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  1. I was waiting intently to see if somebody else would post the reminder.

    I’ve made my donation!

    There’s still time to help A3P get off to a strong start with a protest against this disgraceful holiday for a dishonorable scoundrel! 🙂

  2. How about a link and some info?


    For those who would like an offline option, please send cash, check, or money order to:

    American Third Position 13772 Goldenwest St. #423 Westminster, Ca 92683

    Please make it out to “American Third Position”. If you provide us an email address, we will confirm that we have received payment.

  3. I am glad there is another group of people trying their hand at politics. But what happened to all the damn Fascists???
    Are we a dying breed?
    Is there any of you left???
    Dont let Demo-crazy be our answer to Demo-Crazy.

  4. @Revolt
    Didn’t you know that democracy is imposed by tyrannical and bloodthirsty regimes and fascism is imposed by the masses striving for representation?

  5. Wikitopian

    Didn’t you know that democracy is imposed by tyrannical and bloodthirsty regimes and fascism is imposed by the masses striving for representation?”
    That about sums it up 🙂

  6. A3P added James Edwards to their board, nice.

    The American Third Position is pleased to announce the addition of James Edwards to its Board of Directors. Mr. Edwards brings with him a great deal of real-world experience, having been acquainted with the political process during both his campaign for office and his drive to help build a pro-American political party. He is, perhaps, best known for his award-winning and highly-influential radio program, The Political Cesspool.

    –Statement from James Edwards–
    While I will certainly continue to perform my duties as a talk radio host, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to return to a first love, if you will, by joining a party that has the components necessary to make a legitimate impact at the ballot box. The journey will be arduous and filled with peril, but what in life worth having doesn’t come only after having worked ceaselessly to obtain the desired result.

    American Third Position is right on the issues and offers the dispossessed majority a legitimate voice that they can trust. Its leadership is battle-tested and a perfect storm seems to be on the horizon that would allow just such a party to make an immediate impact. I encourage you to join with me and let your voices be heard by fighting for something greater than yourselves. The reclamation of America’s Destiny. Nothing less will be satisfactory. Do your part by joining the American Third Position today.

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