White-centric organizing is a path out of the darkness

OK, Gustavo, I’ll take your word for it that you aren’t Jewish.

As you are so fond of reminding us, “the country has changed.” The US has changed. It has gone from a consciously European and Christian identity, to a Multicultural Global Babel Idea Country.

I concede this victory. The Babelists won.

But you must understand, in a radically changed country, the culture of the White majority is going to change.

Actually, the White population is diverging. A significant part of it are jumping off one life-choice cliff or another, whether it’s drug use or sexual deviance, resulting in a failure to reproduce healthy White children.

We have a veritable buffet of lifestyle suicide choices, and the condemnation of those who tell the truth about lifestyle suicide. Race-mixing, homosexuality, promiscuity, and the idea that raising functional White children is a bore and a drag.

American kids are prepped for lifestyle suicide via a completely dysfunctional education system and over the top mass media saturation of their young brains, which seems to have been diabolically designed to foster rabid anti-intellectualism.

The country has gone absolutely insane, in case you didn’t notice.

The White-centric voice is a path out of the darkness for Whites. The irony is that the revival of White interest politics will turn out to be very healthy.

You have feverish visions, based on the miniseries’s “Holocaust” and “Roots” of any White-centric organizing leading to slavery and mass murder.

This is an ongoing hateful slur being perpetrated on European descended people, and this slur is used to justify official condemnation of any White-centric talking or organizing.

And it’s not true. The White-centric voice will work against the Pacific Garbage Patch, and the Gulf of Mexico dead zone, and the imposition of Supernormal Stimuli on children.

The less you fight us, the less hateful we will be. I’m personally not a hateful person at all. I am only determined to win.

It’s your side that keeps escalating attacks against any White-centric organizing. We are not attacking you, we are just doing our own thing. You shall have to let go of this irrational fear, because we’re going to do, what we’re going to do.


  1. Hunter:

    I do not know who was first in this thread; but my Response was to Kievsky, not GA…for the record.


  2. Gustavo,

    Kievsky is my bilingual name, and my old nom de guerre from years ago. I am better known as “Kievsky” whereas there’s a zillion “Robs” out there.

    However, I post there under my real name because I don’t care for using a nom de guerre in waging discourse war.

    Congratulations on having the courage to go toe to toe with us, by the way! It’s a lot of fun and discourse war is just discourse war, it’s nothing personal.

    I knew the day would come when you guys would have to start talking back to us. And I knew that someone of the Multicult Left would find the lure of discourse war . . . irresistible.

    Thanks much for keeping the comments open. If anyone slurs you or threatens you, he or she is not one of us and does not represent us in any way. We have no need to stoop to gutter behaviour.

  3. “The White-centric voice is a path out of the darkness for Whites. The irony is that the revival of White interest politics will turn out to be very healthy.”

    This is TRUTH. My own personal experience confirms this.

  4. Great article. Nothing but sad sad truth there. We must start to invade the sources of these lifestyle choices and direct people, as best we can away from them. Getting some data, scientific, or other, to produce to those we aim to save would go a long way to curing these ills.

    One citique, do not make your arguments directly to your opponent. Do not make it a personal matter between two people. Even in government they do this. They always address the “speaker” or the “chair” of the the “bench”. Just address the at large “they”.

  5. Kievsky,
    Dont forget that there are a lot of healthy, thriving White families out there. The Duggar family (www.duggarfamily.com) is just one of millions. We dont need to be defeatist, as per your comment, “I concede this victory. The Babelists won.” Defeatism=failure. Do you know the story of the Knights Hospitaller versus the Ottoman Empire? Where would defeatism have gotten them?

  6. I agree with Andrew, let’s not concede anything. Have our enemies conceded anything to us? Do they acknowledge that America was exclusively white from its inception, and that we have a right to advocate for our own interests? No they don’t, all they do is lie, cheat, steal and bully.

  7. It is but a temporary concession, an acknowledgment of a dirty victory. When Whites start thinking collectively, the sky is the limit on the ground we’ll recover.

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