President Trump Embraces Gun Control

If there was one area where I expected the GOP to hold the line, it was the Second Amendment. Now, it seems we have started down the slippery slope of gun control in response to mass shootings, and Democrats will be sure to press their case for further concessions:

Before the election, I predicted President Trump wouldn’t take any action on gun control. I was far too optimistic about this and a number of other things. The Jewish donor Al Hoffman, Jr. issued his ultimatum on assault weapons a few days ago and Trump crumbled under the pressure.

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    • It didn’t even take a year for this abomination to remove his mask. I’m betting Sessions goes along with it.

      This is the mindset that keeps us in a perpetual state of circular logic. The lesser of two evils. He’s controlled. And, if we don’t change our way of thinking, he’ll do the same things Hillary would have done without the blatant anti-white diatribe.

      The minorities aren’t our only enemy. The rich, white, self-absorbed power gluttons are too! They’re even worse.

        • It would be a good way to get rid of Ryan and McConnell of course. Passing a gun ban of some sort gives the house and senate to the Dems.

  1. How about the clown determine what really went on in Vegas. Ditto with all the failures of truly investigating these events. Start with Sandy Hoax.

  2. There are no legal devices that turn semi-automatic weapons into machine guns. They are all illegal. This is just a nonsense comment that means nothing. “Bump Stocks” are just a novelty device for people who like to waste ammo. It is not full auto and it is going to make the gun extremely inaccurate.

    • That’s exactly what I was told by someone who really knows firearms. More anti-firearm, feel good laws to make the gun grabbers happy and to piss off the Trump supporters.

  3. I want the campaign Trump back. Is amnesty Don now also becoming gun grabbing Don. It’s true that a bump stock ban is meaningless. Much more concerning is that press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the administration had not “closed the door” on supporting a ban on assault-style rifles. Americans need to refuse to comply with any such ban.

    • I agree, but I also feel Jews will try to disarm whites by force and cause a civil war that will rapidly turn into World War 3.

      • Does anyone have any memes or source material on the contention that POTUS Trump’s father was a white neighborhood buster — poisoning white communities with darkies, chinks and jews — by way of the real estate business? That their acquisition of wealth was mobilized by crude anti-white philosemitic race betrayal?

    • The moment I learned about just how Judified his family is, I suspected he was going to cuck or worse on gun control, which is really Goyim control.

    • I started to get suspicious when he bombed Syria. I figured if he would like about avoiding foreign involvements, he could just as easily lie about the 2nd Amendment.

    • That’s actually something that is sensible to not allow someone under 21 to buy a firearm. People use the example of ohh well at 18 you can join the military and shoot fully automatic weapons, ect.. While this is true the firearms stay locked up in an armory unless being used on range days or live fire exercises and the only people who have access to weapons on base outside of that are the Military/DOD Police. (I was an Army Airborne Infantry Officer from 2001-2009 with 4 combat deployments)

      • It’s a kill shot offer if Trump were to make it… and would lead the cops to have the decision power to round up blacks under 21 caught with guns.

        • At some point the Dems would realize the offer would lead to more blacks getting arrested though.

          • There’s your first proof that Trump would trigger the shit out of the left if he floated the idea. Congress would never act on it and the left would rapidly realize that gun control like Chicago/NYC is really stealthy anti-Black gamesmanship. The practical effect of something like no guns for under 21s would be massive round ups of yoofs and cholos.

          • El Chapo’s mother is a cockroach, his daddy is a faggot kike who knocked up the roach because even the fat jew whores won’t tough him, hence El Faggo’s pretending to be something he’s not (genuine spic) and desperate for an identity he will never have (kike, since his mother is an unclean goy beast to them). Dumbass is far too light a sentence on his non-existant soul; he is vermin, less than the fungus that decays animal excrement which has a place in this universe. If he had any dignity he’d swallow a bottle of pills and his whore mother’s tequila, but alas he does not.

          • Whites under 21 do a lot of shit. But the percentages doing a lot of shit in a semi-retardate fashion are considerably lower than those of your typical hood rat.

        • How about you keep your stupid comments to yourself and just leave matters pertaining to our Second Amendment to actual Americans, Britcuck. Go worry about your own pitiful country.

