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Phoenix Farce

November 14, 2010 Hunter Wallace 88

Arizona Over the past week, I have spent a lot of time exploring the divide within the White Nationalist movement between the “mainstreamer” and “vanguardist” […]

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NSM – Phoenix Rally

November 10, 2009 Hunter Wallace 31

Here’s a video clip from the NSM rally in Phoenix: A large number of “revolutionary anarchists” (acne-faced white suburban teenagers) were bused in from across the […]

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NSM in Arizona

November 4, 2009 Hunter Wallace 11

A search of the blogosphere for “White Nationalism” leads me to a fair and balanced article in the Phoenix News Times, “Neo-Nazi Scum at the […]

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The Belleville Protest

September 27, 2009 Hunter Wallace 26

Yesterday, the National Socialist Movement held a protest in Belleville, Illinois to draw attention to the now infamous savage black-on-white beating on a school bus. The rally […]