Early Adapter alert — IPv6, and how computer pros can make a quick buck

I’m studying for my Comptia Network+ certification, and it mentioned that there is going to be an big Switchover to the new Internet addressing scheme, IPv6. It’s radically different, but very elegantly designed. You can set up your computer for IPv6 here:


What really caught my eye was that they said if you learn IPv6 now, when the Big Switchover comes you’ll be able to make a whole lot of money in a very short time.

Globalism makes it harder to score regular cash, but it does offer high stakes hunts. We should work towards smoothing out the “boom and bust” and get more control over our economy. But we need to acquire startup capital first, and IPv6 will be a chance to do so. You don’t have to be a genius. I’m certainly not a mathematician or scientist by any stretch.

If I manage to make a “score” off of IPv6 or some other thing, I’m going to get a convenience store and a small commercial farm, and use the former to sell the products of the latter. We have to retake the territory of the food system as best we can.

People don’t realize that we really should be putting a lot of energy into getting control of our food system. Right now our food supply is monopoly controlled by Biotech and Petrochemical companies, and the actual farmers are just their slaves.

To get a glimpse of how evil and insane Agribusiness is, consider this. Agribusiness controlled corn farms in the Midwest get huge subsidies to grow a vast corn surplus, and the fertilizers for this corn leach into the Mississippi River and have created a huge dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, where little or no marine life can survive.

ECOCIDE . . . for high fructose corn syrup and ethanol! What would you rather have, a basket of shrimp, or a basket of GM corn? The GM corn is killing the shrimp and fish and coral. The ocean is a biological treasure, and Agribusiness is treating it like it’s personal sewer.


Read Jere’s letter — he’s the president of a seed company that advertises with the Political Cesspool and has declared war on agribusiness and GMO.


The question of citizen control of the food supply is going to be the wave of the future. We should be early adapters.


  1. Iceman,

    Did you do the Comptia A+ test? I passed those pretty easy. I did the MCSCE way back in 2000. Did the Oracle DBA in 2002 but never used it. I find databases interesting.

    I’m going to learn networking and network security, and then Linux/UNIX admin and setting up Perl MySQL and PhP. A friend of mine told me there’s still a niche in the computer field where an American can get a job that pays well, if you know UNIX admin.

  2. Imperil,

    Jere is a real hero, trying to save the country.

    I get at least a dozen different seed catalogs, and none of the other seed companies reported a 66% increase in sales. Jere sent out 150,000 catalogs last year, and ran out in January 2009. This year he ordered 250,000 and opened a second production facility.

    So the seed companies that are just in it for money, are doing OK. The seed company that has declared war on Monsanto, is experiencing explosive growth.

    What Jere wants people to do is save as much seed as possible, in case much of the world’s flora become polluted with GMO genes. GMO pollen can pollinate wild plants and create superweeds, and could possibly contaminate the world’s flora with “terminator seed” genes.

    If you want to now pure evil, it’s Monsanto, and if you want to fight Monsanto, grow your own food.

  3. Hopefully within the next couple of years I’ll have saved back enough money to buy a small piece of land. I’d love to grow my own food and raise some animals.

  4. No, I went the Bachelor degree in Information Systems route.

    This is the first time I’m going for a certification but based on my performances on mock tests, I think I stand a 50-50 chance.

  5. Hopefully within the next couple of years I’ll have saved back enough money to buy a small piece of land. I’d love to grow my own food and raise some animals.

    This is the goal of my wife and I as well. Securing this type of independence is a precondition for any real “freedom.”

  6. I have enough land, I’m just working on the motivation to grow all the things I want.

    I’m starting a small garden and fruit orchard this year.

    I have a squirrel problem, what do you recommend?

  7. Mark,

    Why are the squirrels a problem? What exactly are they doing?


    If you want to pass the Network+ test, get the Transcender practice test. You’ll surely pass after practicing with that.

  8. @danielj post #7

    Good to see you “get it.” So long as enough people get this like you do, we’ll make it through this Evil Epoch.

  9. If you have to ask why are squirrels a problem then I’ll just stop right there.

    That’s right, Ben. They will also destroy your fruit trees. I feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack. I’m going to get those varmints.

  10. I got lots of squirrels and they don’t do any damage. Woodchucks do though. The cage traps take care of them pretty handily, and I do a Operation Wetback on varmints that cause me problems

  11. They ate most of my pears, all of them if I would have let them. I tried feeding them squirrel feed as a deterrent. Didn’t do a thing, they would just eat that then hop right back to the pear tree. They’re wasteful too, they’ll eat a few bites then toss it to the ground then get another one. It’s time to get medieval on their ass.

  12. Did the Oracle DBA in 2002 but never used it. I find databases interesting.

    Once you have a good handle on DBMS design philosophy and are competent with a variety of user interfaces like every other modern person, Oracle is a cinch. The former, like the latter, are platform-independent skills. All these cert classes are fattening a given provider’s bottom line more than for necessity.

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