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  1. I’m just waiting for the pleas to begin from major figures in the American mass-media and political system, waiting for them to say stuff like “We need to let thousands/millions of Haitian earthquake refugees in to the USA” or “Please donate today to help Haitian earthquake victims.” The ‘charity’ telethon is already being planned, just like with Katrina.

    Even before the earthquake there were already many thousands of White American missionaries down there trying to ‘save the souls’ of the poor, illiterate, starving, and diseased Haitian Blacks; meanwhile in the USA and other White nations poverty levels amongst Whites are climbing, unemployment is very high, many Whites in the USA live in squalor, Whites are being killed by Black criminals, and so on. Those White Christian missionaries are race-traitors pure and simple in seeking to give the Black Haitians free food and medical care when millions of Whites in the USA and elsewhere need it just as much.

    I even recall Jim Giles talking about this recently, saying his brother is a major ‘Holy Roller’ who has been down to Haiti to ‘offer Christian relief’ to the Blacks there. Meanwhile the levels of poverty amongst Whites in Mississippi and numerous other states continues to get worse.

  2. The White population of Haiti was famously exterminated in the Haitian Revolution. Along with Gabriel’s Rebellion in Virginia, that event destroyed the anti-slavery movement in the South.

  3. “The White population of Haiti was famously exterminated in the Haitian Revolution.”

    True. Now look at Haiti under Black rule, it resembles the areas of the USA, Latin America, and parts of mass-urban Africa which is controlled by Blacks — Blacks massively overpopulated in disgusting cities, the surrounding landscape majorly spoiled (deforested and horribly eroded, local agriculture destroyed; Black countries not food secure), trash strewn absolutely everywhere, sewage flowing in the streets, disease and starvation rampant (Haitians eating ‘mud pancakes’), crime and violence widespread (people killing each other for a piece of bread), and so on.

    An all around sickening situation — and this is the type of world the pro-Black White ‘liberals’ want to foist upon the USA and other White nations? These insane and stupid people must be stopped before they end up destroying the USA and other White nations just as Black-ruled Haiti has been destroyed.

  4. So much for the myth of the ‘noble Black savage,’ the Black savage living in peaceful harmony with Nature: “In 1925, Haiti was lush, with 60% of its original forest covering the lands and mountainous regions. Since then, the population has cut down all but an estimated 2% of its original forest cover, and in the process has destroyed fertile farmland soils, contributing to desertification.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiti#Environment

    Blacks inherited a tropical paradise in Haiti and they utterly destroyed it with their typical Black stupidity and short-sighted animal-like impulses; Haiti is small, and despite that the Blacks overpopulated it like rapacious rabbits – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Haiti-demographie.png – and eventually ruined the Haitian environment and agricultural sector, leading to the widespread overpopulation, disease, and starvation present there today. Blacks (and many Asians too) do not recognize the dire effects associated with unsustainable population growth, hence they seek to swarm in to White nations like locusts to offset the unsustainably overpopulated status of their non-White nations.

    The best thing which could happen to Haiti is for 90+% of the people there to immigrate back to Africa and let White environmentalists come in to repair the sickening environmental damage which has occurred on the island (if it can even be fully repaired, which is unlikely considering the scale of the deforestation and subsequent loss of vital topsoils).

  5. I remember watching the events in New Orleans unfold after Hurricane Katrina hit. The Hurricane damage was reparable. The broken levee caused major damage but that too could have been fixed. The real problem caused by Hurricane Katrina was that all of the decent people had left the city and the only ones who stayed were black criminals. It was looting, rape, and criminality that destroyed New Orleans that year – not a hurricane.

    My suspicion is that the death toll will be tremendous in Haiti precisely because the locals are going to use this as an opportunity to loot rather than rescuing those trapped in the rubble.

  6. Jared Taylor had this to say several years ago:


    Perhaps one of the most striking examples of Japanese respect for the law and for each other was the aftermath of the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995. This was a major quake that killed more than 6,400 people, and caused property damage worth about 2.5 percent of Japan’s gross domestic product that year, making it one of the most costly natural disasters in history. The deaths were not scattered around the country but were concentrated in Kobe, a major port city with a population of 1.5 million. Not only were there no reports of looting, there was a huge outpouring of private and corporate volunteerism, and even the Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza mobilized to help distribute food. There would have been very ugly scenes in any major American city if a disaster killed thousands, paralyzing the authorities.

  7. What is currently happening all over The Americas is the near-total breakdown of White authority in nearly all countries and sectors. Basically what is going on is a ‘helot takeover,’ the non-White servants taking over the White manor if you will, the non-White ‘hired help’ running rampant and slaughtering the White managers, and if this is allowed to continue this will eventually be followed by a complete and total breakdown of all recognizable civilization as White numbers continue to dwindle in The Americas — this complete and utter racial anarchy will be followed by an eventual return to order likely spearheaded by hordes of invading East Asian immigrants who will have no qualms about using whatever brutal methods they have to in order to gain total hegemony over the non-White anarchic masses here in The Americas.

