Black History Month 2018: Facial Reconstruction Reveals Queen Nefertiti Was White!


It has been a devastating few years for Afrocentrism.

First, Black Africans suffered through The Great Disappointment of 2011 that DNA sequencing had revealed that Pharoah Tutankhamun wasn’t black and to add insult to injury that 70% of British men and half of all Western European men are related to him.

Second, the news broke last year that a DNA study of 150 Egyptian mummies revealed that the Ancient Egyptians were closely related to the people of the Levant, Anatolia and Europe. The geneticists were surprised that they “didn’t find much sub-Saharan African ancestry” and to learn that “in the last 1,500 years, Egypt became more African, if you want.”

Now, we have learned that a facial reconstruction of Queen Nefertiti has revealed that she was a White woman! This will be featured in a two part special on Travel Channel’s “Expedition Unknown” with Josh Gates on Wednesday, February 7 and February 14 at 9 PM ET.

Here is a sneak peek of the episode:


The reaction from Black Twitter to the news coming during Black History Month 2018 has been volcanic:

Now that the White race has decisively reclaimed the Ancient Egyptians, I suppose Black Twitter can always LARP like Wakandans!

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      • What “Hunter” wrote? I’m not dumb enough to believe anything written under an alias. He does this to give himself wiggle-room in court in the event he gets sued for slander or liber because he’s a fucking liar, and he knows it. I do give him credit for knowing how to circumvent the legal system though.

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  1. I occasionally watch “Forensic Files.” One thing that frequently occurs is the use of skull measurements and other criteria to determine the race and gender of a victim who can’t be identified. The science of Eugenics was supposedly discredited long ago. But, modern Forensics, as it applies to humans, seems to be a continuance of Eugenics. If our differences are only skin deep, and Caucasians, Orientals, Negroes and Hispanics are all the same beneath the flesh, then how is it that the sex and ethnicity of a cadaver can be determined by analyzing bone fragments? The differences are present through the skin to the bone and right down to a molecular level.

  2. Facial Reconstruction, unlike DNA testing, is done, if I’m not mistaken, by taking the skull of a deceased individual, and layering it with an external covering to reveal the characteristics of their face; nose, cheeks, lips, etc… This technique goes beyond determining an individuals race and gender. It is used for the purpose of identifying the person by making it possible for someone to recognize them. So, I would tend to think that this method would produce a very close facsimile of the person in question. This seems to be the way that Nefertiti’s appearance was recreated, not through the use of DNA testing, which would give further confirmation of her origins. I feel confident that DNA tests would match the conclusions reached through the means already utilized.

  3. It is evident that ElChapo is the one too stupid to actually read the links he presents:

    Strikingly, the mummies were more closely related to ancient Europeans and Anatolians than to modern Egyptians.

    You are too easy, El Fuckhead.

    • It’s strong evidence El Chapo is black. The white Nefertiti is evidence that whites were oppressing black as chattel slaves in Africa 5000 years ago, that should be the fallback position of darkies after evidence like this.

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  4. Niggers are, and always will be, a slave class. They have NO useful utility in any civilized society, other than slaves. Egyptians were white, and no amount of BS, will change that.

  5. How to explain the Groid mix. I read somewhere that the Jews once took over Egypt. After they had control they moved everyone in the whole country a little at a time to different parts of the country. That way all community support was lost and everyone was mixed up and had no one they could rely on. Seems their psychopathic asses still got thrown out later anyways. I wish I could remember where I read this. It was on some site that had a LOT of way deep stuff on the Jews down to the tiniest minutia. I remembered it because it so evil.

    • You are no doubt referring to the Hyksos. However a Jew by any other name stills smells like a jew

      There is no evidence outside the Bible for any people known as “Israelites.” Egyptian records from that time make no mention of these people, nor does any other ancient source dating from that time. Only the Bible makes a claim for the Israelites. However, it is quite possible, and in fact not unusual, for names to change or be mistranslated or reinterpreted by different peoples at different times.

      While there is no mention of Israelites in ancient records, there is mention of a pernicious group of invaders that divided Egypt around the seventeenth century BC. These invaders were called “Hyksos” by the Egyptians and were very much resented by those indigenous people. There is no established record of where the Hyksos came from or why they chose to invade Egypt, but it is clear they moved into Egypt, dividing the lush Nile Delta, along with its people, into North/South Segments.

      Archeological evidence establishing what verifiable facts there may be for the Biblical story of Exodus comes from three major sources. The first is the geological evidence of the volcanic eruption of a Greek island called “Thera”. The second is an Egyptian document called the “Tempest Stella” and the third is the Egyptian records of the period when the Hyksos ruled the central part of Egypt.

      – § –

      There is no record of where the Hyksos came from, only that they were a mixed Semitic/Asiatic people. The Hyksos gradually settled into Egypt’s central region during the 18th century BC. Beginning about 1630 BC, a series of Hyksos kings ruled northern Egypt as the 15th dynasty. Their rule lasted from 1630 to 1523 BC, just over one hundred years.

      The Hyksos were an odd, warlike people who evidently “came from the sea”, introducing Egypt to the horse and chariot, the compound bow, improved battle axes, and advanced fortification techniques. Their capital city was called “Avaris.” (Avarice?) located in the northeastern delta region. Avaris was a heavily fortified camp built over the remains of a Middle Kingdom village. Excavations have uncovered a Canaanite-style temple, Palestinian-type burials, including horse burials, Palestinian types of pottery, quantities of their superior weapons, and a series of Minoan frescoes that demonstrate stylistic parallels to those of Knossos and Thera. This archeological evidence establishes the Hyksos as traders and among their trading partners were the Minoans. The Minoans were an Aegean Bronze Age civilization established on the islands of Crete and more notably, Thera, the location of a massive volcanic eruption.

