Jews and Politics

Guy White is toying around with the strange notion that Jews are “particularly bad” at politics. This one is sure to elicit uproarious rounds of laughter inside and beyond the Beltway.

1.) The phalanx of Jewish organizations has no peer amongst the ethnic lobbies. To my knowledge, Anglo-Protestants do not have so much as one organization that represents their interests.

2.) Jews are overrepresented in Congress: Jews make up only 1.7% of the U.S. adult population but 8.4% of congressional members, including 13% of senators. Protestants were 74.1% of congressional members in 1961, but are only 54.7% today. Anglo-Protestant representation in Congress has declined even more drastically over the last 50 years.

3.) Jews are overrepresented on the Supreme Court: 2/9 Supreme Court Justices (Breyer and Ginsberg) are Jews. If Sonia Sotomayor wins confirmation, 6/9 Supreme Court Justices will be Catholics (Alito, Scalia, Kennedy, Sotomayor, Thomas, Roberts). The elderly John Paul Stevens will be the only Anglo-Protestant left on the bench. Obama will undoubtedly replace him with a more “diverse” candidate.

4.) 78% of Jews cast their ballot for Barack Obama. Their candidate is now President of the United States. 65% of White Protestants voted for John McCain. The Anglo-Protestant share of the McCain vote was undoubtedly higher.

5.) Less than a week ago, the House of Representatives passed the annual foreign aid bill, which allocated $2.22 billion in security aid to Israel. “When the $2.22 billion in Israel aid is combined with $555 million that was passed in an earlier supplemental funding bill, that makes a total of $2.775 billion in military aid for Israel.” Israel has milked Anglo-Protestant taxpayers out of countless billions of dollars over the past several decades.

6.) Thanks to the Jewish Lobby, America and Israel are joined at the hip; Anglo-Protestant soldiers are committed to dying for Israel.

7.) Jews alone account for over 50% of campaign contributions to the Democratic Party. They are the spearhead of the progressive left which now controls the federal government.

8.) The State Department has an Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. The Jewish interest in fighting “anti-Semitism” has been elevated to one of America’s strongest taboos.

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  1. The more Jews succeed at the capitalist game, the more they show the flaws of the capitalist game.

    Jews should be supported. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. muahahhaha.

  2. I wouldn’t go that far. A leaky roof is still a leaky roof. Although Jews have exposed a flaw in our national design, we are not better off for it.

  3. Jews fall down in politics when their chutzpah gets the better of them. But even then they have their media control to pick them back up again.

    The one thing that eludes jews is the presidency. They can use their concentrated power in some states to elect a jew senator, often by running when the other side nominates a weak candidate, but they can’t win the biggest prize directly. Of course their political skill is proven by their ability to absolutely control every president since Reagan, but it must irk them that the american people still won’t trust one of the chosen in the White House.

    While most gentiles don’t know this, you can be sure jews remember that one of the biggest political fiascos of the 20th century came when Republicans nominated someone with jewish ancestry – Goldwater.

    The failure of jews to win the top position despite all their advantages is encouraging. It shows that we haven’t lost our ability to smell a rat.

  4. Capitalism practiced within the framework of traditional Christian morality, is the recipe for white preservatiionist success.

    Learn it, live it, love it!

  5. Ugh. Ima halfta set that boy straight.

    Let’s see if he can countenance some debate. He’s generally not up to it.

  6. On second thought, I’m not sure I’m up to it.

    While embarrassing themselves with crazy conspiracy theories and denying the Holocaust with half-truths (e.g., stating that Auschwitz numbers got reduced in 1989, but forgetting that it was all due to double counting of Soviet POWs and Jewish numbers remained the same from the start), the anti-Semites forget to engage in an actual critique of the Jews.

    The obvious place to start is the Hollywood.

    Got us there, Guy. No WNs have ever critiqued Hollywood.

    Holy geez is this guy dumb.

  7. Prozium: “Jews make up only 1.7% of the U.S. adult population but 8.4% of congressional members, including 13% of senators.

    Actually, there are 15 Jewish Senators now (15%) – the Jew Ted Kaufman took Biden’s Senate seat in DE after Biden became VP under Obama, and a Jew named Michael Bennet won a Senate seat in CO in the last election. Also, the Jew Al Franken just replaced the Jew Norm Coleman as one of Minnesota’s Senators, but that didn’t change the overall count. See:

  8. Prozium:”Guy White is toying around with the strange notion that Jews are “particularly bad” at politics. This one is sure to elicit uproarious rounds of laughter inside and beyond the Beltway.”

    Jews are indeed terrible at politics. Everything the Jews touch turns to rotten shit, especially in areas related to money and politics. Just look at how sickeningly corrupt the American political realm has become since the Jews became ascendant there – that alone proves that Jews have failed at politicking in the USA. Everything in the USA is falling apart under Jews political domination, n’est-ce pas? Thus, the Jews are indeed “particularly bad” at politics, and every non-Jewish nation should ban them from getting too involved in the internal politics of their nation.

    Let us define politics as synonymous with the term “statecraft.” Now, how can Jews (who are still overwhelmingly a stateless diaspora, and have been for centuries) be good at anything having to do with building, running, and maintaining a nation-state if they are themselves a permanently stateless diaspora?

