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More tricks up our sleeve

April 26, 2010 Kievsky 34

James Howard Kunstler has an excellent Clusterfuck Nation post today, with one bit of delusion. And that delusion is that “ethnic cleansing” is the only […]

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NSM – Phoenix Rally

November 10, 2009 Hunter Wallace 31

Here’s a video clip from the NSM rally in Phoenix: A large number of “revolutionary anarchists” (acne-faced white suburban teenagers) were bused in from across the […]

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NSM in Arizona

November 4, 2009 Hunter Wallace 11

A search of the blogosphere for “White Nationalism” leads me to a fair and balanced article in the Phoenix News Times, “Neo-Nazi Scum at the […]

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The Belleville Protest

September 27, 2009 Hunter Wallace 26

Yesterday, the National Socialist Movement held a protest in Belleville, Illinois to draw attention to the now infamous savage black-on-white beating on a school bus. The rally […]