Robert Lindsay, Again

Robert Lindsay is on a tear this morning against White Nationalism. I’m starting to think he does this to reflexively reassert his leftist bonafides. For some reason, Lindsay feels compelled to convince himself he is still a leftist, even as he continues to wander farther off the plantation into uncharted territory. Leftists don’t cotton to race realism, honest discussions about Jewish influence, White advocates and so on. Their implacable hostility to Lindsay makes that clear.

The canard that White Nationalists are “White Supremacists” can easily be dealt with. A hundred years ago, the typical White Supremacist believed in a vertical hierarchy of races. He didn’t object to living amongst “darkies” provided they were kept in their place. In the Jim Crow South, there was a strong sense of paternalism; White men talked fondly of “their negroes” as if they were their own wards or children. This is not at all the world that 21st century White Nationalists wish to return to. William Pierce wasn’t William Lowndes Yancey.

White Nationalism has a long pedigree in America. In the nineteenth century, it was derided as “free soilism” by the real White Supremacists who supported the expansion of slavery. The roots of White Nationalism can be traced back to the Borderland that separated North and South. In this region, there was always a strong sentiment amongst common whites that the separatism which threatened to destroy the Union would disappear if the negro could be deported to some faraway land.

White Nationalists and White Supremacists clashed repeatedly over slavery, immigration, internal improvements, the tariff, Catholicism, federalism, interpretation of the Constitution, and a number of other issues. The distinction between the two has been lost in mainstream discourse only because America has moved so far to the left on racial issues. Today, the Klan is lumped in with Neo-Nazis, even though the original Ku Klux were inveterate enemies of national consolidation.

White Nationalists aren’t proposing anything more radical than a Japan for Whites. The Japanese seem to be getting ahead in the world without resorting to apartheid, expulsion or extermination. Racial separatism is infinitely preferable to a slow descent into the Third World, a fate which Lindsay says he wouldn’t wish on anyone, but is ideologically resigned to.

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  1. Black slavery filled a temporary need for cheap labor during the development of the colonies. It benefited a wealthy minority and is rejected just as strongly by white nationalists as liberals and blacks.

    As a historical note, when Georgia was founded it originally had a ban on slavery thanks to James Oglethorpe. He wanted Georgia to be a haven for Britain’s “worthy poor.” Once he left the colony things changed.

  2. “Lindsay: The racial separatist impulse is automatically based on supremacism, which is one reason I can’t stand any racial separatism.”

    Typical obfuscation and reductionism.

    Let’s consider the word supremacy. It means “the state of being supreme,” or “the supreme authority or power.”

    With that in mind, it would imply white supremacists want to rule over and dominate non-whites. This is a clear distinction then compared to white nationalists and separatists, who do not want any governing power over non-whites. In fact white nationalists, like David Duke, want non-whites to have the same self-determination for themselves as whites. This is fair, equal, and has nothing to do with supremacism.

    Actually, multiculturalism/liberalism is farm more supremacist. It forces people together, attempts to enforce equality by coercion, propaganda, bullying, violence, discrimination against whites to benefit non-whites, and punishment by law.

  3. White nationalists are all White supremacists because most all WN’s think that Whites are better than all the other races. That’s why they need to separate, need to discriminate, need to expel, on and on.

    This is also behind the whole fixation on “We are going extinct.” Fact is, ethnic groups and their genetic lines are going extinct all over the world as we speak. It’s always been going on, but the process is pretty accelerated now. Now one much cares. The only thing anyone cares about is preserving their culture and language, but that gets harder as the ethnic group intermarries so much.

    No one seems to give a damn about genetic extinction. Why don’t they care? Because none of these groups think their genes are better than everyone else’s genes. Only Whites do. Only WN’s think that their genes are better that the genes of all other humans. This is the impetus behind all WN, White separatism, neo-Nazism and all that.

    You want to argue with me about that?

  4. Sure.

    I don’t necessarily believe that Whites are better than other races in every respect. I’m willing to grant that Jews and East Asians might have an edge in intelligence and are less prone to violent crime. Blacks are known to out compete Whites in a number of sports. I believe in the existence of racial differences, but I don’t subscribe to a vertical hierarchy of races. Separatism isn’t contingent on white superiority in any given area.

