A kid with character

I was never one of those parents that spoke in a high, patronizing voice to my kid, like so many aging hippie dopers with the gray pony tails who had their first kid in their 40’s. I always thought such parents are sure to drive a kid crazy.

I have always treated my kid with the expectation that she had native good sense, and didn’t need to talk to her like you talk to a pet. I told her at a very young age that there was no such thing as Santa Claus. I don’t believe in BS’ing your kid. I remember the pressures that “depriving” your kid of cable television, video games, and other trappings of the modern filth called “pop culture” was some kind of child abuse. I trusted my own sense, that exposing your kid to modern media is child abuse, not the other way around.

She has to earn time on the Internet by doing videos from www.khanacademy.org and writing out the math problems or taking notes, as well as practice piano. She doesn’t like weeding or watering the garden, but she doesn’t mind harvesting, even digging potatoes, and she is happy to help with processing the harvest, such as shelling beans or making tomato juice. She is always very proud of what she accomplishes. It’s so innocent and yet very real. I have always made her earn privileges or money, and you know what? This is still the right way to raise a kid. I see the little monster brats that get something for nothing, and they hate themselves and their parents, and they don’t know why.

So we had a little family drama recently. The wife wanted to spend a considerable sum of money every month on a cleaning lady. I am the financial manager of the family, and I said no, the kid can do it. She’s 11, almost 12, she can do it, and it will help her character. And we’ll pay her 30 dollars each time. Why have a cleaning lady over, while the kid hangs out and idles and gets the attitude in life of “hiring servants.” No way.

The kid knew we were fighting over this, and she stepped up to the plate and accepted my offer to clean the house twice a month. It’s a big job, but 60 bucks a month is a pretty good allowance for an 11 year old.

The most important thing is to be confident in yourself as a parent. Father does know best.


  1. $60 bucks. Holy shit. What about she does chores as a contributing member of the household! BUt yeah better than some Third World tubercular cleaning lady.

  2. Good post, I would have to agree with the other posters that $60 is too high, but the whole thing is a lot better than most of the dismal execuses for parenting we see these days. And the final line is the best. Keep it up.

    But once again, I will keep saying it, when are the Jew identifying white nationalists going to have a conference, or organize their own businesses and banks? Time to get busy, posting isn’t going to get a white homeland.

  3. Rusty,
    I personally like Santa Claus and fairy tales included as part of childhood, but calling someone a “liberal” for not teaching about Santa Claus is silly. Though you and I enjoyed the magic of Santa as kids, it is not some essential ingredient for a happy childhood. What is an essential ingredient is a family that is spending a lot of time together, with parents making good decisions in parenting and educating their young ones. Kievsky has his daughter working in the garden and being responsible, he probably reads to her all the time and emphasizes different celebrations. This will almost always result in a happy, well-adjusted kid, and I give him an A grade from what I read.

    Now Kievsky, go forth and multiply, 5 kids should be the absolute minimum for a White Nationalist who is serious about changing the world.

  4. You guys will be happy to know, I am on my fourth kid now. Kievsky, you are doing a good job with your one little angel. If for whatever reason you cannot have more kids, you can mentor other kids. Our race is falling apart because of the lack of fathers, especially fathers who are proud and strong, grounded in the traditions of their own people.

    Just this week, I found out my daughter is studying the Holocaust in school, being force fed quite heavily really. Not only are they doing the usual over-focus on it in history, they are reading some Holocaust book in English class as well. She is in 8th grade, so I took it as a teachable moment to explain to her some of the hypocrisies, double standards, and outright lies perpetuated by the Holocaust industry.

    Unfortunately, I feel like it is already too late. They already planted to seed of Jewish exceptionalism in her, and created an emotional attachment to the dominant narrative.

    I really strengthens in me the necessity of competing over the dominant cultural narratives about truth and history. By allowing our enemies to control the dominant narrative, we will always be marginalized and fringe.

  5. And $60 a month? For chores? Holy cow.

    Sixty bucks ain’t that much money anymore and especially if you only have one child. You could make her invest half of it and teach her about saving.

  6. She gets 30 each time she cleans the house, which takes a good 3 hours, and it’s pretty hard manual labor. Two full bathrooms, a flight of stairs to vaccum, a kitchen floor to mop, dusting every surface. A cleaning lady charges 65 for the job, so the kid is getting paid a bit less than half that.

  7. Just this week, I found out my daughter is studying the Holocaust in school, being force fed quite heavily really. Not only are they doing the usual over-focus on it in history, they are reading some Holocaust book in English class as well.

    Where are you? Maybe you don’t want to rock the boat, but this Holocaust education may very well violate the “separation of church and state” doctrine. The Holocaust — regardless of how much of it may be true — is a religious event, a religious symbol, imbued with all sorts of religious implications. You know — the Judaism of Holocaust and redemption as discussed by Rabbi Jacob Neusner.

    The story taught in schools presumably includes all sorts of demonstrably false (but religiously significant) dogma such as the 6 million figure (Jewish historians themeselves put the figure around 5 million), the belief in the complete irrationality of anti-Semitism as opposed to anti-Semitism as just one side in a more-than-reciprocated conflict, etc.

    It’s illegal according to the case law, if — and it’s a big if — the courts are willing to grant us the equal protection of the law as they have interpreted it.

    I’d sue.

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