Just Another Day (Part 10)

In the New York Times, Maureen Dowd ridicules GOP resistance to Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination as “a gaggle of white Republican men afraid of extinction.” She goes on to say that it was a disgrace that W. appointed two white men to a court stocked with white men.” If any white male elected official had made a similar remark about Jews or nonwhites, his career would instantly be over. It’s just another day in so-called “post-racial” America.

Meanwhile, the pathetic Republicans have their house negro kowtowing before the NAACP. A century ago, Booker T. Washington’s invitation to Theodore Roosevelt’s White House sparked howls of outrage across the nation. In 2008, John McCain proudly noted that America today is a world away from the cruel bigotry of that time” in his concession speech.

The American Jewish Committee is saluting the NAACP as it marks its 100th anniversary in mutual subversion of America’s white majority.

In the Senate, the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill is close to passage. Under the new law, violence againt homosexuals will carry stiffer penalties than similar crimes against straights.

In Barack Obama’s America, “race doesn’t matter” … unless you want a nice federal sinecure as the next Surgeon General.

Pat Buchanan is full of advice for Republicans who want to sucker gullible White voters.

AIPAC is jubilant over the House of Representatives allocating $2.22 billion dollars in welfare for Israel.

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  1. “In the Senate, the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill is close to passage. Under the new law, violence againt homosexuals will carry stiffer penalties than similar crimes against straights.”

    Why do you not do a FULL EXPOSE on the details of what this ‘hate crime’ DISGUISED as a “hate’ bill” will have the power to do to US as a People!

    Here is an idea to begin to ponder:

    “Apart from a brief reference in a NY Times blog, nothing in the MSM. And from those valiant champions of the Conservative cause, the National Review, Weekly Standard, Wall Street Journal , American Spectator –zero. Sadly even what used to be a staunch defender of freedom, LewRockwell.com, seems to have taken no editorial position – although one or two of its bloggers have made cryptic comments. Needless to say, the plutocrats of the immigration reform movement, NumbersUSA, FAIR and CIS, remain silent.”

    P.S. – Would SOMEONE please tell Steve Sailer to stop, for at least a moment, talking about baseball scores and do a freakin’ piece on this MOST IMPORTANT STORY!!!!!

  2. “—In the Senate, the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill is close to passage. Under the new law, violence againt homosexuals will carry stiffer penalties than similar crimes against straights.—”

    This is propagandistic camoflage! It realistically has little to do with ‘protecting’ queers. The law is in reality a THOUGHT CRIMES act against White ‘gentiles’ (“Kulaks”) on all levels!
    “—Moreover, by citing cases such as the recent Holocaust Museum shooting and the Matthew Shepard murder, which can be quite adequately punished under existing law, Leahy makes crystal clear that the intention here is to criminalize opinion – albeit opportunistically at present by starting with situations where the heretic has committed an objective crime.—” (Cleburne, VDARE article)

    So here is a chance for all tough, macho Anglo-Protestants to DO SOMETHING tangable and constructive against your enemies and for your People, especially all the anti-Christian White ‘pagans’ — who LOVE talking tough against ‘ZOG’! Well Thor, were waiting??

    Why NOBODY here seems concerned enough to even comment on this is utterly incomprehensible.

    Hello, anyone there ‘MCFLY’ ???

  3. Ok here is a most important message from Rev. Ted Pike (I think he lives around here in the Pacific North West)!!

    There is still time to kill the hate bill by Rev. Ted Pike:


    PS (I give Rev. Pike some credit for being amongst the few Christians who stand for what is Right. )

    PPS I also read on another blog (an anti-racist one where I harass liberals and Jews) the following statement from a Preacher James Linzey, hopefully this will become a trend of Christian Racialism:

    “”I want Americans, I want everybody listening, to go out and buy 5 weapons and 5,000 bullets – for your own protection, for self defense. Because I believe that foreign soldiers will come to our houses, to rape our wives and teenage daughters and kill the men right in front of them – and then the women will bear children of an ethnic stock different from what they are…

    …this whole illegal immigration thing is a ploy. It’s done deliberately. It’s not done by accident. This is not a matter of `Oh, they’re coming over the border because they can’t get a job in Mexico.’ – NO. The world bankers did the same thing to Mexico that they are now doing to America. That’s why they’re coming up here. Now they want to make us the same ethnic group through intermarriage, and rape, and killing the caucasians.”


