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  1. Can’t win without Trump supporters but by dumping Trump and pissing them off you expect to beat Clinton? This guy is either really, really stupid or just plain full of shit.

  2. Yes, I will repeat this:

    We need to start persecuting LDS Mormons again. I have good friends who are LDS Mormons, very nice people – and that’s really a big part of their problem.

    They think and act if they’re just nice, clean, well dressed and agree with whomever is in the room with them at the time then everything will be OK. This way of life is a sure fire way to lose when dealing with vicious liars in the media, Islamic terrorists, Black street gang, looters, cultural marxists etc.

    The lying media knows how to play these types like a puppet – finding stuff like 10 year old audio tapes of some strong leader of ours saying something about sex or having a beer, or smoking MJ in college 30 years ago.

    Yep, our people persecuted lots of different groups of people in the past – we persecuted the Mormons Latter Day Saints for practices polygamy and just being a weird sect, now we need to start persecuting White LDS Mormons for being idiot Liberals, refusing to enforce our immigration laws, being indifferent to Black anarchy and making excuses for Muslim terrorists, ignoring the Muslim migrant invasion of Europe.

    Nice guys often do finish last – these nice guy LDS Mormon traitors need to be punished.

    • They will be, Jack. I’m sure Clinton has plans to move refugees in to Utah’s White towns and cities.

    • Mormonism is very similar in some respects to Scientology. Both should be treated as cults and suppressed

  3. Here’s how Trump can get these people to shut up:

    Either through back channels or in coded rhetoric, state that as President, he would unilaterally end the tax exempt status of the Mormon Church.

    • Mormonism teaches that its adherents are either direct descendants of the House of Israel or adopted into it. As such, Mormons regard Jews as a covenant people of God and hold them in high esteem. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), the largest church in Mormonism, is philo-Semitic in its doctrine.

      Studies have shown that American Jews generally view Mormons more positively than any other religious group, despite often voting on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Explanations for Jews’ high regard for Mormons is speculated to come both from their solidarity with other historically abused religious minorities and the philo-semitism of Mormon theology.

      • That is very interesting. I was not aware that Jews admire them, however it makes perfect sense.

        I read that in the Mormon community a dollar is passed around amongst themselves about thirty times before they spend it with an outsider. They also have a communal way about that them that resembles communism.

        When Utah was taken by the United States after the Mexican war the Mormons were already settled there. They still see themselves as a separate people than Americans and display little allegiance to those who are not in their group.

        • Additionally from the basics of Mormon theology that I know Mormons are polytheistic and not Trinitarian. God exists only as a creator and not as creator, redeemer and sanctifier.

        • “I read that in the Mormon community a dollar is passed around amongst themselves about thirty times before they spend it with an outsider. They also have a communal way about that them that resembles communism.”

          One´s own community comes first…

      • Evangelical Christian theology is also philo-Semitic, or close to it, and Jews’ approval ratings of them is way lower than that of Mormons. So it can’t be that. It’s probably the common persecution angle.

      • Their “promised land” of Utah even resembles Zionist jew occupied Palestine, complete with their own Dead Sea. After the breakup of the American Union the Mormons will have to leave this continent and live with their spear-chucker friends in Darkest Africa.

  4. I am intrigued by Lee. Is he a descendant of the Mormon Lee executed by the Morman Church as a sacrificial goat to the Fedral government, in reprisal for the infamous Mountain Meadows massacre. The Mormans butchered more than 100 white Americans from a wagon train. They tried to blame it on the Paiute Indians. The Feds demanded this blood sacrifice
    as the price of admission to the Union with the abolition of polygamy. Lee cursed the Morman elders as he was dragged to the stake and shot by a Morman firinng squad.

  5. Real political parties seek the political extinction of their rivals and enemies. They’re not the “loyal opposition.” They don’t cooperate with the their opponents, unless it gains them a position from which to attack and win.

    • I like the original LDS Mormons – independent, separatist and exclusively White.

      The modern LDS Mormons are most a a club of super neat, “nice” Whites who want to be liked by everybody including:

      Leaders of Saudi Arabia
      300 million of the nastiest mountain Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria and the Algerian no go slums in France and Belgium, the worst Black gang bangers on the West Side of Chicago.

