Elevate the argument

The primary reason that we are in such a mess today is because money is too powerful when men believe that the material world is the ruling force. Unless you are fighting the material forces with the superior force of the spiritual/metaphysical realms, you are destined to lose, because you can never accumulate the material strength needed to oppose your enemies. As Shakespeare observed, “there is far more to be known in heaven and earth than is contained in your philosophy.”

Whereas most White racialists view the world’s chief problems as being primarily genetic and biological in nature, I ascribe our most fundamental crisis to the spiritual and cultural realms. Many centuries have passed since the White race has produced the type of society that I consider an approximation of the ideal. Western man has embraced science in the name of progress, but this notion of progress is illusory and dangerous. Severed from the wisdom of the ancients, the greatest hope of Western man is to be found in returning to the world of Tradition — in accepting the fact that the world we have created is not healthy and cannot sustain our souls.

There are those in White Nationalism that have the integrity needed to positively impact the world. It is my sincerest hope that these people can be persuaded to separate themselves from the self-defeating tactics and ideas that have held us back for so long. This process must go beyond the manipulation of rhetoric; those involved must confront their demons and develop their spiritual selves to the point where they can appreciate the greater beauty and potential of life.

We must elevate the argument. Find the common ground you share with the best elements of the population (despite the fact that the majority of the world’s populace is lost, ignorant, and devolving) and promote a positive racialism. Talk about the human pedigree, about the values that all men of tradition and higher culture share, about the consistencies in ancient wisdoms, and instead of dividing you will be uniting, but with a goal: a goal that will in the long term result in all of the things that we want for our people being achieved.

The White race is in a position of weakness right now, as we have lost sight of ourselves completely. We must appeal to those instincts that are still alive and functioning within our tribe. Building a social network in your region is extremely important. Go out and gather those people through love, kindness and honesty, and truly amazing things can happen. If you go out angry and show your frustration, you will sow hatred and nobody will defend you when the system comes calling. I’m not talking about hippie foppery here; I’m talking about being kind and peaceful in your rhetoric, grounded and confident in your position rather than over-emotional and aroused. Show signs of maturity, strength and wisdom. Don’t pound your chest or verbally lash out at the world, because the only effect it will have is to create a boomerang that will slice right back at you.

It is a delicate time, but there are many strengths on our side, and it is time we start using them!


  1. Cognitive
    Leadership is best done by example: credentials and reputation counts among the successful. Earning these are challenges that tests one’s personal worth helping prepare the way for gaining power.

    Angry rebellious posturing and mere harsh language only attracts crowds of defectives going nowhere in life. Extreme emotive gesturing and accompanying noises are both useless and Equal Opportunity Activities accessible to any primate.

  2. Drifter
    Leadership is best done by example: credentials and reputation counts among the successful. Earning these are challenges that tests one’s personal worth helping prepare the way for gaining power.

    Jews have absolute control over all credential granting institutions in the United States.

    That leaves reputation. If you stand up for your race the jew media smears your reputation.

    The worst WN ruffian (assuming they sincerely love their race) has better character than the most upstanding establishment apologist.

    The world is upside down.

  3. I suggest reading the Romanians of “The Criterion Group.” Probably the two best known in the West are Mircea Eliade and Emile Cioran. There were others most of whom haven’t appeared in translation due to their
    disgraced and declasse Orthodox Christian autochthonism – Nae Ionescu, Constantin Noica, Nichifor Cranic, Petre Tutea, etc. Mihail Sebastian and Eugene Ionescu were Jews. Ionescu wrote a play (The Rinoceros) and Sebastian left a journal (The Fascist Years) about the Jewish/Gentile schism within the group as war approached. A quick intro to “The Criterion Group” (sometimes called “The Generation of 22”) brain trust can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbOevl3BSGg

  4. Glad to see another post from you Robert. I know you have a lot to share and provide a different perspective from most others.

    One thing though, you were critical of Griffin’s mild approach when he was on that talk show, the kind of mild and sympathetic approach you advocate here. He was speaking to allies and potential allies as much as he was to his enemies. So in that kind of situation how forceful should one be in your opinion?

  5. Mark,

    I advocate being kind and peaceful in our rhetoric, but also grounded and confident. I think Mr. Griffin fell short in the latter respect.

