believed that the states were not sovereign, and that the national(ist) government should reign supreme….”consent of the governed be damned.”

    Let’s not sully The South, or the Confederate cause with the Nationalism which drove them to secede in the first place; and against which my ancestors were willing to fight to the death.

    If you want to reach middle-aged, middle-class citizens like me (and our children), you first need to cast off any association with Liberalism, Nationalism, and…especially…any reference reminiscent of Germany during the 1930?s.

  16. Steve says:

    One thing that the responses to this post has brought home to me is that there really is such a thing as “leftist white nationalism” in this country.

    Ron Jones says:

    If you want to reach middle-aged, middle-class citizens like me (and our children), you first need to cast off any association with Liberalism, Nationalism, and…especially…any reference reminiscent of Germany during the 1930?s.

    If you care more about tax rates than the survival of your people, you’re not who we’re trying to reach. Go join Cato or Club for Growth and waste your time obsessing over fiscal policy irrelevancies while your own people are dispossessed and go extinct.

  17. We should make deals with conservatives whose obsession is small government and low taxes. Tell them the only way they will get that is with an all white conservative voting base and we’ll help them get that if they help us.

  18. This troubling fact raises important questions.

    Pro-white types come from the far right end of the herdthink curve. Ergo, they’re difficult to herd. If you want the types who are easier to herd, you have to reach leftward along that herdthink curve.

  19. In a nutshell, reform. Power politics instead of daydreaming, fantasies and Hollywood stuff.

    Early Adopters will always tend to be fantasists and daydreamers. It’s easier to go out and get organizers and socializers than it is to hammer fantasists and daydreamers into organizers and socializers.

  20. Look, I’ll take a Catholic theocracy if that’s what it takes to preserve my race and ethnicity. Taxes, governments, laws, borders…they come, and they go. Dissolve a people and they’re gone forever. Race and ethnicity are the bedrock of society. Secure them, and you can worry about government, law, taxes, and borders later.

    I’d rather live under a white NS regime than what we have now.

    I’d rather live under a white LDS theocracy than what we have now.

    I’d rather live under a white monarchy than what we have now.

    I’d rather live under a white military dictatorship than what we have now.

    I’d rather live under a white Muslim Caliphate than what we have now.

    I’d rather live under white totalitarianism than what we have now.

    I’d prefer an updated white republic based on the U.S. Constitution, but the bottom line is I’d rather live under a white pretty much anything than what we have now.

  21. Svigor- amen to that.

    Regardless of what my personal preferences are, our situation is so bad that a successful explicitly white anything is fine by me.

    Everybody has their own ideal world, but do you want anything to happen here, in the world as it is now? Then deal with the world as it exists- the people most likely to be supportive of anything explicitly racial in the U.S. are socially conservative, christian, probably rural, and hate big government. I recognize that states rights, freedom of association, etc. (regardless of how I feel about them in the abstract) are good for our primary cause: race is an important and legitimate concern, and whites should be able act in ways that promote their racial interests.

    I am not southern, christian, not especially concerned with individual liberty, or states rights. I am a decidedly urban/suburban guy and don’t really have all that much in common with a rural way of life. ALL OF THIS IS IMMATERIAL so long as there is no place for explicitly racial thought and politics in the real world.

    Towards that goal, in the world as it exists, Christianity and conservative attitudes cannot be disposed of. The south (and the rural U.S. more broadly) is the likely nexus of early support for our basic core views. How exactly are we going to build a larger, politically influential movement if we run these people off?

  22. “USE YOUR REAL NAME. Why in God’s name would you want to protect your identity?”

    Perhaps to avoid being targeted by the Fedgov for tracking, harassment and possible elimination? In my opionion coming out publicly as an open WN is a VERY bad idea and joining any WN org is even WORSE. Most of those grouplets are full of fed agents and other assorted scum.

    If you look around you will find that there are many things a dedicated White Nationalist can do right in their own neighborhood, to quietly help local Whites and through them the cause. Making yourself a target is NOT one of them.