  4. Kulaks Never learn – you are overreacting. The American legal system and its ‘lawmakers’ (the Congress) have become so institutionally anti-White that nearly all ‘laws’ they now pass don’t matter at all. They mean nothing, and should be duly ignored. I’m not saying to go out and begin murdering/raping/pillaging/etc, not at all – the real laws still fully apply because they truly help to hold together a decent civil society.

    All they are doing with these bogus anti-White ‘laws’ is trying to prop up or patch up an anti-White system that is rapidly rotting away. But in doing so all they are doing is adding even more resistance to their anti-White agenda, thus making the eventual pro-White revolt even more certain and actually bringing it on quicker.

  5. Hey Prozium, the following news-story is another to add to your ‘Just Another Day’ series; if anyone still doubts that Israel has unofficially become the 51st state of the USA….

    “Israel to test missile off U.S. coast” (July 15, 2009)

    WASHINGTON (JTA) — Israel will join the United States in a joint venture testing the Arrow missile system off the Pacific coast.

    This will be the first trial of the system, which has a target range of over 600 miles, the Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday. The United States offered to test the system off the U.S. coastline because Israel lacks appropriate test sites in the eastern Mediterranean.

    U.S. Army Lt.-Gen. Patrick O’Reilly noted that the test would allow for “the opportunity to have the Patriot system, the THAAD system and the Aegis system all interacting with the Arrow system so that we’re demonstrating full interoperability as we execute this test.”


  6. White Preservationist,

    I am a bit suprised by your reaction since you are undoubtably one of the most sober and articulate members of the commentariat here. The laws that they do pass that are against US indeed DO MATTER — THEY MATTER VERY GREATLY.

    And they simply CANNOT BE IGNORED, for those very laws threaten to do in OUR WHOLE MOVEMENT, and ultimately, our very WAY OF LIFE.

    In other words, it is SUPER IMPORTANT that We do something meaningful and constructive, like inundating the Senate and Senate Judiciary Committee with our calls of protest, and encouraging others to do the same!!!

    After all bro, WHAT DO WE FURTHER HAVE TO LOSE by doing at least this bare minimum???

    Additionally, We further need, for Our character’s sake, to demonstrate our courage and committment to the Truth and to Our People!

    Please, CALL THE SENATE, and encourage everyone you know to DO THE SAME!

  7. If it’s any consolation, Jeff Rense has had several links to pages concerned with the hate bill.

    Jeff Rense has been specifically denounced by the US State Department, and he has one of the most-plagiarized sites on the web, so he’s doing *something* right.

  8. “…especially all the anti-Christian White ‘pagans’ — who LOVE talking tough against ‘ZOG’!”

    He he he! OK all ya ‘Thor’s’, ‘Wodin’s’ and ‘Odin’s’ — here is your chance to actually do something concrete and meaningful for your People and posterity –


    Anything else is just empty, chest-thumping rhetoric!

  9. “—PS (I give Rev. Pike some credit for being amongst the few Christians who stand for what is Right. )—”

    Wow, how mighty gracious of you!

    Funny, but the Christian Reverend Pike is essentially the ONLY man of note who has been raising the alert on this issues FOR YEARS ON END!!! I actually do not know of a single non-Christian who is warning others of the horrid dangers of this very real, freedom-killing bill!

    C’mon guys, find the courage within yourselves to take an actual stand on this issue, by calling Congress and demanding that the bill be withdrawn, and encouraging others to do the same.

    “…After all bro, WHAT DO WE FURTHER HAVE TO LOSE…” ???

    Good one KNL!

    There is plenty of other time to eng

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