Trump Won The Tejano Vote In Texas

“Hispanics” is a misleading racial category.

Tejanos have always lived in Texas. They voted for Trump. They might be Hispanics, but they are natives with deep roots in the area and don’t identify with immigrants.


“ZAPATA, Texas — Of all the results from the November 3 election, few drew as much attention from national political observers as what happened in a quiet county on the banks of the Rio Grande. Donald Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate to win Zapata County’s vote in a hundred years. But it wasn’t its turn from a deep-blue history that seemed to be the source of such fascination but rather that, according to the census, more than 94 percent of Zapata’s population is Hispanic or Latino.

Zapata (population less than 15,000) was the only county in South Texas that flipped red, but it was by no means an anomaly: To the north, in more than 95-percent Hispanic Webb County, Republicans doubled their turnout. To the south, Starr County, which is more than 96-percent Hispanic, experienced the single biggest tilt right of any place in the country; Republicans gained by 55 percentage points compared with 2016. The results across a region that most politicos ignored in their preelection forecasts ended up helping to dash any hopes Democrats had of taking Texas.

To many outsiders, these results were confounding: How could Trump, one of the most virulently anti-immigrant leaders, make inroads with so many Latinos, and along the Mexican border no less? …

Nearly everyone speaks Spanish, but many regard themselves as red-blooded Americans above anything else. And exceedingly few identify as people of color. (Even while 94 percent of Zapata residents count their ethnicity as Hispanic/Latino on the census, 98 percent of the population marks their race as white.) Their Hispanicness is almost beside the point to their daily lives. …

Chuck Rocha, who managed the Bernie Sanders campaign’s Latino outreach earlier this year, thinks South Texans’ votes are winnable—because he won them. Sanders, who ran to Biden’s left, got the highest vote share in most counties in the Rio Grande Valley region in the primary election. Rocha says it was because his campaign talked to South Texans about their issues, not just their identities. And Tejanos proved far more receptive to a pitch about a rigged economic system and health care than to generic appeals to their Hispanic heritage. …”

It wasn’t Trump’s identity politics pandering that caused this.

Undoubtedly, it was the Democrats promising to decriminalize illegal immigration on the border and all the Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence. It alienated Hispanics all across the country and particularly those like Cubans and Tejanos who identify as White anyway and reject socialism.

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  1. This is true. My class and school overwhelmingly voted for Trump in a mock election. I abstained. A few of my relatives hold American citizenship and are elderly and they voted for Trump. All of my Mexican girl friends consider themselves white even if some of them have a little Indian blood. I can pass as white almost and I do not consider myself a person of color–that is a weird term.

    I do not understand the Trump phenomenon among some Latins. But still the vast majority of Mexican-Americans voted Democrat. Take away the Cubans and this is even more apparent.

        • Ok, was only asking cause at the time I started following this site in 2010 I was beginning high school. Was wondering if the schools finally banned this site off their servors with all this wave of online censorship going on now. There was alot I could get away with then even in community college but doubt it now.

          • Southron,

            I have never tried to access this site at school as far as I can remember.

            Because of the stricter censorship/moderation it is probably no longer a hate site by my standards. I mean I have not been called a whore, an insect, threatened with rape, a transvestite, a shiksa whore or an animal in about 6 months.

            I view the enemies of white nationalism as the enemies of most of mankind. I write that in case you wondered why I am here. I have mixed beliefs on white nationalism American style.

          • Southron,

            Slight clarification. I have accessed this site during school hours but only when I went off campus to a place with computer accessibility during break or lunch. Our school computers have tight censorship.

    • @Christina,

      It’s not really a “Trump phenomenon” with Mexicanswhen Biden still received 65% of theei votes.

      • November,

        The Edison Report said about 68% of Hispanics voted Democrat in 2020 up by 4 percentage points. This I believe included the Cubans meaning probably 7 out of 10 Mexican-Americans voted for Biden which is still a strong majority. Other surveys vary slightly.

        My class voted Trump because of the abortion issue since I go to a Catholic school. We have been taught for years that it is a sin to vote for a politician who supports abortion if the other candidate is against abortion. I know Trump is insincere so I did not vote for anyone in the mock election.

        • @Cristina…

          Actually, My Dear, you must be careful about those who constantly one-sidedly berate President Trump at this site, lest it colour a fair appraisal of him.

          To be clear, President Trump has been disingenuous, particularly on the subjects of manufacturing and immigration, and in bringing home the troops from every corner of the world.

          On the other hand, he has been thoroughly sincere about his Pro-Life stance, his Pro-Christian stance, his trade, anti-regulatory and, yes, perhaps most important of all, his judicial stance.

          To be clear, President Trump has been more consequential on his promises than either Presidents Obama and Bush before him, they who fashioned numerous major policies in contrary to what they originally proposed.

