Af-Pak war; Terminator movies become reality, Mind Weapon theory proven again

What does Roissy’s “game” have in common with the Af-Pak war? Both are manifestations of Mind-Weaponization. Sure the unmanned drone robot planes are using their own version of “hot lead and cold steel,” but they won’t be defeated by courageous warriors. They will defeated by electronic engineering nerds who make weapons out of microwave ovens, and disinformation specialists who create a “Trojan” radio signal that fools the enemy into thinking they found a good target. When the drone comes along, it gets hit with the microwave weapon and falls out of the sky, hopefully to be retrieved for reverse engineering.

Af-Pak Terminator

What were once unacknowledged, relatively infrequent targeted killings of suspected militants or terrorists in the Bush years have become commonplace under the Obama administration. And since a devastating December 30th suicide attack by a Jordanian double agent on a CIA forward operating base in Afghanistan, unmanned aerial drones have been hunting humans in the Af-Pak war zone at a record pace. In Pakistan, an “unprecedented number” of strikes — which have killed armed guerrillas and civilians alike — have led to more fear, anger, and outrage in the tribal areas, as the CIA, with help from the U.S. Air Force, wages the most public “secret” war of modern times.

If you are a serious White nationalist, then you have no choice but to become an uber-nerd Francis Bacon type Renaissance man who studies math, science, computer science, and foreign languages FOR FUN. If White nationalism was about fighting with swords, wouldn’t you practice swordfighting every day? If the White race could be saved by chess, wouldn’t you be studying chess stratagems every day?

Of course, this doesn’t mean you are going to lead a gray, impoverished existence. It’s possible to be a poor uber-nerd, but an uber-nerd has an excellent chance of making a good living, and therefore being able to afford to have a White family. It’s also fun. I know an uber-nerd, and he seems truly happy with life. He is Mr. Problem Solver for everyone he deals with. When he was younger, he was more “beta” and he got pushed around a bit, until he learned that he had way more power than he realized. To exercise authority, he didn’t have to actually DO ANYTHING; rather, just refuse to do something that people took for granted from him. He realized he could “go on strike” Atlas Shrugged men of the mind style, and he found that employers, associates and family members quickly assumed grovel position TOWARD HIM.

As for me, I have been much happier with life since deciding to start working towards uber-nerd-dom.  There’s something deeply satisfying about it.  I recently made a little money doing a Russian to English translation, and fixing a computer on the same day.  I’m not getting rich (yet), but it sure beats being a cubicle drone or worse, an in person customer service rep forced to grovel before spoiled Americans.

Being a Maytag man made me see the true face of the American public.  There’s no way you should let yourself be put in a position to have to grovel before these people, because hassling service techs is a sport for some of them.  The irony is that they go so bad that you can no longer take their tantrum seriously.  Higher level service managers have to listen to a customer for as long as the customer keeps them there.  One woman screamed at my service manager for 1.5 hours, and he wasn’t able to go pick up his kid from day care.

You can sell knowledge for a dear price though, because most people are intellectually lazy.

If anyone reading this actually decides to weaponize their brain, I’d recommend three things:

1. Learn a foreign language. Select a language that is spoken by a lot of people in your area. If it’s Spanish, so be it. I recommend the Living Language series, and/or Pimsleur.

2. Learn Information Technology if you need a better job. Comptia A+, Network + and Security +. Computer security is a fascinating and important field. Read here about how Data Proliferation is to the Information Age what pollution was to the Industrial Age. Here’s a good quote:

Data is the pollution of the information age. It’s a natural by-product of every computer-mediated interaction. It stays around forever, unless it’s disposed of. It is valuable when reused, but it must be done carefully. Otherwise, its after-effects are toxic.

And just as 100 years ago people ignored pollution in our rush to build the Industrial Age, today we’re ignoring data in our rush to build the Information Age.

Increasingly, you leave a trail of digital footprints throughout your day. Once you walked into a bookstore and bought a book with cash. Now you visit Amazon, and all of your browsing and purchases are recorded. You used to buy a train ticket with coins; now your electronic fare card is tied to your bank account. Your store affinity cards give you discounts; merchants use the data on them to reveal detailed purchasing patterns.

Very few people safeguard their data because they are too lazy to use the technology required. It’s not “transparent” so it’s too much of a hassle. But if you become an expert on data security, you can get a good job and/or do a lucrative business.

