The Belleville Protest

Yesterday, the National Socialist Movement held a protest in Belleville, Illinois to draw attention to the now infamous savage black-on-white beating on a school bus. The rally drew hundreds of spectators and a vigil by a local church group. There are a few scathing blurbs about “Nazis” and “white supremacists” in the local press.

Needless to say, the NSM’s embarrassing aesthetics are grist for the prevailing liberal stereotypes about White Nationalism, but the fashion choices of a few marginalized skinheads is less noteworthy than this huge story being flushed down the national memory hole. If the situation had been reversed and a mob of White kids had cheered on the beating of a lone negro student, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have marched, President Barack Obama would have called it a “teachable moment,” and the New York Times would have run a series of op-eds about the need for another “national conversation” about race.

Where have the conservatives been on Belleville? In 2009, where are the brigades of a mature White Nationalist movement marching in the streets? If there is any lesson for us to learn in this, aside from the fact that we live under a hideous anti-White double standard, the NSM has once again succeeded in drawing attention to the organizational disarray of our side of the political spectrum.

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  1. “Needless to say, the NSM’s embarrassing aesthetics are grist for the prevailing liberal stereotypes about White Nationalism,”

    Despite whatever protestations we may make to the contrary, status seeking is with us all, and always. Claiming status seeking is not important to us is itself a form of status seeking. So we are rightly concerned with appearances, which are the sine qua non of status achievement, and couldn’t help it even if we tried not to, so let us try.

    ‘I want people who are like the me I imagine myself to be to like me.’

    I wonder if that has anything to do with the creation of myth.

  2. “Where have the conservatives been on Belleville?”

    The sad truth is that conservatives of every stripe are deeply opposed to what they see as the tribalization of American society when it comes to white activists. However, they decline to speak up forcefully when African Americans, American Latinos, American Indians, Asian Americans, Jewish Americans, and Muslim Americans explicitly and stridently demand that their tribal status be recognized, but conservatives reserve their right to go hostile on tribalization ideology when its values are preached among the diverse white American peoples.

    True conservatives of every stripe are forced by their belief in a unitary state to view Belleville as a local police matter, unassociated with larger trends, especially demographic clashes which “cannot” happen in America. Conservatives offer us nothing but slow death, and liberals don’t like us for their own inscrutable reasons into which we may inquire by examining the French Revolution (1789), the Haitian Revolution (1791), and the Soviet Revolution (1917) for nightmarish possibilities for us.

    And that’s why we consider left-right, conservative-liberal, and Republican-Democratic to be disordered categories of discourse. None of those categories has any sympathy for the living, breathing, diverse white American peoples. We are the only ones who care about us.

  3. How can there be any organization when there are no shared concepts? What is a liberal? What a conservative? What is socialism? National, international? What the objective? What is this? What is that? What is anything? How can you communicate when everything falls down to debates over the correct meaning of what this word or that word represents? Or even what historical “facts” are or are not, and the meaning they have? What the short, and medium term goals are?
    That is an example of what preceeded the counter revolution in Germany. I’m not suggesting that his definitions should be used, but definitions have to be made from the concrete world around us to the abstract, from the understanding to the reason. And when decided upon expounded. What is needed is language and then a world-view. Evolutionary psychology, darwinism, fbi stats, don’t cut it. Once the concepts, which can act a symbols of communication, are formulated and spread the central idea, which will become the nucleus of the world-view, will form.

    In the words of Goebbels:
    “Ideas in themselves are timeless. They are not tied to individuals, much less to a people. They rest in a people, it is true, and affect their attitudes. Ideas, people say, are in the clouds. When someone comes along who can put in words what everyone feels in their hearts, each feels: “Yes! That is what I have always wanted and hoped for.” That is what happens the first time one hears one of Hitler’s major speeches. I have met people who had attended a Hitler meeting for the first time, and at the end they said: “This man put in words everything I have been searching for for years. For the first time, someone gave form to what I want.” Others are lost in confusion, but suddenly someone stands up and puts it in words. Goethe’s words become reality: ‘Lost in silent misery, God gave someone to express my suffering.’

    “Some kind of idea is at the beginning of every political movement. It is not necessary to put this idea in a thick book, nor that it take political form in a hundred long paragraphs. History proves that the greatest world movements have always developed when their leaders knew how to unify their followers under a short, clear theme. That is clear from the French Revolution, or Cromwell’s movement, or Buddhism, Islam, or Christianity. Christ’s goal was clear and simple: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” He gathered his followers behind that straightforward statement. Because this teaching was simple, crisp, clear, and understandable, enabling the broad masses to stand behind it, it in the end conquered the world.

