Nation magazine’s Laura Flanders, “One Group that seems to be having no problems organizing is the White nationalist movement”

I have listened to Laura Flanders on college radio for years, with her GRIT TV commentaries.

Watch this video and see how little passion is in them.  They drone on and on, blah blah blah, and keep saying “grassroots.”  Wishful thinking of Jewish socialist nerd boyz.  Their grassroots is a golf course putting turf.  Our “grassroots” are feral weeds and aggressively coppicing trees.

Laura tries to trip up J.D. Ready, trying to lead him into denouncing the C of CC but he goes on a tangent about all the organizations he belongs to.  This was an excellent tactic, as Flanders has limited time for the interview, and has to try to get her “money shot” before the cameras have to stop rolling.  Finally she asks him if he would approve of swastikas, and paints a word picture of “hateful monsters” and asks him, in so many words, “are you a hateful monster too?”  He isn’t sophisticated enough to see her Jewish verbal Jew Jitsu, and she gets just a little “money shot.”  But overall, he does good.

If all else fails, ignore their attempt to lead you in a certain direction, and just ad lib about whatever you want to say.  He should have said, “I think anti-white racism is terrible, such as the 37,000 white women that are raped by blacks every year!”  That’s how well educated Arab spokesmen argue against Jewish reporters. Jewish reporters don’t even attempt to lead Arabs into their little discourse rat-traps.  Semites know how to fight Semites.

On Alternet they are wondering why the Left is not able to get organized themselves.

Are we beginning to see a pattern?

It’s pretty simple — the Left has peaked. They have all the funding, all the opportunities to recruit, and they have screwed up their opportunity because they love degeneracy.  The problem is, degeneracy makes the world a worse place, and people are sick of it.

Nobody will lose their job for being a Communist or expressing the opinion that Whites don’t deserve to exist as a group.  Many who argue these are given a cushy living, such as Noel Ignatiev, Tim Wise, the SPLC et cetera.

Leftists do not do their stuff for free.  They have no volunteers.  They expect that their activism will give them a better financial outcome.

We have more pure motives.  Our motives come from deep in our gut.  Our motivations can be summed up by Kipling, “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”

Whites-centric voices don’t expect to get paid.  We have been put out in the cold.  Out here in the cold, we developed independent thinking and spiritual strength, just as Ibn Khaldun’s “desert tribes” developed social cohesion out living under the stars, and eventually overthrew the soft urban dynasties.


  1. The left stopped supporting the working class when they endorsed globalism and environmentalism. Now they’re surprised when no one shows up for their rallies.

  2. Watch this video and see how little passion is in them.

    No need for a video, it’s as plain as day. They’re the old, boring fuddy-duddies they make fun of in movies like Caddyshack. They’re old, soft, safe, boring, fat, ruddy, conformist fossils.

  3. Semites know how to fight Semites.

    By seeing them coming a mile away. By knowing your enemy really is an enemy, and checking the Weather Channel if he tells you the sky’s blue.

  4. Good article Kievsky. Especially the part of not letting your enemies drive the discussion.

    This is a problem conservatives have had for years. Our enemies make mincemeat out of them on TV. This is because they actually sit there and let the anti-White ask them questions in which they attempt to answer honestly. Usually they come off looking like morons and most of the time actually comes off looking guilty of the charges.

  5. “By seeing them coming a mile away. By knowing your enemy really is an enemy, and checking the Weather Channel if he tells you the sky’s blue.”

    Another good point. I don’t know how many times I have seen a conservative such as Hannity say that our enemies are “Americans too” whom we just “disagree with.”

    Conservatives literally do not see these people as enemies.

  6. Is the forum section of this site ever going to function? Seems like it would be much easier to post to that sort of forum than this format.

  7. Millirone: yeah. Conservatives are still stuck in “the other fella has a point of view.” It’s one thing to smile and be civil, but conservatives internalize it.

    The other fella does not have a point of view. He’s a cocksucker and deserves to be squashed (rhetorically speaking of course 🙂 ).

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