Caribbean Project: Review: Black In Cuba

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. does Cuba for "Black In Latin America"


Here are my takeaway lessons:

(1) As has been noted here several times, the French colony of Saint-Domingue used to be the richest colony in the world. It was the world’s leading producer of sugar. In 1791, the Haitian Revolution broke out and most of the sugar plantations were destroyed in the fighting.

In 1794, the National Assembly abolished slavery in the French Empire. In 1804, Haiti became an independent nation following the defeat of the Leclerc expedition, but slavery was restored in the other colonies of the French Caribbean: Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Martin, and Saint Barthélemy.

(2) From 1791 until 1804, sugar production collapsed in Saint-Domingue and never recovered. Slavery was abolished. Haiti became the world’s first independent black republic. In other words, Haiti under free labor was thrown into competition with Cuba under slave labor.

Freedom failed.

(3) The abolition of slavery in Haiti caused the French planters in Saint-Domingue to shift their operations to neighboring Jamaica and Cuba. This ignited a massive sugar boom in Cuba because free labor was unable to compete with slave labor.

(4) The wave of prosperity in Cuba that followed in the wake of abolition in Haiti led to a massive wave of White immigration from Spain to Cuba in the early nineteenth century. Unlike the other Caribbean colonies, Cuba became a white settler society because of the abolition of slavery in Haiti (1794), British West Indies (1834), and the French West Indies (1848) destroyed its leading competitors (with the exception of Brazil) in the sugar industry.

(5) In Cuba, the countryside is now full of ruined and decaying sugar and coffee plantations. The same is true of Jamaica, Haiti, and Dixie. Isn’t it ironic that we are constantly told by liberal economists that free labor was superior to slave labor? Where is the proof of this?

The Caribbean used to be one of the richest regions in the world. That’s why it was full of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Similarly, the South used to be the richer and more prosperous section before the abolition of slavery.

Everywhere freedom was tried in plantation societies the economy was prostrated.

(6) Following the Spanish-American War, the Americans introduced segregation to Cuba, which was very popular among the descendants of the Cuban planter class. Under slavery, Cuba had an anti-miscegenation law like other Southern states.

(7) Southerners in Congress blocked the annexation of Cuba on racial grounds.

(8) In 1906, an immigration law was passed that appropriated a million dollars to “whiten” Cuba. White Cubans suppressed black culture in the decades after independence. There were parallels of Jim Crow in Cuba including depictions of blacks as monkeys and apes. Black music was considered vulgar and African.

(9) Ever since the Cuban Revolution triumphed in 1959, Cuba has writhed under an anti-racist communist dictatorship. The triumph of communism on our own doorstep is why there are so many Cubans in South Florida.

(10) Cuba is proof that blacks are unable to thrive under communism.

Note: OD will be reviewing all four episodes of Henry Louis Gates’ series Black in Latin America for the Caribbean Project.

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  1. “Update: OD will be reviewing all four episodes of Henry Louis Gates’ series Black in Latin America for the Caribbean Project.”

    Oh, Lord. How dull.

    We all know the uselessness of niggers now, Hunter. Short of massive amounts of data to bury the Left and the Egalitarian idiots with their own lies, how much more do we need?


    Better a website for strategies and centers of like thought/ideology dispersement on the coming Secession, and the Rise of Dixie 2. Any takers?

  2. have lots of sons

    train those sons to ride, shoot and scout.

    wait for the chance to act. most likely when the usa crashes from the debt.

    Y’all act like its hard but it ain’t

  3. Don’t have time to watch the series now—- but watched a couple minutes. The striking thing was that there are absolutely NO non-whites in the movie.

    Does this shows that even with complete diversity (white genocide) it WOULD STILL not be diverse enough. (begging the question…then what?)

    Kind of fascinating.

  4. I’m fascinated by the history of the region.

    These were all plantation societies like the South. Freedom was tried there. Blacks are still living there. I’ve been doing a lot of research and have already come up with a few new innovative arguments against equality.

