Washington Monthly: America’s Next Insurgency

We’re now over two months into the Biden administration.

In anticipation of a widely expected “insurgency” which never materialized, the Democrats built a razor wire fence around the U.S. Capitol and mobilized the National Guard to occupy Washington, DC. The QAnon invasion which was predicted to happen on March 4th never came to pass. Instead, a black “insurrectionist” who was a follower of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam showed up and attacked Capitol Police and killed a While male police officer. In spite of this disconnect between media panic and reality, Democrats continue to use counterinsurgency language and compare the United States to Iraq and Afghanistan and America’s benign militia movement to the likes of ISIS or al-Qaeda.

Washington Monthly:

“Bleeding Kansas began with an eviction attempt. In late 1854, Jacob Branson, an abolitionist from Ohio, started trying to kick Franklin Coleman, a slavery proponent, off his property. Roughly a year later, Coleman ran into a friend of Branson’s at a local blacksmith’s shop. The friend berated Coleman for continuing to squat on the land and demanded that he desist. It’s not clear what, if anything, Coleman said in response. But it is clear what he did. As the friend walked away, Coleman took out a gun and killed him.

Fearing reprisal in what was a largely antislavery community, Coleman fled to a nearby town and turned himself in to a proslavery sheriff. That sheriff promptly freed him and then arrested Branson. Local abolitionists, many of whom were already furious about the murder, grew incensed. They intercepted the sheriff at gunpoint and liberated his prisoner. …

For counterinsurgency forces, fighting a dispersed network poses special challenges. A clearly defined enemy can certainly surprise, but if it has a stated agenda and staked territory, there are known battle lines. When the opponent is a collection of groups with differing aims, there is an especially wide range of targets. In the United States, those targets include some obvious marks—Democratic politicians, Republicans who won’t help steal elections, Black churches, synagogues, shopping centers popular with immigrants. But antigovernment extremists could also select targets that are more idiosyncratic. Investigators have speculated that the Nashville man who blew up his van near an AT&T facility in December 2020 may have been inspired by conspiracies about 5G technology. In February 2021, a group of anti-vaccine protestors temporarily shut down a mass vaccination facility. The next such demonstration might not be conducted peacefully. …”


Joe Biden’s America is not “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Joe Biden’s America is not the Reconstruction South.

Joe Biden’s America is not Bleeding Kansas in the 1850s.

Joe Biden’s America hasn’t produced a Ruby Ridge, Waco or Oklahoma City.

Joe Biden’s America is nothing like the Taliban in Afghanistan or ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

As we saw last week, most of the people who have been charged with trespassing over the Capitol Siege are not even likely to go to jail because the “insurrection” was nothing more than a hysterical media narrative. The vast majority of the people who went inside the Capitol on January 6th did not engage in violence. Baked Alaska ran inside the capitol to chase content for his livestream audience. “White supremacists” are actually underrepresented among the people who have been arrested over the Capitol Siege because the vast majority of them were ordinary Trump supporters.

While the “insurgency” has proven to be nonexistent, the Biden administration’s mounting assault on the civil liberties of populist voters who supported Donald Trump has been proven to be real. American troops in the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy don’t understand why there are now social justice commissars in charge of policing what they can say and read on social media on their own time who also insist that Black Lives Matter is not an extremist group and that it is a legitimate organization. We’re told that the closest thing that we have seen to an actual nationwide insurgency in our lifetimes in which Antifa and Black Lives Matter sacked a police station in Minneapolis, laid siege to a federal courthouse and seized territory and declared their sovereignty in Portland and Seattle WAS NOT an insurgency. The Biden administration has no interest in bringing the people responsible for that real insurgency to justice and has chosen instead to demonize Patriot groups which haven’t engaged in violence.

It is true that there is a growing populist movement in this country. That’s because millions of people can see that the political establishment is divorced from reality and menacing their rights and liberties.

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  1. Nothing new here : the political establishment that runs The United States Government always demonizes others so that it can financially collapse, starve out, drone-whack and carpet-bomb anyone, any group, or any country it wants out of the way.

    They do not mind that these activities destroy millions and millions of people, because they do it all for love.

    Wait : there is something new here : The United States’ Government is targeting Americans, or, rather, millions of people in The Populist Movement, this to scare off any of the rest that might decide they do not want to be treated like Syria, Russia, Libya, Vietnam, The Ukraine, Honduras, Nicaragua, or Iraq.

    Oh, the enemies’ list of The US Government is a long one, indeed.

    Oops, my mistake : The United States’ Government has already mass-targetted Americans before, because they have already twice before done this to The South.

    Did I fail to mention all those broken Indian treaties and the killing of the buffalo?

    Nope, nothing new here – absolutely nuthin’.

    What may be new, however, is that White Americans are waking up to the diabolical scam…

  2. “ Joe Biden’s America hasn’t produced a Ruby Ridge, Waco or Oklahoma City.”

    Yet. The summer of 21 is going to be spicy with a side of hot sauce.

    The Left will get their radicalized White lone Wolf martyr. Bet the farm on it.

  3. Every city from Maine to Minnesota, and from Iowa to New Jersey, as well as San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, could be on fire. But they’d be combing through Alabama and Georgia, looking for Bubba and Skeeter, whom they’d be certain were responsible for the North and her Pacific Rim colonies being on fire.

    In the end, this is just another excuse to crack down on Dixie, and on cattlemen in Wyoming. The Yankees gotta Yank and entertain their Reconstruction neurosis. Between the Yankees and their Jewish Master-Friends, with their “fighting Fascism” neurosis, normal America don’t stand a chance at catching a break from all of this neuroticism directed at them.

  4. The most realistic source of serious armed resistance always seems to come from the military itself, including disenfranchised enlisted men that are marginalized into leaving service altogether then find themselves the military of a domestic resistance because of political balkanization.

    This is a consistent theme going back to the Roman Empire and its various military coups. This was evident in our own revolutionary war period. Was the cause of the erosion of the red army in the late soviet era. You can find this phenomena everywhere. The Chinese Civil war. Our own Civil War. Etc. And so forth.

    Veterans of recent wars are gonna be aging out of service in droves because of diversity quotas in the military, and overt hostility to White men.

    Those people will be numerous and likely to be pissed off.

    Our army will be created by the same forces realigning the political demographics of the broader population.

    Stay tuned. We aren’t soldiers. Its not our place to fight openly. We don’t have the mandate.

  5. The Christ killers do not get it, civilized human beings do not target innocent people. And it is the Jews themselves who are racially and morally inferior and who are the ones capable of targeting and killing innocent people. Why did they kill Christ? Because they are civilized human beings? Is that it? BAHA

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