    Feel free to review my posts. I haven’t said anywhere that Whites ought to separate from non-Whites because the latter are inferior. While it is true that blacks are generally less intelligent and more inclined to violent crime, I haven’t invoked those rationales as a cause for separatism. In terms of science and technology, Whites have much to crow about, but I haven’t said that is why Whites should separate either.

    Even if the facts were otherwise, I would still be a separatist. The most primitive tribes on earth have a positive sense of self worth. They plan for their own future and instinctively resist their own displacement. Supremacism has nothing to do with the matter.

    I strongly disagree that no one else gives a damn about their own extinction. Jews fret endlessly over intermarriage and their low birthrate. In Dothan, AL, which is about 100 miles from here, the local Jewish community is offering to pay Jewish families $50,000 to move there. The Japanese have gone to unbelievable technological extremes to avoid importing non-White cheap labor into Japan. Few non-White countries have insane immigration policies comparable to our own.

    I take it you have never been a parent either. I don’t know of anyone who thinks the children of strangers are just as precious as their own. I’m not convinced that non-kin are equal to my own kin. The vast majority of humans throughout history have felt the same way. It is utterly unnatural for an in-group to demonize ethnocentric behavior.

    This hasn’t always been the case in America. I have devoted many hours to explaining how we arrived at this point. It has all been discussed in previous threads.

  5. Robert Lindsay has obviously never read Frank Salter’s monograph on ethnic genetic interests ( ). Like all families, ethnic groups have genetic interests; and fight to safeguard and promote them. Surely Lindsay doesn’t attribute the natural in-group out-group dynamic to Whites only! As to miscegenation, a highly maladaptive behavior from a evolutionary perspective, it’s only occurring on a massive scale in the West, mainly because of racial proximity and because Whites (pace Lindsay) are the least ethnocentric people in the world. Steve Sailer has written about this point:

    This notion that the entire world will soon consist of one beige race is both highly popular and highly dubious. I see little statistical evidence to suggest that there will be significantly greater racial admixture in either Asia or Africa anytime in the 21st Century … and that’s where most humans will live.

  6. At his blog, Lindsay is making much over the distinction between racial separatism and ethnic separatism. In America, “race” was always an ethnic marker. It was part of a complete package of “authentic Americanism” which also featured the English language, Protestantism, and republican political principles.

  7. “Lindsay: The racial separatist impulse is automatically based on supremacism, which is one reason I can’t stand any racial separatism.”

    You can not be Supreme over something you are Separate from!

  8. For the record, I don’t have anything against White Supremacy. I consider it a healthy myth. I wouldn’t attack a man who believes his children are the best children in the world. On the same grounds, I have nothing against people who believe Whites are a superior race or the best race in existence. At least their beliefs are adaptive, unlike those of the Left.

  9. Let’s go further in this vein of argument: in reality, God probably didn’t command the faithful to “be fruitful and multiply,” their own wise tribal elders did on His authority, but it still happens to be a good idea. It is a healthy myth that facilitates the survival and propagation of the group.

  10. I’m reading now Mark Steyn’s America Alone. He makes a lot of sense on the demography question. It’s a very good book.

  11. Robert Lindsay won’t admit that Judiasm is a race based religion with patently racist passages and endless supremicist laws in it’s scriptures. German National Socialist race philosophy and policy was a mirror image of ancient Judaic attitudes about gentiles. The essential teachings of Judiasm are supremicist, but camouflaged by a veneer of universalism (Tikkun Olam) that makes them appear to outsiders to be more moral than than actually are. Israel Shahak blew the whistle on this Talmudic mumbo jumbo. He should be essential reading for WNs whom Lindsay and others don’t seem to understand just want to left alone now. Whites never needed the other races as much as they need Whites. They envied the old America we made for ourselves so much they came here and killed it.

  12. Here’s a treat for the readership: free LOLz via CNN’s “Black in America” project. The links go to short but cringe-inducingly lame propaganda clips about the experience of being a black teenager in America, as rapped/narrated by black American teenagers.

    Free LOLz. I promise. 🙂

    P.S. My apologies if this is not entirely germane to the subject at hand. It was just too good to pass up…

  13. I forgot to add: Do NOT miss the Steve Urkel-looking kid in the middle, or the ‘lil Lootie’ knockoff to the left of him.

    And lest I be accused of frivolity, I’ll add that we’ll all be dead in due time. Life is too short not to laugh.

  14. Thanks very much, Wade. I mean it. I almost (but not quite) spit out my gin and tonic cocktails when I clicked on your ‘YouTube student rap stars take on poetry’ links. Incredibly moronic. I need another drink.

