Tucker Carlson Is The New King of Cable News

I know there are lots of people who dislike Tucker Carlson.

Regardless of how you feel about Carlson though, he has replaced Bill O’Reilly and displaced Sean Hannity and has the most popular television show on cable news in the post-Trump era. This is an interesting development. He objectively has a much louder megaphone than anyone at CNN or MSNBC.


“New York (CNN Business) – Sean Hannity finds himself in familiar territory as of late: second place.

For most of his career, the right-wing Fox propagandist has been in the shadows of someone else.

When Bill O’Reilly was still at Fox News, Hannity could never quite catch him in the ratings race.

But shortly after the 2016 election, Hannity’s close relationship with then-President Donald Trump, coupled with O’Reilly’s ouster at Fox, propelled Hannity to the throne of conservative media. And for a few years, he sat there comfortably.

Hannity hasn’t been able to hold onto the crown, though. Recent ratings numbers and other data show that his influence has been surpassed by one of his colleagues: Tucker Carlson. …

Sheffield agreed, pointing out that Carlson “came to television a lot later than Hannity in his career” and is not as willing to carry the Republican Party’s water. Instead, he resembles a newer version of the conservative commentator that takes after the alt-right rather than Reagan conservatism.

Sheffield argued that Carlson believes he’s the figurehead of that form of conservatism.

“He sees himself as leading a movement,” Sheffield said, adding: “Tucker has realized that the whole market, fundamentalism of the Reagan years, that doesn’t work anymore.” …”

I’ve been tracking two other recent developments which are related to this.

First, there has been a big swing in public opinion polls since we entered the post-George Floyd and post-Trump era. There has been a change in mood among the normies. Previously, normies were notoriously complacent, but now they are anxious. Joe Six Pack was anxious enough to storm the Capitol. Normies have recently become more like us across a range of issues including White identity.

Second, we are seeing this shift in mood and tone reflected both on Tucker Carlson’s show and throughout conservative media in general. The best example of this is how Carlson raised the issue of demographic displacement and stood up to Jonathan Greenblatt and even brought OUR GREATEST ALLY into the feud. The sudden interest in wokeness is another example of it. The more frequent use of the term “anti-white” is another example of it. The feud between the GOP and Corporate America is getting serious and isn’t a joke. The fact that the politicians are being reprogrammed is another example of it.

If the average normie has become more radicalized after everything that has happened since the death of George Floyd, it is not surprising that more of them are watching Tucker Carlson’s show. It is not surprising that FOX News and conservative politicians are trying to catch up with their base. Joe Biden is accusing the normies of white supremacy and systematic racism like every other day now. They collectively murdered George Floyd and Armed Robbery through their racism and will have to pay the price.

The corporate media is just explicitly demonizing White people now. They are deliberately trying to foment racial tension and turn everything no matter how unrelated like the COVID vaccine into a racial equity issue. This hasn’t gone unnoticed. Ordinary people are watching this and reacting to it. Tucker Carlson’s show has eclipsed Hannity because normies are angry about this. Carlson is following the audience which has changed in a good way which is why Carlson and others have shifted somewhat lately.

If ordinary people feel anxious and besieged and have grown more aware that they are being targeted for being White by the political establishment, well, that is a good thing. It is something to celebrate. It makes our job which has always been trying to persuade those people to stand up for themselves and their own children much easier.

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  1. I’ve noticed that there is little if any banter between TC and Hannity when one show ends and the other starts. Hannity is obviously jealous of Tucker’s popularity, especially with much sought-after younger viewers. Hannity just isn’t a likeable person. And his rigid attachment to conservative Republicanism and the Zionist state make him look kind of stupid. I do like those segments when he brings in Bongino and Geraldo, though.

  2. People, on The Right, who dislike Mr. Carlson, are those who have completely unrealistick expectations, and, thus, could never be satisfied, unless Mr. Carlson lept out from behind his desk and, frothing at the mouth, started screaming, ‘Jews, it’s The Jews!’.

    Politely, yet relentlessly, Mr. Carlson has exposed The United States government, and those whom it serves, to The American People.

    Repeatedly he has dismantled The Security State, Megalomaniacal Oligarchs, War-crazed Neo-Cons, Pro-White Replacement immigration groups, and the rest of Mainstream Media, not to mention the systemick rot that undergirds it all and the habitual lies and misdirection fed to The American People.

    If we had had Tucker Carlson in the 1960s, we would not be in such bad shape today.

    After Candidate Trump, credit must be given to Mr. Carlson for having permanently removed the sonnambulistick state The Body Politick was in in 2015 to where it is today, in 2021.

    • Yeah the Zionists who pay Tucker Carlson millions of dollars to read pre-approved scrips from a teleprompter sure are stupid. Imagine accidentally hiring a secret undercover pro-white operative without even knowing it! What a bunch of dummies!

