Europeans Have Grown Whiter In Past 5,000 Years


I was under the impression this was impossible.

The anti-racists have told us that we are exactly the same as other races. We are “equal” to them in every measurable way. Evolution stopped in the human species at an arbitrary point 50,000 – 200,000 years ago:

“European humans have become “whiter” in the past 5,000 years, undergoing a distinct change in their DNA due to natural selection, according to scientists.In research published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, experts analysed DNA taken from ancient skeletons and compared it with the current European human genome. …”

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  1. Hunter/Brad says:

    “Like anti-racism and feminism, gay marriage is another strange Northeastern custom. We would like to keep it out of the South. Thanks.”

    Racism towards blacks, which prevents the formation of a White middle class, is something we would like to keep out of the North.

    Jews brought blacks here, you bought them, enslaved them, and then wanted to force them into northern and western territories.

    So, you forced blacks onto us. Your attempt to secede was just a stalling mechanism, as you had already attempted to impose them on us, hence the Civil War.

    Please keep your southern ‘customs’ like slavery out of our territories.


  2. More than once it’s been suggested in posts on this blog that the future southern white ethnostate might pay money to the southern slave descendants to emigrate north of the Line, or else force them to go.

  3. ‘you are in danger of being pruned should you go off on any more religious rants’:

    But going off on ATHEIST rants is just fine. I’ll continue to wield the religious axe.

  4. Mosin, you do go on religious rants that have nothing to do with the subject being discussed. Rudel, despite his bias, does manage to bring good information to the table that is relevant to the discussion at hand. His data on Columbus’s ancestry and some of the stuff he’s posted on DNA are good examples of this talent. Frankly, your sectarian bias prevents you from understanding a lot of what most of us are trying to write about. Let go of it so you can see things for what they are, rather than what you what to twist them to be.

  5. For those who are being made paranoid by certain individuals about DNA testing, because the government might get ahold of your results, chill. If anyone wants to get a sample they can. All they would have to do is get into your garbage, find a plastic spoon you just used at a fast food joint, or any thing else you might have come into contact with. Getting your own testing done gives you a margin of control over any situation that might come up in the future.

  6. ‘you do go on religious rants that have nothing to do with the subject (…) Rudel, despite his bias, does manage to bring good information to the table that is relevant’:

    ‘Scot-Jew’, the Almighty has everything to do with everything. Your own, ‘sectarian’ (genetic) bias drives you to oppose every comment.

    The government has not YET, to my knowledge, begun employing agents to collect spoons that we ate from, our hair, etc. — but They do receive data already prepared. Now if you can truly do it privately, it might be useful for a defense in a criminal case, and of course for personal satisfaction (or dismay) if someone lacks (as many do) a known pedigree.

  7. Re: NYYankees

    1.) We know that Yankees want to keep “racism” out of the Northeast. How else do we explain them voting for Obama twice? In some states, an absolute majority of Whites voted for him twice.

    2.) Here’s some advice: stick to writing about topics that you know something about.

    The slave trade was based in New England, not the South. Yankees continued to participate in the slave trade to Cuba and Brazil long after it was banned in the United States.

    3.) The Northeast’s climate is unsuited to plantation agriculture.

    4.) No, Yankees invaded the South, abolished slavery, rewrote the Constitution to make blacks into US citizens, passed civil rights laws, suppressed the Klan, and repealed their own black codes. Finally, they invited blacks to come work as strike breakers in their factories.

    That’s why blacks moved to the Northern states … just as Stephen Douglas and Northern Democrats had warned would happen.

    5.) Slavery doesn’t exist here anymore.

  8. Mosin, I suppose what you mean by “opposing every comment” are the ones you make. No, I don’t oppose every comment you make, Russian Rifle. My life is too short for that, besides, Rudel needs to have his fun too.
    “Genetic bias”. My biases are determined by what I understand to be true. If you’re referring to Jewish ancestry, like I’ve told you many times before, I have no use for the Jewish religion or the various ideologies or cults that sprung from it. Neither did the earliest Christians who were all Jews. The next thing you know you will be claiming Pentecostals have a genetic bias for speaking in tongues.
    I never said the government is now collecting DNA samples in mass Rifleman. I merely said anyone, a private individual or the government can do it. The cops do it all the time on criminal causes. Get a grip on your paranoia before it runs away with you man.

  9. My back was up because you used the term “clan O’Neil” to describe something you “belong” to.,%20The%20Highland%20Tradition.pdf

    So much of it is simply wishful thinking. I’ve got an actual patronym that is clan associated, but for one to say that they are of the clan in any serious sort of way, Christ almighty!

    When was the last time you herded sheep or cows? Or even rustled? What blood feud did you join in with?

