Pat Robertson and Ron Paul – Old Believer Traitors to Our People

Things Were So Much Calmer in............................. the Good Old Days

We’ve introduced OD readers to Wilmot Robertson’s brilliant analysis of America’s political and cultural racial wars (The Dispossessed Majority), listing 5 types of White American traitors:

1) Pussyfooters (most common)
2) Gracchites (rich elitists championing the NW masses)
3) Trucklers (lower class Whites going with the NW flow for wealth and power)
4) Old Believers/True Believers (seeking to restore the past, make the whole world White “American”, “Christian”, “Constitutionalist” etc)
5) Proditors (violently obsessed with destroying their/our own people)

Today we will focus on #4 the Old Believers. Old Believers like Pat Robertson and Ron Paul see the modern American world as deeply flawed (yes, they are right) – they hope to solve the horrible problems of our present day (including genocidal, anti White racial problems) by returning our country to:

The way things used to be… in some mythical, golden age (White) past – before the social & economic upheavals of the 1960s, before the Great Society Welfare State or before the New Deal, before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, or before the terrible 20th Century, or before the Civil War -etc. Old Believers want to take America back to an original, strict interpretation of the US Constitution (Blacks were 3/5 of a man then, and troublesome, Leftist women like Hillary Clinton couldn’t even vote) and somehow the Black flash mobs now terrorizing Chicago will listen to reason. What about the Al Qaedda Islamic terrorists let in to the US on unsupervised student visas, or the Mexican Zeta cartels, Mestizo M13/Latin Kings/LaRaza gang bangers? Old Believers BELIEVE that these terrifying Non White groups will listen to the sincere, reasonable speeches of Ron Paul and/or Pat Robertson and then they will read Ron Paul and/or Pat Robertson’s books. Then, all of these other NW people will somehow agree to renounce racial collectivism and become good, solid Christian/Constitutionalist Americans embracing the small town, American principles of say – the John Burch Society:

“Less Government
More Responsibility
and – With God’s Help – a Better World”

Like traitorous White “Pussyfooters” (lots of overlap) Old Believer White traitors don’t hate our/their White American people – far from it. They want to share the safe, reasonable, prosperous White American world/culture/philosophy with…

The entire Non White World!

Good Old Ron Paul - Let's Be Reasonable

Here’s a link to a Ron Paul TV interview with former AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer. Ron Paul tries to deny that ever wrote, said or thought anything White RACIST – and that he lives to spread the one true gospel truth of his race denying Libertarian/Constitutionalist cult.

What do we do with Old Believers? Just as it’s true “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – It’s virtually impossible to get Old Believers to change their ways. Old Believers tend to be very old – Ron Paul is 78 and Pat Robertson is 82. It’s best to treat them as old, family relatives, who are tolerated at family reunions. We wish they would retire and not embarrass our (White) families by doing foolish things like entering the NBA slam dunk competition or running for President of the United States and pushing their race denying Old Believer politics on the voting public, but that’s what Old American men do.

Most OD Readers, writers and editors will live to be old White men, or else we will be dead. If we do make it to an old, golden age – we hope not to be embarrassing, betraying our people like these Old Believers.


  1. Paul the fool? Yuppers?

    “I agree that Paul would be the least of all evils. But if I accept that fact that voting is a monstrous moral compromise, no matter who is running, than I accept that should at least make it count. Which leaves Romney or Obama.” Yes, NOW there is only Romney to choose from, but that begs the question of why so-called conservative-minded voters voted in the primaries FOR this situation.

  2. Right. Those good Beckite Tea Partiers and dyed-in-the-wool mainstream Lincoln Partiers vote for whatever face is promoted to them by the Red Machine.

  3. I’ve had enough of the traitorous Obama, freeing the queers to wreak havoc on our Military… Seating activist Justices… forcing unconstitutional mandates down our throats. I’ll hold my nose and vote Romney.
    If Obama gets a second term we are done.
    Ill do my part to stem that tide as long as I can.

  4. At least when Obama does it you know he’s not doing it your name. When Romney does it, like it or not, he’s going to be doing it for you. When Obama does it, the establishment right at least pretends to disagree. Who is going to be there to disagree on our behalf when Romney does it?