  15. RL:”No one seems to give a damn about genetic extinction. Why don’t they care? Because none of these groups think their genes are better than everyone else’s genes. Only Whites do. Only WN’s think that their genes are better that the genes of all other humans.”

    Hey Mr. Lindsay…NEWSFLASH! White genes ARE definitely ‘better’ than non-White genes if history in general, White cultural advancement vs. non-White cultural advancement (in terms of science, technology, medicine, art, politics, etc), and the generally advanced level of White civilization compared to non-White civilization is any judge (and it obviously is). That being said, I am not some crazed and murderous White supremacist who wants to start committing genocide on all non-Whites…hell no. I used to be totally and completely against any whiff of so-called ‘White supremacy’ until I got in racialism and started following the pro-White movement about 2-3 years ago. But the facts about ‘White genetic supremacy’ pretty much speak for themselves if you are being totally (even brutally) honest with yourself and others about history and the socio-racial development of human civilization; as Alexander Solzhenitsyn once wrote/said: “Live Not By Lies” –

    I can’t believe that I (as a just-turned 27 year old) must lecture a 50+ year old about this most obvious and basic stuff …the Jewish-brainwashing sure runs deep in you American baby-boomers, that’s for damn sure. It was most likely all that sickening TV emanating from the Jewish-infested mass-media that y’all watched while growing up that messed with your minds so much.

  16. It’s pointless for Roberto to villify WN’s for being racial supremacists when every non-white racial group believes itself to be superior to whites. Yet, Roberto singles out only WN’s for opprobrium. Why doesn’t he launch any tirades against NAACP, NOI, Mecha, La Raza, and the now embryonic Asian racial organizations? Why must whites be the only race that are required to live up to his lofty, but impossible liberal ideal of racial equality?

    For starters, Bobby, whites are superior at building and maintaining great civilizations at least by our own standards. What non-white racial group has created a civilization on par with ancient Greece, Rome, The British Empire and modern Europe and America? Virtually all technological advancements were the creation of Western minds. So given all of this why don’t whites have the right to feel they are better than other races? Why should we desire to mix our blood with Bushmen of the Kalahari or Arab goat herders?

  17. In some ways, Lindsay reminds me of Auster. If given the choice, he would prefer to rollback time to the California of his youth. Auster idolizes the New York City of 1964. In both cases, the California and New York City of the past contained the seeds of their own destruction.

    I haven’t seen anything in the last ten years that has fundamentally challenged my worldview. History has unfolded much as I predicted it would. The racial situation of Whites has only continued to worsen. We used to worry about 2050. The day of reckoning is now supposed to come in 2041.

    It will be interesting to see if Lindsay is still bashing White Nationalism in 2019. Much will happen between now and then.

  18. I definitely believe that the White race is vastly superior to all other races. Moreover, I believe that White Americans are superior to Europeans — especially Southern Europeans. That being said, I reject the label “White supremacist.” This is because I want separation for White Americans. Usually, when most people think of a White supremacist they think of someone who wants Whites to rule over non-Whites. And for this to happen we would have to have a multiracial state — which I object to.

    If people such as Mr. Lindsay have a problem with the notion of White supremacy then they can get lost. I’m not worried about what they think. Besides, people who object to the notion that Whites are superior will find many other reasons to object to our beliefs even if we appease them and say that all races are naturally equal.

    By the way, my desire for separation definitely doesn’t come from my belief in White supremacy. If Whites were not superior I would still definitely want them to separate. One doesn’t need to believe his people are superior to care about them. All that matters is that they are his people.

  19. I’m glad you enjoyed CNN’s delving into the realms of the retarded, Moonlight. It brightened my day, too. 🙂

    That said, and regarding to the topic of this post: Whites who kvetch, whine, and cry about pro-white politics equating to “white supremacy” generally harbor deep-seated feelings of inferiority. They fear that any qualitative sorting on the basis of race would lead to further qualitative sorting within the “white race.” Deep down, the anti-racists worry that they wouldn’t make the cut–that their inferiority would be exposed and they’d be the next to go.