  23. I see the picture of Bob Barr at the top. Was Bob Barr at this meeting?
    I am aware that about 10-12 years ago he showed up to speak at a meeting in South Carolina which was, I think, a CofCC meeting.

    But he was later “lotted” ( after our not so brave senator whose knee touch the ground when he should have stood up ) The press got on Mr. Barr for going to a “racist” group and he claimed something like he didn’t know anything about it…”just another local group”. He was sorry to have appeared at the CofCC I believe. I’m too lazy to look it up but that is pretty much the story I think you will find if you care to dig around.

    So, did he reappear at the Cof CC after thinking his beliefs over for a dozen years?

  24. Even though Whites are the only people who vote for conservative politicians, they still won’t stand up for us:

    “The racial views of the C.C.C. are repugnant to me, and I would never have spoken to the group had I known beforehand of its stand. It is absurd and irresponsible for anyone to suggest that one speech–during which I discussed only the impeachment process, as I was asked to do–implies that I in any way share or support the group’s view. As the record shows, I don’t.”
    -Bob Barr, 1999,9171,990317-2,00.html

    We don’t need them – they need us.

  25. Steve,

    In a White ethnostate, I think some aspects of socialism could work. Whites would be more willing to make financial sacrifices provided it benefits their co-ethnics. The U.S. never developed a European-style socialist party because of its racial diversity.

  26. Ron,

    I have no interest in recreating the Third Reich in the American South. I have never been all that interested in NS Germany. However, is it clear from the result of the War Between the States that a hopelessly disorganized state cannot preserve its own independence. Even during the war, the Confederacy was forced to centralize its operations due to wartime necessity.

  27. Sam said…
    Even though Whites are the only people who vote for conservative politicians, they still won’t stand up for us

    Perhaps that’s because we’re so consistently conservative. As long as some Palinite “implicit whiteness” is sufficient to stir up the White American mob, there’s no tactical advantage in getting explicit. From a tactical perspective, it’s a no-brainer. Even appearing to maybe kinda sort think that Whites ought to be allowed to politely opt out of the forced integration campaign raises serious questions about one’s sanity and fitness for public office.

  28. Willing? As in free will? You try to imply that the relationship to the state is in some sense voluntary. The ONLY thing any government has to offer is force. How can coercion be reconciled with free will?

    By sweeping the issue of force under the rug. It is considered anti-social to even raise the issue of force. Socialist schools aid and abet this epistemological corruption. If the question of force inadvertently is raised- it can be said “who cares- it’s democratic, the people control the guns of the state.”

    As Alfred J. Nock pointed out- a study of history shows that ALL governments were established for one reason only- economic exploitation.

    Socialism is the product of an anti-rational mentality. One
    cannot advocate socialism and have one’s mind in complete focus.

  29. “Even appearing to maybe kinda sort think that Whites ought to be allowed to politely opt out of the forced integration campaign raises serious questions about one’s sanity and fitness for public office.”

    There’s no evidence Rand was hurt by the Maddow appearance in Kentucky. There’s no evidence he would’ve been hurt if he stuck to his guns, either.

    “As long as some Palinite ‘implicit whiteness’ is sufficient to stir up the White American mob, there’s no tactical advantage in getting explicit.”

    But going explicit is the ONLY way to stop the White American mob from having its voting power diluted enough that the Republicans will start losing every election soon!

    That ain’t good tactics on the part of the Republicans, if you ask me..

  30. But going explicit is the ONLY way to stop the White American mob from having its voting power diluted enough that the Republicans will start losing every election soon!

    That ain’t good tactics on the part of the Republicans, if you ask me..

    Republicans don’t care. They would rather lose every election than be called “racist.”

    Through their actions over the last few decades, Republicans have made their intentions and priorities crystal clear.