  5. XYZ- You’ve given the strongest reasons yet for anti-miscegenation statutes, in 150 years. Let’s see, what happened back then?????

    Had it (anti-miscegenation) been/remained a crime, NEITHER Michelle nor Barack would be alive today.

    From your mouth to God’s ears, as they say……

  6. Shouldn’t socialism end racism ? @ 48 min


    And though hip-hop is now trying to wage a war against racism 48:50

    That is more effective than socialism, but that will only work with wiggers, mudsharks, and coalburners.

  7. Despite almost all Cubans being mulattoes to some degree, racism still exists despite socialism and hip-hop.

    Maybe, when everyone of is of equal bend, then Cuba will be a model for the rest of the world: equal, but retrograde.

    “And the world will live as one.” Imagine

  8. This:

    Despite almost all Cubans being mulattoes to some degree, racism still exists despite socialism and hip-hop.

    Is not true in my experience. I don’t have the stats but I know a LOT of snow-white cubans that kept their families pure. Possibly it’s just the circles I travel.

  9. Cuba is never going to be an all white paradise. fuggedaboutit. It’s a moot issue, it’s just never going to be a white country.
    Miscegenation was always considered a sin and a crime in christianity, but it was always overlooked when there was money to be made ( slavery,for example).
    Another example of how phony-faced the christian churches ( both catholic and protestant) really are– it’s all talk and no real true belief behind the talk.
    The white race has been race-mixing since the beginning of time. It’s deep in the blood, along with the mercenary spirit. Slavery is the perfect example of the mercenary spirit as well. Make money even if it means undermining and destroying your own race.
    And we blame the jews for their love of money. Hah!

  10. Oh! Madonna-mia!
    I forgot to mention that Fidel Castro spent his formative years in the Throgg’s Neck section of the Bronx.
    Ah! Shutuppayourface.

  11. Miscegenation was always considered a sin and a crime in christianity, but it was always overlooked when there was money to be made ( slavery,for example).

    Funny. I was talking to a Pentecostal the other day and he was telling me they have this strong preacher who is adamantly against gay marriage in his church. I said I’d be really impressed if the preacher came out strongly against mixed-race marriages and he looked at me dumbfounded and he even aware of those verses.

    The problem with Christianity is that its all about “the meek shall inherit the earth” and “turn the other cheek” and “do unto other as you would have them do unto you” and “charity” and it makes people stupid and naive and more concerned about Africa, Haiti, etc. and “not being a racist”, than themselves.

  12. At the great risk of being labeled some kind of california-hippie-fruitcake by some (I’m from the Bronx originally) , I would like to recommend what I think is an excellent article about the world situation today:
    Entitled: ” The USA: Military Arm of the New World Order”
    The name of the website is “Cosmic Convergence”
    It Is Not A New-Age Hippie Type Web-Site/Article.
    (Don’t let the name of the website turn you away from the info there).
    It’s a very timely article, especially as it touches upon the debate thread under the “Uncle Tim Condemns Israel” article — and if one extrapolates –can explain to a degree the historical set-up between the “freedom-loving uncle sam” USA and communist Cuba.

  13. I’m starting to realize why Hitler did what he did. He saw the future, not only of Germany, but for Europe; he recognized the problems with special interest groups (including the Church(es); he understood the dynamic between unions and industry; so he decided to set up a system of governance, locked up the opposition, took the bull by the horns and started cleaning house.

    I few years ago, I wasn’t thinking this way, but the hard reality is setting in.

    Of course, now we stuck with all the Hoaxacaust white-guilt-trip brainwashing which was is made possible by the foundation of ” do unto others …” Christian dogma (as discussed-above).

    The western Churches won’t come out against mixed-race marriages because if they did, the non-western Churches congregation would start thinking that white Christian think they are inferior and then start converting to Islam, voodoo, etc..