    Liberal do-gooders and antiracists are comforted by the spectacle of multicultural dysfunction and the hopelessness of the black underclass. It salves their defective sense of self-worth to feel -needed- by a pathetic or non-performing client group (blacks, asylum-seekers, single mothers, drug addicts etc.). As long as inferior-feeling whites have groups around that are beneath them on the totem-pole, they feel safe and smug. In their own minds, they cast themselves as benevolent and morally superior ‘heroes of the masses’ in order to submerge their own sense of inadequacy.

    By insisting that the Multi-Cult be mandatory for all, white liberals and antiracists hold us all hostage to their own mediocrity. We’re all supposed to play along with their fantasies of self-redemption. (Of course, non-whites and Jews simply peddle the canard of “white supremacy” because they don’t want to be booted from the parasitic, free-for-all, feeding-frenzy the West has become.)

  20. Wade Williams’ comment just above (#23) sound plausible and might actually explain someone like Lindsay. Otherwise, what could possibly be making Lindsay tick?

  21. White nationalists are all White supremacists because most all WN’s think that Whites are better than all the other races. That’s why they need to separate, need to discriminate, need to expel, on and on.

    It’s about looks first and last. That’s an idiomatic expression but in this case also literally true. Looks are the first thing one finds objectionable about a racial other, well before the racial other has had a chance to open his mouth or demonstrate behavior. No one knew what black IQ was — or even what IQ was — or that blacks were cannibals when they first encountered Africans but they found them objectionable all the same. Once all the arguments against diversity, immigration, crime, multiculturalism etc are understood (and exhausted), looks become the final argument for racialism. That’s no why no whites mind admitting the Japs have a superior civilization in many ways or that the Chinks will soon have one — because they think bah who cares at least I don’t look like one of them. And that’s also why reasonable (I don’t advocate them but they are reasonable) racial positions like pan-European or pan-Caucasoid nationalism fizzle: the nord absolutely loathes the southern and (to a lesser extent?) eastern Europid. [See Friedrich Braun in action at VNN against that dopey dago diabloblanco for entertaining examples.]

  22. Lindsay is a revisionist socialist (not really a Marxist). Berianidze is a hardcore marxist who believes in class conflict and necessary violent revolution.

    Auster is a Republican. He’s inside the box.

  23. As a male chauvinist, I do idolize the fact that Negroes have high testosterone and prefer “hardcore” blacks to liberal Blacks.

    But I don’t think they for the most part should lead as intellectuals. They are better for blue collar stuff.

  24. Thanks for the nod. Fred. I felt gratified to see that you had ‘syndicated’ some of my observations about capitalism and feminism over at Majority Rights. I’m glad you found value in them and I hope others did, too. Ultimately, I’m just recycling, refining, and reclarifying ideas from this site, MR, VNN, iSteve etc., in the hope that I might make some things clearer for myself and others.

  25. Deep down, the anti-racists worry that they wouldn’t make the cut–that their inferiority would be exposed and they’d be the next to go.

    It’s with good reason isn’t it? So many of you are revulsionists. It’s not even enough that someone is white (of the same substrate) for some of you: he or she isn’t pretty enough, or the body shape isn’t quite right (torso too long, limbs too short), or someone’s just too damn dumb (and needs to be told so!). It’s a straight ticket to a hereditary aristocracy and the good life for some and misery and depression for others. The essence of leftism is to say hell no, no more of that you sons of bitches; we poor bastards near or at the bottom are people too even if we didn’t win the genetic lottery; we’ve only one life to live and we demand a fairer deal and by God we’ll threaten to fuck you bastards over royally if you deny it to us just to protect your unearned privileges. So there.

  26. Good post. I would like to see America be like Switzerland: a collection of white cultures with shared values, broad prosperity and liberty for all, socially egalitarian, local autonomy, no peon class and no foreign entanglements.

  27. “It’s a straight ticket to a hereditary aristocracy and the good life for some and misery and depression for others.”

    mmm…no…the whole point of eugenics is to prevent such genetic debris from seeing the light of day. We don’t need idiots or the mentally ill.

  28. Actually, the liberalism of haughty White elites is almost always about their sense of superiority over the rubes out in flyover country.