          • If you look carefully I’m suggesting 21 be used as a gambit. Additionally Trump should suggest raising the age of enfranchisement to vote to 21. He’s got a chance to point out the stupidity of the children’s crusade. These witless kids are being encouraged to protect to literally have their rights taken away. Trump should, double down and suggest they be struck from the electorate.

            Fuck all will change as a result of this shooting anyway. It was a tidy Jew on Jew massacre.

      • Further infringement on the rights of eighteen year old citizens raises my hackles. They took away their right to drink or gamble. Now they want to take away their right to self-defense?! All that leaves them is the right to vote and Trump has demonstrated how useless that is. Fine. Take it all away, BUT take away their responsibilities, too. They should neither have to register for the draft NOR should they be held to any contracts until they are 21.

        The many roaches I see infesting college campuses these days, besides the “Church” of Scientology, are credit card companies, pawn shops and loan companies. I would love to watch the meltdown when many young people wipe their asses with their loan/credit contracts and tell these predatory banksters and lenders to go pound sand.

  4. This is a bit unrelated: I’ve noticed a break away from the Southern Nationalist/“alt-South” rhetoric on here and was wondering if there would be a return to it anytime soon. Haven’t seen anything about it on here in a while.

  5. I dislike gun control efforts as much as the next guy but come on now. How many people own, hope to buy or really feel crimped over not having legal access to bump stocks or crank gadgets? I don’t see the slippery slope.

    • Have you learned yet from the last 75 years about how the Jews been taking away the right to keep and bear arms? They have been doing this through one slice at a time, divide and conquer, and confusing the public with lies, deception and misinformation. There is no such thing as a semiautomatic assault weapon, there never was. Add terror attacks against whites then blaming whites for them, open borders and importation of totalitarian third world invaders, It’s amazing we still have ANY civil rights as white Ameticans.

      • There is an opportunity there for Trump to Unite the Right around this by offering to go soft and then back out of bannings at the last minute. The left position is very contradictory. We know it’s a cover for anti-whites. Let’s see if the left can be made to fall out and divide up among themselves.

        I don’t think the left understands what it’s going to stir up here. A sleeping giant.

    • The Korean merchants successfully defended their businesses with handguns not Ar15s

      People are getting historical over this minor stuff

      Use 12 gauge shot guns very effective and safer

  6. Worst mistake in the history of our country was allowing the immigration of millions of nation wrecking Jews !

  7. High on the list of Jew prime objectives is destruction of the 2nd Amendment and confiscation of firearms possessed by Whites – kind of like the gun control they imposed on the White Russians at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution. We all know how that went.

    And we all know how this will play. The Jews will have all their security – licensed to carry. And the militarised police (trained in Israel) will treat White Americans like the Jew militarised police treat the Palestinians in Israel. The Black crime gangs will always have access to firearms.

  8. I’m hoping that the next time Amnesty Don makes a speech where he is betraying the people who voted for him his wife Zsa Zsa runs up to the podium, slaps him across the face and curses him out in Czech, demanding a divorce from him for sleeping with adult movie actresses. That shall make me laff six million times.

  9. I m fine with these sensible gun reform policies by President Trump.

    President Trump and I were in the hell of late 1980s and early 99s David Dinkins New York City – near anarchy 2,000 plus murders a year!

    Racial Black crime anarchy
    Immigration anarchy
    Gun anarchy – every Black punk packing guns
    Scared looking swarthy Muslims plotting all kind of murder and mayhem learning about easy access to guns in Virginia

    Then Rudy Guliani was ejected mayor – white civilization restored

    Stop and search

    Pretty much only cops have acess to guns

    I m fine with sensible

    Gun control
    Birth control
    Immigration control

    Japan does all of these controls

    Long since time to get out of the race denying Constitutionalust guns, guns, guns nonsense

    Jack Ryan

  10. Every white American man who is right of center should have an “assault rifle” capable of pinning down a nigger mob.

  11. The gun controllers are on the side of the Jews and their plan for displacing us in our own country and setting the multi-cult mob on us. They are Communists, we need to be prepared to invoke the Second Amendment against the deep state when the time is ripe.

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