  5. Amanda: Do you think Romney will do anything about queers in the military? Do you think he will appoint a truly conservative judge? Do you think he’s not for amnesty? What exactly would he do? Answer: He would put us on the freight to perdition vice the bullet train. So what? The destination is the same. Look, the Republitards are counting on whites, especially white men, to once again hold their noses and vote for the elephant. It’s a cruel trick and I for one am done with it. I’m sick of being taken for granted by these assholes. At best, the Repubs are idiots, at worst, craven cowards. To hell with them.

  6. Amanda,

    You know another thing about our military that isn’t in the media: male on male rape. Oh, yes. Welcome to the new world.

    I believe there’s a strong possibility that the reason they let gays in the military in full force – removed don’t ask don’t tell – as well as removed the beastiality clause from military service, via the NDAA, is they want EVERYONE to serve. They opened the floodgates and let’s gets all the freaks out of the closet. No getting around it for being gay, a sick fiend, and just about every other stripe we can think of. And if the ladies don’t think there will be a time where they are drafted, you better think real hard about that one. The next war will be very inclusive. And, the draft will be reinstated. They may even make 60 the age where the line is drawn for service. Or 65. The perfect way to reduce the population…. and the next war will be WWIII. Long, bloody, and ruthless on all fronts. No America to come to anyone’s rescue.

  7. Mosin – I don’t think Paul is a fool. I’m aggravated that Ryan included hims with looney tunes Roberston. I was responding to Obama VS Mittens. Which is essentially what I’ve written before.

    You know bloody well I would be THRILLED if Paul became POTUS. His policies, without stating obvoius racial intent, would take care of a LOT of our issues. I hope his delegates wreak havoc at the convention, in any way they can.

    I regard Rand as the Second Coming of Der Furher. God bless the Pauls.

  8. I’m a Ron Paul supporter. The argument earlier about the Georgia onion farmer (the more I know about big farmers, the more I hate’m) is that Ron Paul would do away with the welfare state, at least large portions of it. So all those Mexicans working onion fields would not get their pay supplemented by the taxpayer, making is much, much, much less pleasing for them to leave their homes and work like slaves. Also, Mr. Georgia Onion farmer would get ZERO subsidies and handouts. Moreover, no more empire, no more wars for Israel or the NWO or anything else. States rights would be reemplemented. People could socialize as they wish. What’s wrong with that?

  9. The best thing to do is avoid all preacher men–of any and all stripes– they carry the bible around with them as they foment war with their smirky faces, or they acquiesce to war with equally smirky faces : As they encourage you to do the same.
    All the churches take commie uncle sam’s 501c tax break– and willingly and lovingingly so.
    If there’re truly any churches around that pay the tax and keep themselves free from uncle sam’s communist agenda — the churches are extremely few and far between to make any kind of difference to white Americans as a whole.
    Even the old -order mennonites and the amish in our modern day world, such as it is, take commie uncle sam’s 501c tax break.
    In my life, I’ve heard more honesty spoken by the black kids on street corners in the bronx then any preacher man I’ve ever met– catholic, protestant, or otherwise.
    If he — or she (women’s lib and all that) is carrying a bible– Steer Clear.
    99.99% chance it’s a snake oil salesman, a charlatan, and a pharisee,too boot.

  10. Romney is obviously a second generation truckler. Anyone that contests that needs to create their own classification system because his trucklerism is readily displayed.

  11. People like Ron Paul and Pat Robertson are why I am no longer a libertarian and why I am a pagan. I used to be libertarian years ago because it sounded like a great idea on paper, no government and making lots of money and doing your own thing. But frankly most libertarians could care less about preserving culture and think that non-whites are just like Whites except for their appearance, all they cared about is making money.

    And the Pat Robertson types are a complete turnoff for me in terms of Christianity, they could care less about race realism and only care about Jebus and raking in the dough, they really think there is no difference between races and sound like morons to boot. And with them worshiping Israel and wanting to nuke Iran and this Rapture nonsense, they look like utter fools. I was raised Catholic and I was taught the ignorant Mexican peasants who were my fellow coreligionists were far better than any Protestant, even those who were a thousand more times intelligent than ignorant Mexicans who see the Virgin Mary in a tortilla or some crap. The church was always raising money for these folks and wouldn’t piss on a white Protestant if they were on fire, I am not a Christian for those reasons. I do not mean to offend any Christians here, but I am referring to the Pat Robertson types and universalist Catholics who are complete dopes when it comes to race.