          • Ivan Turgenev,

            While I only searched for a few minutes the only information I have on Trump and abortion has him in an interview in 1999 strongly supporting abortion. I could find no information on his views between that date and 2016 when he ran for the Presidency.

            Did he have a sincere change of heart? Or is it politics?

          • @Cristina…

            Good reply.

            Actually, I have no idea what President Trump’s personal feelings on the matter of life are or what his motivations behind his Pro-Life stance are.

            What I was referring to is that President Trump said he would be Pro-Life in his governance, during the 2015-16 campaign, and that, hence, he has been 100% that – better than any other president, ever.

            Though there are manifold articles critically evaluating President Trump’s performance in this area, here is one, perhaps more all-encompassing, as it was done this year…


        • @Miss Christina: One mustn’t be naive when it comes to understanding what Zion Don is really like. Just look at all the beauty contestants, secretaries, models, actresses, etc he has been seen with through the years. How many abortions do you think he’s had to pay for in order to make those women go away after he became tired of them?

          And that dreadful “Ivan Turgenev” fellow is no 19th century Russian novelist, he is a wily, deceitful, Israel First serpent! Unfortunately madam is no longer here to put that villain in his place.

          • Spahnranch1970,

            Very nice to hear from you. Yes, if I have heard that Trump was like a passionate dog when he was younger with no sexual self control. Of course Biden is very creepy with young girls.

            What happened to Denise? She was actually friendly with me until I told her that Dagda, her Celtic goddess did not exist. Evidently she took all that ancient religion seriously.

            If you answer and require a response I will get back to you later. I am running late.

          • I think being a cooter hound pretty much goes with the territory of being a national leader. Jimmy Carter and Emmanuel Macron come to mind as exceptions.

  2. I’m reminded of a non-Hispanic friend of mine who went out once or twice, decades ago, with a girl who lived in a largely-Hispanic, outlying Los Angeles suburb and who was Mexican-American, I guess, herself. As he sat in her living room with her and her father, who was assessing him via conversation, my friend told the father that he worked in Hollywood. “I dislike the people in Hollywood,” the father said—or something like that. “They’re all communists.”

    • “the father said (…) They’re all communists”:

      Yes, many Hispanic people oppose socialism because they are infected with entrepreneurial-ism, greedy ambition, love of work to make money and trying to “get ahead” of others in the capitalist system. Yet the examples of Cuba, Venezuela, and to some extent (for a little wile) Chile and Bolivia prove that they can be truly noble, more noble than the British and northwest European descended original U.S. population.

  3. How many Billions did El Trumpo promise for Hispanic businesses and start ups?

    Why didn’t Trump promise all taxpayers big tax credits if they made their primary residence more energy efficient i.e. new HVAC systems, insulation, widows, doors, awnings, etc. etc.

    • New HVAC systems?? Really? My central heat and AC system is 36 years old. (yes, I know I’m cruising on borrowed time with it) The so-called energy efficient systems my power company is peddling might save me $200.00 a year in heating and and cooling costs. Maximum life of these tin boxes??– 15 years if you’re very lucky. Less than 10 years typically. Cost? Approx. $8K. Do the maff.

  4. Maybe Trump should have spent more time shoring up his base of white working and middle class males while also attempting to broaden his appeal among Burrito Americans, instead of shamelessly begging for votes from “based” blacks and flamboyant homosexuals?

    • That’s the whole point of this website. I guess in 2016 Trump did a good impression of northern working class white and in 2020 he did a poor imitation of Bush’s Negrophiliac lame duck session.

  5. Hispanics in Texas and in New Mexico consider themselves American White ethnics similar to Italians. Had the Nixon Administration left their designation as White, they would have assimilated much like the Italians did, minus the La Raza and Aztlan Reconquista BS. There is great pride in those who were already here when the SW became part of the USA. At the time, they had a choice of leaving for Mexico or being American citizens. They opted for the latter.

    There is not a lot of love between American Hispanics and Mexican Nationals. They kind of look down on each other. Those in Albuquerque used to call illegal aliens “low-riders” and make jokes implying they were stupid and criminal. Those in San Antonio would get very annoyed at the rich Mexicans coming down for shopping sprees and treating them second-rate.

    The one thing that an enterprising politician wanting to pick up the original Trump coalition and add tons of Hispanics to it without any stupid Hispandering along the lines of offering yet another amnesty would be to support anything that grows the working and middle class.

    Most people, across the racial spectrum, want the lifestyle for their families they saw on Leave It to Beaver and the Brady Bunch while watching Nickelodeon; owning a nice house in a secure neighborhood with safe schools.

