$4 gas helping revitalize small towns

It costs around $24 dollars now to travel round trip from Comer to Montgomery; $16 from Eufaula to Dothan or Columbus. A year ago, the price was half that. If intrastate commerce is breaking down, intranational commerce must be slowing down even faster.

THOMASVILLE, Ala. – Residents in once-sleepy Thomasville have started complaining about traffic jams on Route 43, which runs right through the town.

Much of the new traffic is coming from shoppers, squeezed by $4-per-gallon gas, who are staying closer to home instead of driving 100 miles each way to the nearest malls in Mobile or Montgomery. . . .

Wilcox County, Alabama is ground zero for the Long Emergency. The “consumers” of Camden are spending a higher percentage of their incomes (16%) on gasoline than anyone else in the country.

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