How To Unwind the White From The American

Last time, I set forth my reasoning as to why a vanguard type organization of professional revolutionaries is necessary for the White Nationalist cause.  Central to that reasoning is that the current liberal political culture has become so intertwined with what it means to be an American that the average conservative is unable to take the leap to our cause without turning his or her back on their country, its government and its leaders.

Given that the people the Vanguard is seeking to eventually attract are just those whose sense of higher morality and loyalty is to something higher, grander, more beautiful and much larger than themselves, this is no small problem.

In this, too, are position matches that of similarly-situated “hopeless” revolutionary minorities: The worse, the better!

Given current trends, the ruling globalist liberal democrats are practically doing our work for us.  Not a day goes by when the current system suffers a self-inflicted blow, leading to a sense of growing unease among the American people–specifically, White, European-American people–that their political institutions, leaders and the legal system are either insufferably incompetent, actively malign or, worse, actively targeting people like them. 

The big events in this slow and gradual loss of legitimacy have been well noted.  Everyone knows the looting of the Treasury over a weekend to prevent “free market” firms from suffering massive losses was illegitimate and a midnight-deal between the power-brokers to save their collective asses.  Everyone knows the similar “bail out” of the insurance industry was really a “bail out” of a failed system that depends, bizarrely, on the American people holding firmly onto the belief that their future lies is coming up with ever more complex and more securitized financial instruments rather than, say, making cars or tools people need for the foreseeable future.  Everyone recognizes that an economy based on some 70% by “consumer purchases,” the vast majority of which are for needless and useless junk is nothing less than 21st Century bread and circuses.  And everyone recognizes that the market for cars went up because, and only because, the United States Government was giving people other people’s money if they went out and bought a car.

All of this is true, and is so much news.  It is easy to lose oneself in the onslaught of the day-to-day commentary and lose sight of the big picture.   

And yet, here and there, even mainstream opinion leaders-people who do not share in common with us any White Nationalist goals or assumptions-are starting to notice that there is a fundamental shift in how Americans view their government and their leaders. 

Thus, one of the leading propagandists for the leading globalist newspaper, Peggy Noonan for the Wall St Journal, this week writes: 

The biggest threat to America right now is not government spending, huge deficits, foreign ownership of our debt, world terrorism, two wars, potential epidemics or nuts with nukes. The biggest long-term threat is that people are becoming and have become disheartened, that this condition is reaching critical mass, and that it afflicts most broadly and deeply those members of the American leadership class who are not in Washington, most especially those in business.

Of course, Noonan’s primary concern with this development is-surprise!-just how darn tough it is on businessmen.  But her obsession with her subject matter doesn’t invalidate the larger diagnosis: that the American people are becoming disheartened with their political class.  Noonan continues: 

But a larger part is that our government, from the White House through Congress and so many state and local governments, seems to be demonstrating every day that they cannot make things better. They are not offering a new path, they are only offering old paths-spend more, regulate more, tax more in an attempt to make us more healthy locally and nationally. And in the long term everyone-well, not those in government, but most everyone else-seems to know that won’t work. It’s not a way out. It’s not a path through. 

As this seeps ever deeper into the American people, they will realize-with our help, our push, our shove-that their loyalty is misplaced and is, in any case, being given to institutions and to leaders who offer no program for a future, no prospects for a civilization, just ever-cheaper junk and cities crowded with Third World losers with their hands out. 

Even reliable entertainers, like the half-educated “right wing talk show host” Laura Ingraham has noticed that the current establishment is completely clueless and out-of-touch.  National Review reports Ingraham as sending around an email this morning that included this priceless bit: 

Listeners’ reaction to Gingrich was overwhelming. No less than 95 percent of callers and emailers were outraged. For them, the country is already way beyond party affiliation; why fight for the RNC if it no longer represents core conservative values – like fiscal restraint, individual liberty, and a pro-growth agenda?

Or, even better, fellow European-Americans, why fight for the RNC even IF it represents what Ingraham wishes?  What has the GOP accomplished since the Reagan “revolution” that has stopped the ever-increasing tide of maniacal liberalism, complete with forced settlement of Somali Muslims is the most heavily European-American parts of the county?  It’s only a small step from convincing a White person that the Republicans are useless to convincing them that a new approach is necessary. 

Make no mistake about it: getting our people to turn their backs on the flag and their government is our most difficult task.  If it were easy, they wouldn’t be OUR people in any case, would they? 

Thus, our White Nationalist revolutionary task: convincing the United-States-ians that a people and a government are not the same thing and, if they are to survive and prosper as a people, their loyalty to the people comes first.  And the way things are going, making that case is getting easier by the month.







  1. I’ve always been skeptical of the “vanguard” idea, but if there really is some White “elite” ready to lead us to the promised land, let’s see these “elites” taking on the Jews openly, publicly, skillfully, and without compromise.