  31. Perhaps that’s because we’re so consistently conservative. As long as some Palinite “implicit whiteness” is sufficient to stir up the White American mob, there’s no tactical advantage in getting explicit.

    That is why we need to direct our attacks against conservatives. Conservatives are our most dangerous enemy. Stop focusing on “liberals,” “libtards,” and “moonbats.”

  32. Whites don’t respond to appeals to their whiteness because they’re still under the misimpression they’re teh ruling class. When they feel threatened or outnumbered–as in the Deep South or late 60s Detroit–they respond to such appeals to their tribe as a matter of survival.

  33. Wilmot Robertson, The Dispossessed Majority

    Even if Republican conservatives did manage to assume undisputed control of their party, even if both the Southern and hard-hat strategies paid off handsomely, even if Republicans were able to dominate American politics as long and as effectively as the Democratic reign inaugurated by Roosevelt, they would still have little to offer the American Majority. By combining the humanistic abstractions of classical liberalism with modern liberal notions of equality and social democracy, the modern conservative’s net effect on Majority members is to anesthetize them into dropping their racial guard at the very moment they need it most.

    That is why, of all those who consciously or unconsciously oppose the Majority cause, the modern conservative is the most dangerous. Majority and minority liberals are always somewhat suspect to the average, uncommitted Majority member. The dissimilarity in racial or religious background of the minority liberal may affect his credibility, while the fake humanitarianism and special pleading of the professional Majority liberal may have a hollow and unconvincing ring. The modern conservative, on the other hand, is given a more attentive hearing. His ideas and arguments — less minority-oriented (except when the subject is Israel) — are presented less abrasively and are not as likely to rub Majority instincts the wrong way. That the modern conservative politician usually belongs to the Majority also works to his advantage. People are more amenable to following “one of their own.”

    The Old Believer, who is the quintessential modern conservative because he is the quintessential classical liberal, is probably the most effective of all Americans in keeping the Majority in what might be called the deep freeze of racial apathy. The Old Believer has come by his political views honestly and he does not degrade them with ulterior motives. He sincerely feels that the principles of Locke and Burke are still operative in the United States. He still believes in the innate goodness of man and in the power of reason. Unlike the modern liberal, he is devoted to the advancement of all people, not just minorities, and he still finds a place in his heart for religion, though he prefers the social teachings of Christ to Christian theology. He does not realize that by publishing the tidings of equalitiarianism and tolerance at this particular moment in time he is disarming the Majority in the very throes of its dispossession. Also, since he stands for all that is best in the American experience, the Old Believer’s rationale is embellished by the appeal to tradition.

    There are, of course, many less idealistic conservatives. There are the economic conservatives, the millionaires and hectomillionaires who support conservatism in the hope that it will keep their taxes down and their profits up. There are the members of the Ayn Rand cult who have deified capitalism and sanctified the dollar bill. There are the religionists of the fundamentalist or evangelical variety, who are more interested in saving their church than saving their congregations. There are the fearful conservatives, who know that modern conservatism is not enough, but also know that it is as far right as they can go without losing their respectability or their livelihood.

    There are the sunshine patriots and professional patriots, who ease their consciences and fill their pocketbooks by specializing in a reactionary conservatism aimed principally at little old ladies and big old generals. There are the obsessive anti-Communists who avoid the racial issue by discovering bearded Bolsheviks under every mattress. There are the reformed liberals, ashamed of their political myopia, and the bathetic ex-Communists, avidly aware of the pecuniary rewards of informing. Finally, there are the nostalgic Southerners who wistfully believe the day will come when a loosening of government controls and a reaffirmation of states’ rights will allow the South to work out its own destiny.

    Modern conservatism, which lacks the racial drive of modern liberalism, has been and will continue to be of little help in unifying the Majority and rousing it to the high pitch of performance necessary to reverse its present decline. Stronger medicine is required for those who are trapped in a racial conflagration that is getting out of hand and who must fight fire with fire to avoid being consumed in the flames.

