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No, I had never heard of Charlotte Parker before. There is a probably a good reason for that. We’re about the same age. Charlotte Parker died in 1990. I was born in 1980. She was murdered when I was 10 years old. I was in middle school at the time … apparently losing my manhood and honor … because I was unaware of this.

Note: “On September 19, 1990, Carr was convicted and sentenced to death on four counts of capital murder. … Carr was convicted on all four counts of capital murder and sentenced to death by lethal injection for each count.”

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  1. I saw part of a show the other day, where an Israeli Jew was promoting Ethiopian Jews and how special they are. He even said they may be even more genuinely Jewish than white Jews. They don’t seem to be as threatened by that type of propaganda.

  2. ZOG, quote one philo-Semitic thing I’ve said. Apparently if you disagree with Linder you’re one or more things: an undercover cop, a paid troll, a Jew, a Judeophiliac, or something else equally ridiculous.

  3. Jews don’t have to be only the enemy, better just to use them as a tool you know how works.

    Rule number one with Jews, seems to be that if you can not beat them, join and subvert them. If this does not work, they set up a competitor, and gives this massive publicity.

    So the main reason that some of the successful pro-white activists should be Anti-jewish, is that this forces the Jews to support and market the same politics but without the Anti-jewish flavor.

  4. An alternative arrangement with all Jews in Israel is no more likely than a Jew-free planet. Best one might hope for would be a “jew free White ethnostate,” alongside states having both whites and Jews. This is probably for the best for anti-Semites, right? Otherwise, the white ethnostate would be torn and riven by those seeking a purer “jew-free” experience and those seeking more integration with the rest of the world.

  5. Very good comments by Dr. Johnson.

    We need a lot more people such as Greg — normal, decent, sane people who understand that Jews are our implacable enemy.

  6. I am for instance pretty sure that if the jews understand that the battle is whites against the jews, negroes and mexicans in North America and Europeans against Muslims, Jews and Negroes in Europe, they rather go for being part of the white society, no matter if their position is lower than today.

    The way I see it, the political split among the whites should be among a part that accepts jews, and one who will give them no part at all, rather than along nordicist, socialist, kapitalist, or any other issuses that could steal focus from the pro-white message.

  7. I think the number of whites who would actually choose to live among Jews if given the choice is absolutely minuscule, particularly if Jews no longer enjoyed effective control over the mass media. Just a mere cessation of unnatural and confusing signals, without any countervailing propaganda, would lead to marked attitudinal and behavior shifts. Many whites may not feel comfortable expressing their preference to avoid Jews, but they will vote with their feet. I have observed this to be true already even among hyper-liberal whites in NYC and the Bay Area. They feel and act much more alive in Jew-free spaces.

  8. Jews love to imagine that intellectual whites admire them and seek their company. This may be true of college undergraduates and graduate students and other insecure intellectual poseurs, but my experience with genuine white intellectuals — people who are passionately committed to the pursuit of truth — is that they find Jews a tiresome and distracting presence, because Jews generally have a much different attitude toward the intellect. They always have their eyes on working some personal or collective pragmatic angle, not pursuing truth pure and simple. They also have an instinctive revulsion of Jewish intellectual cults like Straussianism, Freudianism, Objectivism, etc., because the group dynamics are obviously incompatible with the pursuit of truth.

  9. Clarification: Genuine white intellectuals also have an instinctive revulsion of Jewish intellectual cults like Straussianism, Freudianism, Objectivism, etc., because the group dynamics are obviously incompatible with the pursuit of truth.

  10. Many whites may not feel comfortable expressing their preference to avoid Jews

    Well the fact is on a normal social level, Jews are accepted as white, I see it all the time. It’s their politics that are horrendous.

  11. Ok, Svigor, why don’t you educate us and tell us what the Jews are scared of.

    Okay. But I’ll let Jews educate you. Look at how they characterize ethnopatriotism (or what kind of ethnopatriotism they promote) – those are the flavors that they prefer. Preferred by Jews = not scary to Jews. E.g., remember that Jew who started a WN group? Pretty safe bet the result was kosher.

    Ever seen a movie with characters like Jared Taylor or Kevin MacDonald? If Jews made movies about Jared Taylor or Kevin MacDonald, would their characterizations resemble either man?

    Jews are afraid of a white awakening. I think it’s a safe bet they prefer the Linder model. If Abe Foxman could press a button to kill either MacDonald or Linder, but not both, and erase from history everything the selected man had ever written, there’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever which man he’d choose.

    In Russia the beating of Jews is happening even in the TV studious today whenever the Jewish hutzpah reaches certain point.

    Were we discussing Russia? When did that start?

  12. Don’t be so linear, HW. Leave the sophistry to the Jews – they are good at it, you are not. I don’t want to insult you, I still believe that you are a descent man. I’ll tell you what I believe. The Jews are waging a WAR on white race. It doesn’t matter if you see it or not, that is the fact. In the WAR you defeat the enemy by whatever means necessary or it defeats you. There is no other choice. Don’t be too hard to Gim Giles. Listen closely to what he is saying. I believe that you are honest enough person to be able to do that.