    “One then builds a whole system of thought on such a brief, crisply formulated idea. The idea does not remain limited to this single statement, rather it is applied to every aspect of daily life and becomes the guide for all human activity — politics, culture, the economy, every area of human behavior. It becomes a worldview. We see that in all great revolutionary movements, which begin with a clear, crisp, understandable, all-encompassing idea. They spread more and more and become a mirror of life that reflects all activities of the peoples, and indeed in a particular way.

    “Then one can say that a person has a worldview—not because he knows a lot or has read a lot—but because he sees all of life from a certain standpoint, and measures everything by a certain standard.”

  4. Speaking of American Nazis, the National Geographic Channel is running a program about them tonight at 9 PM EDT – it’ll probably be just another lying hit piece put together and directed by far-leftist ‘anti-racist,’ Jews, cultural Marxists, SPLCers/ADLers, etc. Even the commercial for the program has some ugly Jewess saying something like “It’s pure anti-Semitism.” What a crock. Anyhow, the info is @

    The non-Nazi wing of the American White nationalist movement does need to start doing things to counter the image that ALL pro-White activists are skinheaded Neo-Nazi thugs with a penchant for loudmouthed public costume parties. Perhaps in another 2-3 years more ‘respectable’ American White nationalists and pro-White activists can start organizing and taking to the streets more and thus work to dispel the myth that we are all a bunch of Hitler-lovin’ crazies

  5. Yeah, credit due. At least they did something. Nobody else did.

    But, at the end of the day, Prozium nails it. This event shows the utter organizational (as opposed to intellectual) bankruptcy of present day white nationalism. We’ve got a lot going on in cyberspace, and some of it is pretty exciting. I really do think that the intellectual groundwork is being laid, and that has to come first. But, at the end of the day, we need to move to the next level, and part of that is probably going to mean putting boots on the ground. I think the atmosphere is more favorable to this than it has been in decades.

    The whole town hall and Tea Party phenomenon is pretty exciting, if for no other reason than it is the first time that “normal” people have really taken to the streets in a big way. For as long as I can remember, street activism has been almost entirely the domain of the Left. The Left put boots on the ground. Normal whites never did. That’s beginning to change, and if nothing else the Tea Partiers have set an example, and shown that it is “o.k.” for normal whites to hit the streets. To actually push back, instead of just grumble and settle back into the easy chair with a beer.

    We’ve got to be able to achieve some organizational strength, with normal white men and women hitting the streets in defense of whites. No uniforms, no weird symbols, nothing alien. Just normal whites with a serious point to make. Linder has been promoting the idea of a legal/activist organization. With credible leadership and the right circumstances, combined with a little bit of luck, it’s entirely possible that white nationalism could move to the next level in rapid order.

    And yes, no matter how “normal” the white activists are, the system will still demonize and smear them. That’s no excuse for helping the smear campaign by showing up in nazi regalia and clown shoes. The circumstances seem more and more favorable for serious white activism unburdened by the fetishes and baggage of the past. But it’s going to take serious leadership, and that hasn’t really been meaningfully offered.

    It’s amazing, really. With all of the smart people involved in white nationalism, we can’t come up with a single credible person who is ready, willing and able to lead such an effort? The times are increasingly ripe for action. Where is the man of the hour?

  6. “At least these retards are doing something outside of cyberspace.”

    The morally and mentally deficient are not suited for leadership. Only a person who is morally deficient would exhort the extermination of masses of people who were powerless beneath him.

    “With all of the smart people involved in white nationalism, we can’t come up with a single credible person who is ready, willing and able to lead such an effort?”

    David Duke’s presentation style and abilities are I think pitch perfect in the current milieu.

  7. Why are these so-called national socialists waving the U.S. flag? Even the dumb-ass real Nazi party had the sense to know they were standing for a nation that was in no way represented by the flag of Weimar.

  8. You can’t have effective organisation without hierarchy. Say the Beckinsteins wander out to graze again, and you decide to do some street theatre, grab a soap box and pontifacate on… illegal immigration, jobs going to China,… take your pick, it is a target rich enviroment. Suppose someone doesn’t like what you are saying and wants to stop you from saying it? Well you need some people to defend your ‘right’ to free speech. How are people going to remember who was speaking? Maybe some easily remembered symbol. How shall you make out your people in the crowd? Maybe some article of clothing.

    There are reasons for things. They weren’t done willy-nilly in the past because somebody thought it might be cool to do them. They are practical. Maybe some or none of these things will be required. But in any effective organisation hierachy is a necessity.

  9. Maybe you guys haven’t heard but there was a 2nd event in Riverside CA as well:

    I give these guys credit for at least doing something.

