Joe Biden Endorses Reparations In Tulsa

This is why the corporate media has been pushing the “Tulsa Race Massacre” narrative.

Half of Democrats support cash reparations for slavery. Black Democrats, DILEs and progressive activists united by social justice ideology want to give cash payments directly to blacks. We’ve already seen this on the local level with Woke Basic Income in Oakland and Evanston, IL which is paying reparations to blacks which is hilarious given than Illinois was never a slave state. The COVID relief bill which was passed in March also included a $4 billion racial set aside for “farmers of color.”


“The acts of hate in Tulsa 100 years ago bear a “through line that exists today,” President Biden said Tuesday, as he commemorated the anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre.

Why it matters: The massacre, which killed an estimated 300 people and burned multiple blocks of the Black neighborhood Greenwood, is considered one of the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history. Survivors and their descendants have pressed for reparations for decades. …”

Blah .. blah …

100 years ago?

What do the problems of 1921 have to do with the problems of 2021?

I mean aside from the Democrats who need to find a way to turn out black voters in the 2022 midterms to keep control of Congress? It is going to be a tough election cycle. Isn’t this constituency also why Democrats backed “Defund the Police”? Couldn’t you say that Democrats are putting their political interest in pandering to black voters ahead of public safety and the common good?


“President Joe Biden on Tuesday took part in a remembrance of one of the nation’s darkest and largely forgotten acts of racial violence, calling on Americans to come to terms with the nation’s “dark side” and to never forget the killing of hundreds of Black men, women and children in the 1921 Tulsa race massacre.

“We do ourselves no favors by pretending none of this ever happened or it doesn’t impact us today, because it still does impact us today,” Biden said, speaking at the Greenwood Cultural Center in Tulsa, Okla. “We can’t just choose to learn what we want to know, and not what we should know. We should know the good, the bad, everything. That’s what great nations do. They come to terms with their dark sides.”

Biden — the first president to participate in a commemoration of the destruction of the flourishing community known as Black Wall Street — called for a moment of silence in honor of the 300 Black people who were killed a century ago.

“May their souls rest in peace,” Biden said before bowing his head.

“My fellow Americans, this was not a riot,” the president said, looking back up at the crowd. “This was a massacre.” …”

We must never forget.

See also Georgia which is a “Jim Eagle” state. This is the Democrat version of “waving the bloody shirt” which the Republicans did for decades after the War Between the States to hold their coalition together and distract attention from the problems of the present by focusing on the past.


“BLACK WALL STREET, TULSA, Okla. — One hundred years after the Tulsa Race Massacre, Anneliese Bruner walked into the wine cellar of The Chalkboard restaurant in the city where it all took place. At first glance, Bruner is a pretty unassuming 62-year-old: average height, a close cropped salt and pepper fade and a nose ring.

She walks ramrod straight with the edges of her black cardigan floating behind her. But behind her black and white tortoiseshell glasses, you can see the weight of history and responsibility. …

Tulsa residents welcome Biden’s trip, knowing that more attention is only good for the movement pushing for reparations for the descendants. Just as important, they know a presidential visit makes the Tulsa Race Massacre harder for the country to forget, hide or ignore.

Bruner will watch the president’s speech from her hotel room in Tulsa with her daughter. She’s hoping Biden’s visit and speech not only brings attention but also gives lawmakers “space and cover they need to begin the cash reparations conversation in earnest.”

“He can be the transformational President the country needs to open the pathway to full, cash reparations for our bondage on American soil,” she said. …”

“My fellow Americans, I need the blacks to vote for my party in the 2022 midterms and they want me to embrace Defund the Police and pay them reparations for slavery to do it, so this is what my political advisers have come up with to justify caving to their insane demands.”


“President Biden will announce new actions on Tuesday aimed at closing the racial wealth gap as he commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. …

The administration said it will increase the share of federal contracts directed to small disadvantaged businesses by 50% by 2026, seeking to lower barriers to entry and allow more “traditionally-underserved entrepreneurs to compete.”

The White House says the investments will result in an additional $100 billion going to these businesses in 5 years.

Biden will also announce new details on the $10 billion community revitalization fund included in his infrastructure proposal. …”


“The White House on Tuesday announced new housing and small business programs designed to help narrow the wealth gap between Black and white Americans, as President Joe Biden marked the 100-year anniversary of the racist “Black Wall Street” massacre in Tulsa, Okla.

The Biden administration plans to launch what it said was a first-of-its-kind, inter-agency effort to address inequity in home appraisals and issue new rules to combat housing discrimination, according to a White House fact sheet. HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge is scheduled to appear in Tulsa with Biden Tuesday.

