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Here’s a link to the SPLC hit piece on the League of the South rally in Tallahassee. It’s another case of muckracking by playing the associations game:


1.) First, Michael Weaver, Gina Brashear, and Nicholas Jordan were not in Tallahassee. The photo of Michael Weaver is from the “Stand With Tom Watson” rally in Atlanta, GA which took place last November.

2.) Second, Michael Weaver went to prison in 2011 for pepper spraying two blacks in an attempted carjacking in Columbus, GA. To my knowledge, Weaver never went to prison for anything that happened in the late 1990s.

3.) Third, the League of the South immigration rallies are public events and anyone is free to show up and attend them. The people who showed up in Tallahassee were there because they supported our message on immigration and demographic displacement. The purpose of our Tallahassee rally was not to endorse every aspect of the life history of everyone who attended our event.

4.) Fourth, much of the SPLC article is just a rehash of the previous article on the Uvalda, GA demonstration. There are REALLY SCARY photos of guns, insinuations of violence, and photos of a teenager’s poses on Facebook, but this ignores the fact that there hasn’t been any violence at any of our rallies, including the most recent one in Tallahassee.

Last year, Montgomery, AL where SPLC headquarters is located was swept by what the Montgomery Advertiser labeled a “tsunami of violence.” In fact, homicide in Montgomery in 2013 reached its highest level in 33 years. This “tsunami of violence” – a very real problem, as opposed to the SPLC’s hyperbole – which has remade parts of Montgomery into something “like the Third World” had nothing to do with the League of the South or “rightwing extremists,” but everything to do with the Lord of the Flies-style existence of young black thugs in West Montgomery.

5.) Finally, it is true that I was there.

As an eyewitness, I can say that the Tallahassee rally was the most sedate event that we have done yet. The weather was sunny and pleasant – a welcome respite from the coldest winter in decades. There wasn’t a single “anti-racist” counterprotester in Tallahassee opposing our message. The vast majority of the cars that passed by supported our message about Marco Rubio and amnesty for illegal aliens.

The multiple YouTube videos of the event show there was nothing resembling violence at our rally in Tallahassee. The SPLC, which sued Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina to block their Arizona-style immigration laws, simply dislikes our political position on Marco Rubio and his support for amnesty for illegal aliens.

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  1. Videotape, document, refute.

    Rinse and repeat.

    It’s what y’all are gonna have to do, to wash the Jewish stench out of the Press, and their Disinformatia.

    “The Truth shall set you free”…. spoken by a man whom the Jews crucified; always remember that. Why should you think telling the truth in our era is anything less than a revolutionary act?

  2. There’s a reason why the $PLC has around $250 million sitting in the bank, and it has nothing to do with them telling the truth or reporting in a sober, objective way.

    You get old Jewish ladies and gullible elderly hippies to cut checks by scaring the crap out of them. Old tricks. Snakeoil.

  3. Dr. Hill and yourself need to do a better job screening out the wierdos associated with neo-nutzis.
    This is not good. The reputation of the LOS is at stake if they are continuosly lumped together with WN rejects.
    Just a word if advise.

  4. There are some things we cannot control.

    We can’t know in advance the life history of everyone who decides to attend a public demonstration. The purpose of our rallies, which is the reason why we travel long distances, is to oppose immigration driven demographic displacement. It is not to endorse every decision or every affiliation ever made by every individual who decides to attend.

    We were there for a specific purpose. The purpose was to oppose Marco Rubio and the mass legalization of millions of criminals. That’s what has really aroused the SPLC’s ire, not this other stuff.

  5. Hunter Wallace is right. I was not in Tallahassee, FL. Also, I must note that on December 4th,2010, only one of the two black carjackers were sprayed. Travis Parson was sprayed, not Frank Bellamy who was at my passenger side door.

    For the record, I’ve never threatened anyone.However, during the years of my political activism, I’ve been harassed by the Columbus Police Department, especially by a former detective by the name of Cathy Bush who now resides in Seale, Alabama.During my kangaroo court hearings Detective Cathy Bush had literature from the SPLC in her hands. She did not witness the pepper spraying incident nor was she the arresting officer, but she still testified in Judge Bobby Peter’s courtroon that she was a “hate crime” expert having received special “hate” training in Forsyth county. Alas, my entire court hearing was not about the facts of the case, but about my political ideology. The asst.Da Michael Eugene Craig showed the judge and the local media copies of National Alliance fliers that I use to distribute throughout The People’s Republic of Columbus, Ga.

    Alas, the Orwellian thought police are alive and well.They reside in Columbus, Ga.

  6. The abjectly corrupt powers-that-be rarely banish drug dealers, child molesters, etc.. Illegal immigrants are even given a free pass in Columbus, Ga.even though they are in our country ILLEGALLY!! Alas, Columbus is run by Democrats which is a euphemism for Communist.

  7. The jews want a jewish state and yankees who have traditionally accepted rainbow thinking are allied with them to make it happen. Jews want all white nations to resemble honduras where a few hundred thousand of them control the politics and economy, living lavish lifestyles at the expense of the brown and black 3rd world slum living masses.

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