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The creation of the American Third Position Party is creating waves across the blogosphere. We already have two posts about the matter here. Heidi Beirich has a write up over at Hatewatch. GuessedWorker is pointing fingers at the Bilderbergers of White Nationalism. David Duke’s website has picked up the story. The local press in California has three stories about the matter. See also the CoCC and TOQ Online threads.

I’m trying to catch up on all of this. I first remember hearing about the “American Third Position Party” when Kevin MacDonald mentioned it in his RFM interview. I assumed it was an already established third party based in California. I heard nothing further about it until reading the posts here. It is quickly becoming a tempest in a WN teacup.

Personally, I hope this will finally shut up the Neo-Nazi cultists who complain about “intellectual pussies” and “do nothing, contribute nothing keyboard warriors.”  In addition to everything else he does, which alone is more than sufficient, Kevin MacDonald is trying to create a viable third party for White Americans. His loudmouth critics haved only talked about it. I have read several of the various criticisms and disagree with most of them.

The American Third Position Party should be given a shot. It appears to be led by decent and reasonable men. If someone else creates something better, we should support their efforts instead, but in the meantime we need a focal point around which to rally our forces.

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  1. Back on topic:

    I just had a wild thought. If the poll that Hunter Wallace linked to in his Antisemitica blog is true, that is, that average – Joe Jews don’t approve of open borders, could it be that PERHAPS an explicitly-White political party that does NOT market itself as Jew-safe, may just, in time, find itself attracting average-Joe Jews anyway?

    Here’s my thinking:
    I once read a comment by an average-Jane Jew that American Jews are suffering from post-traumatic-stress-disorder due to the Holocaust.

    (That is, what they’ve been taught to believe about the Holocaust.)

    I heard recently on Political Cesspool an insightful analysis by Keith Alexander that the Holocaust happened, but has been hyped, marketed and exaggerated by elite Jewry in order to deflect any criticism of their own shenanigans, a sort of get-out-of-jail-free card for billionaire Jewry.

    Putting the two together:

    IF an expressly pro-White party fearlessly exposed the exaggerations, maybe the average Joe American Jews would realize that what they’ve been taught by their own elite — that is, that everyone of German decent is automatically a homicidal maniac boogeyman — is NOT true. And, therefore they, average- Joe Jews, were never in any real danger in America from Americans.

    Might THAT realization possibly lead average-Joe Jews to realize that living in America populated by Americans (some of whom have some German ancestry) is a better deal than living in an America populated by low-IQ, messy, social-pathology-carrying, not-very-capable mestizoes? Might the average-Joe Jew realize, as us White nationalists have, that their OWN elites are actively working to subvert the interests of average-Joe Jews — and we, the White nationalists, are less an enemy than their own elites?

    Am I way off base here? Or does the Jewish impulse toward ethnocentrism always trump their own individual interests?

  2. Mark,

    If it makes you feel any better, I am incredibly discerning in this arena, and I have never copulated with a woman outside of the Central Nordish racial core.

    My fiance is a woman such as you describe: pure Germanic (her ancestors hail from Northwest Germany, around the Danish border), blonde, blue-eyed, and corresponding to the Fälisch racial type. Nevertheless, when I first met her, I broke out my calipers and insisted on measuring her Cephalic Index, etc. (she’s mesocephalic to sub-brachycephalic, with heavy Borreby influence), and gauging her pigmentation (using original Eugen Fischer hair colour charts, etc.) in order to be certain.

    A couple years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Richard McCuloch, and he agreed with my assessment of her phenotype and urged us to have many children.

  3. Crypto Aryan
    Since the progressive wing of the White Nationalist movement has apparently embraced “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” on homosexuality, why not the same for miscegenators? Maybe they can be reminded on the importance of using condoms?

    This is the best argument for excluding jews from the WN movement. No matter how pro-white they try to appear when the chips are down they favor destructive trends.

    Miscegenation is the start of a chain reaction. The halfbreeds are whiter looking and tempt even more whites into race mixing. The end result is Portugal, a country that interbred with its negro slaves until it destroyed itself. Portugal now has one of the lowest IQ populations in the region.

  4. Do not fret too much: race-mixing amongst Whites isn’t that big of a big deal and in the USA it is not at all widespread outside of the leftist urban sewers of the coastal areas. Go ahead and let the least ethnocentric Whites breed out, that only makes the White gene pool stronger and more ethnocentric in the long-term.

    Right now about the only White women (and men) who are race-mixing and breeding with non-Whites are defective in some way, especially the ones who miscegenate with Blacks; as I said above, only the weakest and least ethnocentric Whites are race-mixing, so go ahead and let them…we don’t want their weak genes anyhow.

    When all is said and done only about 5% or so of Whites overall actually breed and/or marry non-Whites (maybe even less than that), so the percentages aren’t large enough to matter much.

    Think of this period as “gold in the furnace” — Whites being made stronger and more pure in this period of tribulation in the fire.

  5. Bernard
    The message is that all kinds of sexual deviance and perversion is fine, that it’s just a matter of choice and recreation, that as long as “protection” i.e. condoms are used everything is ok and acceptable, that they’re merely “victimless” crimes. As if adultery is fine so long as no bastards are actually produced.

    This has been one of the primary vectors of attack against us, and it has done untold damage to us, demoralizing us, confusing us, weakening our resolve, undermining family formation, undermining fertility, and so on.