In addition, the administration said it planned to boost federal contracting with “small disadvantaged businesses” by 50 percent, awarding $100 billion over five years. …”

National Review:

“President Joe Biden intends to present a range of plans to shrink the Black-White wealth gap during his speech in Tulsa, Okla. Tuesday, including funneling $100 billion in federal contracts to ‘disadvantaged businesses,’ according to an administrative official familiar with the proposal. …”

It is … “equity.”

We’re not going to call it reparations because it is politically toxic, but that is essentially the idea. The federal government is paying people and explicitly favoring citizens for being black over other races. Please don’t notice that we are doing this and get mad about it! It is about Tulsa in 1921!

Note: BTW, the system is also systematically racist against them!

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    • Whites taking back their countries is their biggest nightmare. They are not lying. Muh Democracy really means rule by Jewish Oligarchy and this one appears to be coming to an end very soon.

    • What they mean by that is they fear a Whitelash from white middle and working class people because they know that will doom all of their plans.

  1. The Republicans if they choose to oppose this proposal will have to point out that it stems from an attempted rape and a rabble of blacks who shot, eight to ten whites outside the police station.

    Biden is a sick piece of shit. He’s a bloodthirsty pervert. No mistake.

    • Unfortunately, the GOP is repeating the same lie. Kevin McCarthy just tweeted: “100 years ago a thriving community was burned to the ground in an act of racial hatred. He wasn’t talking about racial hatred against Whites.

      • The GOP is working for the same employer as the Democrats.
        The GOP Is anti-white, for open borders, amnesty, increasing immigration, and a lot of them own nonwhite adoptions.
        The GOP Is part of the problem. All of them. Every single one of them.

  2. 100 years ago,property damages was little compare to antifa blm for years since the Ferguson effect,actually LA riots of Rodney King.We’re looking in 10s of billions property damage in 30 years of interracial crimes in the thousands.

  3. “federal contracting with “small disadvantaged businesses” by 50 percent, awarding $100 billion ”

    jws will just set up some shell company, put a token black as owner, hire a couple of black janitors, then procede to loot this ‘setaside’ of billions.

    Double win.
    Biden looks good to blacks,
    guess ((who)) gets the bucks?

    • Yep, they KNOW how the government sets aside millions for “minorities”. They are right there, ready to do business.

      Free food, utilities, healthcare, and other “deals”, that the government pays for, by taxing us.

  4. “attempted rape and a rabble of blacks who shot, eight to ten whites ”

    Controlled narrative, it always is.

  5. What about reparations for White Folks for 8 years of rule by Bill Clinton…8 years of rule by Obama…rule by Biden….

    Negros face exact same problem as Native White Folks:Labor market competition with nonwhite LEGAL Immigrants and their US born nonwhite geneline. But Negros want to stick it to Whitey so they need to in a coalition with Asians(who hate the negro) and other nonwhites. So they can go fuck themselves..negros brought their economic misery upon themselves. Negros want infinite $$$$$ reparations from Whitey..and if they don’t get it..they will murder and rape Whitey……nothwithstanding this….Deep South Whites will fill the SEC Stadiums deep…while blonde hair blue eye wife Babs is being gang raped at home by negro youth….

    • Patrick: You know yourself that spectator sports in America has become nothing but virtual Negro worship.

    • @Patrick They’ve been raping and killing Whites for a long time. Even if they got millions in reparations, they’d continue to do that, because they are low IQ and naturally violent. Money will not tame them. Look at all of the overpaid Negro sports stars and celebrities, who do violent crimes.

  6. I hope they do give reparations to blacks, and that they increase taxes on whites to pay for it.

  7. ZOG’s green paper printing machine goes brrrrrrr!

    Question for the community, which will have more barter value in the not too distant future, in your opinion? 7.62×39 steel or 5.56 green tip? JHP vs. FMJ?

    Honest questions, just asking who will have what … ARs vs. AKs

  8. I got news for black people, you are much better off being a poor black person than you are being a poor white person in this country. All the jobs go to blacks and foreigners, nobody hires whites. But you don’t hear us belly aching about it, now do you?

  9. The Republican leaders are mute spectators as Democrats continue bashing whites for imaginary crimes.

  10. “Joe Biden confuses the problems of 2021 with 1921.”

    I really don’t think that our president confuses what is going on now for then.

    No, I really don’t.