    Let us not kid ourselves — it is going to take draconian and very extreme measures to contain the damage and bring racial order back to The Americas; the tasks confronting us are huge and seemingly insurmountable. But we must face the facts and work towards a racial reordering or else Whites will slowly but surely go near-extinct in The Americas.

  8. Yeah, I flipped it to CNN earlier too and it is was exactly as you wrote: “Look at of the poor Black people.”

    They keep showing the distraught faces of Black children, Black women, Black elderly, and so on, I mean repeating it over and over. They even had the Black-lovin Bill Clinton on earlier, he is some kind of ‘Special Ambassador’ to Haiti, pleading with American Whites to send money, food, medicine, etc.

    While Clinton was on they kept showing poor Black faces on the screen beside and behind him over and over again — this is Jewish mass-media propaganda pure and simple, and Whites are going to have to steel themselves to it in order to take back The West from the billions of non-Whites who seek to displace and even destroy us.

  9. It is time for all good Christians, and secular counterparts, to adjust your halos and fly into action.

    Seriously though, the gods sure don’t smile on Haitians. 40% of the country has AIDS, and now this. It is almost as if nature herself has it in for Haitians. Maybe it’s the voodoo.

  10. “Obama has suspended deportation of Haitian illegal aliens”

    I am not surprised, considering the fact Obama attended a Black Nationalist Church for 20 years! Apparently race comes before nation to Obama-our President.

    I am so sick of the media’s double-standard!

  11. WP – you’re almost certainly correct that a reestablishment of order in the Americas will be a very unpleasant experience. It would be far easier to establish a group of Whites with the sole purpose of protecting the White race and its achievements, much like the Foundation novel written by Isaac Asimov. If we had such an organization we could simply wait out the global decline until a time when our small but technologically advanced descendants could repopulate our former homelands.

  12. The anarchic situation in Haiti and other similarly non-White nations reveals something deeper — that without Whites around to govern and keep the non-Whites under control things naturally descend in to anarchy, despair, overpopulation, starvation, chaos, crime, and eventually animalistic cannibalism or mud-eating.

    The fact is that The West is increasingly overdue for what Yockey called “the Resurgence of Authority.” In fact, without that occurring The West will continue to descend in to the anti-White/anti-civilizational pit. This “Resurgence of Authority” started to happen a few decades ago in Europe, but the Resurgence was of course interrupted and eventually smashed by the machinations of international finance-Jewry and their henchmen.

    The cruel fact of existence, especially in many non-White nations, is that complete anarchy reigns, social disorganization and dysfunction is the disgusting norm, that there is no authority or governance in many of these places; thus there comes a time in which people (in our case White people) must step in to (re)impose authority lest humanity continues its backslide in to inhuman barbarism.

  13. “Apparently race comes before nation to Obama-our President.”

    This must be a hard decision for our Black nationalist president as 40% of Haitians carry AIDS. Once settled in this country they will surely spread their condition around a bit, maybe a lot, to American Blacks. It must be something of a conundrum for Obami. But we know how it will swing, for appearances sake they will be resettled here, but it’s a double-edged sword.

  14. The Haitians always bite the White hand that feeds them. I read after they killed every White in their revolution, they invited the French to come to Haiti. According to the story they killed every White again. And I am so sick of feeding them, when they won’t stop biting us!

  15. MGLS: thanks for linking to that book by Stoddard. He was a genius who anticipated the racial problems which are plaguing Western societies today.

    An excerpt from that books:

    “The keynote to the history of the French Revolution in San Domingo is a great tragedy, — the tragedy of the annihilation of the white population. The period opens in 1789 with a resident white population of nearly 40,000 souls, at the very pinnacle of material prosperity and possessed of a complex social organization, jealously guarding its supremacy and race identity in face of a large caste of half-breeds whose only bond of interest with their white superiors was a common exploitation of some half-million negro slaves. The period closes sixteen years later with the complete annihilation of the last remnants of the white population, the subordination of the mulatto caste to the negroes, and the destruction of the island’s economic prosperity.” – http://books.google.com/books?dq=the%20french%20revolution%20in%20san%20domingo&pg=PR8&id=rVtqAAAAMAAJ&output=text

  16. #12 Hunter Wallace – that’s one of my favorite articles!

    ‘In Praise of Homogeneity’ is a must read and so is ‘The Anatomy of Ethnic Conflict’.

  17. Steve,

    I am not surprised, considering the fact Obama attended a Black Nationalist Church for 20 years! Apparently race comes before nation to Obama-our President.