    The only conservatism that can be useful to the Majority in its present state of siege is a conservatism stripped of the dead weight of outmoded political dogma, one that appeals to the young as well as the old, to the heart as well as the pocketbook, to the powers of imagination as well as the powers of reason — a conservatism, in short, which vitalizes tradition and builds continuity, as it concentrates on the care and feeding of the ethos.

  34. Looking at the county by county red-purple-blue spectrum 2008 election map, the brightest red areas are Tornado Alley and Utah, all this talk of reviving the old confederacy overlooks the fact that the divide today is more by longitude than latitude. Places like Portland are also not the product of home-grown liberalism, but the result of tens of thousands of granola crunchers from all over the country migrating there. Had Oregon closed it’s borders to all internal migration in 1965 it would have quite a different reputation today without millions of out of state hippie transplants and Mexicans fouling up it’s elections.

  35. The CoCC has chapters in just 11 states, meaning that 78% of states have no CoCC presence. Their website mentions it was launched in 2007, a bit late to the internet party. Yet I’d agree with Hunter that it’s by far the most impressive pro-white organization. But that’s more due to how low the bar is set than it is to the high quality of the CoCC.

    This is not to say that we shouldn’t join and work to build it into a real national organization, only that it’s a long way from that today.

  36. This is not to say that we shouldn’t join and work to build it into a real national organization, only that it’s a long way from that today.

    CofCC doesn’t have a Virginia chapter. There is plenty of room in Virginia and other states like Florida, Texas, and Georgia to move in and build our own chapters there.

  37. Nightowl,

    The White ethnostate would not be an exact replica of the Confederacy. Obviously, there are several Western states which are relatively more conservative than Southern states like Florida.

  38. MGLS,

    We should attack the conservative leadership. Ordinary conservatives are already pretty far along on issues like immigration. We don’t want to alienate them.

  39. Most whites don’t want anything to do with Socialism or Nationalism?


    Just last night, I heard a solid hour and twenty minute rant against Socialism. Less than ten minutes later the subject of prescription drugs was brought up. Yep, you guessed it, him and the others present who had just damned Socialism wanted free pills or at least a price under five dollars.

    One of the ver beast posters on SF not long ago stated he judges Conservatives by how many government checks they get in the mail each month.

    I know not a single living person who will turn down a check from the government, especially if it comes in their mail box.

    Against Nationalism?

    The vast majority of people bitch every single day about how all of our industry has been “offshored,” and how they want that “Made in USA” tag back in force again. They also plalnly do not like other countries and think the USA is the best thing next to God.

    Against Authoritarianism?

    When we consider people’s attitude about seat belts it is enough to turn out the light and close the door on further debate on whether or not people dislike an authoritarian government. The vast majority of people are authoritarian as hell. Period.

    Sure, people SAY they are against these things, but their actions tell quite another story.

    It is also a matter of the old” whose ox is being gored.”

    How many of these people who today deplore “Gestapo” like tactics and “Big Government” do you think would cheer if suddenly Liberals, non-whites and queers started getting kicked around by guys in SWAT uniforms? You think thye would deplore Nancy Pelosi, Obama or Steven Spielberg getting sent to a concentration camp?

    Like I said, it depends solely on “whose ox is being gored” if people like a powerful and tough government.

  40. “One of the ver beast posters…”

    Sorry, it is supposed to be “very best.”

    The computer I’m using the last few days is old and not only can’t I get Firefox to work and a spell check, but apparently it can no longer even keep up with typing. You type very fast and the letters do not always go where they are supposed to.

  41. Steve-
    Perhaps I am wrong, but I really think you are misunderstanding what “Nationalism” is. For most of history “Nationalism” simply implys a high tariff import economy. It is exactly the opposite of so called “Free Trade.” This means that people with in a nation must manufacture goods for themselves, and for the benefit of a nations people, and place a high tariff on goods coming from say China – this is where the taxes are generated, it prices foreign goods higher. It protects the nations workers, hence it is also referred to as protectionism. America still has enough talent to manufacture everything they need for themselves, but they won’t for long. With the population exploding, soon America will not be able to feed itself. I am not sure if it even can now?