  29. I answered a lot of your issues here on my site.

    Suffice to say, all of your premises are simply wrong. Furthering the line operates at the individual level, not the group level, and individual could give a damn how diluted his precious pure genes get with whoever he is breeding with. Evolution is very selfish. All it wants to do is further the line of individual. Indeed it is often adaptive to mass breed with competing peoples to introduce your line into theirs and extinguish their line. This would not be possible were we concerned with preserving our precious sperm lines. It’s long standing tribal practice to raid competing groups for brides. Kill the men, enslave the women. The women are brought back and bred into the group. That way the competing group is extinguished into your line. No concerns with purity there. The tribes cares fuck all about the shape of the genes of stolen brides. All it wants to do is add them to its line and knock out the competing group. That there is some genetic prerogative for genetic purity is comical and no evolutionary biologist takes that seriously.

    As opposed to being adaptive, a prohibition against “race-mixing” or breeding with outgroups is incredibly non-adaptive in an evolutionary sense. All it does is lead to inbred lines that then get messed up and either go extinct or cannot compete well and get taken out by competitors.

    I have no problems with the fact that you guys fight against the Laws of Nature and wish to set up cultures that fight Nature, but you should be honest about what you are doing, and as usual, you are not.

    As far as flyover country, I see the term “miscegenation” bandied about here a lot. That and “racemixing.” If you even utter words like that around here, you’re persona non grata. We don’t use caveman speech like that here. This is California. That’s just cracker talk, peckerwood talk. You use language like that and people will call you a Klansman.

  30. I wonder if lindsay is secretly mixed between two races (real races, not nationalities). He seems to really take offense to people who don’t see mass miscegenation as a good thing, and some multiracial people think that way to cover up the fact that they feel alienated.

    He’s still my comrade anyways.

  31. mmm…no…the whole point of eugenics is to prevent such genetic debris from seeing the light of day.

    I agree but eugenics isn’t part and parcel of WN; many of you loath it. I’m an avid eugenicist but I really can’t see the eugenic cause ever advancing by pointing the finger at people and calling them “genetic debris.” You’d need a totalitarian government to impose it and it would only do so in the teeth of massive opposition and it’s supremely unlikely to last very long. I think it a far better idea to cultivate a culture which takes a compassionate view of the vagaries of heredity and rewards people for eugenic cooperation. And isn’t this the way most people (normal people, not frothing totalitarians) experience life anyway? That laborer down the road might be a bit of a dimbulb but he’s a likable character; he’d be even more likable if he took measures to strengthen the group, like either forgoing procreating or artificially conceiving a child not his own. [That last point would be fertile ground for a leftist assault — why accept this notion that one’s own genes are the greatest and must be passed on? Why not cultivate the idea that some genes are more worth passing on than others and encourage individuals to see matters in this light?]

    We don’t need idiots or the mentally ill.

    No one has said that you do. But you have them and they deserve a better deal than to be treated as merely idiots — and certainly not simply because it offends a totalitarian nutter’s sensibilities.

  32. “We don’t need idiots or the mentally ill.”

    I dare you to say that in front of Sarah Palin! She’d field-dress you before you could say, Peter Albert David Singer. 🙂

  33. “As opposed to being adaptive, a prohibition against “race-mixing” or breeding with outgroups is incredibly non-adaptive in an evolutionary sense. All it does is lead to inbred lines that then get messed up and either go extinct or cannot compete well and get taken out by competitors.”

    This is mostly false. There’s enough genetic variance within an ethnic group to avoid all the nefarious consequences of reproducing within the in-group. The overwhelming majority of people still marry and reproduce within their in-group, of course. That has been the pattern in Europe for millennia, until mass migrations started in the 60s. Ashkenazi Jews, to cite an obvious example, are the most in-bred group in the world and with the highest mean I.Q., so that level of in-breading hasn’t been entirely deleterious for them. What Frank Salter says, and you obviously haven’t read him but comment nevertheless, is that reproducing within one’s ethnic group maximizes one’s genetic input in one’s progeny; and that’s highly adaptive. For example, a White woman is genetically closer to a random member of her race than to her racially mixed child. That’s particularly the case if her partner was genetically distant.

    The maladaptive nature of miscegenation has been exhaustively covered in this thread:

  34. No, I am pure White (except I am related to Pocohontas) but that’s way less than 1% Amerindian and won’t even show up in a genetic test as it’s all been washed out by now. Beyond that, there’s no Black, Mestizo, Asian, anything. It’s all White.

    One line came over on both the first Mayflower and the second Mayflower boat from England. I am related to Priscilla Mullins and Robert Alden on the first Mayflower. You may Google them. This line goes to 1600’s Virginia, and yes we are one of the First Families of Virginia. This is where Pocohontas comes in.

