Annapolis Shooting

I think we can say trust in the media hit a new all time low this afternoon:

“Jarrod W. Ramos, who law enforcement sources say used a shotgun to blast his way into the Capital Gazette newsroom on Thursday, killing five people and wounding two others, had a long-running dispute with the news organization.

He had previously made “general threats” against the community newspaper company over social media, including some as recent Thursday, said William Krampf, Anne Arundel County’s acting police chief. The threats “indicated violence,” Chief Krampf said. …

His feud with The Capital, the chain’s daily newspaper, apparently began with a column in 2011 that detailed his alleged harassment of a high school classmate.”

Contrary to earlier reports, the shooting in Annapolis seems to have had nothing to do with MILO or President Trump describing the press as “the enemy of the people.”

I will reiterate what I said on Gab earlier this evening:

I’ve interacted with the press more than most people and have been smeared in countless hit pieces over the years. At the same time, I have met journalists and reporters who were fair in their articles and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to harm them. In Charlottesville, there were reporters who portrayed the events of August 12th as a “Neo-Nazi domestic terrorist attack.” There were others like Millie Weaver who were attacked by Antifa. Some of our medics treated their injuries that day.

The mainstream media is full of serial liars who are engaging in politics under the cover of journalism. This is why President Trump denounces the press as “the enemy of the American people.” These people act like a hostile elite who have nothing but contempt for ordinary Americans. I just want to stress that not every journalist is our enemy. Some local reporters are just ordinary people doing their jobs. The press needs to reflect on how they as a class have become so alienated from millions of their fellow citizens and change their irresponsible behavior before we see more days like this one.

Millions will hear this news and smile while others will not approve, but will understand the motives of Jarrod Ramos. No one celebrates school shootings while lots of people will rejoice when journalists are shot because they have watched them ruin the lives of people like Andrew Dodson. This shooting in Annapolis is a new milestone in the hatred of the press that might inspire copycats.

If you are a journalist, today was a reminder of the need to show grace and common decency to the people you cover in your stories.

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  1. Looks to have been a personally-motivated attack by a crazy-obsessed individual. I really don’t have any strong feelings on this one…no grandiose motive to condemn or celebrate, and the victims could have just as easily been decent folk rather than members of the lugenpresse.

    The only question that really interests me now is, was he white or was he (((white)))?

  2. In other uplifting news … this has gone viral on Twitter and the internet forums. The Department of Homeland Security issued an article yesterday that was entitled “We Must Secure the Border and Build the Wall to Make America Safe Again” – This title has 14 words. Remember the 14 words of the White Nationalist? ” We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” We got some White Nationalists embedded in DHS – I’m lovin’ it.

    The Bolsheviks are also in an uproar because the number 88 was used in the bottom of the article:

    The increase in claims filed is not associated with an increase in meritorious claims. As of FY 17, the asylum grant rate for defensive applications in immigration court is approximately 30%. On average, out of 88 claims that pass the credible fear screening, fewer than 13 will ultimately result in a grant of asylum.

    Their point being that most of the time you’d say, “on average, out of 100 claims ..”, not “88”. So the 1488 was completed in this article.

    We live in interesting times.

  3. This guy could not be ethnically European, he looks Asian or Amerindian with quite possibly a helping of Jewishness mixed in. In other words, meet Mr. Mystery Meat passed off as white to further demonize us.

  4. The padre is some dark meat orc, and the mommy gives off a strong whiff of bagels and lox. Look at the extremely close-set eyes (he’s practically deformed) and the bridge on the nose. That arrangement comes from (((mommy))).

    • @Denise

      “the bridge on the nose”

      I’ve started to notice that the bridge or root of the nose on Jews is flush even with the forehead. There’s no brow ridge in that area. Of course, the beady eyes and the x-ray vision stare give it away, too.

  5. It’s being claimed that he targeted jews and whites and had stalked a white woman or something. He could be mistaken for arab.

    I smell…psy op! Constant triangulation. Today it’s jews and hispanics or blacks against whitey, tomorrow it’s jew and whitey against hispanics. Or it’s white women are evil homicide-dialing racists who order white cops to kill innocent black children, but the next day it’s evil non-white male oppressor hunting down innocent whitey women who need gun control to be protected. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    In other news, a white woman flight attendant ejected four Diversity Rep’s (one latina, one black, one asian woman and one mystery mixed meat man) from a plane for rallying behind the black woman NYC dj who instigated the imbroglio. Said naziracistwhitebitch is blonde, of course.

    The incident occurred June 23 but just hits the airwaves today or yesterday. I guess ‘Pool Patrol Paula’ deserved her day in the sun, pun intended.

    This blood-of-white-women-letting augurs only dark things coming down very soon.

  6. Check my black crime stats! Half of all federal criminal cases filed in U.S. District Courts in fiscal year 2016 (25,965 of 53,908 cases) were referred by the Department of Homeland Security. There was no ice cream in the freezer, nor did they have money to go to the store. Mattie’s saying down sounds damn of everything that he was doing, he felt that injectable Himmler growth hormone was hockey puck. I’ll ice cream fuck you’re an all cun’t. My First Experience with Himmler growth hormone at knee grow nazi sex party black bucks. Big black bucks licking vanilla ice cream.

  7. Maybe this revenge attack against the enemy-controlled press will start a new trend? That would be nice.

  8. It’s pretty clear that he read SIEGE. I think we will be seeing more attacks on the (((press))) and other wings of Jewry in the future. ZOG’s days are numbered.

  9. Maybe they were the usual nigger loving scumbags, and maybe they were just small town reporters doing a job. I know people who work for local papers in the area, they aren’t the lying media. they just follow local news for the most part. I think the movement needs to be careful who they want attacked.

  10. This paper THE CAPITAL was founded in 1884, it is the sister paper THE MARYLAND GAZETTE that dates back to the Colonial Times. Today that paper is according to Wiki only published two days a week. As for what happened, the News Media has wanted for a long time to have it their own way. They wish to protect the Dinosaur media, yet threaten citizen journalists with lawsuits and beatings. A new leftist talking point is NO ONE IS IMMUNE FROM THE CONSEQUENCES OF SPEECH. The thing is, this only pertains to citizen journalists and white or conservative activists of all types. Now if a NYT Reporter faces a beating for something they published, these same people wanting CONSEQUENCES FOR SPEECH will now proclaim themselves for Free Speech.

    Get the Message? Beat up or otherwise harm a MSM figure=BAD. Harm even lethally a citizen journalist=GOOD

  11. It’s hilarious to see the msm crying {literally} about these five presstitutes being executed.

    Schadenfreude at its best.

  12. Did you ever wonder why the manifesto of the Las Vegas shooter-he with the Filipino wife- has never been released?

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