  14. White exploration and conquest did not happen in a vacuum. There were benefits to this and there were detriments. The attendant miscegenation that happens when different races make contact with one another was wrong, but unavoidable.

    Miscegenation laws arose as a sound response to limit the deleterious effects of this consequence, just as segregation arose as a sound response to the incompatibility of the races. Miscegenation is not unique to white people, contrary to what some here may think. Only the weakest, most maladaptive whites miscegenate. Most don’t, despite the slander.

    Blaming only white people for this consequence is puerile, counterproductive, and at base, anti-white. Blaming whites for all the world’s ills is just the favorite strategy of YKW.

    Did Jefferson miscegenate with Sally Hemmings? I call bullshit on that one. YKW started that myth in the 1970’s with the specific aim of discrediting whites. Look it up.

    The Indians were never the gentle stewards of the land Marxist historians have made them out to be. They were half-naked cannibal savages constantly at war with each other. As were the Africans. These peoples never even invented the wheel due to their intellectual inferiority. They were destined to be dominated by their superiors. Until recently, this was common knowledge among whites.

    Whites are a dynamic, creative race that have a thirst for exploration. It’s no accident that only white feet have touched the surface of the moon. I will never take sides with the enemies of the white race and blame whites for the unintended consequences of this thirst for exploration. Despite its drawbacks, its still one of our best qualities.

    If you want a solution, read Stonelifter’s post above.

    Deo Vindice

  15. Join the coast guard if you’re miltary-minded. It’s not so tied into uncle sam’s empire-building schemes, and much less chance to lose an arm, or a leg, or your life for an enemy government.

  16. I don’t bother pointing at the faults of other groups ( jews,blacks,etc–well sometimes I do, but not so much) because there are many here who are already doing that.
    In the meantime, the world is the way it is because of everyone’s thinking and behavior.
    Including the collective thinking and behavior of my white race ,as well.
    We too, need to examine ourselves individually and collectively if we want to really change things around for the better.
    As the webmaster of this website is running an ongoing series of articles about the various types of white sell-outs, my posts calling for introspection about our faults as a race is not the least bit out of the purview of Occcidental Dissent.
    It’s always best to examine every problem from every angle. The better chance you’ll find an effective and more sustainable solution.
    As it is, there are many US miltary vets who think the same as I do. Go to :
    “veteransforpeace: website
    There are many other websites online to find out the full and complete story of present-day conditions in the US military.
    The fundamental question to ask after all the debate, and getting as much information and facts as you can, remains: Am I willing to give my limbs or my life for the government?
    That has always been true. Please go online and learn as much as you can about the US government before offering yourself over as cannon-fodder. Especially in wars that do not benefit your white family here in America in any way at all.
    They, all the wars, are based on lies. Including and especially the wars in Iraq ( 1&2) and the war in Afghanistan.
    There is nothing anti-white about encouraging young white men ( and women* now ) to get as much information as they can before joing the military. Nothing anti-white about it in the least.
    * I mentioned women in the military. I am opposed to the feminist agenda in the US military, so please no posts of accusing me of somehow supporting the feminist agenda in the military. I do not.
    I mention it only as it is now a fact of the situation and maybe there are young women who read “OD” and at the same time thinking of joining the military. I think it best if they get as informed as possible also before offering themselves over to uncle sam.