      Manetho was a third century Egyptian priest who wrote a history of Egypt in the Greek language, most likely for Ptolemy I. A fragment from his book “Aegyptiaca” says:

      “Tutimaeus. In his reign, for what cause I know not, a blast of God smote us; and unexpectedly, from the regions of the East, invaders of obscure race marched in confidence of victory against our land. By main force they easily overpowered the rulers of the land, they then burned our cities ruthlessly, razed to the ground the temples of the gods, and treated all the natives with a cruel hostility, massacring some and leading into slavery the wives and children of others. Finally, they appointed as king one of their number whose name was Salitis. He had his seat at Memphis, levying tribute from Upper and Lower Egypt, and leaving garrisons behind in the most advantageous positions. Above all, he fortified the district to the east, foreseeing that the Assyrians, as they grew stronger, would one day covet and attack his kingdom. [ . . . ] In the Saite [Sethroite] nome he found a city very favorably situated on the east of the Bubastite branch of the Nile, and called Auaris (Avaris) after an ancient religious tradition. This place he rebuilt and fortified with massive walls, planting there a garrison of as many as 240,000 heavy-armed men to guard his frontier. Here he would come in summertime, partly to serve out rations and pay his troops, partly to train them carefully in maneuvers and so strike terror into foreign tribes.”

      Before advancing into Palestine, the Pharaoh Ahmose, in three campaigns, advanced into Nubia, whose ruler had been an ally of the Hyksos. The rich gold mines of the south provided another incentive for Ahmose’s expansion into Nubia.” Note the reference here to the rich gold mines of the South? Genesis 1:11 reads: “The name of the first (river) is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; 12 And the gold of that land is good” So here we find the Bible not only noting gold, but actually grading the gold as good.

      During the siege, Manetho describes the Hyksos as retreating into their fortified city of Avaris. When Egyptian forces could not dislodge the Hyksos from the city, they struck a deal, referred to by the Egyptians as a “treaty”, whereby the Egyptians paid off the Hyksos to leave Egypt. The Hyksos left Egypt in a massive migration of the 240,000 Hyksos residents of Avaris to Palestine, where they founded a city called – Jerusalem! (Now there’s a clue!) While sounding like the Exodus, this mass migration out of Egypt to Palestine was a very rapid migration as opposed to the biblical narration of the Israelites’ wandering forty years in the desert.

      This would explain why there is no archeological evidence for the Exodus. Indeed, the entire region has been scanned by satellite and carefully examined. This technique can reveal ancient and otherwise undetectable traces of even the most minor paths and campsites. Yet the region encompassing the Exodus narration reveals not the slightest shred of such remains. Considering the size of the migration described in the Exodus narration, there would have been ample evidence left by forty years of wandering the region, yet there is none. However, a rapid transition, such as that of the Hyksos, would have left virtually no evidence behind.


    • You are confusing the issue here. What they’ve done is create a generic reconstruction. She would have looked something like the reconstruction. When the crime forensics do reconstructions they have a high burden of exactitude because they are trying to jog the memory of people who knew the subject.

      What they made here is good enough so long as it is matched with some basic dna tests that show eye color and overall skin tone.

      • I’m not confusing a thing. Soft tissue doesn’t fossilize. Therefore all of the soft tissue on these ‘reconstructions’ are guess work. Read the cited paper.

        • For an exact likeness it’s not precisely reliable (witness identification) but for a general idea of the facial characteristics it’s good enough.

          Perhaps she was obese or skinny or had acne or a giant birthmark. But it’s good enough for these purposes especially if a dna sample was taken.

        • Forensic sculptors are highly trained, and understand tissue depth, musculature, etc. I met Frank Bender, years ago. He was the gentleman (and he was LOVELY!) and artist that did the sculpture of John List, the family killer. List was caught because of Bender’s bust of his head.
          List was still alive at the time of his capture, but Bender “aged” List’s face so that he could be identified. A neighbor saw the reconstruction on “America’s Most Wanted”. and identified him.

          • This is directly contested:

            These results suggest that facial approximations are not very useful in excluding individuals to whom skeletal remains may not belong.

            Facial ‘reconstructions’ are pretty much just art. They’re not too useful for much else.

          • Nice post. More of this informative stuff would suit you.
            The white man’s artistic imagination is paramount.

  6. So blacks could build pyramids which stand to this day but can’t even feed themselves on a continent with one half of all the arable land in the world?

  7. Black Africans suffered through The Great Disappointment of 2011

    Only American nogs believe in Afrocentrism. Nobody else, even African Blacks, believes it.

  8. Nef looks a bit like judge judy.

    I have never for one moment believed my ancestors were black Africans. That is all part of the politically correct shenanigans (lies and liars) and efforts to make the world think blacks have built the world and all that’s in it. Blacks have and are now trying their best to destroy the world and all that’s in it. They will not succeed. Their house of cards is built on swamp land.

  9. R1b Y-Chromosome doesn’t tell you much. We know they followed their cattle through North Africa centuries ago. They’re big in large regions of Central Africa today. Their numbers dramatically spike where Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad meet.

    Don’t know where those Atlantic-region European R1b’s come from. They ALLEGEDLY should have come in with the Yamna invaders from the Steppe since they spoke an Indo-European language (Celtic). But there’s a strong case they’ve been there all along even though that Y- hasn’t shown up in an ancient DNA. So far I think only I- has popped up along with just a smidge of others. I- and J- comes from IJ-; which can still be found in Iran today. IJ- has also shown up in ancient European samples.

    So… not very closely related to those Western Euro’s after all.

    But the Egyptian WERE closely related to my folk THE ANATOLIANS. The Europeans they’re closely related to are SE Europeans. Anatolia, of course, is dead center between SE Europe and the Levant.

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