3. Learn math and science FOR THE FUN OF IT. Khan Academy is a good place to start. It is fun, when you understand it. It doesn’t matter whether you use what you learn or not. You might just use it to home school your White children into little mind-weapons.

It’s a Terminator, Skynet, Drone attack, Mind-War world we’re entering in the 21st century. Arm yourself appropriately. If you have a whiny, negative comment, don’t bother. I’ll terminate you without remorse.


  1. “If you are a serious White nationalist, then you have no choice but to become an uber-nerd Francis Bacon type Renaissance man who studies math, science, computer science, and foreign languages FOR FUN.”

    It is a lovely thought, Kievsky, but you must admit it is impossible. There are only a few people like that. TRUE: we need more of them. But it isn’t a matter of choice, unfortunately. You can’t ask starlings to become kingfishers, or vice versa, and hope they take your advice.

  2. Soren,
    If I could just get people to start with learning a foreign language, they’d do the other stuff.

    You get a lot of social rewards for being multi-lingual. It’s a poor man’s path to prestige. This conditions you to realize you can learn your way to wealth and influence, i.e. mind-weaponization.

    With me it all started with learning a foreign language and breaking into a whole new, non-American world.

  3. Actually, it is good to retain just a little bit of the childish, and playful.

    Your remark will go unterminated.

  4. Modern Renaissance Man is really only applicable to a small minority of people who are born gifted with a strong investigative personality type and are fortunate enough to enjoy the surplus hours to dedicate to learning skills.

    It’s probably best to orient the reinvented White Nationalist man around his natural qualities and lifestyle circumstances. Some people are more investigative, but others gravitate toward social networking. I would add an Agent Man as a complimentary, symbiotic archetype.

    The Agent Man keeps lines of communication open to the people-nodes in his vast social network. This guy knows everyone and he’s on the phone or IM all the time. He connects the Renaissance problem solver to the various people in his vast network who need problems solved.

    It has been said that the self-employed entrepreneur often spends more time marketing himself than actually doing jobs. Agent Man frees up Renaissance Man from the marketing work so he can dedicate his time acquiring skills, solving problems, and experiencing the synergy of both at once.

    Agent Man, with his numerous small xx percentage commissions each day, stays happy networking and socializing with all sorts of people. Renaissance Man, with his infrequent but hefty contract fee for a given job, stays happy steeped in academic and techie activities.

  5. Hi Drifter,
    Great observations! I’m more heavily weighted toward Agent Man myself. The foreign languages facilitates that in a big way, and not just with the foreigners. The foreigners give you references to Americans who would otherwise have not thought much of you.

  6. Kievsky, Drifter, agree with you both on Renaissance Man and Agent Man. Specialization is necessary to anything more complicated than a primitive society, and all white men have their different talents. It’s best if we all work together. I’m hoping to become more effective at “Agent Man” activities myself although I will probably always be a more of a cerebral cross disciplinary type. When you are successful at that you become Renaissance Man, the less successful are called jacks of all trades, masters of none.

  7. You are right about a lot of these things, Kievsky, but one has to have the IQ and motivational drive that you obviously do, as well. I meet many Whites of low or modest self esteem, who, though average or above average in IQ, simply lack motivation or encouragement. Often times, they strike me as being mentally lazy, or ‘dumbed down’. Learning a foreign language or playing a musical instrument are obviously very important in expanding one’s horizons. If one has even an average IQ, and applies oneself, great things are possible.

    When I see bilingual Mestizos by the millions, most with sub-standard IQ’s, speaking English, it is obvious that most Whites are way behind the learning curve. There is a cultural factor at work here, as well, and its the fact that most Anglos have an aversion to ‘subversive’ things like other people’s languages. It’s seen as un-American, because English is , after all, the language that their parochial universe revolves around. It’s part of the paradoxical Anglo mindset, that I frequently critique.

    After years of reflection, I am convinced that it’s our ethnic and cultural foibles, that are the root cause of our current racial dilemma. Our collective Anglo/White mindset needs deep introspection and critique, so that we can get a grip on ourselves, and realize what needs to be remedied, in order to face reality and succeed. I recently read in Richard Fuerle’s book, Erectus Walks Amongst Us, that 60% of Americans, (race not specified) don’t even believe in evolution! Thus, looking at ourselves in the mirror is not easy for many of us, but it is most necessary.