    The only people who can claim to be “elite” are the people actually accomplishing things. The first thing this White “elite” could do is go after Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, the Federal Reserve, and the rest of the Jewish bankers and Wall Street. James Traficant “named the Jew” – where is the so-called White Nationalist “elite”?

    The common working class White – the non-elite – is naming the Jew everyday, and knows that Wall Street is Jewish. But there’s no “elite” leadership. So get to it “masters of the universe” we can’t hear you.

  2. Good points. The conservatives who currently have a deathgrip on most decent White folks are our enemies from a racial perspective. Most of them, like the aforementioned Laura Ingraham, are race-traitors. (She has been engaged to 2 non-Whites and is adopting a Guatemalan child.) Even immigration restrictionists like Lou Dobbs, who seems objectively pro-White, are privately race-traitors. (Lou Dobbs is married to a woman of Mexican descent and has mixed race children.) Furthermore, the ‘conservative’ pundits are usually consistent cheerleaders for whatever war-of-aggression the Zionists initiate.

    It’s true that we need a group of dedicated revolutionaries working for the White Nationalist cause. We need a respectable political organization that can expose the Democrats and Republicans for the incompetent frauds they truly are. It won’t be hard.

    The one point I disagree with is the idea that ‘worse is better.’ The consciousness of people does not depend on events. It depends on consciousness itself. It doesn’t help us if forty thousand White women get raped by negroes every year. It only increases awareness if shown in the news. (Which it won’t, because anti-White Jews run the mass media!)

  3. One of the biggest problems with vanguard organziations is they seem to depend on charismatic leadership, and when that leader dies, everything goes to shit really quickly. Nazi Party/NSWPP and the National Alliance are perfect examples of this. I worry about American Renaissance post Jared Taylor, hopefully he can groom a successor. You really need to groom a successor, and be smart about picking one, if you’re gonna go this route.

  4. One thing I’ve noticed in discussions is that many people think that the idea of a vanguard party means the creation of some sort of “elite” or some kind of political special forces.

    That is not what a vanguard party is at all.

    Here is the best short definition I can find at the moment, which will have to do:

    A vanguard party is a political party at the forefront of a mass action, movement, or revolution. The idea of a vanguard party was developed by Vladimir Lenin, most prominently in What is to be Done?, a political pamphlet first published in 1902.
    * * *

    Based on his observations, Lenin shifted the engine of proletarian revolution from the working class to a highly disciplined group of intellectuals. Lenin wrote in What Is to Be Done (1902) that the “history of all countries bears out the fact that through their own powers alone, the working class can develop only a trade-union consciousness.” That is, history had demonstrated that the working class could engage in local, spontaneous rebellions to improve its position within the capitalist system but that it lacked the understanding of its interests necessary to overthrow that system. Pessimistic about the proletariat’s ability to acquire class consciousness, Lenin argued that revolutionaries with a deep understanding of Marxism could educate and guide the workers towards revolution.

    Lenin argued that the bearers of this consciousness were common intellectuals who made it their vocation to both conspire against the capitalist system, educate the public in revolutionary theory, and prepare the workers for the proletarian revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat that would follow. Lenin also held that because Marx’s thought was set forth in a sophisticated body of philosophical, economic, and social analysis, a high level of intellectual training was required to comprehend it. Hence, for Lenin, those who would educate the workers must devote all their energies and resources to understanding the range of Marx’s thought as well as learning to avoid reactionary elements (such as Imperial Russia’s state police). These men and women must be “professional” activists having no other duties that might interfere with their efforts to promote revolution.

    That’s it. No elite. Just “common intellectuals” who realize that White Nationalism needs a push in the right direction, to lead Whites where they want to go, but just don’t realize it yet.

    Nor is such a party dependent on one leader, etc. It’s simply an approach to take when one’s people for objective reasons are incapable of reaching the necessary revolutionary conclusion without assistance.

  5. Some very incisive observations, Matamoros. From my reading of the general Anglo-American mindset, I would hesitate to try to separate Whites from their concept of themselves as ‘Americans’. It is better to refer to them as White-Americans, with emphasis on the ‘White’. From my experience, very few people claim to trust the government, yet inwardly, they still do, as they innately respect and venerate existing authority because its “official”. To try to separate them from the U.S. flag, is most foolish, they worship it. Better to wrap ourselves in it as well, and ‘out patriot’ them all.

    Most Whites, especially ‘conservatives’ and ‘patriotards’ retain a strong, visceral sense of patriotism and worshipful respect for everything ‘military’; and this, despite the fact that they fancy themselves as great believers in “democracy”, shows their confused internal/external contradictions. In short, our people are walking paradoxes, long conditioned by fatal delusions, so we need to adjust White Nationalist strategy accordingly.

  6. JewAdvocate said: “One of the biggest problems with vanguard organziations”

    The main problem with pro-White organizations is Jews like yourself. I would suggest you go to GuyWhite’s blog and do your Jew-advocacy there. I’m hoping this is a blog for White people, not Jews.

    You are the problem, go away.

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