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  1. Interesting you claim the anarchists were bused in since that is the exact opposite of the truth. The anarchos were local and the NSM were bussed in from Texas and California. Thems the facts.

  2. I found this on the anarchist website linked above:

    “I came to Phoenix hoping that the $180 greyhound bus ticket and the 18 hour ride sitting next to a bathroom door that continued to open (despite the ever so delicately placed blue tape over it) and smell the entire room up with rotten piss, would be worth it. It was – and the success of the confrontational and militant actions on the 7th brings up several things that anarchists everywhere can learn from.”

  3. That’s one person.

    I found this on the New Times website:

    ‘Some 150 anarchists and other counter-demonstrators showed their mettle yesterday afternoon against a troop of around 60 neo-Nazis, mostly from out-of-state, who marched from 12th Avenue and Adams down to the Arizona state Capitol, flipping sieg heils and crying, “White power” all the way.’

  4. Well, I suppose the fascists could have driven from their homes in Phoenix to Texas and then rented cars and came back, thus disguising their in state origins to those of us taking pictures of their cars. Very clever indeed! I would expect no less from the master race.

  5. I really don’t know which is worse: a group of acne-faced white suburban teenagers playing dress-up, or a gang of HIV-positive antifa fags, white-hating Mexican greaser runts, and barren feminist hags?

  6. “Anti-fascist” types have no intellectual or philosophical depth and put their foots in their mouths every time they speak.

    They sincerely believe that “the system” is maintained by racist white men, that neo-Nazi types such as the NSM are on the verge of political power, and have no clue what the term fascism actually means in historical context (and conflate it with nazism). They also have no clue as to the different forms of intellectual conservatism, both past and present. To them, everyone from George Bush to Adolf Hitler are part of a single ideological bloc with no significant differences between them. Its not that they call everyone Nazis for mere political effect, they actually believe that!

    They say they are against “the system”; it is totally oblivious to them that they are an extension of the NWO globalists and cultural Marxists who are firmly in the seats of power.

    You guys are several decades late for the revolution. At least you’re dressed for the occasion!

  7. I consider the “antifas” the armed wing, the street fighters, of the Marxist globalist authorities. The antifas make common cause with Muslim militants and black nationalists. In Europe, especially, they work very closely with Muslim groups. In Southern California I have seen white antifas demonstrating with Brown Berets and Mexican militants. As the system continues to break down and the shootings start, these groups will operate together (until that is white antifas are considered superfluous to the non-white cause). That is why, IMO, WNs need seriously to start thinking about forming, along with “think tanks” and mainstream political organizations, some kind of non-affiliated volunteer self-defence force.

  8. ‘That is why, IMO, WNs need seriously to start thinking about forming, along with “think tanks” and mainstream political organizations, some kind of non-affiliated volunteer self-defence force.’

    I agree. I don’t enjoy their company, but, if we’re going to be honest, we have to admit that ethnic street fighters (be they neo-Nazi or whatever) have some value. And it will only increase as things get worse.

  9. As for the Antifa in Europe, from what I can tell of their posters and stickers, they are very concerned about anti-Semitism. I would be interested to known whence their funding comes.

  10. @Dasein the more knowledgeable a left-winger becomes, the more anti-semitic. Earnest philo-semites often become the most hard core anit-semites when they grow older. I’ve known some of those types.

    It’s just the glaring hypocrisy of Jews, they are always anti-war, except war for Israel. They are always pro-integration, except for Jews. They are always for free speech (especially if it’s anti-Christian or anti-White) except when it’s critical of Jews.

    Even leftists can’t help but see it after a while.

  11. “Neo-Nazis are right kooks. Anarchists are left kooks. You people have a magnetic attraction to each other.”

    Two sets of lunatics who need each other. This sort of thing adds meaning to their otherwise empty and purposeless lives.

  12. The antifa in Germany always shows with signs and posters supporting the marauding, land-grabbing National Socialist state of Israel. They must be very selective in their anti-racism.

  13. It’s interesting. The media did not talk about how the “peaceful” antifascists threw stones and soda cans at people. The media did not mention the anarchist symbols, the red stars, the hammer and sickles and the violent banners (hanged people, “kill nazis”). They media does not call them violent anarchist commies. Never. The media call them anti-hate protesters. Interesting. Indeed.