    The benefit of Nationalism in the traditional sense is job protection and security, and a protectionist system that disallows foreign, cheaper competition and favors above all, food and goods created by countrymen. It is a system that protects working class men at home. Exceptions can be made on the high tariff for nations that, perhaps, offered something they cannot manufacture or do not have, exotic crafts, technology or whatever, and then a barter for those goods can take place. America has enough talent to make goods people would want abroad as well, it is the system as it is that prevents this. Not everyone can or wants to be a middle manager or be forced to “up skill” to flip burgers or wait tables for the rich. The globalist system that we have been forced to live under has cheap foreign labor competing with labor at home, that is why so many jobs have been outsourced overseas and immigration as a form of cheap labor has exploded. The golabist Free Trade “International” system displaces everyone and makes life cheap and a misery for everyone except the rich. The tide may have to change because as I write this there are outbreaks of riots in China, but the wages would have to more then quadrupole to bring manufacturing home. Anyway, I hate to inform you, but if you beleive in job protection and people around the globe not being exploited for cheap labor to make useless things like wicker baskets then you are a socialist.

  42. You want to eliminate illegal immigration? You want the illegals currently in our country to go back home?

    Eliminate the Welfare/Warfare entitlement state.

    According to the current government is $13 Trillion in debt (and that’s just what’s documented as debt).

    Add to that the $109 Trillion in “unfunded liabilities” for the dependency-creating money pits of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicare Part D.

    This is money we simply cannot pay. The existing national(ist) government’s only choice is to default on the debt, or inflate the money supply to pay off the debt.

    In either case, our children will be serfs, with no hope of a decent life.

    And…whether in 2 years, or 10, the current us government is going to stiff grandma.

    A big chunk of those entitlement dollars goes to provide “government services” to illegal immigrants. Without those “free” government services, there would be no incentive to break in, and raid the taxpayers refrigerator.

    And let’s not forget the “public” school system, which propagandizes our children to believe in such american mythology as “racism,” “global warming,” “social justice,” “the civil war,” “honest abe, our redeemer president,” and (most importantly) the intrinsic goodness of government solutions, and inherent nobility of those who enter public service. I.E. the message is “government is good.” And children believe it.

    Kill entitlements. Kill subsidies to individuals, corporations, and countries. Eliminate the empire.

    Decentralize. Then we’ll have the opportunity to create an ethnic homeland.

    Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the empire crumbles and the Visigoths lay siege to form, build, then break off into an ethnic state.

  43. Brutus, you make very good points.

    I for one have difficulty finding liberals who actually want freedom….real freedom.

    No state involvement in the sale of prescription drugs, in the wearing of helmets & seat belts, or in the expression of opinion and dissent.

    Even the conservatives I meet are only now waking up to the reality that the ebb and flow of politics insures that the “patriot act” you clamored for, will eventually be used against you.

    Imagine that…what would happen if homeland security ever issued a warning that veterans, conservatives, constitutionalists, or anti-abortion activists were potential terrorist threats? Hey…wait a minute…

    While I for one would not shed a tear if the traitors you mentioned by name were to be found in a pool of their own blood, I don’t think any government employee should be empowered to perform the necessary actions. Yes, that also includes those arrogant, ill-tempered, heavily armed, foul-mouthed, cretinous thugs who march around with body armour, jack boots, balaclava’s, and a license to kill….all under the protection and authority of a silver talisman hanging off their belt.

    I am very much in favor of “spontaneous personal accountability.” See ‘committees of correspondence,’ 19 April 1775, etc.

  44. You’re kidding me, right?

    You know how to spell euphemism, yet have a hard time grasping what I mean by “spontaneous personal accountability” [on a website trolled no doubt by extremist hate groups like the SPLC]?

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