  12. Jack Ryan Against White Kulaks

    “And there is the killer flaw of Libertarianism as selfish (White) business owners will look to hire the lowest (NW) cost workers to increase their own (selfish) short term profits. Read the OD article about the Georgia Onion King who insists that he needs NW illegal alien workers to work HIS onion fields as (White) American workers are just not willing to work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day in the hot sun for (sub minimum) wages.”

    No Jack. Your viewpoint is morally flawed; it assumes the happiness and livelihoods of white men necessitate the misery and economic exclusion of non-Whites.

    How dare he provide for his family and feed thousands of people when he should be on the internet all day clamoring for white revolution! Basically you’re saying it is his ethical duty to become poor and powerless and await “the revolution” – in other words: a White Nationalist. Also his finances are glibly dismissed as folly, apparently profits are “short term” contrasted to the redistributed abundance of wealth a White Socialism would bring. But where would White Socialists look to expand the largesse? Productive Whites like Paul Bridges would be asked to “sacrifice”. First by paying White retards $20.00 an hour plus “overtime” to pick onions. Second by paying taxes to a White Welfare State ie paying for the privilege of having only the fairest White Retards to pick their onions.

    So under White Nationalism productive Whites still lose.

    Whereas in a Laissez-Faire system most Whites do well, some do great and others fail. …… And Niggers are decimated (by lack of handouts.)
    ……… And Mexicans pick onions.

  13. “In my life, I’ve heard more honesty spoken by the black kids on street corners in the bronx than any preacher…catholic, protestant, or otherwise.” I’m not sure what the “honesty” spoken by the black kids means, but warning to “steer clear of” anyone preaching from the Bible is clear enough. But I’m not sure why the Bible offends you, but unfortunately it’s not allowed to discuss it further on this website. In any case, my apologies, Joe, for my what might seem to have been excessive references to Scripture and Christian doctrine. I think it is foundational to our Western civilisation, though I agree it is more often than not perverted and misused.

    By the way, I’m not a fan or supporter of Robertson and his like. Ron Paul is of a different breed, not comparable at all to the Evangelical Premillennials.

  14. germans have not been good for the nation

    paul also supports full “rights” for queers. He is not the lesser of two evils, he’s just as evil.

  15. Tamer of Savages, very well said, as you identify the WN SOCIALIST RADICALISM that threatens our Liberty that is conserved by true WN CONSERVATISM!

  16. Stonelifter, I haven’t been following Tamer’s comments elsewhere, but this one seemed very cogent. Radicalism is not conservatism. Socialism is not conservative. Rejecting “old” ways and beliefs in favor of new-fangled ones is not conservative.

  17. Maybe “germans have not been good for the nation” but they have been the single largest white ethnic group for nearly two centuries, so maybe this is their nation.
    The “weak” Germans were whipping the rest of the world in the two great wars, until predominantly German and more populous America was persuaded (misled) to come over and beat them back.

    If “Paul also supports full ‘rights’ for queers” then so do the Neocons. But I agree that his social conservatism is lacking, his worst error besides retreating from his racialist statements of his early career.

  18. He is deluded somewhat by Misesian and Randian radical capitalism, but he takes a stronger position for our true Liberty than any other possible Presidential candidate in living memory.

  19. there are so many germans because “they” knew germans are in about large, powerful govts and socialist ideals, but either way, they are part of why Dixie needs to be free

  20. Liberty, not more subsidy, not more “looting BRA,” for our people! Give us liberty, or death!

  21. Re: “there are so many germans because ‘they’ knew germans are about large, powerful govts and socialist ideals, but either way, they are part of why Dixie needs to be free”:

    “They” (“YKW”?) did NOT bring Germans here to help them create socialism and powerful government. My German family came here in the eighteenth century, BEFORE the Revolution, on their own initiative to settle and farm the good land. There was a lot of German and other Nordic immigration during the nineteenth century, mostly seeking good land, and they lived generally stable, moral lives and had LARGE, generally healthy families, so becoming our LARGEST white ethnic group. The southeastern states are not at all free of German blood. If they were to secede they would STILL contain the Germanic. You would need to do mass DNA testing and geneaological reviews to separate and deport them.

