Typical Negro Behavior: Part 1

TNB Part 2. TNB Part 3.

The first category of TNB is ‘random violence.’ Blacks seem to enjoy a bit of the old ‘ultraviolence’ every now and then. Whether it’s carjacking a couple of White teens, setting a young boy on fire, or torturing a wheelchair-bound cripple, it’s all good.


“The Wichita Massacre”

December 8, 2000 – Assistant baseball coach Andrew Schreiber was at a convenience store when he was approached by two black men, the Carr brothers. Brandishing a gun they forced him to drive them to various ATMs withdrawing his own money.  They left him in a field unharmed then shot the tires of his car.  On December 11th the Carr brothers attempted to carjack Ann Walenta, but she tried to escape and was shot, dying in the hospital a few days later. The Carr brothers then forced their way into the home shared by Brad Heyka, Aaron Sander, and Jason Befort.  The robbers forced these men to have sex with two of their girlfriends at gunpoint, then raped the women themselves. After the orgy, the Carr Brothers took the victims individually to get money from their ATM accounts.  Then the male victims were crammed into the trunk of a car and the females were put in the backseat.  They were taken to a snowy deserted area and shot execution-style then driven over by a vehicle.  One woman survived her wounds and ran naked in the snow for a mile to a farmhouse and called 911.  The Carr brothers were caught the next day.  The incident was virtually unreported in the national media.  At their trial the Carr brothers were found guilty and sentenced to death.  But don’t worry – in 2005 the Kansas Supreme Court found the death penalty unconstitutional. 1 2 3

“The Knoxville Horror”

January 6, 2007Chris Newsom and his girlfriend Channon never made it home from their date. They were carjacked by a group of blacks who took them to a house, raped, and brutalized them both. Chris Newsom was led, or dragged, to the nearby railroad tracks and shot in the back of the head then set on fire. Finished with him, the blacks covered Channon’s head with a trashbag and stuffed her in a garbage bin, covering her body with sheets. Channon died a slow death of suffocation. The incident did not receive national media attention until accounts of the crime became widely circulated on the internet. Nationally syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts said, “I have four words for White Americans who feel themselves similarly victimized. Cry me a river.” 4 5 6 7

“Raped and beaten.”

October 20, 2008Anne Pressly, an Arkansas anchorwoman, lay asleep in her bed. A man had snuck into her home and began masturbating next to her. Interrupted when she awoke, he smashed her skull with a wooden-handled garden tool. Her face was crushed beyond recognition and she was raped.  She died five days later in the hospital. Using DNA samples they linked local black thief Curtis Vance to the scene of the crime. But apparently Anne Pressly was not the only woman victimized by Vance. The same DNA sample also linked him to the rape of teacher Kristen Edwards. 8 9

“Tortured, killed, and set on fire.”

August 5, 2009 – The Phoenix Fire Department reponded to a garbage fire on West Peoria Avenue. Crews extinguished the fire and found the badly charred body of Terry Neely, a local disabled man who lived in an assisted-living home. Angela Simpson, a local black woman, lured Neely into her apartment with promises of sex, then beat him with a tire iron and hammer.  Simpson then stabbed Neely more than fifty times, drove a 3-inch nail into his head, then stuffed him into a trash can and set fire to his remains. Simpson later admitted the details of the crime to detectives after saying she “needed to pee” and “wanted a candy bar.” 10 11

“Set on fire for a video game”

October 12, 2009 – When Michael Brewer didn’t pay up for a video game, the seller, young black entrepreneur Matthew Bent, decided to steal his bicycle. Not agreeing with this transaction, Brewer called the cops on Bent. The 15-year old Bent then organized a multiracial posse (because diversity is our strength) and had Brewer doused in rubbing alcohol and set on fire. The burns covered 80% of his body and much of his skin had to be replaced with skin taken from a cadaver. In physical therapy, Brewer managed to climb stairs for the first time again on November 23rd. 12 13

“The slaughter in Arkansas”