  17. @HunterWallace
    With all due respect, the Cuban law didn’t seem to have much effect stopping race mixing. The Spanish conquistadors ( causasian) race mixed with the natives in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America on a massive scale.
    The Catholic church had/has a law against slavery ( of anyone of any race). Didn’t stop the Catholic Spanish and Catholic Portuegese from getting involved in the slave trade.
    There are alot of laws on the New York City books concerning all kinds of behavior. Still, many break the laws every day. Including white Americans in NYC, both ethnic whites and Anglo whites.( and I am talking about whites from christian backgrounds, not jews, even).
    Laws written on paper don’t always reflect what’s in the blood.
    If anti-miscegention was truly intrinsic to the white race, the law would be a side note, and not really needed in the first place.The truth is a law against it was very much needed, yet it was very much ignored.
    The law is one thing, what’s in the blood is another thing.
    That’s why hollywood propaganda encouraging race mixing has an influence, it plays on what’s already in the blood.
    It is better to face the truth about this issue — one will be alot more likely to Not to buy into the propaganda if one sees the truth clearly.
    I know that those who post here are not interested in race mixing, but perhaps those who read “OD” and don’t post may benefit by my words. Maybe. Maybe a little bit.
    I don’t expect to change the world, nor am I trying to ( I know you are not accusing me of that). I just wanted to explain that many times I write things for the readers to the website who are new to thinking along the lines of many of the posters here.

  18. In Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, true.

    The Spanish came as conquerers, not as settlers, and they intermarried extensively with local women, producing the mulattoes and mestizos that exist there today. As it happens, miscegenation occurs in virtually all frontier societies, from New England to Quebec to Appalachia to Australia to South America to Africa.

    Cuba is a different story: while there was miscegenation there, Cuba was far more of a settler society than the other Spanish colonies. It was settled by Spanish families in the early nineteenth century.

    Unlike the other Caribbean islands, Cuba became majority white because of the mass influx of Spanish settlers, passed anti-miscegenation laws, and other segregation laws. That’s why the typical Cuban looks far more like the typical Spaniard than the typical Puerto Rican.

  19. Yeah, OK – the slave, plantation colonies were wealthy, productive.

    But, we have to come up with some ideas for what might possibly work for our people now.

    Going back to putting Blacks in slavery – that’s just not a realistic option.

    I’m a very tough, pro White racialist and even I wouldn’t go for that.

  20. Joe: The USCG is neck deep in just as much JOINT nation/empire building as any of the other services, with the power of law enforcement on top. I agree with you about it being safer, however. That said, I think it’s best that whites maintain the arms of our nation. I, like you, hate the empire. Conserviatards just won’t let it go.

  21. Jack Ryan: Nobody is calling for the re-institution of slavery. Since the Spartans kept the Helots as slaves, it eventually always turned out bad. Moreover it would never pay for itself anyway because modern farm equipment is so much cheaper.
    What the leftists always do is paint our ancestors as hateful, bigoted cruel monsters prone to torture and slavery out of some sick pleasure (I saw a book that protrayed them as bloodsucking vampires). As Hunter points out, slavery in America was an economic system and a profitable one.
    I was discussing with my son the other day regarding what he learned in school about slavery. Slaves were expensive property that had to be cared for, fed, medicated and housed at the ownders expense. It is not logical that most owners woudl have treated them badly. On the other hand, cheap white labor, such as the Irish, were paid meager wages, worked endlessly, but had to provide for their own family’s housing, medication and food. He seemd to get the message.

  22. We’re actually calling for the removal of the blacks and mulattoes from Cuba. Sending them back to Africa. Then we can move onto Jamaica and remove them from there. Then the other Caribbean islands.

  23. @Hunter Wallace
    I gladly concede to you on the matter as it concerns Cuba. You know more about Cuba than I do.
    However, please do try to keep my “precious” and “sterling” New York City–my hometown– out of the picture, please.
    We’re innocent I tell ya’. LOL

  24. @Wayne
    Yes, I agree with you. It is very important to have a strong military. I take no issue with that at all, none whatsoever.
    Unfortunately, as the communists are in power in DC ,and between the communists and the leading corporate/banking big-shots, our military is being greatly undermined and weakened and used for agendas that have nothing to do with protecting the USA.
    There is a good article today at rebellion blog ( it’s on the “OD” blogroll) about how the US govt– in cahoots with Israel’s govt– is fomenting war in Syria.
    In the meantime, of course, our mainstream media lies to us– we are to believe that “crazy” arabs are the cause of the turmoil.
    The name of the article is, “Us Backed Syrian Rebels Killing Christians”.
    This behavior is not unique to uncle sam, it has been ongoing for a long time.
    Nothing good accrues to white America from this constant fomenting of war around the world.
    The empire should most definitely Go : The military should most definitely Stay.
    My criticisms are not that of a leftist/communist, or one who wants to see harm come to this country in any shape or form.
    I know you know that, I mention it for others who may think otherwise.