    Undermining fertility is clearly the intent. Jews invented and then forced through the legalization of the birth control pill with the intention of lowering white fertility. Promoting extended childhoods, late marriage,shacking up, attacking motherhood and fatherhood and diverting the most fertile intelligent women into years of barren education are all part of the propaganda attack. These “gamers” are just like chronic video gamers in one respect, they’re both evolutionary dead ends.

  6. If anything, this thread beautiful illustrates why TOO decision to close comments sections is the right one.

  7. Svigor — “Ethnopatriots seldom like to hear it, but this is the default fall-back plan.” I would go further and say that I can’t think of a instance in which white people have ever been racially conscious of themselves as a singular group except when they have lived alongside, and interacted and competed with non-whites. An all-white ethnostate would be a DERACINATED one, a place where Christians would end up fighting pagans, Catholics would fight Protestants or the poor would take on the rich.

    Bernard, Old Right — I thought the sarcasm of my prior post was obvious. And I don’t understand why non-reproductive miscegenation is worse than homosexuality. Both reduce white fertility rates but create no new multi-racial offspring. One is tolerated within the white nationalist movement under “don’t ask, don’t tell,” while the other is not.

    Regarding birth control, you guys once again blame European Jews, most of whose ancestors were not emancipated until the 18th century or 19th , for the negative consequences of liberalism, secularism, capitalism, technology and the rest of modernity — whose seeds were planted by white Europeans a century or two earlier.

  8. In your estimable opinion am I way off in speculating there is not going to be anything like a race war to settle the issue?

    I can’t predict the future, but it’s unlikely. It may be WNs dream but unlikely.

    People of the same race fight each other all the time over money, nationality, ethnicity, religion, jealousy all the time. I don’t think there will be a race war unless the government indoctrinates people with ideology.

  9. @Hunter Wallace
    Here face is too underdeveloped for my taste. She looks like a twelve year old with a grown woman’s butt to me. I was not criticizing you dudes for likely East Asian girls, was I just pointing out the irony that I a libertard really would not date outside my race, except for the “evil ones”, while many white nationalists would bang every Asian girl they saw 😉

    I have embraced your libertard term 🙂

  10. “I was talking about TOO, Robert. 95% of comments in this thread are unproductive garbage.”

    Fuck off troll.

  11. “I’m sure I have slept with plenty of White chicks who have some remote Indian ancestry.”

    Only you know why you choose to advertise your Nigger behavior on your own blog. As with your bizarre admission on M.R. that you suffered a psychotic episode, it’s a mystery why you expose your personal life in this way. This thread is a Jerry Springer episode. You’ve done it before on various fora and it has always come back to haunt. I guess you haven’t learned your lesson yet.

  12. @Stephen Elliot
    Sex is a part of human nature. This has been one of the most honest and intelligent threads on any white nationalist website. They have actually acknowledged a flaw in the movement that my fellow libertards and the left would take advantage of. Cut them some slack. All Hunter Wallace has done is revel his humanity. Maybe that is something you can not understand, sense I doubt you really are human, Stephen Elliot.

  13. Crypto Aryan
    Regarding birth control, you guys once again blame European Jews, most of whose ancestors were not emancipated until the 18th century or 19th , for the negative consequences of liberalism, secularism, capitalism, technology and the rest of modernity

    The oral contraceptive was invented by Gregory Pincus, a jew.

  14. Arthur and Stephen,

    Don’t equate Hunter with that exposed liar, hypocrite, and degenerate ‘Admiral’ aka ‘William in OC.’

  15. RE: miscegenaiton. We are all influenced by the society in which we live. Nobody is immune to the corruptions of the age. White Nationalists who claim to be immune, are just engaged in holier than thou posturing. They present themselves as a version of the Jewish chosen people, the Calvinist elect, and other such rubbish.

    This gives them license to engage in purges, excommunications, anathemas — and to fantasize about inquisitions and exterminations — directed at other whites. It is just another destructive element of Jewish culture distortion.

    There is another way to lead. Our race needs self-criticism and self-purification, and the people who are best suited to lead us are the ones who are willing to lead in that process BY EXAMPLE, by openly speaking about how they themselves have been harmed by the system, how they themselves have betrayed their race in various aspects of their lives, and how they themselves came to realize and correct their errors.

    By leveling with people, and by practicing transparency and frankness, such leaders establish a genuine bond with others. The holier than thou hypocrites merely encourage hypocrisy and deception among their followers, which poisons all aspects of their relationships. When you hide your errors and flaws, they become a permanent vulnerability. When you expose them and rise above them, and help your audience to rise above them too, they become a source of strength.

    The trouble, of course, with greater frankness is that it requires some reciprocity if it is to go somewhere, and in this movement, there is precious little sign of that. Thus it is a huge risk to take the first step. Jim Giles found that out recently.

    But on the other hand, the person who does take such a step, who takes the risk, is demonstrating that he has the courage and character to be a real leader. Whether there are any people big enough to appreciate such a gesture is the movement’s problem. In fact, it is one of the biggest.

    Saving the white race is serious business. This movement does not hav enough serious people for the job. So far.

    Miscegenation is a mere youthful folly or indiscretion IF no children are conceived. WNs who have engaged in it should speak about it openly, and explain why they found it attractive at one time, and what changed their minds. That would be far a more productive technique for leading other whites away from miscegenation than moralistic hectoring from the holier than thou would be elect who claim to be genetically immune to the temptation.

    Miscegenation is a tragedy ONLY if children are conceived, because only a sociopath can feel no loyalty to his own flesh and blood, even if the child is of mixed ancestry. Such people are lost to us, because their loyalties are OBJECTIVELY divided and opposed to ours, whether their consciousness has caught up to this fact or not.

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