    A few years ago Linder did a rally against the Brown Vs. Board decision and there are photos of him somewhere dressed in a SUIT AND TIE AND HOLDING A SIGN. That is the way to go. Maybe someone can dig out those photos? I can’t seem to find them. (not the Knoxville rally, the Brown vs. Board one)

  10. Excellent comment by Bo @ #2 above.

    I too give credit to these guys for taking to the streets. But I also agree that it is insufficient and inadequate; WNs need to do more. How? I’m willing to entertain ideas.

  11. I think that we should give history it’s due when it comes to these American Nazi groups and call it like it is. These groups have historically been infiltrated by Jews and Feds to an unbelievable level. That’s not to say that all members are such but there have been enough, along with secret Jewish financial backing, such as up in Canada, that anyone wearing a uniform and screaming white power is suspect in my eyes. I believe the only real purpose in these events is to draw media attention to the secret Jewish agenda, ie. showing what morons white nationalists in particular are and people of white awareness are in general.
    “At least they did something”…….Yeah, they did something alright. They took another legitimate grievance of the white race and made anyone who’s even loosely associated with advancing white interests or protecting white children look like assholes.
    For the legit members of these organizations…..wise up. They’ve been doing this for 50 years and it’s a perfect feed into the Jew agenda. Find a few good spokesman, that have all their teeth in their mouth and begin some kind of public discourse that won’t alienate half of white America……….and get rid of the Mickey Mouse uniforms! Most of you people couldn’t organize a decent sized parade, let alone a paramilitary unit. Try a blazer and some slacks.

  12. @ Intruder:

    That is why I, and many other young racially conscious whites, stay the hell away from these movements. There is not a pro-white organization which currently exists that I would join, in fact. These orgs are filled with informants and agents provocateur. Now, perhaps I’m paranoid for avoiding them like the Black Death. But paranoid’s better than being locked up or dead.

  13. This case is retarded Fade. Can’t you pick a better case to make your point. It’s just two boys fighting.
    A bunch of White boys were cheering while the Black kid beat on the White, and a Black kid broke up the fight.

    I really doubt this had much of anything to do with race, except that when a school goes Black, tons of fights break out.

    For sure, this isn’t some “anti-White hate crime.”

  14. White people who congregate in groups and take to the streets are going to be called ‘nazis’ no matter what they do. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t wearing nazi uniforms: organised Whites are ‘nazis’ and ‘fascists’ anyway. Look at the anti-White race hate churned up in the media in the wake of the peaceful Tea Party protests.

  15. The Nazi uniforms provide a flamboyant distraction or decoy (so long as it doesn’t get out of hand) from the proper agenda, which from a strategy point of view would probably be best mechanized by stealth. You don’t go into a jungle war dressed like the MacDonald’s Man – maybe like Mickey Mouse, but not like the MacDonald’s Man. It’d be nice to see a few Vikings and Roman Centurions stomping at the White Power Shows as well, whilst the real show quietly gets on the road, using some degree of tact.

  16. Is anyone watching the TV or movies? Nothing a White-Centered organization does will ever be portrayed other than a bunch of nut cases, dumb rednecks, illiterate, ignorant white trash, or as cannon fodder for the ACLU, ADL, and SPLC and government agencies that need to create dangerous internal terrorists.

    Until the so called “white movement” can create, manage, and sustain a sophisticated propaganda machine as does the enemy organizations, they will continue to be marginalized and only useful for rating wars on Jerry Springer.

    When the so called “white movement” can offer something to White Men that makes them feel better, believe in a better future, encourage racial pride, motivate and empower the White Man, everything else they do will continue to sputter and fizzle.

    We are in a propaganda war. Why are the Jews, Blacks, and Mexicans (and now Asians) so effective at raising awareness of issues? They are very good at creating emotionally charged propaganda to motivate their people. They use victimization, extreme pride in accomplishments, exaggerated claims of greatness, etc etc. Everything is spun to their advantage and against their enemies.

    There is no place for mere facts and figures in a culture war; there is no place for fairness and integrity in a war. All wars are fought through deception, extremism, exaggerations, LEVERAGE of any and all possible situations, and for total and absolute victory and domination of the enemy. Everything must be spun to our advantage and against the enemy.

    Currently the so called White Movement is committed to mediocrity, safe positions, and stupid third grade tactics at getting attention.

    White Men cower and live in fear of being overheard speaking about Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, etc.., even when the truth is spoken. They look over their shoulders at work, at church, at the coffee shop, at Tractor Supply, at the grocery store, even at home, so as not to be over heard thinking as free men. For even their own wives and children are enslaved with anti-white, anti-west propaganda.

