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  1. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been banned from Digg (usernames banned, IP addresses banned).

    The Hasbara brigade over there is pretty thick and they all gang up on any hint of white racialism (our so-called potential allies).

    Digg has banned several very tame right-wing sites. I was shocked when they banned Philip Weiss’ blog (Mondoweiss). Not really a rightist blog, but an example of the extreme Zionist influence over there.

  2. You should put a digg button at the end of each entry. It would allow your readers here to easily digg entries, which would get them more visibility on that site.

  3. “These social networking sites have brought us a ton of hits.”
    And sadly to say tons of trolls.

  4. Hi – the TweetMeme postings are predominantly coming from the traffic building exercise at Original Dissent (http://www.originaldissent.com), described in this thread:


    Not sure where you Digg postings are, but higher visibility may be building traffic there via that channel as well. The postings are automated as described below. This is an experiment and may change over time.

    Specifically, we have the following automatic on-ramp mechanism for you:

    1. I use digg-like software called Pligg to maintain a news site called Whigger News (http://whigger.weremight.com) in my http://weremight.com family of domains. A list of all those properties can be found via my primary front door site, http://anglolatin.com

    2. The Pligg software pulls your RSS feed and re-aggregates it (OCD is in the News and Media category). At that point, articles can be screened, discarded, voted on, advanced to ‘publication’ which puts them on *our* RSS feed for re-syndication.

    3. I also use the Pligg software (http://www.pligg.com/) as a place to use Google Analytics and Ad Sense for standard website analytics. In theory, this could generate revenue. More importantly, it gives me a peak at a demographics and especially page bounce rate. For example, I just learned that if I empty out the Upcoming News tab and virtuously publish all the feeds, people leave, because they click that tab and don’t see anything ‘upcoming’. Must be a boring site and I’m off to do something else. So today I’m leaving news there for a while.

    4. Next, we use two RSS feed to Twitter services to generate the tweets, primarily on http://twitter.comhttp://twitterfeed.com is the easiest. You configure your RSS feed. http://hootsuite.com has more features and uses, so you want both of these.

    There is no particular way I can be banned from TweetMeme, as they are pulling my tweets from twitter, and I don’t have a login that makes me bannable. News is news, and censorship at the search engine level is rather hard. Maybe one day they will set up filters to — for a social network, ignoring social subnetworks is simply a failure of mission, however, so I doubt it.

    Advice: each of you get a twitter account — different form your personal ones, and learn to ‘retweet’ stories you think should have higher profiles. If you use http://hootsuite.com, it is possible to manage multiple twitter accounts via a team of people — the easy way to think of this if you come from the Forum world is as ‘legalised sockpuppets’ — you sign in with a username and email to http://hootsuite.com and then an admin for the set of Twitter identities controls who can post to what. Inside Hootsuite, you can set RSS feeds (10 posts, 5 / feedpull, 1 feed pull / hr max rate). Obviously, multiple admin accounts could conceivably boost this rate above 50 posts / hour, but I recommend not flooding your Twitter — people will ignore you if you push the rates too high.

    The primary reason I switched to Hootsuite from twitterfeed for *my* RSS from the Pligg is because they use the http://ow.ly service to shorten links rather than http://bit.ly. At twitterfeed, you can see the clickthrough rate, but don’t get to use the link in other ways, as if you had created them yourself. In effect, twitterfeed

    More advice: start thinking how your titles will look on a 140 character max tweet with a shortened URL at the end. Front load your title with words that make clear what the post is about and why the user should be interested.

    I highly recommend the ‘hootlet’ (bookmark popup) that goes with Hootsuite. This lets you click on a link while you are surfing, and post to any of your controlled twitter accounts. I use one twitter for collecting links for later use, and a second for publication. You can also use http://twitzap.com as a way to use twitter for link sharing and ‘conversation’. This is somewhat a cross between the immediacy of a ShoutBox (which encourages trolling if not monitored), and the longer latency of a blog (which doesn’t invite as much engagement, but is not ‘conversational’ as texting).

    Here are some sample searches for you, to see how you are doing:


    ‘Texting’ in twitter is done by the simplest mechanism possible: Include a unique string in your tweet that other people [your friends] can search for if they use http://search.twitter.com or any ubiquitous search-box, TwitZap or TweetMeme or anything else — simple is good.

    ‘search’ is all people who are not text-engaged (and some who are!) know to do, and the under 30s ‘totally get this’. The conventional way is to put a ‘tag’ like #occidentaldissent in your tweet. Anyone searching for that tag (with or without the pound-sign) will ‘see’ the conversation.

    Or just use a unique twitter handle, such as odtalk — that way you can develop a ‘buzz’ around your conversations here, since the tweet counts will start to grow, and that alone will draw attention. A few hundred retweets can put you at the top for some category.

    Search engines (like Google) are actively starting to mine ‘social networks’ for breaking news and trends, to guide search results. You should get more search traffic from these efforts, but that sort of analysis is just in its infancy. No reason to believe the incumbents will be the ones to figure it out.

    Anyway, good luck with your activism and building the movement. I’m glad our traffic building efforts are giving you a lift. Anyway, if you want to shout, drop a tweet with @weremight in it.

    Best regards,


  5. To get a significant number of viewers from digg you need to reach the front page, and the administrators make sure pro-white content doesn’t make it that far.

    I used to submit content from my blog to digg, and none of it ever reached the front page. One of my articles received 115 diggs within 12 hours, and instead of promoting it to the front page, the administrators buried it. I was ultimately banned from the site for “racism.”

    Articles from the BNP website regularly receive hundreds of diggs, yet none of them have made the front page. And I once saw a pro-Ron Paul article with over 1,000 diggs that the administrators buried.

    Like Donald said above, any hint of white racialism is quashed.

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