Alexander Dugin: Letter to the American People on Ukraine


Here’s something new to update the Ukraine discussion:

Note: It’s a historical thicket that I don’t care to venture into. I agree with Dugin that it is no business or concern of ours here in Dixie.

“In this difficult hour of serious trouble on our Western borders, I would like to address the American people in order to help you understand better the positions of our Russian patriots which are shared by the majority of our society. …

This is my idea and suggestion: let us hate the American political elite together. Let us fight them for our identities – you for the American, us for the Russian, but the enemy is in both cases the same – the global oligarchy who rules the word using you and smashing us. Let us revolt. Let us resist. Together. Russians and Americans. We are the people. We are not their puppets.”

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  1. Wow there is a part of me not to trust the Russians, But there is a loader voice that screams Dont trust any thing comming from Washington. Hate to say it but Russia seems to be a closer Alley to the American People than the people we have elected. This could just be properganda but it sure hits home.

  2. Here’s something far more enlightening than Dugin’s predictable ‘Eurasia über Alles’ dreck:

    Sailer quotes a JTA article about Putin’s love of the Jews:

    (JTA) — When even Russian policemen had to pass security checks to enter the Sochi Winter Olympics, Rabbi Berel Lazar was waved in without ever showing his ID.

    Lazar, a Chabad-affiliated chief rabbi of Russia, was invited to the opening ceremony of the games last month by President Vladimir Putin’s office. But since the event was on Shabbat, Lazar initially declined the invitation, explaining he was prevented from carrying documents, among other religious restrictions.
    So Putin ordered his staff to prepare an alternative entrance and security-free route just for the rabbi, according to one of Lazar’s top associates, Rabbi Boruch Gorin.

    “It is unusual, but the security detail acted like kosher supervisors so Rabbi Lazar could attend,” Gorin said.

    To him, the Sochi anecdote illustrates Putin’s positive attitude toward Russian Jewry — an attitude Gorin says is sincere, unprecedented in Russian history and hugely beneficial for Jewish life in the country.

    The other day I saw some talking head on CNN named Stephen Cohen claim that Putin is the most pro-Jewish leader in Russian history. More so than even the early Bolsheviks. So Putin’s philo-Semitism seems to have been widely noticed in the Jewish community.

    In recent weeks, Putin has positioned himself as a defender of Jews as part of his effort to discredit the revolution that ousted his ally, former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych. During a March 4 news conference, Putin called the anti-Yanukovych protesters “reactionary, nationalist and anti-Semitic forces.”

    While right-wing Ukrainian factions — including some that have embraced anti-Semitic rhetoric in the past — played a prominent role in the opposition movement, Ukrainian Jewish leaders have sharply disputed Putin’s characterization and condemned Russian incursions into Crimea. Some individual Jews, however, have told JTA that they agree with Putin’s analysis and welcomed the intervention by Russia.

    Few would dispute that Putin has been friendly to Jewish institutional life in Russia — especially to organizations and leaders that belong to the Chabad Hasidic movement.

    Gorin, a Chabad rabbi and chairman of Moscow’s $50 million Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, credits Putin personally for providing state funding for the institution, which opened in 2012. Putin also donated a month’s wages to the museum.

    Putin’s excuse for invading Crimea was to protect the people there from the ‘anti-Semitic’ regime in Kiev. He sees himself as the Great Gentile Protector of the Jewish people. And when it comes to funding Moscow’s Jewish Museum, he puts his (and the Russian taxpayers) money where his mouth is.

    Putin’s relationship with the Jewish community is consistent with his larger strategy for governing Russia. His brand of Russian nationalism extends beyond just ethnic Russians to include the country’s many minorities. Putin has carefully cultivated relationships with Russia’s many subgroups and regions as a means of projecting his government’s authority.

    Sailer adds, “In other words, Putin’s Russia is far less a Russian ethno-state than a multiculturalist empire.” It sure is. Obama’s America and Putin’s Russia are two sides of the same multiculturalist coin.

    Mikhail Chlenov, secretary general of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, says Putin’s pro-Jewish tendencies are part of the reason that anti-Semitic incidents are relatively rare in Russia. In 2013, the Russian Jewish Congress documented only 10 anti-Jewish attacks and acts of vandalism, compared to dozens in France.

    Under Putin, harsh laws have led to a crackdown on ultranationalist groups that once had flourished in Russia. At the same time, anti-extremism legislation has been used as well to prosecute political protesters, including the punk rock collective Pussy Riot.

    Putin is not only *not* a nationalist, he’s a virulent anti-nationalist who has persecuted countless Russian patriots. But hey, the Jews are onside so it’s all good.

    “Putin may be good for Jews, but he’s bad for Russia,” said Michael Edelstein, a lecturer at Moscow State University and a journalist for the L’chaim Jewish newspaper.

    Thank you, Michael Edelstein, for so succinctly summing up Putin’s political career: good for the Jews and bad for Russia.

    Shortly after taking office, the Putin government clashed with several prominent Jewish business moguls, including Vladimir Gusinsky and Boris Berezovsky, both of whom went into self-imposed exile.

    “When he went after these oligarchs, Putin sensed that this could be interpreted as anti-Semitism,” Gitelman said. “He immediately, publicly, demonstratively and dramatically embraced Chabad.”

