Pat Robertson and Ron Paul – Old Believer Traitors to Our People

Things Were So Much Calmer in............................. the Good Old Days

We’ve introduced OD readers to Wilmot Robertson’s brilliant analysis of America’s political and cultural racial wars (The Dispossessed Majority), listing 5 types of White American traitors:

1) Pussyfooters (most common)
2) Gracchites (rich elitists championing the NW masses)
3) Trucklers (lower class Whites going with the NW flow for wealth and power)
4) Old Believers/True Believers (seeking to restore the past, make the whole world White “American”, “Christian”, “Constitutionalist” etc)
5) Proditors (violently obsessed with destroying their/our own people)

Today we will focus on #4 the Old Believers. Old Believers like Pat Robertson and Ron Paul see the modern American world as deeply flawed (yes, they are right) – they hope to solve the horrible problems of our present day (including genocidal, anti White racial problems) by returning our country to:

The way things used to be… in some mythical, golden age (White) past – before the social & economic upheavals of the 1960s, before the Great Society Welfare State or before the New Deal, before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, or before the terrible 20th Century, or before the Civil War -etc. Old Believers want to take America back to an original, strict interpretation of the US Constitution (Blacks were 3/5 of a man then, and troublesome, Leftist women like Hillary Clinton couldn’t even vote) and somehow the Black flash mobs now terrorizing Chicago will listen to reason. What about the Al Qaedda Islamic terrorists let in to the US on unsupervised student visas, or the Mexican Zeta cartels, Mestizo M13/Latin Kings/LaRaza gang bangers? Old Believers BELIEVE that these terrifying Non White groups will listen to the sincere, reasonable speeches of Ron Paul and/or Pat Robertson and then they will read Ron Paul and/or Pat Robertson’s books. Then, all of these other NW people will somehow agree to renounce racial collectivism and become good, solid Christian/Constitutionalist Americans embracing the small town, American principles of say – the John Burch Society:

“Less Government
More Responsibility
and – With God’s Help – a Better World”

Like traitorous White “Pussyfooters” (lots of overlap) Old Believer White traitors don’t hate our/their White American people – far from it. They want to share the safe, reasonable, prosperous White American world/culture/philosophy with…

The entire Non White World!

Good Old Ron Paul - Let's Be Reasonable

Here’s a link to a Ron Paul TV interview with former AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer. Ron Paul tries to deny that ever wrote, said or thought anything White RACIST – and that he lives to spread the one true gospel truth of his race denying Libertarian/Constitutionalist cult.

What do we do with Old Believers? Just as it’s true “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – It’s virtually impossible to get Old Believers to change their ways. Old Believers tend to be very old – Ron Paul is 78 and Pat Robertson is 82. It’s best to treat them as old, family relatives, who are tolerated at family reunions. We wish they would retire and not embarrass our (White) families by doing foolish things like entering the NBA slam dunk competition or running for President of the United States and pushing their race denying Old Believer politics on the voting public, but that’s what Old American men do.

Most OD Readers, writers and editors will live to be old White men, or else we will be dead. If we do make it to an old, golden age – we hope not to be embarrassing, betraying our people like these Old Believers.


  1. To MN,

    Mea Culpa. Congrats on being Jew Tube free for many years and thank you for this last, very good comment on the life and work of Wilmot Robertson.

    I’ve worked hard to get all of the issues of Wilmot Robertson’s magazine Instauration on line and the project is about 90% complete:

  2. Thanks, then, for your very good work on Instaurationonline, a resource I’ll recommend that is now handily in my “Favorites.”

    By the way (mea culpa, too) I didn’t mean to imply that Robertson was un-Christian, or “post”-Christian, but Cattell’s clear tendency is that.

    Galton is also important to study.

    There IS an historic, conservative eugenics not incompatible but congruent with Christian doctrine.

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