    Every bit of that screams “no, genocide of Jews is a horrible idea.”

    Advocacy of genocide against Jews is really bad for our race.

  13. Machiavelli argued that it is always best to leave the enemy an avenue of escape, since if their backs are to the wall, they will fight light cornered rats, which increases the cost of defeating them.

    Machiavelli knew his shit. This applies to rhetoric, too.

  14. No, the murder of a white girl by blacks doesn’t justify the genocide of Jews. However, these gruesome black on white murders were almost unheard of prior to 1965, but have become almost a monthly occurrence at least in the last 10 years. Jews were very instrumental in leading the charge for integrated schools and neighborhoods in the South. It’s been documented elsewhere that 50% (or just over 50%) of freedom riders were Jews from Northern states.

    A case can be made that without Jewish political activism the South would still enjoy segregation and this murder and others like it would not have occurred. It was not, as some claim, through the efforts of a coterie of non-Jewish Northern bogeymen that the South became integrated.

    It’s well documented that Jews funded and led the NAACP, SCLC and other black organizations and some supported the black panthers at least morally.

    For info, Kevin Shifflet, an 8yr old white boy, had his throat cut by a black man while playing in his front yard in 2000. Police later apprehended the suspect in a hotel. They found a letter of admiration penned to Louis Farrakhan discussing how white children must all be murdered .

  15. Everyone should also check out the book “Zebra” by Clark Howard which chronicles the brutal racially motivated torture-murders of white people committed by Nation of Islam members. In all, investigators estimate around 200-300 whites were murdered throughout California resulting from the California NOI’s call to arms during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Even a couple of blac police officers assisted the NOI. It’s all in the book.

    Australian columnist Paul Sheehan opined on the spike in black on white crime in 1995.

  16. This has been a very useful debate. I’m sorry that Hunter had to go through an unpleasant experience in the radio show with Giles. I don’t know what happened to Giles. I’ve known him for years and I’ve never seen this side of him. He used to be happy to talk about his bees and dogs and his days as an IBM systems analyst in Manhattan.

    Anyway, this debate has been useful because it has forced us all to clarify our positions, first to ourselves. Does it make sense to advocate murder? I don’t think it does. At any rate, advocating is not doing, so it’s not like it’s a matter of courage. Advocating violence is just handing rhetorical weapons to the enemy on a silver platter, to be used against us.

    The Muslims have a thing called “Taqqiyah.” From Wikipedia:

    Within the Shia theological framework,[1] the concept of Taqiyya (???? – ‘fear, guard against’, also taghiyeh)[2] refers to a dispensation allowing believers to conceal their faith when under threat, persecution or compulsion.[3]

    The word “al-Taqiyya” literally means: “Concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies at a time of imminent danger, whether now or later in time, to save oneself from physical and/or mental injury.” A one-word translation would be “dissimulation.” [4]

    We are forced to play by the rules of Semites, since they have the upper hand. Physical violence is the Aryan way; Psychological violence is the Semitic way, or in the case of Muslims, Psychological Violence, until they are strong enough to use physical violence.

    We do need to take a gun to a gunfight; that means using the weapons that have been used against us. One of these weapons is “dishonesty to the enemy,” or Taqqiyah. What, we have to be totally forthright and truthful about our strategies and goals, to the whole world? No, not at all. It’s the height of stupidity, of taking a knife to a gunfight, to not practice Taqqiyah when waging conflict with Semites.

    This doesn’t mean that I secretly believe in genocide or any of that. Of course since I’m advocating dissimulation as a broad political strategy and religious tenet, I can be accused of anything, no matter what I say. By my own admission, I believe in lying about my true beliefs. That’s probably not very Taqqiyah of me, but how else can I communicate this useful strategy to you folks?

    Take the hint already!

    That said, I’m going to give my broad, and rather optimistic view.

    Right now in December 2009, we have every reason to be concerned about the genocide of the White race. We should be scrambling to find any way to stop the bleeding. I know one guy who patrols dating sites, and sends anti-miscegenation messages to White women with dating profiles.

    I watch the broader trends — the Big Picture, because our predicament is more a product of social conditions, than the opportunistic Jews who took advantage of the situation. The Industrial era saw an explosion of wealth, and Jews were in a position to ride that wave in spectacular fashion, for obvious reasons.

    However, we are now on the downslope of hundreds of years of steady economic growth. We face a painful transition.

    I don’t think the Jews are going to enjoy the Great Descent, nearly as much as they enjoyed the Great Ascent.

    Jewish social policies are based on economic cornucopianism. You know how Jews seized the cities and kicked out the urban Whites? They created a massive rabble of multigenerational welfare recipients, who would make life inhospitable for Whites, and would reliably vote Democratic, which means to vote for more handouts and higher taxes on White workers in cities. I lived this sort of hell when I was in Boston. There is definitely a “white tax,” while the coloreds live literally for free — 100% full ride, they never work a day in their lives.