    Putin went after the Yeltsin-era oligarchs because they wouldn’t play ball with him, not because they were Jewish. Now he’s surrounded himself with a somewhat different group of largely Jewish oligarchs. Same shit different pile, as they say.

    I don’t expect these facts to have any effect on Putin’s legions of fart-catchers in the WN community however. Their ardor for the man is simply impervious to reason. They yearn for a strong ‘man on a horse’ in the Latin American caudillo style. And on that count he’s certainly delivered.

  3. Ukraine will end up stationing Turkish troops to protect the Ukies against the Russian bullies.

    NATO, awesome!

  4. Maybe Ukraine should invite Turks to station in Sevastapol. They are the NATO nation most closely in touch with the Black Sea after all.

  5. There’s plenty of room for an alliance of the Alternative Right globally. The Internet can be used to organize it. Southern Nationalists, White Nationalists, Eurasian Advocates, Counter-Jihadists, Boer Defense Groups, and plenty more.

    What could kill such an alliance is getting onto the ideological purity thing. Learn a lesson from the left: they organize broad coalitions of forces even when they are mutually antagonistic (feminists, Muslims militants, black race hustlers, multi-billionaire globalists, etc.). There is a mutual interest in working together and carving out a power base.

  6. Jeppo,

    Where do you get this idea that White Nationalists blindly worship Putin?

    The Occidental Observer has featured several articles written by Russian Nationalist Igor Artemov, translated by our good friend Roman Frolov, which criticize Putin’s failings: mass immigration from central Asia, failure to force the oligarchs to return their stolen billions, persecution of Russian Nationalists etc.

  7. The Zionist fifth column here has made it clear it is still fighting the Cold War.
    Israel’s government has made it clear it supports (western) Ukrainian anti-Russianism
    and it is no mystery why.
    Just now it considers the Russia-Damascus-Hezbollah-Iran soft axis its most dangerous enemy. So it downplays, confident of co-opting and containing (western)
    Ukrainian “neo-Naziism.
    As for Dugin, Russian imperialism and Eurasianism is his political philosophy.
    But Russia as an Empire has Russian Slavs as the core guiding principal, a combination of Russian Orthodoxy and pre-Christian paganism as its core metaphysic.
    Other groups are allowed belief and worship as they so choose provided they
    acknowledge this reality and do not “rock the boat.” Russian Orthodoxy of course is inherently anti-Judaic on a cultural-spiritual basis. Russian paganism? You might compare it to Western Odinism in a broad manner. Not pro-semitic by any means.

  8. The Zionist fifth column here has made it clear it is still fighting the Cold War.
    Israel’s government has made it clear it supports (western) Ukrainian anti-Russianism
    and it is no mystery why.”


    Yes, no mystery. International Jewry, Zionism, Neo Conservatives HATE will incite wars against ant White Indo European nation, people that goes for nationalism. The Jews smushed the war against Serbia to make a Turk Albanian Muslim state in Central Europe. The Jewish media made the Serbs the bad guy Nazis, even though Serbia. Fought strongly against NS Germany in World War II, Serb nationalism against Austrian German rulers started World War I.

    If there are any healthy White people anywhere on planner earth pursuing healthy, White culture, sane immigration policies, opposing homosexual extremism, international Jewrly will hiss.


    He/she’s a witch, burn the witch.

  9. Can we an this Jeppo troll?

    Putin is arguably the best or second best White leader since World War II. Child’s Gen Pinochet might be his only rival for the top spot.

    Was I the only one who noticed that Putin’s Winter Olympics was the best, Whitest Olympics since Hitler’s Berlin Summer Olympics.

    • Augusto Pinochet was a dictator put into Presidency of Chile, by the US Shadow Gov, after having the Democratically elected President assassinated.

  10. “But Russia as an Empire has Russian Slavs as the core guiding principal, a combination of Russian Orthodoxy and pre-Christian paganism as its core metaphysic.”

    Would you like to corroborate that latter half of the statement. I frankly don’t believe it, what with Orthodox Churches being opened, built, and restored on a regular basis, after the Soviet/Jewish yoke.

  11. The Celtic Cross was in Maiden Square and the fight against the Russians was led by white nationalist Ukrainians fighting for their independence. Perhaps we will need those nationalists when the time comes for Southern Independence. The fight may be theirs, but we must recognize the principle of independence from super-states.

  12. Interesting article on the ‘Ukrainian’ identity: I always thought they were a mixed breed, with a mixed language and religion. ‘Most of the peasantry remained in the Orthodox Church; however, in Galician provinces, they were forcibly converted into a very special branch of Christianity, the so-called “Greco-Uniatic Faith” (invented by the Vatican for that purpose) which stipulated recognition of the Pope as the supreme “leader,” but kept most Orthodox Church rituals intact. That is when the division between “westerners” and “easterners” first appeared, and it grew even deeper after three partitions of Poland, and Galicia became a part of the Austrian Empire’.

  13. But unlike the ‘Holocaust’ exaggerations, they actually did commit crimes against the Russian people. To deny that fact could be treasonous. Note also: ‘Separately on Monday, Putin signed a law imposing fines for the use of expletives on television, radio and in films shown in theatres. Music and movies containing foul language will have to have a warning’. Good beginning, destroying porn and prostitution should be next.

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