    The media never mention how the antiracists attack the police at the protests. They talk about arrested people somebody, but they never say the arrested people are always the anarchists and communist. Why don’t they mention it? Because that’s the way they lie to you.

    How strange the media reported about “scary looking nazis in black clothes”. If you see the photos, you see the antiracist had black clothes. I guess their black clothes were cute, and the nazi black clothes are the scary clothes. What is the difference between black and black? I don’t see any difference.

    That is also interesting how the media and the press says it was an anti-immigration rally. It was an anti-illegal immigration rally. That’s funny how the people ignore the fact the illegals are breaking the law and their other name is criminals. So how many people support criminals?

    I wanted to hear both sides. I cannot. Why? Because the media gave 10 secounds to the anti-illegal immigrant protesters and they gave 10 minutes to the anarchists. A guy did speak about a minute with a cute hat. The hat had a red star with hammer and sickle. (They wear freaking clothes from the stalin-era, and they say those nazis are playing dress up?)

    There are other funny things too. Like how those anarchist haters call other people “haters”.

    The United States is full of drugdealers, murderers and other criminals, the politicians are really corrupts in both big parties, the economy is suffering, millions of people are loosing their job and so many other problems in the country. And people thing the worst thing in this country, if few people marching on the streets with US flags and yell stop the illegals?

    Think before you talk and be wise. That’s my advice.

  14. The anarchists and leftists are all wussies and cowards. Like blacks and mestizos, they are tough guys when they outnumber the opposition 10 to 1, but when the odds are even you can see the urine run down their legs. Ah, the smell of fear.

    Most of the white leftists are smallish white men with homosexual tendencies and who fantasize about being violated by black men. Funny how the anti-racists are always MIA when the Nation of Islam or Brown Berets decide to march and protest against whitey. As Frederich noticed they are very selective in their anti-racist activities.

  15. “I know what’s worse: fucking Nazi scum. Y’all live in a fantasy world.” – Joe Subaverage/”antifa”

    At least pro-whites don’t think and talk like niggers. You “antifas” are a pathetic collection of misfits and rejects, and you know it. I suppose if you can’t fit into the norm of your race (presuming you are white) – you know, behaving like a human being, working hard, not being compulsively destructive and antisocial – fitting in with Chicano shitskin mongrels and flivver-lipped, knuckle-dragging ground apes is the next best thing.

    ‘Most of the white leftists are smallish white men with homosexual tendencies and who fantasize about being violated by black men.” – Mr. Dithers

    I don’t usually like the psychoanalysis stuff, but this comment really does cut to the heart of the Liberal mentality. Antifa men tend to be low-IQ, low-self-esteem whiggers with a look-at-me, dare-to-be-different attention-seeking complex and a nigger-worship fetish, occasionally dressed up with Leroy’s “down wit da man” rhetoric.

  16. Mr. Wallace does his site a disservice by allowing pieces of excrement like the antifa to post here. This nedochelovek and others like him would never allow you freedom of speech on their forums. So why allow them to stink up yours? Is it something about “free discourse”? What?

    You’re shooting yourself in the foot, Hunter Wallace.

  17. I don’t even think that the protesters from the video should be referred to as “Neo-Nazis.” National Socialism is a legitimate ideology that shouldn’t be represented by a handful of disillusioned protesters who in reality probably know nothing about it anyway.

  18. “The anarchos were local”(#1)

    No one is “local” to Phoenix. That’s got to be the most rootless city in the country.

    Flash back to the late 1940s, and the town was a humble little country-western outpost in the desert, with a few tens of thousands of people. Today its metro approaches 4.5million people (obligatorily, about half are nonwhite).

    Such rootlessness, it goes without saying, would tend to give birth to clownery of all sorts. So both your claim and the other group of clowns’ claim to being local are well enough believable.

  19. #12 Donald @ on 10 Nov 2009 at 6:54 am

    …gets it exactly right. Great post.

    The entire paradigm of all sociopolitical progression in the farleftist’s mind is “overcoming white racism/imperialism”. Everything is seen through that lens. They seem to believe that once whites have been “overcome”, a paradise awaits on Earth. Apparently they really believe this.

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