  22. Hi Mosin Nagant. I once wrote I wouldn’t mind sharing a picket fence with Clarence Thomas. I very much enjoy stonelifter’s posts but sadly some things in life just aren’t reciprocal. If you wouldn’t mind please elaborating on your thoughts of Mises and Rand?


    Nothing is wrong with that. But Jack Ryan is a White-STATIST. He thinks Whites need laws.
    I am a White-SUPREMACIST. I think Whites need liberties.

  23. Thanks for your reply, Tamer, and I’d like to elaborate on my objection to Mises and Rosenbaum, but it’s just turned Midnight and must get rest for work tomorrow. To put it very briefly: Their RADICAL CAPITALISM is not Christian Liberty at all, but in fact an ANTI-Christian philosophy, or system, and thus anti-Western, and therefore anti-White.

  24. “Jack Ryan is a White-STATIST…. I am a White-SUPREMACIST. I think Whites need liberties.”

    We’ve tried the laws and more laws, licenses, fees, regulations, subsidies, programs and plans on and on. How has all this STATISM ever helped us? I agree, let’s give FREEDOM a chance.

  25. “The church was always raising money for these folks and wouldn’t piss on a white Protestant if they were on fire, I am not a Christian for those reasons. I do not mean to offend any Christians here, but I am referring to the Pat Robertson types and universalist Catholics who are complete dopes when it comes to race.”

    Madam: that is not an argument against Christianity- it is merely an argument against cults. Both Rome and Dispensationalism are cults. Though Lynda might disagree…being a cultist, you understand.

  26. Stonelifter, I disagree with you on your German comment.
    Germans are not inherently a group that can easily be manipulated or controlled. In mass we are the utmost force. Intelligence, work ethic and unity in the past have served us well and we have quite the reputation of being warriors when we need to be.

  27. Regarding Paul and queers, he would leave it to the State, making it NOT a Federal issue. I think many on here are interpreting his adherence to State’s rights as support for malfeance. I want State’s rights, that would do more to get whites out from under the Federal yoke than anything.

  28. Case in point concerning Germanic people.
    Germany was destroyed twice last century, where are they now?
    Germany is now floating the EU economy jusy sixty years after being literally bombed into the stone age.

  29. you can disagree but you could also look at how authoritarian their nation is now ( and in the past for about 100+years)now, how they vote/ how they have always voted and their actions prior too and during the War of Southron Independence

    the inescapable fact is, that every White ethnic group brought in after the Founding Stocks have been anti Founding Stock. Don’t get pissy with me for pointing that out. Nor does that fact change what is good about those groups, which I never deny, but they have been anti Liberty and anti Founding Stock since day one

  30. LadyFarian.

    I’m a Christian – as in the NT. My hubby keeps trying to drag me to local churches. I’ve already caused scenes, in same, due to the heretical nonsense currently defiling local altars. I’ve told him that I will go to Church, if he finds a genuinely local CHRISTIAN Church – but the next time I hear some Commie Crap being spewed, by the local paid whore, in a white collar, I’m not waiting til the end of the sermon, to cause a scene.

    I understand why you are a Pagan.

  31. “the inescapable fact is, that every White ethnic group brought in after the Founding Stocks have been anti Founding Stock”

    Except that Germans were most certainly part of the “Founding Stock” and made up a large portion of the colonial settlers of Pennsylvania and New York. The start of this German immigration predated by several decades the first arrival of serious numbers of the poorer and less educated Scotch-Irish from Ulster.

  32. you can disagree but you could also look at how authoritarian their nation is now

    Authoritarian way is the German way, it works when the population is pure Germanic. A pure Germanic nation is one of strength.
    Anti-German sentiment is very common now a days. Doesn’t make any sense to me

  33. I am clearly biased in my assessment of Germans. I am of Germanic stock.
    Very proud of it. Good looks, big frame and clear mind.
    The bashing of Germans is a tell whenever I encounter it. Too much jew media or just plain envy.
    Save your ammo for non-Whites, we are not and have not been your problem.

  34. they are not in a pure german state here. yes they were a small part of the Founding Stock up north, but not down here. Look a that their actions to see why they aren’t popular. which you won’t do.

  35. I had a great uncle, WW2 vet that was raised in S. Ill as a kid and settled in SC.
    Used to visit him as a kid in SC. Hard SOB, tough as they come. 100% German stock. His cookouts were always packed with Southern men. I never saw any animosity. Just the opposite.

