Infowars Deplatformed By Corporate Censorship

In one big swoop of leftwing corporate censorship, Spotify, Apple and Facebook have all deplatformed Alex Jones and Infowars on the grounds of “hate speech”:

“In a statement Sunday evening to BuzzFeed News, Apple confirmed that it notified Jones of the decision to remove the five shows under its hate speech guidelines earlier this weekend. “Apple does not tolerate hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide a safe environment for all of our users,” a company spokesperson said. “Podcasts that violate these guidelines are removed from our directory making them no longer searchable or available for download or streaming. We believe in representing a wide range of views, so long as people are respectful to those with differing opinions.”

Facebook confirmed on Monday morning that it had removed four pages promoting Jones and his shows: The Alex Jones Channel Page, The Alex Jones Page, the Infowars Nightly News Page and the Infowars Page.

In a lengthy press release, a Facebook spokesperson said the pages were taken down “for glorifying violence, which violates our graphic violence policy, and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies.”

Facebook last week removed four of Jones’s videos for violating hate speech and bullying rules and suspended Jones himself from being a page admin for 30 days – this further action was taken after more videos were reported by users.

A Spotify spokesperson confirmed on Monday morning that the company has removed all episodes of The Alex Jones Show, after it removed some selected episodes last week. Spotify’s hate content policy prohibits anything that “expressly and principally promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics.” The policy warns that repeat offenders will be removed from the platform.

The sweeping move is just the latest in a line of technology companies taking action against Jones and Infowars for violating rules against hateful content. Last month YouTube pulled down four videos posted by Jones and the podcast app Stitcher followed suit, removing specific episodes of Jones’ audio show, citing hateful content policies.

As the internet’s largest podcast platform, Apple faced pressure all week from media and activists to remove Jones and Infowars from its services. Sleeping Giants, the online activist group which has lobbied for tech platforms to cut all ties with Jones, roundly condemned Apple last week for being slow to join Spotify and Stitcher, suggesting Jones’ content routinely breaks the company’s terms of service. …”

As usual, White Nationalists are the free speech canary in the coal mine whether it comes to violent Antifa engaging in illegal mob violence, corrupt mayors issuing stand down orders to police or powerful multinational corporations defunding and deplatforming the Right.

It really is a slippery slope. Years ago, Antifa were violently attacking White Nationalists and pressuring hotels and restaurants to break contracts. The mainstream Right chose to ignore the gathering threat to free speech because it only marginalized “racists.” Now, Antifa are violently attacking Trump supporters and Patriot groups as “Nazis” in the streets and getting conservatives kicked out of venues. A year ago, Antifa were pressuring PayPal and Patreon to defund the Alt-Right. Now, conservatives and libertarians are starting to get defunded for “hate speech.” In the aftermath of Trump’s election, the Alt-Right was the first to be banned and shadowbanned on Twitter. Now, the mainstream Right and even sitting Republican members of Congress are being banned or silenced by rigged algorithms.

The mainstream Right ignored the dangerous precedent that was being set for free speech when Daily Stormer and Stormfront had their domains illegally seized after Charlottesville. They chose not to notice that AirBnb and Uber and even OkCupid were banning people from their services for political reasons. The Republican Party turned its attention to passing massive tax cuts to reward corporations like Google, Facebook and Apple for engaging in political censorship.

Now that Infowars has been deplatformed for “hate speech,” who will be next? This is a huge step down the road of criminalizing dissent and the Left seizing control of the internet. We’re rapidly spiraling toward a world where in the name of “anti-racism” certain people won’t be allowed to have a job, book a hotel or restaurant reservation, have health insurance, a bank account, social media or their own website for political reasons. They won’t be allowed to assemble in public either without being attacked by violent leftwing mobs which are protected by the fake news media.

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    • The truth scares the shit out of our anti-White enemies. It’s the highest trump card. They don’t hold it and they never will.

  1. It all boils down to the Jew. Yes – the majority of their Anti Fa street garbage are not Jews- but there is always a JEW issuing orders, and paying for it all.

    Until Jew Worship ENDS – and Southern Evangelitards are the worst offenders – this will continue until we are all murdered.

  2. These corporations are passing laws without representation. I am getting really tired of them subverting democracy and no Western government does anything to stop them. This behaviour should be prosecuted as a criminal offence.

    In any sane society if control freaks like Zuckerberg want to compel others to do things they would have to run for office and win, or be sent to jail if they try to do it outside the democratic system.

  3. Reminds me of pre ww1 Los Angeles. The Labor Unions ended up dynamiting Newspapers.

  4. I’m no Jones fan but he was a zionist shill. His brand of alt-light was particularly damaging. His followers know their is something he hides. IF he went full 1488 he could unite the right but he won’t because his kids are Jews by Israel law and could one day move to Israel.

  5. The only justification I can think of is that AJ was a gateway drug for a lot of people to move to WN. As an individual, he was so full of misinformation that he wasn’t a threat at all to our enemies. In fact, I’d always reckoned him to be grade-A controlled opposition.

    • He was just skirting close to the truth too much and his comments section gets overrun with JQ comments constantly. That’s why they did it. He’s obviously a loose canon to say the least. They don’t like that.

    • anyone who gets de-platformed by the Jews can buy a high-powered Dell server for no more than $500, download the wordpress templates, and proceed accordingly.

      screw Alex and his “reptilian shape-changers”. He means, of course, Jews…but doesn’t have the guts to say so. Anyone who cannot name the Jew is fake opposition.

  6. Even the NRA is losing its ability to conduct business. Banks are refusing to have NRA as a customer and insurance companies are refusing to insure NRA facilities. You can’t get more GOP mainstream than the NRA.

  7. As long as they don’t entirely delete his website, which I would suggest Alex have multiple backups. what he can do is put out videos then have his subscribers download them and put them onto Youtube, Pewtube, etc. The videos can get out there, just other more important things won’t. Right now our goal should be to invent new websites free of this crap. It can be done, its just going to take someone with the capital to risk it

  8. I honestly want to sit down across from Jeff Sessions the Coward, look him in the eyes and say, JEFF YOU WERE BORN IN SELMA ALABAMA AND GREW UP THROUGH THE CHAOS. YOU KNOW THE TRUTH. Why instead do you prefer to stay silent? What do they have on you that makes you such a coward? Are you bisexual or something? Or is it just simple cash Jeff? What is it that makes you too afraid even to launch a simple investigation or even a minor inquiry? WHY?

  9. This is what he gets for not pushing for a white only Confederate States. He’s always trying to include every race color creed origin orientation and all that bs. It doesn’t work. THIS is what happens. The alt light needs to niche down a bit or go extinct. White Confederacy … or 3rd world dictatorship. Tough choice huh ? 🙂

    • I have often wanted to say to Alex, ALEX YOU ARE A TEXAN, YOU ARE A SOUTHRON, why are you openly stating opinions you know to be false about Race? Of course I know he’d throw a fit and wouldn’t tell me why, even though I think I know why already!

  10. Thanks to the insane left and liberal complacency the days of respectable or kosher conservatism are numbered. It’s going to come down to either pro-White or pro-White Genocide.

  11. The First Amendment to the US Constitution says that Congress shall make no law “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”

    Well TRUMP …. what are you gonna’ do? We’re waiting MORON …

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