  25. Same here Peak Finance , all the Cubans I ever meet are white both in NYC and here in south Florida. And Joe I also grew up in the Bronx and never heard of Castro living in Throggs Neck. Its still a very good neighborhood though.

  26. Hunter, very true, “That’s why the typical Cuban looks far more like the typical Spaniard than the typical Puerto Rican.” Growing up in the Bronx you are very correct. Puerto Ricans are very mixed.

  27. Hunter, your thinking on this issue is illogical. The mean production per free worker was higher, but the profits to the plantation owners less with free workers. Free workers were more productive. Get it? The Slave Power was the same thing as the Illegal Alien Power now.You keep ignoring that the Slave Power after emancipation worked to keep blacks in the South. They were never any better friends of white people than pro-illegal alien “businessmen” are today.

  28. @Roger
    I haven’t been back there in a long time. I hope it’s still a viable place to live.
    As it is, there alot of things in the world that go on that we don’t hear about.
    Castro lived in the throgg’s neck section of the bronx. There are many things that went on in the bronx also, I’m sure you know some things that I don’t know.
    What I do know is, Castro lived in the bronx. He was,of course, a member of the communist party here in the states. The headquarters of the USA communist party is on west 14th street in manhattan.
    I will get you the information.Give me 2 or 3 days. I will get it for you.It is not easy to get as it is something that is supposed to remain hidden from us, but the info is out there. It will take awhile to dig it up.
    If I don’t find any info, I will also let you know.

  29. The problem with Christianity is that its all about “the meek shall inherit the earth” and “turn the other cheek” and “do unto other as you would have them do unto you” and “charity” and it makes people stupid and naive and more concerned about Africa, Haiti, etc. and “not being a racist”, than themselves.

    Which is a deliberate misreading of the Bible

    White exploration and conquest did not happen in a vacuum.

    All our successes as a people came when we were right with God and strong. We’ve been turning our back on the Almighty since the early 1900 and growing weaker. Our pews were still full when we went to the moon, but what have we done since then? Tweaked some things already invented is the best I can come up with.

    Thanks again brother. It’s a simple plan, not easy but simple, and simple plans survive contact with the enemy; complex ones fall apart

    Does seem to be a lot more miscegenation in places the catholics took vs protestants; even before the War of Secession, New Orleans had the largest number of mulattoes, quadrons etc

    joe you sound just like the enemy; you are the enemy. You chase away new readers because they can get anti White/ anti God rants anywhere. Web pages by disgruntled misfits don’t necessarily bring you the truth about what’s going on in the military. Most on those webpages are pussies who couldn’t make the cut so instead of dealing with their lack of manhood they pick one or two bad experiences and attempt to crawfish out of their poor performance.

    the coast guard will not teach you the skills you need to keep negros in check either