    As I have said before, my piece was not an attack on the BNP; I wish the BNP nothing but success. Some excellent opportunities were missed during that television appearance, but we continue to soldier on and (hopefully) learn from these mistakes.

  6. WDW,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am quite familiar with Eliade and Cioran. I have been greatly influenced by the writings of Traditionalists like Julius Evola, Rene Guenon, Lord Northbourne, and Frithjof Schuon.

    I ordered a Cioran tribute CD a few years ago, from Dan Ghetu (he also released the Codreanu tribute) but it never came to fruition and I lost the cash. It sounded like a lovely project. What a pity…

  7. Well said.

    “”The primary reason that we are in such a mess today is because money is too powerful when men believe that the material world is the ruling force.””

    That is a truism of all time. We can not compete is that realm. When money is the ultimate driving force, the ‘god’, the bankers and money changers win. As it is right now today as it has always been.

  8. Robert, to briefly go back to the American BNP thread that was closed prematurely IMO, yes what you said does make me feel better. Unfortunately men like you are few and far between.

    All the best to you and your fiancé.

  9. Robert Cambell writes:
    I ordered a Cioran tribute CD a few years ago, from Dan Ghetu (he also released the Codreanu tribute) but it never came to fruition and I lost the cash. It sounded like a lovely project. What a pity…

    If it’s any consolation Michael Moynihan, editor of Evola’s Men Among the Ruins, never got his Codreanu centenary CD and his band, Blood Axis, was included on it. Dan Ghetu is a decent fellow, I’ve met him. But he’s left a lot of people in the lurch with his well intentioned recording projects.

    I can’t emphasise enough the similarities between interbellic Romania
    and the deracination of American majority culture. We don’t really know much about “The Criterion Group” because it’s history has been filtered through ex-Communists academics precision placed throughout the West and there aren’t many translations of the original writings. The academic animus has skewed the story of the Romanian struggle which had a strong spiritual element and which they ultimately lost to creeping Bolshevism.
    Gerald Bobango’s Religion and Politics: Bishop Valerian Trifa and His Times is essential reading for those who wish to learn about the sad sacrificial history of The Legion of the Archangel Michael and the growing power and perfidy of organized Jewry in in post war America.
    Trifa was the first high profile media “nazi” ever deported from the US.
    Her was the founder of the anti-communist Romanian Orthodox Episcopate in America (ROEA) in Grass Lake, MI. Reasonably priced copies of Mr. Bobanga’s excellent out-of-print Columbia U. Press book may still be available from them.

  10. Mark, thank you for the well wishes. I would rather take up the life of an ascetic than engage in miscegenation in any form.

    Rusty, any progress with the HS curriculum? I’d like to help out with that, if I can be of any assistance.

    WDW, I never got my “For my Legionaries” centenary edition either, and I gave away the one copy I did have from the first run to a comrade, in anticipation of the special edition. Last I heard from Ghetu (more than five years ago), he said he had been in a mental hospital for a while but that he planned to get back on track and release the Codreanu/Cioran stuff. I guess it didn’t work out for him. What is he doing these days?

    I saw Michael not too long ago, at a Changes concert in Philly. He has his PhD now and speaks ancient Gothic, which I had never previously heard spoken aloud. After the show/art gallery, Michael presided over a very touching naming ritual for Robert Taylor’s son, Ash (our version of Adam).

    I saw Blood Axis back in 2005, and it was one of the greatest performances that I’ve ever seen. Der Blutharsch put on a better live show when I saw them, but Blood Axis comes in at a very close second place.

    I have been planning to read the Bobanga book for a while, and I will move it up the list as a result of your recommendation. Thanks!

  11. Robert, the esoteric writings of those intellectual writers you list in #5 are going to appeal to a very small percentage of those on our side who are inclined to fight. Other than Evola, I’ve never heard of any of those other five you mention. I’ve met a lot of fighters and I’ve met a lot of intellectuals, but rare is the man that embodies both types and can appeal with ease across class lines, as, say, Dr. Pierce did. He wrote in a way that attracted the best of our people, whether their collars were blue or white; whether academics, artists, civil servant or a hillbilly like me. Even many Xians came to be drawn to Dr. Pierce’s truths, though he made clear to them that he took a decidedly dim view of their worshiping the Jew’s tribal god. He artfully deprogrammed many of them, in fact, from their traditional alien Yahwehist belief system to one more suitable for fighting the slippery Jew.