  36. most likely because they didn’t know how germans vote or how much they influenced the election of lincoln and the war on our people.

  37. That’s ridiculous SL. Im not even sure I should have responded to that one.

    So, your war is also with us pure Whites of German descent?

    I guess I have to respect it, I don’t see the Scots as my equal, not in a million years would I see a Scot as an equal to a German.

  38. See there you go; White ethnic groups have their own way of doing things and their own self interests. The difference is, I don’t look down on germans for being germans. I see the difference and make note of it, see where it causes friction etc but I don’t seem them as unequal or bellow Ulster Scots. but looking down on the people who kick your ass is another german trait. I have no problems with germans as individuals but they vote the way they vote, they are who/ what they are, their role in changing the north pre War of Southron Independence and during it and after it is what it is and they do not have the same ideas of liberty and the like as is typical among Ulster Scots. That is so with all the groups that came after the nation was forged. Can’t see how the truth of these things offends germans, irsish, catholics and the like. These things just are, and bringing them over was a mistake. They were brought over to lower the wages of working White men and vote against us. Which they did/ do.

  39. What’s-a matter you ? Hey! Gotta no respect.
    What-a you t’ink you do ? Why you look-a so sad ?
    It’s-a not so bad, it’s-a nice-a place.
    Ah, shaddap-a you face.

  40. I experience is that Germans are VERY freedom-loving people, who also happen to love industry, productivity, precision, order, and cleanliness, and generally reject social inequality (oligarchy, plutocracy) in their communities. So where is this “authoritarian-loving” label coming from? Hitler? The German people were united in fighting to rise from their ruin, after the HALF-German, AmeriKan onslaught led by the great war criminal Wilson. But we cannot discuss that on this website.

    Stonelifter, not all Germans came after the Founding. Germans settled on the most fertile lands all along the eastern side of the Appalachians from southeastern Pennsylvania to western Virginia and central North Carolina BEFORE the Revolution. Hessian mercenaries joined them during and afterwards, and the main immigration of Germans and other Nordics came in the next century, mostly settling in the familiar clime of the North. But many settled in Missouri, Kansas, and even Texas, and more would probably have settled in the southeastern states, but the system of SLAVERY IN AGRICULTURE there was too foreign or made it difficult for them!

    Ron Paul has a big following in Germany, who cannot understand why AmeriKans hate him.

  41. si. italiano.
    ( i like germans).
    ( i like founding stock types)
    ( i pretty much take people as they are– every group is a mixed bag of nuts as far as I see it)
    ( i like most people i meet, yes, even jews and blacks )
    * the biggest problem i have is with my fellow italians. i like the food, though, and the wine is good. dante is cool. so were all the italian artists. ( though i like all kinds of art)
    i can sit through an opera if i have to (have to be polite and all that) but i can do without it ( though some arias are sublime, i think)
    still, through all the years, my favorite person of all time is my maternal grandmother.
    yes. i’m italian.

  42. most germans came after the Revolution, and I stated they were here in small numbers from the start, although I am unaware of them being in the South in any numbers pre Revolution, most esp in Appalachia. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in germany, they are not free people and for the most part look down on liberty. They even tell you how long to warm up your car, or for how long you can wash your car. That isn’t liberty and the list can go on and on and on, and they never complain about those things. In fact they generally look down on the USA for not having as many laws, and for the govt not doing enough. Again, not liberty. Not to mention their track record in the usa, which again isn’t debatable, they have voted and supported what they have voted and supported

  43. “I’ve spent a fair amount of time in germany, they are not free people and for the most part look down on liberty. They even tell you how long to warm up your car, or for how long you can wash your car. That isn’t liberty and the list can go on and on and on….” I know. What happened to them over there? Did the wars and Talmudic mis-teachings finally break their spirit? I don’t think so. Not ultimately. Nevertheless, I don’t think they ever want to use liberty for sloth, wastefulness and disorder.

  44. as far as I can tell, they have always loved rules and following them. Interestingly enough, if you read back far enough that’s been a common stereo type for couple hundred years now, and ones here sure seem to support that stereo type of pro big govt/ govt interference

  45. germans make excellent christmas tree ornaments — the hand-blown glass ornaments are exquisite.
    italians make lousy christmas tree ornaments — quite lame really.
    though i must truly say the italians make the best race cars on any track anywhere.

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