Be sure to listen to Kevin Macdonald and then Hutton Gibson Interviews on The Political Cesspool

Kevin Macdonald and Hutton Gibson

It’s the January 9 broadcast.

Great stuff. Hutton Gibson has an encyclopedic knowledge of the past 100 years of attempts (ultimately successful) for the Catholic church to be infiltrated. Because of his age, Gibson age gives an amazing perspective on what has happened to the world in the past 60 years or so.


  1. I was really disappointed with the way Keith Alexander ran the interview with Professor MacDonald. The big news of the week was the launch of the American Third Position Party, for which MacDonald serves as Director, but not a single question was asked about it.

  2. Listening to the show, I wanted to hear more from Prof. MacDonald and less from James Edwards’ crew.

    I wish James would handle the more important interviews by himself.

  3. Probably the best interviewer in the “movement” today is Jamie Kelso. I really don’t understand why interviewers feel the need to interject their own views or talk about themselves. Giles does this and it drives me crazy.

    Oh well, at least no one was yelling at dogs.

  4. Yeah right off the bat. Let’s talk about the Holocaust! I mean come on, hasnt this topic been talked about to death?

    I wanted to hear about A3P, not more of this typical WN chit chat that has been harped on to death.

  5. Question: Why doesn’t Occidental Dissent do a commentary on Dr. Sunic’s interviews? The Sunic Journal is maintaing a high level of discourse with all the best thinkers the White Advocacy movement has to offer. I believe Occidental Dissent would be a great place to provide a forum of thought on the conversations between Dr. Sunic and his guests. Anyway, it was just a passing thought.

  6. The Brooks piece is typical. Jews love to promote themselves and give each other awards. Jews have controlled the elite schools for decades, especially Harvard, so an absurd amount of Jewish overrepresentation in the elite schools shouldn’t surprise anyone. It is also interesting that in giving all those figures about Jewish representation Brooks never mentions the percentage of Jews in powerful and influential positions in Hollywood, the media, banking, the State department, and government in general.

  7. Re: David Brooks boasting about his homies (Jews)

    They are the dynasty now. As Ibn Khaldun observed in his tome “The Muqadimmah,” they will be getting soft, while the nomads in the desert (us) will get stronger.

    The fact is, you don’t need educational institutions or paychecked up professionals to become highly educated or knowledgeable. This is the key to fighting the Jews — becoming autodidacts and teaching each other, or helping each other to learn, informally and on the cheap.

    Like Napoleon’s pups in “Animal Farm” we need to have enough economic security in a tribal context to homeschool our kids, and raise children with “weaponized intellects.”

    A lot of Jews are actually unaware of what Organized Jewry is up to, but they act as blind cogs in the O.J. system. Our weaponized intellects have the same “secret knowledge” that the leaders of the O.J. have. This is a very powerful knowledge, hence it is kept as secret as possible, even from middle and lower ranking Jews themselves.

    I urge you to read the Ostrovsky books, both ‘By way of Deception” and “The Other Side of Deception” and read about Islamic concepts of jihad, asabiyah and taqqiyah. Just plug those terms into google and look it up. These two sources are where I came up with the idea of the “weaponized intellect.”

  8. @Interloper: Phillip Weiss on David Brooks column:

    ” How much of Jewish achievement reflects the fact that Jews look out for one another? When I had to get a partner on this website to keep it going, I was most comfortable getting another Jew. Years ago when I was at the Harvard Crimson newspaper, my Irish-Catholic friend Mary Ridge informed me that it was a “Jewish club”–we selected for our own kind; and the Crimson produced a lot of professional journalism talent. I have gotten most of my journalism work from Jewish bosses.

    Jews have kinship networks as strong as other people’s, maybe more strong. All that Hollywood talent– producers are always aware of who is a Jew, and I am sure they feel more comfortable hiring Jews. Landsman. My parents liked the idea of my marrying a Jew because Jews are gemutlich, as my mom always says– family, kin. We know all the social cues, can finish one another’s sentences, etc.

    And look at the New York Times, where Brooks works. Is it an expression of Jewish genius that most of the political columnists are Jewish? Tom Friedman, Nick Kristof, Paul Krugman, Frank Rich, David Brooks et al. Or does it maybe reflect the fact that a Jewish family has majority ownership of the newspaper and that most of the big editors have been Jewish and at some level, unconscious or otherwise, they favor Jews?

    So I think some of the amazing record of Jewish achievement reflects discrimination; and Jews are powerful enough in this society that we ought to be conscious of that. Brooks has often praised the late sociologist E. Digby Baltzell, and Baltzell said as much about the last establishment; he said that WASPs favor other WASPs, and that it was hurting the American establishment.

    I venture that the same thing is happening today in the Jewish portion of the establishment. We discriminate in favor of our own; and it’s doing a number on foreign policy.

  9. Kievsky,

    Thanks for the plug for homeschooling and, by inference, community building. When can we count you and your family among the homeschoolers? Looking forward to having you among us educational guerillas.


  10. What is called “homeschooling” I prefer to call non-government schooling. Government schools go against the ninth amendment and are unconstitutional. Involuntary servitude is also involved (same applies to conscription).

  11. I love talking about Jewish genius. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. But when I talk about the Jewish genius for ethnic nepotism, monopoly, deception, etc., people start freaking out. It never fails. Hmm, I guess anti-Semitism really is rampant, because people seem to hate hearing about Jewish genius.

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