1. I don’t think that’s the idea there. I see her place there as using the central portion of the picture as a stage only. There’s certainly enough multi-racial presence in the video. Wishful thinking, Kievsky, but that’s not always bad, though. Shows you’ve got a good heart and a positive outlook. :o)

  2. She’s an eco nut, to the point of obsessing over toilet paper use down to a single sheet. But she adopted a blond white child and as far as I can tell has only dated white men. Now if we could only convince these types to be concerned about their own race as much as they are about animal species and the environment.

  3. I don’t believe we know the genuine feelings of non-Jews in the entertainment industry or any industry for that matter. If they aren’t wildly liberal Marxists inside, they must put on the standard Red mask in order to survive (and especially to climb the ladder), real or not. Who knows? But the way things are going, all the masks will eventually come off.

    There is one thing the Jews have not learned over the past millennium (well, there’s way more than one but I’ll focus on this one) and it is evident in their totalitarian view toward freedom of speech….. better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

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