      And of course exposing the Jewish stranglehold on our civilization absolutely necessitates that you froth at the mouth! Nobody could possibly articulate the problem without appearing unhinged! We are making progress folks! The key to overthrowing Jewish power is to maintain the Jew-enforced taboo on mentioning Jewish power! It just makes so much sense! We defeat Jews by doing exactly what Jews want!

      Hail Tucker Carlson! Hail Victory!

      • Dear Ricky,

        Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I agree with you that, ultimately, in order to address overweening Jewish power in this country, a trend will have to develop in The Mainstream where such a thing can be addresst.

        Unfortunately, we are not quite there yet, but, ‘yet’, is the key, because we are a hell of a lot closer to doing that in 2021 than we were in 2011.

        Meanwhile, if Mr. Carlson were to leap over his desk frothing while he yelled, ‘The Jews, it’s The Jews’, he would be out the door so quick our heads would spin, and then who would take his place?

        Nobody would take his place, is the answer, Dear Ricky, which means that we need to appreciate the fact that Mr. Carlson is laying the groundwork for those conversations to come – like a medieval master builder constructing his siege towers before the assault on the castle.

        You see, the way Mr. Carlson does it – if you know he is referencing Jewry Inc. then you know, and if you don’t know, you continue to learn about the wholesale abuses of this system without being offended.

        To know how much better Mr. Carlson is than his predecessor, please go back to a 2009 show of O’Reilly on YouTube and try not to vomit.

        All the best to you, Sir!

  3. A severe labor scarcity should never be used an excuse to race-replace the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority across America…..There is no economic argument for race-replacing Our People…..


  4. HW sayeth:”If ordinary people feel anxious and besieged and have grown more aware that they are being targeted for being White by the political establishment, well, that is a good thing. It is something to celebrate. It makes our job which has always been trying to persuade those people to stand up for themselves and their own children much easier.”

    As it pertains to the normies, we the fringe who remain after the implosion of the Altright, do not have a job, I don’t think. There has been no successful rebranding and no real formation of a coalition of people that is distinct from the Altright, even to ourselves. What remains is a radioactive residue of destroyed brand that used to be the Altright.

    Unless and until we are free of that, that rebranding is our only real concern. We have no business talking to the normies without that, as our collective autism and tendency to test the frame of the overton window with our heads is a liability all too known to anybody who has any sense at all.

    I’m far more likely at this point to let the normies lead the way and go with the flow.

  5. Carlson is watchable. Hannity is not. Hannity is boring, sounds like broken record and shills for the GOP. Carlson on the other hand touches subjects Vannity wouldn’t.

  6. More like the king of controlled opposition. I remember 2016 when all the right-leaning forums simultaneously started shilling this ‘former’ neocon. Nothing suspicious there I’m sure!

    Also he sounds like a homo with his high-pitched fag voice.

  7. Hannity is extremely lucky to remain Number Two. Indeed, two is his lucky number. He was the second person to get on Conservative Talk Radio after Limbaugh, so he’s got the name recognition going for him and it’s still going strong, because it was helped by Limbaugh’s death.

    That’s why he gets all these profile guests the more interesting talk shows don’t. And they all usually have a book to hawk so that’s another reason why his numbers stay boosted.

    But Hannity doesn’t take any chances or risks that would make his show interesting. He dutifully regurgitates True Conservative Inc. Talking Points and tone policing and Democrats R The Real Racists Virtue Signaling. But he’s so uncreative when he does so, a lot of his radio show is him repeating them over and over and over and over again like some stupid mantra. I can’t take more than five minutes of listening to him. I just don’t have the patience. I would bet his audience demographics trend older and more senile, anyway.

    Boomer Conservative/Kosher-Zionist Civic Nationalist who ends up always being what the Democrat Party was about twenty years ago. Thus, he isn’t even Law and Order Lock ’em All Up For So Much as Jaywalking like Biden (Lord, I miss THAT Biden) bragged about back in the nineties under the Clintons.

    And looking back, aside from instituting Shafta, I mean NAFTA, Bill Clinton’s Presidency wasn’t that bad; the average law-abiding citizen felt safe on the streets. It is easier to overlook corporate and political corruption if one can at least feel safe and secure in one’s neighborhood. With Biden we get all the worst of Clinton Corruption AND subsequent Republican administrations compromising any safety for corporate profits and to prove that Democrats R The Real Racists. UGH

  8. Tucker Carlson has moved far, far to the left since the George W. Bush days, when he was an unironic cheerleader for wars for Israel, bombing and torturing Muslims overseas, and along with Ann Coulter was attacking the families of 9/11 victims for demanding an investigation to figure out who did it and how and why the government let them.

    Bill O’Reilly was so un-self-aware and Hannity such a suck-up gladhandler that Carlson seems almost normal in comparison. That’s likely because Haniity and O’Reilly were nobody actors while Carlson is literally the scion of some rich family. Tucker Carlson isn’t doing it because he needs the money or fame, he is USING his money and fame to advocate his people’s agenda.

    Now Tucker Carlson is slightly to the left of most American white men, especially the young, and probably slightly to the left of most white rural moms.

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