Newsweek’s Recession Generation and the Moral Consequences of Economic Growth

A quick post about the Newsweek article, The Recession Generation.

We all know the type of person who came of age in the Great Depression. They are the grandmothers and grandfathers who can’t use a tea bag too many times, yet are enjoying comfortable retirements in warm climates. And we know what the children of the 1950s are all about. They are the optimistic boomers who embodied an age of continual upward mobility and possibility. They have often spent more than they earned, because for them it has been a truism that times can only get better. It’s no accident that the psychology of entire generations is shaped by the milieu in which they grew up; economic research tells us that our lifelong behaviors are determined in large part by the seismic events—good or bad—of our youth. So, given that we have just experienced the worst economic period in 70 years, it’s no surprise that people have begun to wonder what sort of consumers, investors, and citizens will be bred by the Great Recession. Will there be, in effect, a “Generation Recession” of young people whose behaviors will be permanently shaped by the downturn?

Yep, I think this Generation will indeed be permanently shaped by the downturn. Let’s see, they are going to know that the International Bankers and Treason Lobby are bringing in immigrants to take their jobs, both low wage and high paying jobs. My daughter knows an African girl (from Africa) whose father was brought to the US to be the superintendent of a very prominent high school in my state. She asked if this is a high paying job, and I told her it is, and pointed out how insane it is to bring in an immigrant to take a job like this.

The conversation started as “why is public education so piss poor?” She is very bored at school, but at home she does Khan Academy videos and Pimsleur Spanish and practices piano. I said, “It’s because they want Americans to not get educated so they can bring in immigrants, and say that Americans are too stupid and lazy for those jobs, until White Americans are a helpless, beaten down minority.

Anyway, it looks like we White Americans are getting our beat-down even now, and here’s what a Harvard economist thinks is going to be the long term effects on the culture:

But would there be more social justice? No, says Benjamin Friedman, a professor of economics at Harvard University, in “The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth.” Friedman argues that economic growth is essential to “greater opportunity, tolerance of diversity, social mobility, commitment to fairness and dedication to democracy.” During times of expansion, he writes, nations tend to liberalize – increasing rights, reducing restrictions, expanding benefits for the needy. During times of stagnation, they veer toward authoritarianism. Economic growth not only raises living standards and makes liberal social policies possible, it causes people to be optimistic about the future, which improves human happiness. “It is simply not true that moral considerations argue wholly against economic growth,” Friedman contends. Instead, moral considerations argue that large-scale growth must continue at least for several generations, both in the West and the developing world.

The blind optimism and cornucopianism of past generations gave us the 1965 Immigration Act and the Civil Rights movement and our current politically correct Idiocracy. Now it’s payback time.


  1. Hopefully more and more people jump off the current ideological boat as things sink further!

    Spengler > Cornucopianism.

    (Myself I never bought into such Progressive notions. I remember the last really bad recession in the early ninties and was shaken by that and also the realization of the hostile nature of Affirmative Action, a policy that just seems to never go away, clearly it is intended to make Kulaks of Whites! )

  2. Young Whites would do well to completely reject the world that the last few generations have been building as a failed experiment.

  3. “The blind optimism and cornucopianism of the Baby Boomers gave us the 1965 Immigration Act and the Civil Rights movement and our current politically correct Idiocracy.”

    Glad to know this garbage did not come from j*ws. I was the first year of the boomers- 18 in 1964. That’s when we teenagers passed the civil rights act of 1964. So sorry!

    Instead of blaming “cornucopianism” I would blame Keynesian economics. The Keynesians believe wealth=spending. All those folks working for IRS and EEOC and all the rest are counted as part of the GDP. If one guy is hired to dig a hole, and another guy hired to fill it back up, both actions are counted as increasing the GDP!!! The economy must be kept in a bubble that must never collapse. If the printing press were never used, we would still be in the first depression! Deflation, or any slowdown, would produce a death spiral that can only be ended by deficit spending.

    Recently, the number of government jobs has surpassed the number of goods-producing private jobs.

  4. The jew is right to be fearful.

    I’m often told by cynics that white people will never rise up against the jew system. Their proof is the lack of uprisings so far, particularly during the Great Depression. But that was a different time, a time when white men believed in their leaders and were willing to sacrifice for their country. Now the white man’s cultural and moral capital is almost spent. If the economy doesn’t recover it will be a whole new ball game.

  5. Yes…OldRight….white families have been destroyed, whites have uprooted themselves from the hometowns that generations of their blood and kin stayed put in for decades. The relations between white men and white women have descended into barbarism, with the natural affections being replaced by lust and the need for security. The Christian church is marginalized, unable to rally a majority of the White population. All the checks against a massive White riot are gone, unlike the days of the Great Depression.

    We must all get out there…and stir the pot.

  6. TabuLa Raza “Recently, the number of government jobs has surpassed the number of goods-producing private jobs.”

    Back in the USSR

    nash2z “All the checks against a massive White riot are gone”

    I beg to differ:

    The military is overseas, including the National Guard. Once they bring in foreign non-white mercenaries, well, maybe I’m just paranoid. Is Blackwater still white?

  7. Sonic weapons and blasting us from space et cetera are all very good physical weapons, but any system made by man can be hacked by man.

    The makers of these fancy weapons are fighting the last war. The current war is a mental war. This is a war of Weaponized Intellects.

    Weaponization of the mind is something we teach ourselves, like the first “martial artists” designing fighting systems, eons ago.

    Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic programming, foreign languages, computer systems, math, science. This is the war to wage now.

  8. The military is overseas, including the National Guard. Once they bring in foreign non-white mercenaries, well, maybe I’m just paranoid. Is Blackwater still white?

    Let’s pray for the day when the main check on whites pursuing their interests is the military, or even, the state in general.

  9. Correction, Daniel, it IS child abuse. Public schools churn out millions of little globalist/Marxist skulls full of mush every year. They are dangerous for both mind, body, and soul. There is no way parents can undo all the damage the schools do, even if they somehow could discover all of the millions of bits of propaganda fed to the their children, 6-7 hrs/day for twelve years.

    And the worse the schools are, the more money the sheeple give them. Of course, the schools keep “teaching” the ridiculous lies and filth they do because parents continue to send their children and their money.

  10. I’ve seen the documentaries and read the articles about Blackwater and their type. I’m no Green Beret, just a lowly ex-NCO from very humble outfit many moons ago, but those guys couldn’t fight their way out of a sh*thouse. They ARE very good at wearing sunglasses, driving fast, looking cool and gunning down civilians, I will admit that. They can be bodyguards or MAYBE a strike force, but I doubt that they can occupy and control anything.

    They’re just like the typical movie gang of hoods that ride into the small town to terrorize (without know that John Wayne or The Clint are coming). A little planning, discipline, good tactics and preplanned firezones, and those guys are gone. The opposing side would be figthing for their homes and families and that’s a great force multiplicator.

  11. “Social justice”: A bunch of spoiled, militant, entitled non-whites braying about how it’s our ethical obligation to give them the fruits of our labor.

  12. Haha. When I was in college in the early 90’s I used to shout out “social justice!” and “equality now!” in a middle of a crowd in between classes in a lispy, nasally falsetto Brooklyn Jewish accent, though at the time I wasn’t aware of the JQ. I just knew that’s what liberals sounded like to me.

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