Butt-mentum: Noel Ignatiev Is Dead But His Toxic Ideas About Race Live On In Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign

Mayor Pete is popping in Iowa:

I see problems down the road though.

He is surging with those woke progressive voters in Iowa who are driven by White guilt and Trump’s voters are really, really not in the mood for this conversation:

It won’t get that far though.

There is no way that Pete Buttigieg will be either the Democratic nominee or the next president of the United States. He has to get through black voters first.

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  1. Iowans have nothing against the Bender from Indiana? Mike Jones must be proud to have lived on the same street as the future prez.

  2. That “Virgin Walk” meme hits just a little too close to home for me….

    Why aren’t any of those hip, edgy and snarky late-nite TV comedians making fun of Mayor Buttplug? I don’t think I’ve heard so much as one fag joke about him.

  3. That virgin walk thing is funny but no more than a joke.

    A lot of it I think is that Sanders is having a fallout for taking an extreme position that he’ll put a moratorium on deportations and back off border security. Even DACA supporters don’t suppor that.

  4. Buttplug is a faggot. America is 2/3rds shithole – but it’s not 100% shithole yet.

    Murkins are not going to put that homo midget in the Jew House.

  5. Trump has four main groups of supporters.
    1) republicans
    2) ron paul types – alt right types
    3) democrats people who hated clinton

    He only needs one of these three and he’d get the third one. Trump has no shot.

    • Good news for The Buttplug: Camel Toe Harris, the high yeller coon is now polling at 1% in NH. Stick a fork in her because she is done. Now if he can only get past the dozen other Democrat scumbags, convince the colored people he is their fag and then convince the electorate that a guy who locks lips with another guy publicly and is known as “The Buttplug” is their boy, He’s in the White House!

      Even DJT could beat him by a mile.

  6. Buttplug has no traction with the left’s identity blocs, though. The dems are all about catering to minorities, so the white phagala has no shot, because the POC aren’t into fruits and yids, as Bernie has found out.

    Biden can hardly remember where he is at any given moment, and can’t stop nuzzle-humping kids. Yang and Gabbard are the “interesting” outsider candidates, which means they won’t get major support despite getting press attention and curious crowds. The party establishment hates Bernie as much as blacks seem to. Warren, of the $52 trillion Medicare for All plan, looks like the best long-term bet, but her insane ideas are non-starters with most voters. So, barring an economic catastrophe, I see Trump winning. The demographics might seem against him, but when confronted with crazy or status quo, most normies stay with what they know.

  7. It’s Warren, all the American students in Cambrudge and Oxford are pulling for her. It’s inevitable. Buttplug is her VP.
    Trump identified her threat early on.

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