  30. @Apuleius and @Stonelifter
    Just because I don’t agree with you, does not mean I’m anti-white. It is very obvious from all my posts throughout the last month that I am very pro-white.
    Again, you both resort to ad hominem put-downs and innuendo instead of giving any facts or any real information.
    If you two are so interested in this discussion, why hasn’t either one of you responded to my post about the US govt fomenting war is Syria. You two never debate the points in a straight-forward way. Just diversion tactics.
    As it is — and I think we can all agree, both of you have mentioned that big trouble will be coming here soon– big trouble is headed here to the states.
    Encouraging young white men to join the military and go overseas at time very big trouble is headed our way here in the states; At at time they will be greatly and sorely needed here to protect their own families soon enough does not make sense as far as being pro-white is concerned.
    The white men will be overseas while their own families will need the young men here when the sh*t hits the fan.
    While reading “OD” through the last month, both of you have mentioned how bad the situation is here in our country, and both of you have mentioned that soon there will be big trouble here.
    That being the case — and considering that we are pro-white—it’s best for the young white men to stay here and be prepared to protect their own families than fighting wars overseas all based on lies, too boot.
    I am not going to write a long post to explain all the lies. It’s all public knowledge and easy to find for anyone who cares to.
    The most pro-white thing to do right now is for young white men* to stay here in the states and be prepared to defend their families.
    * everything I said pertains to young white women interested in joining the military. Again I don’t think women should be in the military in the first place, so no posts alluding to “Joe” being some kind of anti-white radical who wants to see white women shot down. I do not. I most certainly do not.
    You both keep talking about the “real” truth of the military, but you only give your opinions and emotions to back up this “truth” you have about the military, never any hard facts or any real information, just opinion and emotion.
    What is your opinion about uncle sam fomenting war in syria while the mainstream media indoctrinates us to believe the arabs are behind the turmoil?

  31. it’s not the disagreeing that makes you anti White; its the constant anti White message of your post. I’ve addressed your other nonsense issues in another post, but basically things don’t work the way you think they do

  32. Joe, I don’t come here to win a debate. I come here to discuss the future of my people with those of like mind. I’ve been in the military and I still have friends there so I don’t need you to tell me anything about it.

    “The most pro-white thing to do right now is for young white men* to stay here in the states and be prepared to defend their families.”

    I really don’t think you’ve seen anyone here say otherwise, have you?

    If you’re going to be pro-white, then be pro-white. When I read some of your remarks, it’s real hard to tell. A little goodwill ever now and then goes a long way.

    Deo Vindice

  33. There was no Slave Power in the post-emancipation South. Planting was always a precarious enterprise. Lots of planters always lived near the precipice of bankruptcy.

    The planter class invested its capital in slaves – an asset that became worthless to them after abolition. They were allowed to keep their land, but without their slaves as assets, and with millions of negroes freed in their midst, not counting the physical destruction of the war, property values collapsed.

    The planters suffered tremendously from abolition. They had the most resources to fall back on. The Whites further down the scale that depended on the plantation economy were decimated.

    The formerly self sufficient yeomanry lost much of its land and was reduced to sharecropping on small plots on the divided up plantations. The glut of cotton caused prices to drop further impoverishing the poor.

    Generations later, the Yankee invasion was remembered in folklore like the fall of Troy or the plagues of Egypt – under slavery, the South had been rich and peaceful, except in marginal areas where the plantation economy was non-existent.

    After the war, the South sunk into extreme poverty that lasted almost a century. Anyone who says that the war and abolition were not the cause is a liar.

    The same thing happened in Haiti, then Jamaica, Guiana, and the British West Indies, then the French West Indies, then it happened here, and finally it happened again in Cuba and Brazil.

    Abolition was a social and economic catastrophe inspired by Christian millenarianism that was imposed by outsiders on all the slave states and colonies.

  34. The consequences of ruinous leftist policies are blamed on racism and slavery: abolition was a total disaster in Haiti and everywhere it was tried.

    Who is to blame for crushing poverty and backwardness created by abolition? Slaveowners, of course!

  35. @Apuleius
    I just wrote some posts under “Romney won’t commit…” in reply to Stonelifter. It sums up what I think. Go there if you’re interested.
    The debate is ended as far as Im concerned in regards to the US military. I made my points.
    I would suggest to all readers to read the debate thread under “Romney won’t commit”. It is an interesting debate, as is this one.
    Also, I show good-will to my fellow white Americans in my replies to Stonelifter, as I show my good will to my fellow white americans in all my posts.
    Just because one has differences of opinion with you Apuleuis doesn’t make one ipso faqct anti- white american. You’re not the be all and end all of being a white american.Neither is Stonelifter.

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