      Latter Day Saints higher ups tend not to be intellectual at all – it’s all about being nice.

      Don’t try to use reason or intellectual arguments with LDS Mormons – instead, just be firm but fair.

      I use the term “Latter Day Sissies” for these types.

  6. I like these Mormons. They’re really good people. They know that middle class greed hurts billionaires in need. They know that we need to avoid the temptation of voting for Trump, in order to give a voice to voiceless Jewish billionaires who are disenfranchised by a combination of only being able to vote once, only owning 90% of the media, and having to hire armies full of Jewish lawyers to help them worm and scam their way around campaign finance laws in order to bribe politicians.

    Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please


      • That’s not just my vision, that’s my dream, which is an extension of my father’s dreams. Instead, all I have these days are nightmares. Nightmares that some cartoon frog follows me around all day long everywhere I go and throws parentheses at me, and off in the background is that damned God forsaken Peter Thiel laughing at me and laughing at it all. Then I have other nightmares about my wife getting so frustrated that I’ve stopped meeting her 10,000 pairs of new shoes a day quota that she goes and snitches on me to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Feds turn me into Bernie Madoff’s cellmate. That somofabitch snores so loudly that he’s in a North Carolina prison and I can hear him here all the way on the other side of the country. If I have any inkling that the Feds are about to close on me because of my rat fink wife, I’m on the next red eye to my secret extradition free tax haven in southeast Asia. To think, the only reason I married her was because I figured she would be my “in” to infiltrate the growing Chinese banking sector.

        But my biggest road block in my inevitable march to immortality, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and a trillion dollar fortune, is the lack of comprehensive immigration reform. At least, that’s what the building full of Jewish lawyers that write all my immigration spiels and litanies keep telling me.


      • I read Occidental Dissent on many days, and all you people do is whine and bellyache about their own selfish petty little concerns. You all be like: My country, my heritage, my millennia-old civilization, my people, my future, my ancestors, my posterity, my racial purity, my blonde hair, my blue eyes, my cartoon frog memes, my border security, my personal security, my quality livable neighborhoods, my affordable family formation, my community social altruism, my country’s economic well being, my fair and equitable distribution of income and wealth, me me me me me. What a bunch of greedy self-righteous cockypop! Not a one of you has the consideration to think about what I need, what I want. And it’s not like it would hurt — I think about me all the time, and it certainly hasn’t hurt me! Me thinking about me for the last 32 years has resulted in me accumulating a $50 billion fortune. If you people would take the time to think about me, my fortune would be far larger. And that would be good for me.

  7. This is a historical election. As such, there have been so many developments to track, analyze and historically situate it has been hard to keep up with all of them. The coming out party for this treacherous criminal enterprise popularly known as the Mormon church as a force for globalism caught me somewhat off guard.

    The Eternal Mormon definitely combines a lot of the worst traits of the Eternal Anglo and the Eternal Jew.

  8. It shouldn’t be surprising, Mormons aren’t Christian, therefore really only have loyalty to their families and other Mormons. They go along to get along, but will do exactly what Senator Lee is doing when the time comes.

    The lessons all Christians should take from this are. 1. never fall in love with a politician, and 2. don’t trust a non-Christian.

    • Nah

      The top of now all tax exempt “Christian ” churches totally suck on immigration and foreign policy

      Lower levels are better

      Pope Francis is literally licking the boots of invading Black Muslim migrant invaders

    • That is interesting, Pat Hines. Being on the outside of a group that one is surrounded by is never a good idea. i would not feel comfortable in Utah after a collapse or during a civil war type scenario.
      Your second paragraph is interesting. As a white American and Christian, I would prefer to be around mostly other white Christians in a crisis scenario. But here is the dilemma that most of us will be in in the real world chaos that is likely coming. Does one trust (1) a Black professing Christian or (2) a white who is an agnostic, atheist, or Wotanist? Does one trust both, neither, or make a choice?
      If in a position where I needed to trust one of those two, I think I would lean toward my racial brother instead of the nonwhite professor.
      Another angle is, what is “Christian” defined as? Does it include Protestants, Catholics, and Evangelicals? How close must ther belief system be to trust them.
      These are some in-depth and important questions that all WNs need to consider. I will not attempt to answer them here, only suggest we consider them.
      14 Words

