Jewish Power: Campaign Contributions III

Guy White is back for round three in the political donations debate. Unfortunately, the title of his latest post is “Jew Power: Part 4 (conclusion).” I assume this means there won’t be a fourth round. I would be disappointed if this wraps up the entire Jewish power series. A KO this early in the game wasn’t my intention. There is still so much more to discuss: the media, the defense organizations, the disciplinary organizations, the intellectual elite, the elite punditry, domination of major financial institutions, influence in academia, the Israel Lobby, etc.

He’s a bit more testy this time around. I must have really pissed him off with those last two posts. Now I am a liar. I’m going to “cry like a little bitch for the next three months.” This latest entry is much shorter than the previous one. It addresses little of substance in the last installment. The key point made last time was that if 5% of Jewish millionaires (75,000 contributors) donated over $200 in 2008, the average Jewish contribution to the Democratic Party would be $6,105; the average Jewish contribution to the Republican Party would be $3,172. That’s chump change for our privileged elite.

The Parties vs. The Candidates

Guy White has resurrected the $5.3 billion estimate (which refers to nothing claimed) from our first exchange. Now he is saying that $1.5 billion was spent by the parties, but that doesn’t include the presidential and congressional candidates. Of course it doesn’t. I said the first time around that he was confusing campaign contributions to the parties with the total amount of money spent per election cycle.

Reminder: The original claim that sparked this whole debate was the meaning of “the 60% figure.” It refers to the Jewish share of campaign contributions to the Democratic Party. The Jewish share of Republican contributions is 20% to 35%. In this first installment, I provided multiple quotes from various mainstream sources which showed that. The FEC filings show that the Democratic Party (DNC, DSCC, DCCC) raised $763.3 million in the 2007/2008 election cycle. The Republican Party (RNC, NRSC, NRCC) raised $792.9 million. $763.3 million x .6 = $457,800,000. $792.2 million x .3 = $237,660,000.

Meirsheimer and Walt cite a study that found that Jews contribute 20% to 50% of campaign contributions, a lower figure, to the Democratic Party and Democratic presidential candidates. The Washington Post claims that Democratic presidential candidates depend on Jewish donors for 60% of their money. Let’s go with 43% of contributions to the Democratic candidates. $1,079,500,000 x. 43 = $464,185,000. Grand total = $1,159,645,000.

Assume 10% of Jewish millionaires donate. That’s 105,000 Jewish donors. The average Jewish contribution (to the Democratic Party, Republican Party, and Democratic presidential candidates) would be $11,044 in the 2007/2008 election cycle. In 2008, individuals could contribute up to $28,500 to a national party committee.


Every two years, Jews give $6.8 billion to $18 billion to charity. According to Guy White, it is “mathematically impossible” for Jews to spend 1/6th of that on politics. And no, the numbers don’t “work out perfectly in sync” with what he has argued. If the charity numbers were substituted for political donations, it would be at least 6x as hard for Jews to raise that amount of money. Yet they do anyway. This alone proves that the Jewish elite is much more generous with their money than G.W. says they are.

Why do Gentiles give so much more than Jews to charity? Maybe it has something to do with the reason the Chosen are so overrepresented among the filthy rich. Intelligence and education alone aren’t sufficient to explain this. There are far more highly intelligent and educated Gentiles than Jews in America. Instead, Jews are far more greedier and self-interested than Gentiles.

This can be seen in their ethnic defense, ethnic advocacy, and ethnic disciplinary organizations which have hundreds of millions of dollars in assets and annual budgets. This is a topic for separate blog entries which I will get to at some point in the next few days. It should be interesting to see how Episocopalians and Unitarians stack up compared to the Jews.

The Israel Lobby

In the first installment, we compared contributions by pro-Israel PACs and individuals to other “ideological clashes.”  We found that more money is spent by the pro-Israel faction than on any other ideological cause except “women’s issues.” More on Israel than abortion, the environment, human rights, gun control/gun rights, foreign and defense policy, gay and lesbian rights. Guy White never responded to these numbers.

Why only $13.8 million on Israel? Because that is all it takes. There is no countervailing force of any significance opposing the pro-Israel Lobby. It pays for politicians to be pro-Israel. They are put under enormous pressure by the Israel Lobby to vote like extreme philo-Semites.

It is worth noting that Guy White’s commentators are convinced that the Cuban Lobby and Georgia Lobby exercise substantial control over U.S. foreign policy. The Taiwan Lobby would be another example. For some strange reason, these smaller lobbies are said to have enormous influence, but the far larger and more notorious one is powerless. Well, that’s philo-Semitic reasoning for you.

Most Important Constituency

If Jews contributed $464,185,000 to Democratic presidential candidates (43%) and $457,800,000 to the Democratic Party (60%) in 2008, this small clique of Jewish donors is by far the most important Democratic constituency. They are the financial spearhead of the progressive left.

Imagine the effect that Jewish exclusion would have on the American political system. It would be the equivilant of decapitating the head of the beast. Groups like the Episcopalians and Unitarians don’t have anywhere near the magnitude of the negative Jewish impact on American politics and culture.


Point #1: As I have shown, it is entirely possible for Jews to make 60% of contributions to the Democratic Party and 30% of contributions to the Republican Party. It would only cost 5% of Jewish millionaires a few thousand dollars every two years; 10% of Jewish millionaires $11,000 per contributor every two years if we include 43% of Democratic presidential campaign contributions.

The mainstream sources (J.J. Goldberg, Benjamin Ginsberg, Henry Feingold, Mearsheimer and Walt, Jerusalem Post, Washington Post) are right. Naturally, Guy White is wrong. His clumsy attempt to be more Jewish than Abraham Foxman (who doesn’t deny these figures) is transparently dishonest.

Point #2: If Jews can spent $6.8 billion to $18 billion on philanthropy every two years, it is not “mathematically impossible” for them to spent 1/6th of that on federal elections.

Point #3: The $13.8 billion spent by pro-Israel groups dwarfs the amount spent by pro-choice and pro-life groups. No wonder American politicians are pro-Israel.

Update: Prozium’s Deranged Math

I said that 20% of millionaires are Jews, not that 20% of Jews are millionairies. Big difference. Guy Whine misread my post. There are 7.5 million millionaires; 5.3 million Jews. 7.5 million x. .2 = 1.5 million Jewish millionaires.

1.5 million x .05 = 75,000 donors. $136,100,000/75,000 Jewish contributors = $1,816 average Jewish contribution. 85% of contributors in the 2009/2010 election cycle donated $200 to $2,299.  There were 232,350 total contributors giving $200 to $2,299.

The numbers are easily doable. It is a handful of Jewish millionaires donating a few thousand dollars each election cycle. Jews must be a even higher percentage of multimillionaires. They are 50% of billionaires.

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