November 12, 2009 – A White family of five was killed in Pearcy, near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Their home was burned down around them and four of the victims had to be identified by dental records. Their vehicle was found miles away, it had also been set on fire. According to court documents, the suspects Pickney, Stringer, and Conway, all black males, targeted the family for robbery for their television sets and expensive car-wheel rims. Stringer later died in a shootout with the police. Two officers were wounded in the incident. 14 15 16

“Get out of jail free card”

November 29, 2009 – Four Lakewood police were in a Forza coffee shop when a man pulled a gun from his coat and opened fire, killing all four police officers. The chief suspect was Maurice Clemmons, a black felon from Arkansas.  In 2000, Clemmons was released from prison after having his sentence reduced by current presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. A five-time convicted felon from Arkansas, Clemmons also had eight felony charges in Washington. Only six days before the shooting he had been released from police custody after being charged with raping a 12-year old relative. Clemmons was later shot while refusing to cooperate after being identified by a Seattle policeman. A gun belonging to one of the slain policemen was found on his body.17 18 19



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  1. Huckster’s misdeeds finally caught up with him. The only thing he can do now is become an even bigger liberal to further his career.

    I think the titles are in poor taste.

    What strikes me as typical and peculiar about black crime is that they often do so in a group. You’d think that out of so many people one of them would have a tinge of remorse or sense of justice, but that is almost never the case.

    The phenomenon of “no snitching” being endemic to their people as well.


  2. As far as I’m concerned the ones responsible for these crimes are the ones who forced and continue to force unconstitutional integration on whites. By far and away the biggest guilty party in that regard is the Jews.

    The Jews as good as committed these crimes: that is inescapable fact.

    As for Euros like the Huckster, all that can be said at present is in a properly-run sane society he’d be rotting in jail long since, alongside Bush, Cheney, Slick, Karl Rove, and of course a whole multitude of others. That’s all that can be said at present.

  3. A researcher would be hard pressed to find this degree of savagery being committed against blacks (by whites) in America. About two weeks ago a black man walked into a Wal-Mart and sucker punched a 72 yr old white greeter. The blow smashed the victim’s false teeth and broke almost every bone on the left side of his face. There was no altercation; the feral nigger simply hit him for no discernible reason. The victims were too pale to matter to the SPLC and other anti-racist watch dog groups.

    Make no mistake we are in a race war and have been since at least 1965. Problem is, most whites are too dumb to realize it. When blacks feel they can pull it off they will beat, rob or kill any hapless white person who’s unfortunate to be in close proximity.

  4. “Make no mistake we are in a race war and have been since at least 1965.” ( — Mr. Dithers)


    “When blacks feel they can pull it off they will beat, rob or kill any hapless white person who’s unfortunate to be in close proximity.”

    Correct and the blacks will have the full support of the Jews.

  5. The Jews use blacks as surrogates to help accomplish their own long-cherished goal of toppling Euros from their position of dominance, punishing them by encouraging their physical harm at the hands of blacks, and destroying them completely if possible, to be accomplished partly through miscegeneering.

  6. Precisely, White compatriots, precisely. Because of the decades of racial agitprop by the liberal and Judeo forces who have culturally distorted and defiled White America, Negroes are possessed of a severe case of anti White animus, which I, and others, call Negritude. It used to be known among Negroes colloquially as a ‘case of the nigger ass’. This in train, has compounded the natural simian-like criminal proclivities of the Negro masses, resulting in the ongoing anti White, low-level race war. This racially motivated assault against White civilization is aided and abetted by the Jewish dominated mainstream media, who essentially keep the clueless White population in the dark about what is in fact, a racial emergency.

    For an eye opener on the racial debacle about to engulf the apathetic and intentionally lobotomized White world, a focused reading of Lothrop Stoddard’s two key books is essential. They are the FRENCH REVOLUTION IN SAN DOMINGO, and THE REVOLT AGAINST CIVILIZATION. As Rockwell also wrote, many decades ago, these are the ‘bestial hordes of Judah’, who are the battering ram in the attack on White civilization.