    Sherwood Smith

  17. By stealth, whisper-whisper word of mouth. Which is why your Homeland Security department now calls out any racially-aware person with a white skin as a potential terrorist. So sue them for libel – or defamation of character – and sue them aggressively. Oh dear, problem: most white lawyers are racial cowards. Except for VNN’s Ed Steele.

  18. Robert,

    If the races in this case had been reversed, it would have caused a national uproar about ‘white racism’ still being with us. Look at the hysterical reaction to Joe Wilson’s “You Lie” comment which had nothing to do with race.

  19. Gentilhommes,

    “There is no place for mere facts and figures in a culture war; there is no place for fairness and integrity in a war. All wars are fought through deception, extremism, exaggerations, LEVERAGE of any and all possible situations, and for total and absolute victory and domination of the enemy. Everything must be spun to our advantage and against the enemy.” (Sherwood Smith)

    Interesting perspective.

    What lies, illusions, exaggerations, and deceptions are at the disposal of WN for employment in this war for total victory and domination?

    The victimological litany that we can whip out for inspection by third parties is rather pathetic by comparison with the African instrument, for example. We’re thus going to have a hard time competing on the field of appeal to slavish sentiments and rectitude – the domain of lies in the world governed by lies and violence.


  20. Dear NN,

    The WhiteMan has been victimized by affirmative action – not only are the facts there but it is an emotionally charged subject for all Whites. They ALL feel cheated. And the more they KNOW about affirmative action the MORE they will feel cheated. How many times do you hear even the White Woman whispering about the unfairness of affirmative action?

    The White Man has been victimized by the Jewish Financial Schemes that destroy the financial wealth of hard working White Men. It doesn’t matter that “others” were victims. Blacks have made the most of slavery, even though many other were enslaved also.

    The White Man has been victimized by TV and Hollywood. Where is the outrage, where is the anger?

    The whole world lives off of the Western White Man. A small exaggeration of a glaring truth. Take away the top 30% of the Blacks in the world and what would happen? Nothing except the black crime statistics per black household would rise. Take away the top 30% of Mexicans in America and what would happen? Who would even notice. Take away the top 30% Asians in America and what would happen? OK.. so our university system would have a lot of vacancies, we might have a shortage of scientist! Big deal, too much research and tax money is spent on crap projects. Take away the top 30% of Jews in America? hmm.. No more political advisers that are anti-West, no more anti-white media, no more shyster financial schemes, no more lawsuits by Jews to remove the White Man’s religion from public displays, serious blow to porno business, and a great reduction in destructive art forms, and an end to homosexual activism.. Removing the top 30% of Jews could be biggest improvement in removing the largest destructive force in America. But, but remove the top 30% of White Men in America and what would happen? The complete end of America as we know it. The disappearance of all most all small enterprise in America, the disappearance of MOST farmers, the disappearance of almost all senior corporate leadership, the disappearance of almost all FBI, CIA, and other police personnel, the end of volunteer fire departments and even professional ones, the end of any rational military leadership, in other words every sector of America would be seriously crippled for at least a 100 years or more.

    The ONLY good thing of losing the top 30% of White Americans is the loss of the White Ruling Elite who have sold everyone out to Jewish financial schemes and destructive business models that no longer create wealth but simply loot and destroy other countries, pension funds, and existing businesses.

    Every country every culture in the world is copying, dreaming and looking at the White Man to define what is good, what is progress. It shows up in a thousand little things: Chinese girls want to look like light haired, light skinned American girls. Black women spend billions to have hair like the White Woman’s. Business men from Africa to China to Argentina try to dress, talk, plan and think like White American Business men. All music no mater where you go, no matter what language is regurgitated Western rock, pop, of wigger hip hop. and so on and so on… The whole world wants the best of White Western Culture to add to their own culture. No body wants to become Chinese girl, no body wants to be like Africans boys and girls, nobody wants to be a Mexican, no body wants to be a Chinese man, the whole world looks to the Aryan for innovation, leadership and direction.

    Did I miss anything?

    Sherwood Smith

  21. Gentilhommes,

    “Did I miss anything?” (Sherwood Smith)

    Little or nothing.

    But what is there of the above that is not substantially true and merely persuasive of Whites?

    I see no weapons for use on the enemy – no artful lies and exaggerations with which to dominate the battlefield and submit the enemy to our will.

    @SS: you are a naturally lousy liar – honky White goy can’t help but tell the truth.


  22. It’s worth pointing out that a large fraction of young whites look to Japan as their model, culturally speaking.

    Japan has always admired the West, but they’re over it to a certain extent – the Japanese modernization took care of that, now they’re modern Japan, but still Japan.

  23. ‘In 2009, where are the brigades of a mature White Nationalist movement marching in the streets?’

    Many of them emigrated away from the UK and USA and became a New Lost Generation.

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