    Later this line splits between slaveholders and non, and fights on both sides of the Civil War. I’m related to Stonewall Jackson and the JP Morgan of Morgan Bank. It’s an old WASP line and my grandpa was a racist from Kansas City with a lot of money who knew Harry Truman before he was famous. He also knew John Kennedy and Adlai Stevenson.

    The other line came over in 1740 from Baden Wurttemburg to Maryland.

    One line goes back in England to Eleanor of Aquitaine, then to Charlemagne, then to Charlemagne’s conquests of the Lombards in Italy. It’s lost there, in Lombardic Italy, 1000 or so.

    The other line is German, from northern Baden to Maryland, Protestant. Before that, to 1600’s Bern, Switzerland, before that, the Piedmont in NW Italy of Occitan speakers, before that, to the Provencal speakers of SE France who got caught up in the Waldensian Heresy of 1300, before that, possibly to Catalonia year 1000 or 1100. Protestants from Occitania.

    There is also a French line that goes back to the first French setters of Canada in the 1600’s, then to Normandy.

    Another Scottish line to the Isle of Uist in Scotland. Google it, it’s a really weird place.

  35. Silver, I’m not interested in arguing with you, as you’re too far removed from my sensibilities. I don’t care about hurting anyone’s feelings. This should be clear after all those years. There’s nothing sacred or inherently valuable about the human animal. It all depends on the human animal in question and his or her attributes. I grant you that at the present time eugenics only has a real future in China and other authoritarian and homogeneous East Asian nations. Richard Lynn makes that very point in his excellent book on eugenics. He sees China as carrying the mantle of progress and civilization into the future, since the West is decadent, old, weak, exhausted and has reached a point of civilizational ennui.

  36. You guys are arguing against basic biology. Outbreeding is adaptive, inbreeding is bad news. Mammals, birds, insects, everything does it. Jews are full of tons of screwed up and ugly genetic diseases and the only way they pulled it off was by introducing a Super Culture (a Super Religion) that kept Jews from doing what they would otherwise have done naturally, breed out in large numbers. Judaism is not a Darwinist religion, it’s anti-Darwinist and deliberately non-adaptive.

  37. 1.) You don’t seem to have replied to my initial point: racial separatism isn’t premised on white supremacy. If the facts were otherwise, do you think anyone here would not be a separatist? Should I take a poll?

    2.) You can’t seem to make up your mind. On the one hand, you claim that furthering one’s genetic line is a purely individual matter. On the other, you paint a lurid portrait of group competition. So which is it? These two positions are mutually exclusive.

    3.) In your previous post, you claimed that no one gives a damn about their genetic extinction. You went on to say that no one aside from Whites think their genes are better than anyone else’s genes.

    But above you completely reverse yourself: you point to tribes which raid other tribes for brides and interbreed to “knock out” the germline of their competitors. Obviously, the dominant tribe considers its own genes to be of some considerable importance. If not, why would they resort to massacaring all the defeated males?

    4.) I specifically said above that not caring about one’s own genetic extinction is plainly a non-adaptive behavior. In response, you have constructed an elaborate straw man argument in support of miscegenation.

    This misses the point entirely – people who miscegenate and have children don’t go extinct. I’m not sure where you got that idea. Their genes, albeit in a diluted form, survive into the next generation.

    5.) No one here is advocating inbreeding of a scale of, say, the Amish. There is plenty of genetic diversity to go around within the White race. As for miscegenation, I don’t see the Dominican Republic as a model worth imitating.

    6.) How is practicing kin selection a culture that fights against nature?

    7.) Yeah, I know. Are all the women in California valley girls or is that just a stereotype?

  38. You forgot to mention that Jews are also the wealthiest ethnic group in America. Jews account for over half of America’s billionaires. No other ethnic group exercises such a degree of power out of proportion to its numbers. Would you rather be a Jew or a mullato living in squalor somewhere in the Dominican Republic?

  39. I read the Alon Ziv thread. It’s utter nonsense, like everything these anti-scientific people write.

    Around here anti-racism is just normal. The weirdo Neadertals are the racists and if you’re not quiet about it, you’ll be a social outcast. It’s a humorous lie of White nationalists that La Raza, MALDEF, NAACP, Urban League etc are these viciously racist organizations promoting Black and Brown supremacy. Why do WN’s tell silly lies like this? Because they are projecting. Those groups have nothing to do with Black and Brown Supremacy, they are not separatist, they are not even racist. They are proud anti-racist groups who are advocates for Blacks and Browns.