    Sustaining millions, yes literally millions, maybe even tens of millions, of multigenerational welfare dependents absolutely requires a growing economy. Well, the economy is contracting now, and the golden-hearted liberals are going to start shutting down their “Urban Voting Zoos,” for lack of funding, and setting the “Pet Democrat Voters” loose to fend for themselves in the wild:

    Let’s start talking about holding the welfare state politicians, advocates, and bureaucrats criminally and civilly responsible for what should be termed “The Great Betrayal.”

    Permanent welfare was a false promise that suckered people in, made them much more dependent than they were before, and now is going to cut them loose as the economy ruthlessly contracts.

    Let’s start talking about “The Great Betrayal” and “Urban Voting Zoos” and “Pet Democrat Voters” now, so as this scenario plays out, they will have a more difficult time convincing suburban Whites that it’s “our duty” to take in the multigenerational welfare rabble. We didn’t create that problem, and we need to figure out some way to punish and/or permanently remove from power all who benefit and maintain the multigenerational welfare racket. The original architects are mostly dead or old, so punishing those responsible is complicated. Maybe make a “multigenerational welfare recipient Holocaust museum” that shows the dangers of using people as “Pet Voters.” There’ll be pictures of frozen emaciated corpses littering New York City and Detroit and Cincinnati.

  17. Good post, Kievsky. I’ve read some of what you write on other sites – you give good advice, esp. on becoming a ‘master of the mundane’ and learning other languages.

  18. Thanks Sam. I’m glad someone out there is giving my ideas a hearing. The old noggin’ is always spinnin’, because the problem we face seems so intractable. About once a year I get a “Eureka moment,” and this year it was the realization that creating “Left Wing Urban Welfare Zoos of Pet Democrat Voters to disempower Urban Whites” was a monstrous crime against humanity, both against the Whites, who have already absorbed the blow and surrendered the cities, and the non-White pawn “Pet Democrat Welfare Voters,” who will suffer immensely when the Urban Welfare Zoos cease operation.

    Heck, maybe a 2012 presidential candidate could incorporate this into their platform.

  19. The main problem is White Liberalism, not some nutty ‘ZOG conspiracy’!

    Indeed White Ashkenazi Jews themselves have been attacked by savage negroes! ( ) We must join with these fellow White-skinned victims of negroid crime to defend ourselves!

    ” We have vital work to do. Our civilization, our way of life, even our continuity as a distinct people depend on whether we succeed or fail. It is a distraction from our proper work to hunt for culprits, to blame others for our own loss of will.

    We may still be a small minority, but we have history, human nature, and morality on our side. Success for us lies in demonstrating that our views are right, healthy and moral—and that liberal-egalitarianism is wrong and immoral; not in trying to “unmask” it as a Jewish conspiracy.”

  20. There are more unmixed white people on the planet today than there were a hundred years ago, the height of white domination of the planet.


    So, whatever it is that is happening to white people, we (or, if you insist, “they”) are not becoming extinct.


    And, as Hunter pointed out on the Giles show, the Jewish enemies of the white people are not calling for killing whites.

    Genocide has nothing to do with killing members of the group. It’s about killing the group.

  21. Gregory, it’s not that intellectual whites dig the company and the ideas of Sheenies. It’s that most whites really don’t give a damn about the Jews, which is another option one is given when tyring to answer the Jewish Question, aside from worship or defamation. That is why I say that any future breakdown leading to a “jew free White ethnostate” would almost certainly leave Jews in all sorts of countries besides Israel. Europe is of course the best example -it’s easy to conceive of a groundswell developing there to de-Islamicize their continent. But they have no appetite or interest in removing each and every last Jew.

    ben tillman – i’m having trouble finding one link with all of the precise figures, but roughly there were about 200 million Europeans in 1800, 400 million in 1900 and 800 million in 2000. Do you dispute that the number of whites is increasing, though at a much smaller rate than the non-white population of the world?
    Also, how does one “kill a group” without killing members of the group?

  22. Furthermore, keeping a society “Jew-free” would take a lot of work, and many will conclude its not worth the price or the trouble. After your revolution, many liberal and Jewish ideas will remain out there, accessible on the Internet, in favor of tolerance and moderation and personal gratification and so forth. Keeping these ideas from corrupting the youthful minds of the jew-free White ethnostate will require it to be a CLOSED SOCIETY. And keeping a closed society closed demands repression – actually it is unclear whether any advanced society made up of white people can remain closed in the 21st century. It’s a price many whites will not want to pay.

  23. “And, as Hunter pointed out on the Giles show, the Jewish enemies of the white people are not calling for killing whites.”

    “Genocide has nothing to do with killing members of the group. It’s about killing the group.”

    Right as always Ben Tillman! And it is not merely physical harm, but mental and emotional harm as well.

    As defined by United Nations Treaties following the Second War of White Genocide, er, “WW2”, clearly stipulates the following on what constitutes genocide:

    …any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    – U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II: Adopted by Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948.


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