  10. “Rudel, despite his bias, does manage to bring good information to the table that is relevant to the discussion at hand. His data on Columbus’s ancestry and some of the stuff he’s posted on DNA are good examples of this talent. ”

    Ha, that’s a laugh. The clear indications are that Columbus was a Greek Prince from Chios, and not an Italian… much to Joew’s chagrin when I mentioned it the first time.
    And DNA results are not Holy Writ; they need to be INTERPRETED. I will never believe a race of hominid whom Christ himself said were liars, claiming DNA ‘proves’ they are the Chosenites, when they only ‘became so’ when their Kagan ‘converted, some seven hundred years after the Resurrection. Rude’s merely a shabbas goyim, vis a vis DNA ‘proofs’- for the record clearly shows that Arabs, who ALSO didn’t live in the Sinai during the days of Abram and Moses, are genetically related to Turks, as well as [sic] Jews, when everyone knows that that area was made destitute and the true Jews almost had died out by AD 400… as the Church fathers noted.

  11. “The clear indications are that Columbus was a Greek Prince from Chios”

    No, that’s a lie and I have provided links by Nobel Prize winners that prove it is a lie. First he’s a Marrano and now he’s a Greek. You liars need to get your apocryphal stories straight or better yet, just stop posting.

  12. ‘our dear Catholic, St. Patrick’:

    Patrick was Orthodox, not Roman; and he was Welsh (Brythonic) not Irish.

  13. “Patrick was Orthodox, not Roman”

    There wasn’t any Orthodox Church in Western Europe back then you moron. Certainly none on the Island of Great Britain despite what you nincompoop Welsh Tract Baptists might currently promulgate. Quit making this up and posting it. It makes you look even more stupid than you already do (if that is even possible.)

  14. Patrick had no contact with the Eastern Church. His ordination as Bishop of Ireland was by the hand of Pope Celestine I in 431 AD. All historical sources confirm this date and who consecrated Patrick as bishop. Need I say that Celestine I was Bishop of Rome, hence Roman Catholic? Like I said before, your biases prevent you from understanding things that are obvious to others. BTW, Paddy was from a Roman family, not a Welsh one. You have a hard time getting anything right man.

  15. Perhaps you don’t understand the meaning of ‘Orthodox’, Rudel, and it’s true that Maewyn ‘Patricius’ was neither a Roman Papist by religion nor Irish by blood or birth. But if some Nobel Prize winners would ‘prove’ it, then you would agree?

    ‘I have provided links by Nobel Prize winners that prove it’.


  16. ‘Scot-Jew’, you are determined to keep pushing the Vatican Propaganda here. Your shadowy early pope figure ‘Caelestinus’ sent a ‘Palladius’, who was neither Irish nor Briton, NOT Maewyn ‘Patricius’, to be his viceroy in Ireland.

  17. ‘Paddy was from a Roman family, not a Welsh one’:

    More Papist, anti-Christian distortion. He was neither Italian nor Irish. He was a Brythonic Celt who was born when Britain was still under Roman control.

  18. Who ever said that St. Patrick was Irish by birth? And it was links to well researched historical sources by Nobel winning scholars that prove beyond doubt that Christopher Columbus was indeed Italian on both sides of his family. Just because you are so pig ignorant as to ignore their research doesn’t make it any less true. Stop posting. You are stinking up the place.

  19. Mosin, I’m not going to bother discussing your errors about S. Patrick, for I have no desire for a flame war. But I’ll say this: anybody can do an internet search and discover the ridiculous errors and outright lies you and Fr. John tell about the man. And your claim that Celestine was a shadowy figure is a hoot. He’s pretty well documented, unlike your silly claims. Palladius was sent to Ireland, but he only lasted a year. Patrick was the one who got the job of evangelizing the Irish done. Like I said before, your biases prevent you from seeing history and facts as they really are. You slogan: “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up!”

  20. Yes, everyone can read the true history for themselves. But beware of the Vatican version that overwhelms the search engines.

    Patricius was ‘doing the job’ well enough without the foreign intervention of Celestinus, Palladius and Germanus, et al. Yes, Palladius, styled the ‘Deacon of Rome’, sent by Celestinus , didn’t last very long, in Ireland. He was kicked out by the Irish who still had good sense then, but he simply crossed the Irish Sea and continued subversion among the Scots — and it was Palladius’ co-conspirator ‘Germanus’ (sent to ‘bring back’ the Britons to the acknowledgement of Roman universal authority) who managed to ordain ‘Patrick’ a priest and then a bishop under his authority, in Britain, without any disapproval by your shadowy early pope figure, ‘Celestinus’.

  21. ‘His ordination as Bishop of Ireland’:

    I should add that even the Roman ordination story of Maewyn ‘Patrick’ by Germanus is doubtful, though ‘Palladius’ was no doubt an ordained agent of Rome.

    ‘Patrick was the one who got the job of evangelizing the Irish done’:

    Not so. Christianity had existed in Ireland for many years before Palladius and Patrick appeared — and Paganism still remained the majority religion in Ireland for generations after both figures were dead.

    ‘Patrick had no contact with the Eastern Church’:

    You are still obfuscating the meaning of ‘Orthodoxy’.