    I don’t have an inferiority complex. My problems are in the opposite direction. I think I’m better than other humans. I strut around like a swaggering cocky prick, and I think I’m King of the World. I have ego issues. I have to tone it down all the time to try not be arrogant and piss people off.

  40. The NAACP, Urban League, La Raza, and MALDEF are all racial activist organizations. They all have the same racial agenda which is to advance the interests of their respective group. The NAACP quit arguing for simple equality before the law decades ago.

  41. Any close reading of history clearly shows that great empires and civilizations collapsed in large measure because the founding peoples mixed with aliens. It was true for Rome and it was true for Egypt. Lindsay, tell us about the cultural and scientific achievements of the heavily mixed Brazilians. I’m waiting. Still waiting. How about East Indians? Have you been to India, Lindsay? This glorious heavily mixed population of subhumans still urinates and defecates in public as a matter of course. They’re the filthiest and most corrupt people on the planet.

  42. “I don’t have an inferiority complex. My problems are in the opposite direction. I think I’m better than other humans. I strut around like a swaggering cocky prick, and I think I’m King of the World. I have ego issues. I have to tone it down all the time to try not be arrogant and piss people off.”

    This is why your claims of, and belief in “Equality” are utter bullsh-t, Robert!

    Like all good ‘Leftists’, your schizophrenic position on race is just that — a ruse to disguise your feelings of “moral’ ‘superiority” over others. Steve Sailer has got this narcissistic attitude pinned down oh so perfectly. Consider –

    “White anti-white racism is a broadly fashionable attitude that extends far beyond loonies like Ignatiev. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it formally explained, although Tom Wolfe’s novels show it in action.

    “The usual explanations of what drives whites like Ignatiev are “white guilt” or “self-loathing.” But does Ignatiev appear as if he personally feels guilt or self-loathing?

    “No—he sounds like he’s having the time of his life arguing that you should feel guilt etc. He comes across as an arrogant, hostile jerk who thinks the world of himself.

    “He wants to feel that he’s better than other whites and to rub their faces in it. The bad guys in his book are Irish Catholics and Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Ignatiev himself is neither.”


    “And this is typical, in my experience: whites who proclaim their anti-white feelings don’t really care much about blacks or other minorities, pro or con. What they care about is achieving social superiority over other whites by demonstrating their exquisite racial sensitivity and their aristocratic insouciance about any competitive threats posed by racial preferences.”

    Gotta love ya though man! You are one of the most OPEN ‘Leftists’ that ever existed!

  43. Robert Lindsay: “As opposed to being adaptive, a prohibition against “race-mixing” or breeding with outgroups is incredibly non-adaptive in an evolutionary sense. All it does is lead to inbred lines that then get messed up and either go extinct or cannot compete well and get taken out by competitors.”

    Unfortunately for you, a brief survey of the world shows that you are wrong. By your standards, the Japanese are hopelessly inbred. Result? A successful nation. Same for the Swedes, the Finns, the Icelanders, you name it. Where do a disproportionate number of the world’s most beautiful models come from? Places that are, by your ridiculous standards, inbred. Of course, in reality, they aren’t inbred at all, at least not in the way you suggest.

    Now, in contrast, let’s look at some of the most mixed nations on the planet. See Brazil and other highly mixed parts of Latin America. See the mixed areas of northern Africa and Asia. They suck. Whites lose from miscegenation. Perhaps blacks and indians gain somewhat, but only at the expense of destroying whites.

    This whole inbreeding thing is really just a canard. A pathetic attempt to equate a Japanese marrying another Japanese, out of a population of well over 100 million, with close family members reproducing. They aren’t the same thing, not even close. And frankly, it’s a pretty disgusting mind that would view them as the same thing. You write a good post on the whites of Latin America, yet when you debate the issue you resort to 7th grade level b.s.

    But what we are really seeing is just excuse 1001, always put forward by the Left, to justify some form of genocide. You guys always got a reason why it is o.k. for whitey to be wiped out. It’s healthy!!! It’s inevitable!!! Captain Kirk got it on with Uhura!! Give me a break. Your reasons for supporting anti-white genocide just keep getting lamer and lamer. I don’t know why you try to paint yourself as a radical leftist. You’re just a system hack, no different from the Monitor. Different sides of the same coin.

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