  9. Mormons were never considered Orthodox by Protestant standards. I have not read their holy books, or met many Mormons.
    I understand that they are very prevalent in areas of the rural west, and are often into survival/prepping and conservative politics. I would be a tad uncomfortable being an non-Mormon surrounded by Mormons after a collapse or civil war type scenario. I am sure that many of them are “good” people, but they are more clannish than most denominations of Christianity.
    Some of the commentators seem to see a connection of LDS to Jews, at least philosophically. I have no idea; I have not studied them that deeply- but it is an interesting thought.
    14 Words

    • I have. They tried to covert me. I know exactly what they believe. I think, however, many join the LDS Church out of a sense of community and its social projects, not because they believe in its ideology. I go to church every Sunday(not an LDS church) but I am still convinced modern Protestantism is rife with heresy as is Vatican II Catholicism. But most people join a church because their family was a member or because they were raised in that particular denomination, not because they examined its beliefs rationally. The Alt Right should accept all regardless of religion, including agnostics, and atheists, but not because of race.If the immortality of the soul is real- and I believe it is- we will have all the answers we need once we die. All we should insist on if that this or that denomination adopts policies detrimental to our existence then said member of the Alt Right should leave that denomination.As for myself I believe nations, and I mean authentic nations not propositional nations, and races are ordained by God. I do not believe the world is only 7000 years old or was created in 7 twenty four hour days.

  10. I was raised Mormon, though I have not practised it, or any religion, for most of my life. I know them. Culturally, I am one of them.

    Please, people, read this thread. Try to keep an open mind. Then ask yourselves: have you ever seen such a display of ignorance outside of the organs of our enemies?

    I have no sympathy for Lee or the rest of the never-Trumpers. But you want to persecute White people, who actually live the values you pretend to espouse, and have large families, because they’re “not Christian”? We don’t even have our White homeland yet, but you want to fight the 100-year war over again? Who the hell cares if they’re “Christian” or not? They think they are. Who’s to tell them they’re not? What’s the qualification? The Nicene Creed? Please!

    Yes, the Mormon church, in common with all “Christian” churches, has been subverted, and has drifted steadily leftward for decades. That’s not because they’re Mormons, it’s because they live in the same cultural cesspool we all live in. They have actually resisted better than most of your Christian churches; they put up a fight against homosexual “marriage” while other churches were ordaining lesbian bishops.

    Again, I’m no apologist for Mormon theology, but neither do I believe any other religion. For me, the test is just: does it make for better people and communities? Is it pro- or anti-civilization?

    I’d like to slap a lot of Mormons myself for their blindness to our plight, but to pretend that they’re uniquely responsible for that plight is just being silly. You’re acting like a bunch of kaffirs now, ganging up on an easy target because you don’t have the balls to tackle someone your own size.

    • No

      We persecute idiot traitors who promote the mass Muslim migrant invasions of the West – complete with organized sexual assaults raped sexual grooming of our girls.

      Regular LDS Mormons are mostly solid nice folks – these LDS Mormon leaders suck , plus they are filthy rich and generally don t have to suffer the racial hells they enable elsewhere

      Yeah we re going to persecute them.

  11. We don’t need mormons in an independent Dixie.I know I’ve made this comment before, but I think it’s worth repeating:

    We do not want Dixie to become a haven for every crackpot religious cult under the sun, and if we tolerate them then you can bet your ass they will make themselves at home here.

    It’s a bit of a problem since, while we prefer a Christian populace, we should not mandate that every person observe Christianity because that would undermine the whole free will/personal decision at the center of Christianity. That’s why I propose a shortlist of approved religions:
    1) Christianity (the official religion of the state)
    2) Deism (tolerated)
    3) Agnosticism (tolerated)
    4) Atheism (tolerated)
    I’m really not too sure we need to include Atheism on that list either since it seems to be more hostile to Christianity than just lack of belief/observance. These four should be able to more or less get along well, and gives individuals the option to not profess Christianity. Perhaps those tolerated religions should instead be only “tolerated up to the point they become hostile to Christianity.”

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