  7. “The Jews use blacks as surrogates to help accomplish their own long-cherished goal of toppling Euros from their position of dominance, punishing them by encouraging their physical harm at the hands of blacks, and destroying them completely if possible, to be accomplished partly through miscegeneering.”
    – Fred Scrooby


    “All the misfortunes of Spanish America can be traced to the fatal error of granting these dark races equality with the White man.”
    – Jonh C. Calhoun

    Moral of the Story: DON’T MISCEGENATE

  8. “Moral of the Story: DON’T MISCEGENATE” ( — Z, #14)

    Amen. That’s something every white person on the planet can do right now. Often from white sympathizers comes the question, “What can I do right now?” You can do this: DON’T MISCEGENATE. And you can do it right now.

    If you do just that, that alone, and it’s something you can start doing this instant, you are doing your part in defeating the Jews. If everyone does it, the Jews go down to absolute defeat. They’ll be tearing their hair, gnashing their teeth, and beating their chest but there’s not a thing they can do about it if white people simply do not listen to them. The whole ultimate goal of all their efforts in all of this is to get all white people on the planet turned into Negroes (Negroes ideally, but in a pinch Mexicans will do, or Chinamen, or whatever else is close to hand for the purpose).

    Whatever you do, just don’t miscegenate. Sometimes you hear the Jews saying among themselves they must avoid doing this or that becuase “otherwise Hitler will win.” I can’t recall in regard to what they say that, maybe in regard to their own miscegenation: “If we don’t decrease Jewish miscegenation, it will mean Hitler will win because there’ll be no Jews left. Therefore, Jews: don’t miscegenate or it will be the same as Hitler winning!” Something like that. Well, if whites miscegenate it’s the same as the Jews winning. Enough said?

  9. When I first started at MR.com in 2004 I had nothing against individual instances of white miscegenation, be it with Negroes, Mexicans, yellows, or anyone. I can remember posting comments asserting that position. Well, I’ve done a one-eighty. I’ve woken up. If I can do it, so can everyone.

  10. Also, by the way, I’m not sure but I think I did have an instinctive visceral repulsion for it back then but was still under the influence of life-long re-education forcing me to believe I wasn’t instinctively repulsed by it. My amygdalas had been successfully re-programmed from their natural, normal settings starting in first grade, re-programmed by the Jews and their misfit allies. Well, it’s been hard but I’ve gotten my amygdalas programmed the right way again. I’m all right now.

    Again, if I can do it, everybody can.

  11. Now – for all of you posting here, on this thread, please keep in mind that Arthur Kemp has not a whisper of reproach for Jewry, and, instead, regards Jews as “smart businessmen”.

  12. keep in mind that Arthur Kemp has not a whisper of reproach for Jewry, and, instead, regards Jews as “smart businessmen”. ( — Denise)

    Judging from the Kemp interview with Jim Giles, Kemp (along with a number of other comrades who live in Europe — see link herewith) fails to grasp the magnitude of the Jewish anti-Euro pro-race-replacement role in the U.S. and, via the U.S., its role in their own countries, the Jews making full use of the U.S.’s absolutely immense power and influence to leverage their own power, Eurospherewide. They couldn’t do this from Israel, obviously. They do it from D.C. It’s like a guy who works for a very big, powerful company writing a personal letter of complaint about something unrelated to his job on company-letterhead stationery. His personal letter of complaint suddenly has a lot of force behind it. He’s leveraging his own power using his company’s status.

    Specifically, among other things he doesn’t grasp, Kemp fails to understand the effectiveness of the Jewish clampdown on any and all manifestation however slight or incipient of resistance to the current forced race-replacement régime in the U.S. That Jewish clampdown is virtually one-hundred percent effective, extraordinarily difficult to rebel against. Imagine being a Sicilian living in Sicily fifty years ago attempting to do something about the way in which the mafia exerted unhealthy influence on and in some things outright control over facets of life. That Sicilian would get strictly nowhere and if he was too pushy suddenly his dog and cat would be found strangled on his front doorstep with threats his kids would be next if he didn’t back off. It just wasn’t gonna change, and the entrenched Jewish power over certain aspects of U.S. life are as hard to oppose as the mafia fifty was years ago in Sicily.

    Resistance to it is generally harder here in the U.S. than there in Europe, including England and France (where admittedly great obstacles partly U.S.-imposed-and-guarded do have to be overcome).