    Control yourself a bit, Steve. Any president in the last 60 years at least would have halted deportations in the wake of a national disaster.


    Yowza, 40,000. I had no idea so many Frenchmen lived there. Slavery is so abominable you can understand a strong reaction to it, but they didn’t have to kill them all. Bloody niggers.

    The nigger animals massacred some five thousand Arabs in Zanzibar during their ‘independence movement’ (the island was originally settled by Persians) in the 60s too. The documentary “Africa Addio” (must watch if you haven’t seen it, youtube) managed to capture footage of the dead bodies strewn all over the place.

    ‘In Praise of Homogeneity’

    Jared Taylor’s such an asiophile — Haiti’s homogeneous.

  18. I think only the hardest core multiculturalists are actually swayed by these sorts of media “help the negroes” appeals. Everybody remembers what happened in New Orleans and how the blacks went around killing and raping and looting. Lots of people made comparisons to natural disasters in white areas and how all the whites came together to help each other out.

    Media coverage like this doesn’t make me feel sympathetic or even pity for blacks, just contempt, and it makes racial awareness stronger in a lot of people.

    I mostly ignore the negroes though and concentrate on worthy opponents, like the Jew Media.

  19. The real tragedy here is that the West is poised to interfere with the natural destruction of Haitian society. The problem with the West’s liberalism is that it’s incapable of putting the Haitians’ suffering in context with their barbarism.

  20. If you choose to read Stoddard’s excellent book, The French Revolution in San Domingo, all the way through, you will find that the real heroes of the story were the White soldiers of the Regiment du Cap. As the surviving Whites sought protection in the N. W. port city of Cape Haitien, it was the brave soldiers of the Cape Regiment who saved them from massacre by the rampaging Negroes. Blood was thicker than French Revolutionary ‘equality’ madness at that point in time, and the thankful Whites proclaimed: Vive Regiment du Cap!

  21. Anarchy will continue to rage in the immediate devastation, eventually subsiding as the flood of White people swarm in from every corner of the globe with their cargo and compassion. Within a few weeks, the aid workers will drift on to new crises and challenges elsewhere and life in Haiti will go back to usual.

    The truly crippling thing is that the deadliest buildings to be in were the permanent structures, the multi-story colonial buildings and offices. Believe it or not, Haiti has an elite, a largely mulatto elite, that projects traditional authority and creates wealth. Those people were disproportionately in the deadliest places to be.

  22. The truly crippling thing is that the deadliest buildings to be in were the permanent structures, the multi-story colonial buildings and offices.

    I’m surprised. I recall when there was an earthquake in Algeria a few years ago the French buildings from the 19th century remained standing while the ones built since independence in 1962 collapsed like a house of cards.

    Believe it or not, Haiti has an elite, a largely mulatto elite, that projects traditional authority and creates wealth.

    Didn’t Clinton’s 1994 invasion destroy some of their power? I recall the mostly mulatto leaders fleeing and that clerical clown Aristide (a friend of the Kennedys and NAACP) taking power courtesy of the US armed forces.

  23. I have been looking at dozens of photos of dozens of collapsed concrete buildings.

    I have yet to see a single one with rebar.

    Think of it: no rebar. None.

    How could that happen?


  24. Personally the earthquake is a good thing. This means there will be 100,000+ fewer Haitians trying to illegally settle in the U.S. You’re average sentimental, race doesn’t matter Christian may be taking this news a little hard, but not I.

  25. “Obama has suspended deportation of Haitian illegal aliens”

    Same thing in France. The minister for immigration also has taken measures to facilitate the reunification of Haitian families in France. He mentioned “the deep historical and cultural links maintained with the Haitian people”.

    Randy: “This must be a hard decision for our Black nationalist president as 40% of Haitians carry AIDS.”

    The ban on immigration for people with Aids was lifted by Obama at the beginning of this month, as if in preparation for the earthquake!

  26. Wiki,
    I’m afraid you’re right and soon we’ll be faced with the prospect of tens of thousands of Haitians, many with HIV, being resettled throughout the U.S courtesy of our black nationalist president. The militant negro lobby is already demanding we pony up to assist their black kinsmen in Haiti.

    After all, we monthly import displaced Iraqis so why stop there? It’s time to let the Haitians in on the action.

  27. “He mentioned ‘the deep historical and cultural links maintained with the Haitian people.'”

    Yeah! With the Haitians exterminating every White Frenchperson in sight on likely multiple occasions.

  28. Had a small white nation massacred it’s black population it would be enshrined in Black History Month, establishment history texts and there would be several hundred documentaries on the event. When non-whites commit mass murder against whites it’s barely an historical footnote.

  29. Mr Dithers

    “courtesy of our black nationalist president”

    As if negro Obama is a “black nationalist” not a slave of Jews. lulz you are kidding right?

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