    You see, you have to get into his psyche and see how he sees things, and his role as a politician, as he sees it, is to represent the interests of those who pay him, or who advance some other aspect of what he regards as his power, such as that of his party.

    That so, President Biden will do whatever will please his clients, so long as it does not step on the shoes of his other paying clients, particularly those who pay him the most.

    And so, nothing pleases him more than to placate and scintillate his constituencies, when it does not involve stepping on the economick toes of the industries whose interests he champions, and or the system that is the circumstance for that.

    That so, he can be anything he wants to be – even a reformer, if the reforming does not involve doing any substantial reforming, particularly the economick kind.

    This was Joe Biden in 1975, this was Joe Biden in 1998, and this is Joe Biden in 2021.

    It disturbs him not one iota that now, in 2021, he is advocating quite a number of things he would have been forcefully against in 1995, or would have laught at in 1975.

    No, it does not bother him, because, in the end, he thinks of himself as a regular guy, and regular Northeastern urban guys, who went into the political field in his day, unabashedly sold their services to as many as possible, if for no other reason than they, unlike politicians who are ego-driven or the rare idealogically driven, are not self-important.

    They accept the human condition as is and work within it’s confines without qualm or question.

    This is Joe Biden – a normal guy from a time now past.

    But, even though Joe Biden’s time is now past, the fact remains that his kind of politicians is, and always will be eternal – the guy who thinks he can do some good things for his country whilst scraping as much as possible off the top for himself.

    In this sense Joe Biden is not only a human symbol, he is a symbol of what America once was and still would like to be.

  11. Show us the excavation of the mass graves containing the bones of the “300” Good Niggers. PROVE that the official figure of 39 dead on both sides is false.

    That god damned race traitor CUNT Biden…But the coward cocksuckative scum – some adding their faggot voices to the blood-libel of their ancestors like McCarthy (although he may be a johnny-come-lately descendant of Ellis Island bog-trotters, IDK), the others dead silent – are hardly any better.

    They’re all nothing but filthy, spiritual disease-spreading roaches.

  12. The democrats are definitely rewarding their black voters which are the only reason they are in power, despite all the media and school system brainwashing. Places like Michigan, Delaware, Illinois etc. are 25% black, almost as black as some of the southern states and without this block they would not be controlled by democrats. Unlike the southern states though, these places have a lot of wishy washy whites who don’t understand they need to vote as a block to counteract this gigantic coalition of mental 8 year olds who destroy every civilization they are present in. Add homo africanus criminalus to the list of invasive species in the new world reeking havoc on the environment. I am just dumbfounded they people don’t remember decades and decades of welfare, uplift, and pandering to them and they still fail everywhere? Seems generation bastard never lived through any of these futile uplift efforts and must really think evil whites are responsible for their failure to thrive. They must really buy the crap about them being equal and not a more primitive form of equatorial neanderthal type hominid species ill suited for like in the ten thousand year old agricultural civilizations that various Eurasian people have built.

  13. Anti-White hatred non stop, then they talk about “unity”. Apart from being ruled by traitors, there never was a stable multiracial democracy and never will be. .

  14. Vdare has a history lesson for republicucks.

    The Race Riots A Hundred Years Ago (Including Tulsa) Were Almost Always A Reaction To Black Crime

    One hundred years ago the USA was engulfed in a seven-year “race war.” It was a series of racial conflicts between blacks and whites. The riots began in 1917 when whites responded to a black-on-white murder in East St. Louis, Missouri. Scores of blacks were killed (some say as many as 200), and an estimated 6,000 blacks were displaced; forced out of their homes and out of the city.

    Other riots erupted that year in areas that included Chester, Pennsylvania; Lexington, Kentucky; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Houston, Texas.

  15. Has anyone here ever hear about the lynchings in Duluth, Mn. on June 15, 1920? Three black men were lynched for supposedly raping a white girl. This lynching was extremely horrific. The lynch mob consisted not of dozens of people, not hundreds of people, but thousands of people. The mob was so enraged, they literally wreaked the city jail to get to the three blacks. If you wish to learn more about this event, read “The Lynchings In Duluth” by William Fedo. It’s an extremely gripping tome. I’m surprised no one has ever made a movie about this event. BTW, one of the lynch mob leaders was a Jew.

  16. This is our country, we built it, it’s ours. And the commie butt plugs have no right at all to stand around giving it away to spades, spics, gooks, rag heads or whoever they feel like sucking up to this week.

  17. Are there NO rich whites, who can affect politics, in this nation? No one? No one with money to buy the politicians, like the rich libs do? Not even one?

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