    The National Alliance, before Gliebe wrecked it with his expedient, Xian-friendly “big umbrella” outreach for short-term gain, had a unique spiritual aspect to it that Pierce called Cosmotheism. That’s all gone now. The idea lives, however. Whites will eventually have their own exclusivist religion and let universalist Xianity die on the vine, as it should.

    Old-timers might remember Gary Gallo, Founder and Leader of the abortive National Democratic Front back in the mid-1980s. Gary was a graduate of both West Point and Georgetown Law and the first true intellectual I remember encountering in the White resistance, up close. He, like so many who struck off to start their own movements had first been a National Alliance member, under Pierce. I remember that he wouldn’t address the problematic issue of Xianity publicly — too controversial — though he would ridicule it privately.

    Gary was extremly intelligent, a great writer and teacher. He taught me a few things about writing to appeal to folks, as Pierce did, across the broad spectrum of our race. GG would remind me more than once of the wisdom in Napoleon Bonaparte’s policy for issuing field orders: “Never allow an order to leave my tent that my stupidest private doesn’t understand.”

    Gary’s movement was promising, but short-lived. Last I heard he matriculated through medical school. Gary could be anything he wanted to be, except the next Great White Leader.

  12. That’s a very myopic perspective on the decline and fall of the NatAll Empire, Will. Gliebe has assuredly made plenty of mistakes, but they were honest mistakes, not betrayals. I believe he should step aside if somebody of Dr. Pierce’s caliber steps up, but Gliebe has devoted his life to our movement and has been among the most consistent in keeping up his activist efforts. I admire him.

  13. I suggest you call ROEA long distance and ask whomever answers the phone there if they’re selling the Bobango bio of Trifa. It’s no longer listed at their website’s bookstore, but I’m pretty sure they still have copies for the ridiculously low price of $11.95. Bobango’s book on the history of ROEA can be ordered on-line from them and it’s good, too, but the Trifa bio contains an important early history of the OSI (Office of Special Investigations) which was originally mustered to harass Trifa. Trifa’s other lawyer George E. Woods wrote a book about him, too. It was never published, but you can have his office send you a Xerox of the mss. for about $40. It’s entitled The Undoing: A Romanian-American Odessy. Woods is a District Court Judge in Detroit if he hasn’t retired. His book isn’t nearly as well written, but he shares the same opinion as Bobango that Trifa was sacrificed to maintain Romania’s most favored nation trading status with the US during the Ceaucescu regime. If you do call ROEA ask about the availability of Marginal Notes on a Court Case, a book length statement written by Trifa himself in exile in Lisbon.

    re Dan Ghetu. He’s apparently plunged deeper into Orthodox Christianity. He told me last year in an email he’s not that interested in politics anymore. He was a theology student when he was putting out his CDs. I believe he wrote that he’s married and not drinking anymore.

  14. Wikitopian
    “That’s a very myopic perspective on the decline and fall of the NatAll Empire, Will. Gliebe has assuredly made plenty of mistakes, but they were honest mistakes, not betrayals. I believe he should step aside if somebody of Dr. Pierce’s caliber steps up, but Gliebe has devoted his life to our movement and has been among the most consistent in keeping up his activist efforts. I admire him.”

    Gliebe’s mistakes were not honest; his betrayals to the Alliance membership and to Dr. Pierce’s vision were monumental blunders. He ran off the carefully-selected National Office staff he inherited, ran off the Board of Directors Dr. Pierce put in place to carry on his work, and never even moved to the mountain to do the day to day work required of the Chairman. He blew it very early on, and refused every overture by sincere members to get things back on course.

    You may say my view is myopic but you don’t really know me nor do you have knowledge of what I know about the extent of Gliebe & Co’s dishonorable pattern of behavior — how he and his partner in crime Shaun Walker hijacked NA, looted the coffers and drove it into the ground. Do you?

