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  1. There you are, Prozium. I thought I had lost you there for a bit.

    I was worried that your obvious distress and disappointment with our actual institutions and our disaster of a culture had led you down a self-destructive path.

    We cannot afford to lose any clear thinkers at this point. Don’t lose hope. I truly believe we have not yet begun to fight.

    I hope all is well with you.

  2. There are two types of racialist. “Patriotic” types who believe non-whites are destroying America, and intelligent ones who see this as poetic justice, as (Yankee) American ideals have created this multicultural problem. Liberals thought they could improve America by making it browner, but they made it worse, but they deserve what they get, don’t they? If non-whites are destroying America, and America is welcoming these ideals, then fighting for the survival of liberals who hate racialism is stupid. In terms of abstract concepts, the liberals who support the metamorphosis are getting what they deserve.

    My advise. The fight against the new world order should take place off of American soil. America is a lost cause.

  3. It goes back to the very begining. Racialism was never uncritically accepted in the United States. The timeline will make that clear when I am finished with it. A good example of this would be John Quincy Adams’ antislavery work, his participation in the Amistad case, opposition to Indian Removal, Texas annexation, and the Mexican War.

  4. I agree with you. You take my exact position, and this is a position that gave me hell on previous forums. You see the people who got off the mayflower should not have accepted immigrants, even white immigrants.

    Instead european colonies should have stayed segregated from each other.

  5. If you look at a map of europe, you will see geography is correlated ethnically. It is genetically proven that Poles are different from Germans for instance. I happen to respect Dieneks and his works.

    But if you look at a map of America, there is no logical ethnic patterns. One town may be polish, the next Irish, and the next mixed. Immigration was just so random and unstructured, that America has no real logical and organized roots. I just hope that what happened to America doesn’t happen to the rest of the world. The new world order must be fought, but it must be fought in explicitly anti-American terms. That is what people like pat buchanan and white nationalists don’t get.

  6. Sadly Iceman may be right. The Ethnically-aware European New Right is light years ahead of anything happening in the US right now. They have been influencing Far Right parties for decades, whereas in the US there isn’t even any type of counter-part Far Right party similar to the Front National, NPD…

    When it comes to the origins of American Racialism though, is there anything in the WHOLE WORLD that isn’t UNCRITICALLY accepted though? Just about everything gets critiqued somewhere along its life-span.

    What is truly important is that Racialism was the dominant notion of the Age and a renaissance of that is required in some form now!

  7. We need to, as people who oppose the new world order, speak out against the Americanization of the world.

    We cannot control the fact that we were born as American citizens, but we can stop the process of Americanization from spreading around the world.

  8. Prozium, what do you think led to this anti-racism in New England?? Seems to me that it is an out-cropping of Puritanism, which is in itself one of the most judaized forms of christianity! The typical black stuff that Puritans wore is very similar to what hasidims wear to this day!

    When it comes to countering Americanization one aspect that Whites in America can work against is the Israel Lobby! Without the support of the USA the Culture Distorters will have real problems.

  9. I think Israel needs to redefine its identity in a way in which it depends on America less. Believe it or not, I say this as someone who is more sympathetic to Zionism than most of the posters here.

  10. This is what we believe
    That white man ( singular )is more powerful than white MEN ( collective), black men,
    asian men , mohamide men, ect ect
    That we will grant this genetic form though 50 eye coloures 50 hair colours, That I rules over us in all forms.
    That MINDKIND IS western civilisation, THAT THOUGH THE BNP the third empire will be born, next 2000 years, we play at the long game,test cricket? 15 day game 3 days each game /not base ball short game?
    That matter+ mind = maths alone.That which is the whole is greater than parts
    That equality( LIBERAL,= pissing endlessly out of their eyes/ RACE BASED ETHNIC VOTING BLOCKS, 90 % OF BLACKS VOTE FOR OBAMA) this stupid idea is not equal to genetic equity,= 50 50 ism, when was the last time did you see a black with blue eyes,blonde hair = fu–king liers.the true nature of Obamas and their fellow travelers. in both main partys, dems, republ, /conservs, lib, labour, for universal deceit is on both sides of the Atlantic, as else were?.
    That the world of the human being is of two,1= (world of thoughts ideas ) 2=( world of be as being ,to bring into being in form, genetic engineered balance in race , substance not words alone, works are not words? PLATO.
    That truth is based ,on what you dont see , as much as what is seen ,what is not said ,as much as what is ,( 360,000 white women raped in USA by blacks = 10 black women raped by white men, ( JUSTICE DEPARTMENT FIGURES).
    That there are 3 types of Man. 1 the mind that thinks with its eyes.2 the mind that thinks ,with its mind, 3 the mind that says, this is the truth ,ugle though it is , because the numbers, add up, to it.
    That the BNP will though the power of our minds (THE WORLD OF WILL, AND REPRESENTATION )(SEE KANT,PLATO, SCHOPENHAUER)remake western civilisation,
    That when big brother=( pc, multi what everism, political thought control, the nature of UK, USA, political elites. )is torturing Winston Smith to death,based on the lowest common denominator=( moral ,emotive, thoughts)=2,he replys thus, WITH MATHS= FREEDOM IS THE RIGHT TO SAY.- 2+2=4.

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