Interview of Kievsky and the Hypnotist

I’m familiarizing myself with new media technologies and honing my public speaking skills. Kievsky was patient enough to work with me as I hosted a podcast: Hoosier Nation Radio. Constructive feedback on my interviewing skills and the technical quality of the recording will be appreciated.

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Kievsky and his friend Kevin provide some practical tips on persuasion, an introduction to the topic of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and tips for practical activism.

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  1. I appreciate your efforts. You should continue improving your abilities by interviewing lesser known (but nevertheless worthy) individual like Mr Kievsky, and then work your way up to interviewing more prominent individuals such as Arthur Kemp or Jonathan Bowden. If you pull that off, the traffic on this website will increase dramatically. Good luck in your efforts.

  2. and then work your way up to interviewing more prominent individuals such as Arthur Kemp

    Pfft, Kemp Schmemp. The Historians have laid out the facts but they’re practically worthless when it comes to effecting change. Energetic Kievsky types are worth their weight in gold compared to the typical depressing long faces of white nationalism. I’m not surprised to learn he’s an NLPer — it’s long been appropriated (and consequently diminished) by the get-rich-quick crowd but the fact is that stuff is dynamite when it comes to altering your (and others’ — if you’re good) subjective experience of reality (ie reality remains reality, but exactly how one experiences it is much more within one’s power to decide than the average hereditarian racialist is likely to believe).

  3. @Yosemite
    Thanks for the advice. As with so many things, it all boils down to practice, patience, and persistence, I suppose.

  4. Nice work, Wiki. You sound like a nice guy and your program is a welcome addition.

    Sound quality could be a little better, but otherwise well done.

  5. Mark,
    Thank you. As of now, I believe I’ve learned the following from this experiment:

    1. Never mumble or interject
    2. Avoid saying “Right…” like Lumbergh from Office Space and Dr. Evil.
    3. Resist the temptation to share every thought I have
    4. Don’t make the bumper music so loud

    As for the technical problems, I’ve figured out since the interview how to assure much higher sound quality. Kievsky’s help with the technical aspects has been invaluable.

  6. I only listened to a small sample of the program, but it sounds good thus far. Your efforts are appreciated, Wiki, and Kievsky is always a great guest.

    I am inclined to take you up on your recent invitation, as I’d like to help your project build momentum and I didn’t have a chance to discuss anything that I wanted to talk about during my last interview (RFM). As difficult as it is to believe, I actually have a few “fans” out there who e-mail me asking about radio appearances. I guess they allow internet access in sanitariums these days. 😉

  7. @Robert

    Have your people send my people a list of topics you would like to cover and have your secretary notify us of which evening to do the interview.

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