    No offense, Wikitopian, but your high admiration for Gliebe is misplaced. I had a former Alliance comrade tell me nearly six years ago that he would stick with Gliebe, the “Aryan Barbarian,” because, like Joe Stalin, he had till then managed to fight off all challengers to his “sole proprietorship” of the National Alliance. I don’t give much thought to that former comrade nor to others who would still admire Erich Gliebe after all the ill-advised compromises he made. I’m more like Pierce; I prefer to associate with those honorable few of us who agreed with Pierce’s hard line, those who left Gliebe’s “new” NA in disgust rather than go along with his nonsense, and then re-build carefully “the mass movement of will and determination” around that uncompromising core…just as Dr. P always said we planned to do.

    Robert, you know I have great appreciation for your scholarly work. You may come to appreciate one day my “stubbornness.” :o)

  15. @Will

    I’m the victim of a bait ‘n switch…

    Your first statement implied that Gliebe’s disinterest in Cosmotheism ruined NA. That’s myopic. Then you lay out this very detailed explanation which demonstrates an intimate understanding of the internal politics of the NA and makes your case with a series of sensible and direct points. That’s not myopic.

    I still haven’t heard any specifics which would indicate insincerity or corruption. Incompetence? Lack of vision? Lack of initiative? I’ve seen evidence of all those things. But that’s a failure, not a scoundrel. Now, as you imply, there are things you know that I don’t know. But you can’t expect me to make informed determinations without information. I’m not requesting that you divulge secretive stuff, but please be patient with those who are ignorant when our ignorance is at your discretion.

  16. Wiki,

    Schleiermacher wrote in his excellent theological treatise, “Über die Religion,” that some people are spiritually handicapped in much the same way that others are physically handicapped. Just as some men cannot see, or hear, or taste, some men lack the “thirst for the infinite,” and their ideologies often descend into arrogance and self destruction as a result of this shortcoming.

    As a general rule, I try not to engage such people on these subjects, which is the primary reason that I didn’t reply to Sam Davidson. I am not here to argue about this stuff or force it down anyone’s throat — if it doesn’t resonate with you, move on to something else. We’re all rowing in the same direction and we shouldn’t bog ourselves down in counterproductive bickering.

    I think the point Will was making regarding Cosmotheism, Christianity, etc. is that Gliebe lacks Geist. He lacks principles, convictions, and a genuine sense of honour and duty.

    The other issues you raised are also germane to the subject. Gliebe is incompetent and lacking in both vision and initiative. He is also a man of poor character who is given to engaging in very public affairs with the wives of NA members. More importantly, he is guilty of financial malfeasance (this was proven by his former accountant, and is not speculation on my part) and ruthlessly “outing” and then attacking other NA members that he perceived to be in his way. A couple years ago, he gave an interview to Citizens Against Hate and launched a vicious smear campaign aimed at ruining the career of NA board member Kittie Molz. It had the intended effect: she backed down.

    When Gliebe came here to NJ to speak to a local chapter meeting, I wanted to take him around to visit historical sites of interest to European-Americans (Washington’s HQ, etc.) and Gliebe dismissed this idea. Instead, he insisted on visiting the strip club featured in his favourite television show, The Sopranos. While there, he proceeded to embarrass the hell out of everyone with him (I stayed home) by running around like a kid in a candy store, gathering up coasters and napkins and other souvenirs.

    Will was close to Dr. Pierce for many years (he was his first membership coordinator, if I recall correctly) and certainly knows of what he speaks when it comes to the NA.

  17. Robert,

    That’s all very disappointing about Gliebe. I’ve done some research on my own since the initial posting and it seems that a pretty consistent picture is emerging that’s consistent with what you two are saying.

  18. 11 Robert Campbell wrote:
    “Rusty, any progress with the HS curriculum? I’d like to help out with that, if I can be of any assistance. ”

    Updated here:
    I recommend the PDF version, linked in red.

    The Latin & Greek are looking much stronger now. I am still working on all of it. Right now I need specific book recommendations for science and math and history for all grades.

    Gratias et Vale

  19. Rusty,

    A very impressive offering thus far!

    Hopefully I can be of some assistance, particularly in the realm of history; I’ll be in touch.

  20. Wow, that’s great news about Classics. You guys are bringing back the kind of education that made the West great.


  21. “Right now I need specific book recommendations for science and math”

    Lots of homeschoolers like Singapore Math or Saxon Math for elementary grades.

    I used Teaching Textbooks to teach my teens algebra. It comes with a textbook that does a good job covering and clearly explaining all concepts and a CD-rom to see all problems worked, just as if a teacher were standing in front of you at a blackboard.

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