  9. Ah yes, Guy Jewish. He’s a strange character indeed. And to claim, with an apparent straight face, that Jews are political green horns and nincompoops simply takes the cake. Now, I’ve heard it all. Jews, with the best funded and most efficient and effective lobbying organizations are somehow bad at politics. I’d love to hear the warped reasoning for that one.

    Nobody with half a brain could fall for that claim, especially with the large volume of books, some by Jewish authors, detailing the magnitude of the problem. Unless it’s meant to deceive some very gullible or “moderate” people. It’s an understatement to say that Jews are a political force to be reckoned with, since they are perhaps THE force to be reckoned with on Capitol Hill.

    Jewish political strength is also a derivative of white gentile weakness and divisiveness. Divided we fall which is why the Jews work so assiduously to divide and subdivide white gentiles into competing interest groups. Jews, not rich white gentiles, have a vested interest in forcing the anti-racist and individualistic mindset onto the white masses as this makes us less of a threat.

  10. Do you think “Guy White” might himself be a chosenite? That kind of inversion of reality in rhetoric is a Jewish specialty. His absurd statement is also a variation on claiming that the REAL problem is not that Jews have too much power, but that they don’t have enough, another classic Jewish dissimulation. Essentially, all of this behavior is bold, shameless lying of the sort that clinical psychopaths engage in.

  11. “…His absurd statement is also a variation on claiming that the REAL problem is not that Jews have too much power, but that they don’t have enough, another classic Jewish dissimulation….”
    by ATBOTL

    It’s obvious Jews-particularly the ones who hate us most- have more than enough power, especially in the Media and Hollywood.

  12. Well, this will be the last I’ll read anything on this blog. Please don’t come to mine. Please don’t comment on it either. I don’t need your links and I don’t need your readers.

    You are either a lying piece of garbage or a complete moron.

    I never said that they are bad at getting elected, I said that they are bad at supporting proper policies. I was criticizing their policy-making ability, rather than the ability to get elected.

    If you didn’t get that after reading what I wrote in that and other posts, you really are as dumb as I originally figured.

    That was just a spectacular inability to comprehend what you are reading!

    Oh, and one last thing: there may actually be something to Jews not being good at getting elected. If you are 35-50% of the top lawyers and millionaires – the people among whom we choose politicians – then being 8-15% of the politicians isn’t really all that impressive.

    It doesn’t matter what your overall population numbers are. Truck drivers and plumbers won’t ever be Congressmen – star lawyers will be. So looking at the overall demographics rather than just the top lawyer and millionaires is a really bad way of predicting who’ll get elected to Congress.

    But in any even, that wasn’t my point. My point, which you somehow missed, was that Jews support bad policies. The fact that you and your imbecile readers can’t comprehend that leads me to conclude that I simply do not want you as readers, nor do I want to read anything you have to save.

    If you could so grotesquely misunderstood what I wrote, your ability to understand other material is suspect as well.

  13. Oh and I also noticed that you never posted a link to the article you were criticizing, which means that you knew that you were lying.

    Were you afraid that people might read this:

    For ex., I wrote: “the harm done by Jewish politicians is caused by their lack of history of participating in politics, creating an utter lack of political skill.”

    Obviously this means that 1) there are Jewish politicians; 2) they cause harm. Without point 1, there could be no point 2. There is, after all, no harm done by politicians of Zoroastrian faith because none of them got elected.

    As far as Texan’s comment goes, I didn’t say Hollywood isn’t criticized – I said that if you embarrass yourself by denying the Holocaust with half-truths (e.g., stating that the World Almanac had Jewish numbers consistent from 1938 to 1947 without admitting that it used pre-War figures for all the years), nobody will listen to your Hollywood critique, especially if the latter revolves around your belief that Jews control the world, rubbing their hands and giggling about the evil they are doing.

  14. “the Jews work so assiduously to divide and subdivide white gentiles into competing interest groups.” ( — Mr. Dithers)

    The most important instance of this is the way the Jews have divided Euro women from Euro men. The entire women’s lib propaganda drive was Jewish invented, Jewish crafted, Jewish stoked, Jewish manipulated, Jewish imposed.

  15. Political skill, as a normal person would understand it, would mean successfully maneuvering in the political arena to achieve an objective. Jews are obviously adept at this. You are the one who looks like a moron if you think that the term “political skill” implies the good wisdom of the policies being implemented.

    I take back the suggestion the Guy White might be a chosenite, no Jew would mangle his thoughts when putting them to into words like that.

  16. Why “Guy White”? “Guy Jew” would more faithfully represent your priorities.

    Plenty of jews are deeply concerned about their collective interests.

    We Whites, in contrast, could use more help looking after ours.

  17. As a white Spaniard (with some family in Cuba) – I have noticed that just about every Castro-friendy “friendship” committee, think tank etc…etc.. etc… is headed by a Hebrew-American. And more recently- they are seen busy at work doing the dirty PR work for the likes of Chávez, Ortega, Morales, and Correa. You could bet money on it and win about 95 percent of the time.

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