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  1. LOL at Pat Robertson implying “a great turning to God” will be a magic elixir for Haiti.

    The difference between Haiti and the Dominican Republic is easily explained by demographics.


    Haiti, by far the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, is 95 percent black and 5 percent mulatto. Prof. Lynn reports that “nothing is known of the intelligence of the population of Haiti,” but it is not hard to guess. The Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola, is 16 percent white, 73 percent mulatto, and 11 percent black, and has three times the per capita income of Haiti. In Haiti, the ruling class is mulatto; in the Dominican Republic, it is white.

  2. Satan actually offered the same bargain to the Confederacy, but they got confused and thought he challenged them to a fiddling competition. The rest is history.

  3. Wait until Pat hears about “conservative homosexual” Teddy Olson. LOL. Maybe Pat is going to come out of the closet too.

  4. Heh. The sad thing is that Pat Robertson might be closer than anyone else on the public stage to the truth about Haiti.

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