1. Kievsky,

    Thank you, this really bothers the hell out of me too!

    There are few things that irk me more than the faux environmentalism of the Left and their hypocritical commitment to a mass consumerist society.

  2. This is a problem for white ingenuity to solve. Perhaps huge floating collection machines scooping up this stuff similarly to the way huge agricultural combines harvest root, grain, and fruit produce. The technology would be well within our grasp, even including that which would free fish, dolphins, porpoises, and whales caught up in the collection devices.

    What to do with the mountains of stuff harvested? Well, white ingenuity can solve that problem, too.

  3. It’s no mistake that the worst environmental abuses have taken place under Leftist governments (e.g. USSR and P. R. China); consumption and degradation are natural toxic byproducts of any liberal regime.

    Only an authoritarian, hierarchical, traditionalist society is capable of restoring the spiritual unity of Western man so that he can heal himself and the planet.

  4. Bo,

    Relying on technology is a Liberal answer to a Liberal problem.

    Yes, we should continue to feverishly work on technological advances that can address our environmental problems; however, we must also completely reorient our society’s pattern of thinking on the matter of consumption. The health of our nation and its environs must take precedence over the addictions of consumerist society.

  5. Why not? If you think this is bad look at China. They poisoned their major river. It’s like nukes, now a handful of groups can destroy earth at anytime. Commenter recently said something along the lines of it’s all up to whatever the military leaders decide now.

    All the richest elite don’t really seem to have a problem with destroying everything so who knows what will happen. If the elites with nuclear weapons are suicidal, what do you do? How’s that for slave morality?

  6. There’s no reason you can’t advocate and preserve your race and preserve the environment at the same time, they’re both linked. We can all make lifestyle changes that have no impact on us other than convenience.

    Of course even if you do limit your purchases of plastic, styrofoam and other non-biodegradable materials, you still have companies producing them and millions of consumers who don’t care.

    There are some new processes being developed to make plastic and styrofoam more biodegradable. They use pyrolysis to break it down and then feed that to bacteria.

    Our civilization just needs to last long enough to develop a solution. Otherwise it will be up to the Asians I suppose.

  7. Environmentalists are mostly white, so once they understand that the other races don’t really care about the environment, or feel no empathy with suffering animals, they will most probably become the most radical racists in the near future.

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