    A politician who came in and took off any penalties to welfare and disability recipients marrying someone with a job or having teen-aged children who work would be very popular with them. End this stupid “college-ready” push in junior high and senior high and bring back electives that teach trades. The average person, Hispanic or White or anything else, knows they are not geniuses and have no desire to rack up a huge student loan debt for the dubious honor of being the first in their family to graduate from college, especially since they are a dime a dozen.

    • What makes neighborhoods “Leave it to Beaver” and “The Brady Bunch” are that they are filled with White, Christian, middle and upper class Whites in the suburbs who have decent jobs such that mom stays home with the kids while dad goes to work. Take any part of that away and you get the typical multicultural, diverse, enriched Hell hole found all over the U.S. now unlike in 1959 when “Leave it to Beaver” was being filmed.

      • @12AX7…

        Well, obviously the country has gone down a fair piece since the time of my childhood.

        Though we thought nothing about it at the time, hindsight has made the time in which those TV series were produced look like some sort of Shangra-la, compared to what we have today.

        It’s really a very sad thing, but, at the bottom of it all is that Americans have been content to let politicians and justices remove one bit after another of our house at a time, without seriously challenging it – until now.

    • It doesn’t matter what race Hispanics in Texas and New Mexico identify as. You’re either white or you’re not, and the majority of U.S. Hispanics are mestizos and castizos, not white. Italians are white because they’re pure European caucasoid. It also doesn’t matter if non-white Hispanics are “assimilated.” It doesn’t matter if they vote Republican. They don’t belong here and never will. Mestizos are bigger racial threat than blacks because of sheer numbers and the southern invasion. Mixed race Hispanics are not welcome in the ethnostate. I don’t want to live in Mexico.

    • Mechanics and welders are always needed. So far, there hasn’t been a move by Big Oil to import dot Indians to incompetently repair cars at their service stations. Or Hondurans or Salvadorans, yet. Another reason to get involved in your local community, and support the European descendants like you trying to ensure their survival in the face of the elites trying to implement the Great Reset/Fourth Industrial Revolution.

      • Big Oil doesn’t follow the old model of their brands being sold exclusively at service stations with mechanics. Big Oil probably doesn’t give a rip about mechanics today, because most of their highway fuel product is pumped at chain store C-stores and truck stops and most mechanics work in places that don’t even have gas pumps.

    • clytemnestra57,

      What you wrote is true. My Mexican-American relatives are mostly elderly with some born in between 1930-1950 and they are pro-Mexican but also fiercely against illegal immigration and are deeply loyal to the United States before Mexico. As an aside all of the elderly live with family and are not in nursing homes. There are advantages to having large families.

      As for Leave It To Beaver? That show is extremely popular in our household. We view the show as almost science fiction since it shows a society that is so desirable that I too wish I could have been a part of it. My father says Ward Cleaver is too soft and unrealistic but the rest of us love the show.

  6. “Had the Nixon Administration left their designation as White, they would have assimilated much like the Italians did”:

    Italians are not British either. Putting a very broad, RACIAL White/Caucasian label on an Italian or other Latin doesn’t change their ethnicity and make them the same as British or Northwest European.

    “There is not a lot of love between American Hispanics and Mexican Nationals. They kind of look down on each other. Those in Albuquerque used to call illegal aliens “low-riders” and make jokes implying they were stupid and criminal. Those in San Antonio would get very annoyed at the rich Mexicans coming down for shopping sprees and treating them second-rate”:

    Divide-and-rule tactics to “assimilate” them won’t change the genetics either. La Raza’s “Reconquista” is natural. Assimilation to the U.S. empire is contrived. When the U.S. invaded and conquered northern Mexico, from southern California to Colorado and Texas, it was already a multiracial empire stretched beyond the point of being able to recover its original British and northwest European ethnic solidarity.

    • I’ll counter that one. There’s a lot of mutual admiration between Italians and British people in Europe. I always thought ww2 in North Africa was a pity, no one in the UK was against Mussolini until he illogically started to attack France and making a move on Malta and Egypt. That conflict was an anomaly. Turin, Milan, Venice, Florence even Rome have their counterparts in London, Manchester, Oxford, Liverpool, Cambridge where a lot of Italians end up living and working. And vice verse. Half of Shakespeare is set in Verona or Venice.

    • @anonymous,

      Last summer as fagtifa and blm were tearing down statues of White heroes, it was only groups of Americans of Italian descent that stood their ground and fought back. I didn’t see you vaunted British and Northwestern Europeans do a damned thing to protect of defend monuments/statues of men of their ethnicities in the USA. I could infer by their inaction that they are cowards, but I will not make that leap for all of them, but they sure looked like the kids that turns over his lunch money to his school’s bullies.

      • I’m not of Italian descent but but I have always been around lots of people of Italian descent. They are overall excellent people and White as can be. They are one of the most talented group of Europeans you will ever find, too. Those who were part of the Mafia tainted the whole bunch, true but that time is long gone now.

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