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  1. Since Obama has taken office, those on food stamps have risen dramatically. Basically, we are temporarily paying off Black people from rioting as people have been all over the world due to rising food prices.

  2. Here’s a little gem from the Wall Street Journal—the numbers approximate with the snap/ebt chart of food stamp participation.

    44.6 million Americans received food stamps in March, up 11% from a year ago. Map of state-by-state data: http://on.wsj.com/klv6nF

  3. Nothing here about the race of the cardholders. I’m guessing that this shows an increase in White poverty. Blacks were more likely to already be getting food stamps. It only makes sense that EBT use would go up along with unemployment. The one oddity is the spike in the fall of 2008. Was that the Bush administration trying to ease voters’ pain?

  4. Among other things, it shows:

    (1) The EBT card statistics we have been using are outdated. There are a lot more people on EBT cards than there were back in 2009 when this blog first started.

    (2) It shows there are far more African-Americans and Hispanics on EBT cards because their rate of usage is higher in every state.

    (3) It shows how utterly dependent African-Americans and Hispanics have become on what is essentially a new entitlement.

    (4) It shows the fiscal pressure that this program is having in the budget now that EBT Card usage has doubled in the last four years and has completely consumed the Department of Agriculture.

    (5) The Republican House controls federal spending and is already starting to use EBT cards as a campaign issue, although they don’t seem inclined to do anything other than make the mildest of cuts to the program.


    (6) Some of the poorer states like New Mexico are cutting supplements to the federal SNAP EBT card program:


    (7) As someone pointed out above, it shows that Obama is buying votes with bread and circuses and creating a system of dependency upon the federal government.

    (8) As with every system of dependency like this, it will produce unimaginable squalor and suffering once “the invisible parent” (i.e., the White taxpayer) has an Atlas Shrugged moment.

    (9) Don’t forget this is the United States which is an advanced Western capitalist democracy. The Third World is on the global equivalent of an EBT card.

    Imagine “The Day The Global EBT Card Stops Working” in places like Haiti and Africa. What happens to Haiti and Africa when elderly DWLs die off and their poorer descendants don’t have the money anymore to waste on charity for Haitians, Africans, and African-Americans?

    Answer: Camp of the Saints.

  5. Paul,

    That’s exactly right: “economic justice” is another word for the legalization of robbery. The legalized robbery that goes on in this country, which is similarly disproportionately African-American, dwarfs robbery of the violent nature.

    Seeing as how White people have all the money, Barack Hussein Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus are nothing more than thugs who are robbing White people with ballots instead of bullets.

  6. HW: If the White race becomes aware enough to cancel the national and international EBT cards, they will be aware enough to let the Navy do its job. Black leaders have made enough threats over the years to ensure that every politician knows that cutting off the parasites will be seen as a declaration of war.

  7. HW: We’d have to see the racial breakdown of EBT use over several years to know if the overall increase is due to greater White unemployment or not.

  8. A welfare-based economy sounds like a terrible idea. It’s like a disincentive to competition, which is the only way we get people motivated beyond the mediocre.

    The high cost of diversity is hidden in two ways:

    First, people are accustomed to seeing headlines like “70% of social costs attributed to martians,” but the same is not said for the high cost of diversity.

    Second, few mention the high cost of diversity on minorities. Living in crime-ridden ghettos and being used as disposable labor by the corporate empire is probably not nearly as nice as self-rule in agrarian, independent economies.

    Diversity works for no one. White, black, brown, green, Asian or Scientologist, we all bleed (red) for it.

  9. knee grows will chimp out when we have no more money for their hand outs.what will the liberals do when white people refuse to stand by and be attacked by knee grows, will they try to jail all of us?

  10. Quote:
    43% of participants are white; 33% are African-American, non-Hispanic; 19% are Hispanic; 2% are Asian, 2% are Native American, and 1% are of unknown race or ethnicity.[15]

    From the above data 8% of the white population of the United States of America are participants, 39% of African-American non-Hispanics are participants, 15% of the Hispanic population are participants, 9% of the Asian population are participants and 31% of the Native American population are participants.

  11. I often see EBT-people in front of me in the check-out line. I have observed an interesting pattern. Out of the few thousand times this must have happened, only a couple of dozen times has it been Whites. It is often Blacks and mostly Hispanics (I live in “Aztlan”).

    The interesting this is that every time it has been Whites, they look truly poor (have gone a little too long without a haircut, clothes are mended etc.) and they look ashamed, very ashamed. Also, they don’t buy a whole lot, just the bare necessities.

    With other races, they are usually happy, chattering, far better dressed and they buy a ton of stuff. Furthermore, they usually pay off a chunk of the tab with the card, and then they pull out a visa-card or cash for the remainder.

    There has been a few exceptions to th rule, regarding non-Whites, but not regarding Whites.

  12. The interesting this is that every time it has been Whites, they look truly poor (have gone a little too long without a haircut, clothes are mended etc.) and they look ashamed, very ashamed. Also, they don’t buy a whole lot, just the bare necessities.

    That’s the difference between a human and subhuman.

    “Hispanics” often have African ancestry along with the Amerindian, so no surprise that their behavior is very similar.

  13. He’s not JUST buying black votes. People tend forget basic math when they say stuff like this. Even if he was to get 100% of both black and Hispanic votes, whites still need to vote for him to get reelected. It the false assumption that all people on welfare and food stamps are minorities. Which when comparing them to their respective races, that is correct. Only 11% of whites are in poverty, while blacks are at 25% and Hispanics are at a whopping 40%. However whites still make up 57% of those in poverty. while Blacks only make up 11% and Hispanics make up 27%.

  14. Appalachia which is very poor and gets a lot of EBT type stuff still doesn’t vote for the negro

  15. WOW! This is by far one of the most pathetic and racist blogs I have ever read. The idea that more than half of you honestly think black people are the only people on EBT really shows the intelligence you lack. Second, the comments about Obama only winning because he has black and Hispanic vote is disgraceful. He won because he received the majority of the vote, including the white race. Are we all forgetting how America was founded? Also, you all may want to pick up a history book and review how America was founded. Unless you are Native American, your family was at some point immigrants. Our country was founded on different ethnicity, so shame on you all for being ignorant bigots!

  16. AntiWaco ain’t anti. He needs to check his dates and facts. His support of Liberal/Progressive/Socialist agenda is an ignorant bigotry based on Marxist “idealism”. Check his website. If you agree with his worldview then you are the pigeon screaming victory on the chess board — Bush allowed the left to begin the spending spree, but BHO has only accelerated it. If we don’t get the Marxist payout to the layabouts and illegal occupiers of our United States of America, we will not make it financially through 2017 (or thereabouts) — it isn’t possible — at or about that point our interest payments on the national debt will exceed ALL Federal income. Do the maths.

  17. “He won because he received the majority of the vote, including the white race. “

    Actually not. Obama did not garner the majority of the White vote in either of his two elections. He got 43% in 2008 and 39% in 2012.

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