    No, the Jews aren’t doing it singlehandedly, obviously — there are defective human beings galore allied with them in this: misfits; malcontents; degenerates of all stripes; communists; clueless confused depressed resentful bitter single, divorced, or otherwise butch-lesbian women; organized homosexuals of both sexes; Christians who in their confusion and inability to properly understand the good religion that’s been bequeathed them take Christian self-abnegation to some kind of insane extreme of Jim Jones type, Marshall Applewhite type mass self-extinction out of belief that will garner them brownie points in heaven; etc.: the Jews are pulling this off in alliance with an army of above-type degenerate human beings and Bush-Gates type crony capitalists, compradors, drug runners, white-slavery traffickers, assorted international crooks, and almost you-name-it, if it’s degenerate or crooked the Jews are allied with it in pulling this off. I hope that lays the “Single Jewish Cause” strawman to rest.


  13. “Moral of the Story: DON’T MISCEGENATE” ( — Z, #14)

    English hegemony over Ireland lasted 400 years then was thrown off. Spanish hegemony over the Netherlands lasted 135 years and was thrown off. The Mughal hegemony over India lasted almost 200 years and was thrown off. The Arab Moslem hegemony over Spain lasted 700 years and was thrown off. The Ottoman Moslem hegemony over Greece lasted I forget how many centuries and was thrown off.

    So shall the Jewish hegemony over us, now in its fifth decade, be thrown off. When it will, we can’t say.

    But thrown off it will be.

    Our job is to keep ourselves racially intact until that day — because if we don’t, it won’t make any difference whether we throw it off or not: we won’t be ourselves. We’ll be gone, extinct.


  14. “The Ottoman Moslem hegemony over Greece lasted I forget how many centuries and was thrown off.” ( — my comment)

    Must have been some four centuries — from the fall of Constantinople, mid-1400s, to the Greek wars of independence partly financed by wealthy English poet Lord Byron, early 1800s.

  15. As a result, today everyone wonders, including Greeks, whether modern Greeks are Greeks or Turks. We don’t want that for our descendants on the future day when the Jewish hegemony is thrown off, right? So, no miscegenation, no one, no excuses.

  16. Fred Scrooby

    I say this in all seriousness and this is not a personal attack. How can someone who is 1/4 Jewish (Semitic) state the above quote? How are Jews not white, but someone with one non-white Jewish parent is white? Doesn’t wash.

  17. “…How can someone who is 1/4 Jewish (Semitic) state the above quote?…”


  18. “…How can someone who is 1/4 Jewish (Semitic) state the above quote?…”

    I’ll tell you what: Fred Scrooby, whatever the exact or approximate proportions of whatever are his ethnic origins, is more valuable to our cause than 100, nay 1000, average White guys.

    His work, and especially his writings, are simply priceless.

    Wish I could say even a fraction as much for some others here.

  19. The final paragraph of Fred’s post #19 is priceless, indeed. Cut, paste and save it, for it says a hell of a lot about all of the degenerates, misfits, miscreants and tards on the loose out there. Large segments of White America are rotting from within, and in league with their “light unto the nations” enablers, are oozing to the surface everywhere. We are living in a virtual, inter-racial madhouse, that is disintegrating at warp speed.

  20. Deplorable and disgusting behaviour by these individuals ‘Negroes’ as you call them, but didn’t you people create the Negro in the first place? There is no point ignoring the part your fore mothers and fathers have played in shaping the mentality of these people ‘Negroes’ as you call them. There is a lot of twisted anger in some of these people ‘Negroes as you call them in response to the lynchings, the rapes, the castrations, the branding, the assassinations, oppressions, depressions and suppressions, kidnapping, whippings etc etc etc etc etc etc

  21. lets not forget who committed the crimes,it wasn’t juwes.it was our black buddies.
    nig nogs are a problem in israel as well as in america.they seem to do things impulsively without thinking of the consequences,usually committing crimes in groups,this is known as a tribal mentality,and these individuals should be hunted down by packs of dogs,and ripped to shreads.dogs love dark meat.purchase a shot gun or an automatic weapon white people,don’t get caught in the cold,cause there is a blizzard on the horizon.

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