  22. To my fellow SN’ers: ignore the nonsense Mosin, Fr. John, and the Cap’t are putting out about history. They are, as Rudel put it, “pig ignorant” about this stuff. If these boys bring up anything else historical, check it out, for you will find their claims to be distorted by their extreme biases. As for the “Vatican version overwhelming the internet” what a paranoid hoot! I’ve found just as much Non-Vatican versions on the net as Pro-Vatican versions of history on the net. This is just Mosin’s way of poisoning the well against reliable historical sources. Now, lets get back to what this post is all about, shall we?

  23. “The O’Neil’s were completely smashed.”

    Yes dumb, dumb, we know *some* O’Neils lost, but completely smashed? No. The point is that they prospered elsewhere and they had already (pre-Ulster Scot colonialism) established three branches of the clan in Scotland during the middle ages. The MacShanes, Johnsons, and MacLeans. They are hydra-headed, fought battles among the different branches, and your concentrating on the English winning a battle against one branch hardly constitutes eradicating them all. Some remained in Eire. Some of the Scottish immigrants even emigrated back to Ulster as colonial prots. Some prospered in the Caribbean and Europe.

    To put it plainly, you lose. Of course they were founded in the mists of pre-historic Ireland. So were the Anglo-Saxon kings deposed by the Norse and Normans. You seem to have a problem with this. It’s no more of a problem than your myths about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

    The O’Neil clan and it’s many branches thrives world-wide today and ***many qualify for and bear baronial arms***. I’ve provided this information before but you are so pig-ignorant in your adolescent British Imperial fantasies that you refuse to see the complexities underlying your simplistic myths.

    Put down your silly Flashman “young-adult” novelettes and read a real goddam book by a respectable scholar once in a while instead of those schoolboy English adventure stories. The self-serving family home movies you posted don’t exactly cut it either.

  24. All I said at the beginning of this long tangent was that we need a revival to ‘drive out the serpents’ in OUR land, too — and the main RC propagandist on board seized the opportunity….

    Let anyone who is interested study the records for yourselves, and decide about the history for yourselves. I’m still a novice on pre-Roman Catholic British Christian history and don’t claim to have all the answers.

  25. There couldn’t have been much Christianity in the British Isles before Rome legalized the practice. Legend not withstanding.

    In January 2006, geneticists at Trinity College, Dublin suggested that Niall may have been the most fecund male in Irish history. The findings of the study showed that within the north-west of Ireland as many as 21% of men (8% in the general male population) were concluded to have a common male-line ancestor who lived roughly 1,700 years ago. The geneticists estimated that there are about 2–3 million males alive today who descend in the male-line from Niall.[14] The haplotype is now more commonly referred to as the Northwest Irish/Lowland Scots variety.[15] However, more recently some reservations have been expressed, as the subclade, which is defined by the presence of the marker R-M222, is found in a belt from Northern Ireland across southern Scotland and is no longer exclusively associated with the Uí Néill. Rather, R-M222’s emergence is now believed to precede the Connachta in general, as both the O’Doherty chief[16] and the O’Conor Don[17] (who claim a most recent common patrilineal ancestor in Eochaid Mugmedon) belong to this haplogroup. Thus, at least some members of R-M222 are neither descendants of the Uí Néill nor of the Connachta.

    I wonder where this is going.

  26. “I wonder where this is going.”

    You are doing better now, John. It is an area under active research and the farther back in time one goes the more difficult it becomes to glean the details of how the indigenous population of European hunter-gatherers was replaced by or merged with Indo-Aryan agriculturalists. It requires an analysis of pots and places and stones and bones from pre-historic sites.

  27. ‘There couldn’t have been much Christianity in the British Isles before Rome legalized the practice’:

    There wasn’t much, Capt John, but it did exist — as early as the second century. ‘Alban’ and other probable Britons, known by mostly Roman names such as ‘Amphibalus’, ‘Julius’ and ‘Aaron’ were martyred in Britain in the third century. Chi, Rho, Alpha and Omega symbols have been found on third century earthenware and on floors and walls, and a telltale change of funeral customs from cremation to intact burial began at the same time.

  28. The Irish were for all practical purposes still pastoralists. That’s why the Spanish shoved off after looking at O’Neills clusterfuck outside Kinsale, never, to return.

    Then the future landed on them like a tonne of bricks. Literally bricks.

  29. I’m just suspicious about claims to clan.

    That’s an archaic social system that probably harms the real identity and wellbeing of people. Ending the dead hand of the clans allowed ordinary people to own property and make a go of it themselves. Industry, agriculture, population all benefitted from shedding the pseudo-identification with an eponymous ancestor.

    The Spanish were in shock watching the rag bag levee O’Neil scraped together. Blount couldn’t believe his luck.

  30. “That’s an archaic social system that probably harms the real identity and wellbeing of people.”

    What? You don’t want to be a barbarian?!?

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