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  1. 1. Open a community organizing non-profit, ostensibly to lobby the government on some issue; the environment, human rights, peace, or whatever.

    2. Hire idealistic college students to canvass the neighborhood, get petition signatures, do telephone fund-raising, and write letters, all in the name of this cause.

    3. Use the money to buy yourself access to Washington power-brokers and work to influence them on issues mostly unrelated to your organization’s stated goal, perhaps Israel or immigration.

    4. Turn over all the mailing lists, employee records, and organizational contacts to the ADL.

    5. Go to step 1.

  2. ‘ it is the ACLU who is most likely to come to your defense if the Government should ever try to take away free speech.’

    The ACLU doesn’t defend Nazis to protect freedom of speech.

    The ACLU defends Nazis in order to stigmatize white ethnic genetic interests as neo-Nazi.

    The ACLU doesn’t jump for joy every time Kevin MacDonald posts on his blog. Ergo, the ACLU is not pro-white-freedom-of-speech. However, the ACLU is pro-sodomy, pro-Borat-style-humor, etc. and supports freedom of speech that tends to degrade Western culture.

  3. Believe it or not, it is the ACLU who is most likely to come to your defense if the Government should ever try to take away free speech.

    Firstly, they do it ineffectively at best.

    Secondly, there is no such thing as “free” speech. That shit costs money. Waaaaay more money than any White Nationalists have.

    Thirdly, I don’t believe we should consider free speech a human right or an important part of our platform.

  4. Without a doubt the political hard left would not be the indomitable force that it is without Jewish money and moral support. If Jews ever decided to leave America en masse liberalism, socialism, and anti-racism would soon wither on the vine. This is no different than how the Russian people regained their senses and rejected communism once Russian Jews began leaving the Soviet Empire for Israel, Europe and sadly, our beloved America.

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