    I am not a young man anymore, and I know what many of the sincere younger WN’s hope and wish for, because I have been there too. After many decades of witnessing one White defeat or humiliation after another, I have come to look deeply into the character and mindset of a people, (namely ours), who can be so easily mind fornicated. I came to realize that many of our problems, from apathy to willful ignorance, are a reflection of the poisoned Anglo mindset, that unfortunately, predates the usurpation of power by organized Jewry. Our people have sadly internalized some very racially destructive fantasies and delusions, and they are stubbornly deep seated. Until we start to deal with them, and purge them, however we can, we will continue to flounder deeper into the abyss.

  8. I’ve seen it from both perspectives, as a service tech and a customer, and there are plenty of assholes on both sides. I had the most trouble with women, not complaints, but they want to talk endlessly and tell you their life story and they also feel entitled and that they don’t have to pay.

    On the other end, a lot of techs and customer service reps have horrible personalities and are incompetent more often than not. I just locked horns with a rep the other day on the phone who wanted to get an attitude and argue with me, bad move, I always win. Non-Whites are the worst of course. You will have a much more productive conversation with a White male or female.

  9. If you’re going to go learn a technical skill to “help out the cause”, I’d focus on web design, graphic design, video editing, and other tools of media creation. These are skills that can be put to immediate practical use. You need to be GOOD though – we don’t need 10,000 people who can use MS Paint and Moviemaker, we need a handful of people who can turn out top-notch, professional work. Currently, very little white nationalist material available on the web has a polished, professional presentation.

    I don’t really see your point with the math/science learning though. I like that stuff too but you’re going to be hard pressed to find a use for it in your everyday life. I think you also have a seriously limited view of what constitutes “advanced” math and science – most of the stuff on that Khan Academy site is taught in high school, and none of it goes past the first two years of a hard sciences (math/physics/engineering) major. Even if you learn everything on that site (I knew pretty much all that stuff by age 19, which is not uncommon), Khan Academy is still an enormous distance away from the arXiv.

  10. I recently read in Richard Fuerle’s book, Erectus Walks Amongst Us, that 60% of Americans, (race not specified) don’t even believe in evolution!

    I’m willing to bet almost 100% of those folks are talking about macro-evolution.

  11. When I see bilingual Mestizos by the millions, most with sub-standard IQ’s, speaking English, it is obvious that most Whites are way behind the learning curve. There is a cultural factor at work here, as well, and its the fact that most Anglos have an aversion to ’subversive’ things like other people’s languages. It’s seen as un-American, because English is , after all, the language that their parochial universe revolves around. It’s part of the paradoxical Anglo mindset, that I frequently critique.

    I have seen exactly this myself, Junghans. I think globalism is going to force us out of the parochial Anglo mindset.

    My attitude is, “I’ll do anything to win.” I never had this attitude before being part of the WN movement, but the utter frustration and deep rage I experienced cultivated it in me.

    I had to do something with this extreme rage. It was like a hot potato. I was reading the Grant Bruer/Luke Lavellian writings.

    I realized that I had developed what could be pathologized as “fanaticism” or “obsession,” but it’s a good thing.

    Instead of being frustrated that I don’t take up the hot lead and cold steel, which I am not going to do, I discovered that the Real War that’s going on is Mind War. Fighting the Mind War is perfectly legal, so long as we have free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association and assembly.

    The Mind War is less glamorous. People conditioned by Feature films and Action Movies are conditioned not to see Mind War. They are expecting that the White nationalist movement will someday reach a climax of gunfights, then car chases, then more gunfights, then more car chases, then it will be neatly wrapped up and the credits will roll happily ever after.

    that’s not how the Mind War works. It’s not gunfights and car chases. It’s Evolution. We have to evolve, like a Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus.

    We are like MRSA, living on the skin innocuously but having developed immunity ot Jewicillin because of overuse. Overuse of penicillin creates supergerms. Overuse of multiculturalism has created “super-enraged White men” who appear benign right now that society is still working, but when there is a wound in society, our virulence will become manifest.

    Here’s a Luke Lavellian essay.

    What is “Good”?
    by Luke LaVellian

    It can be frustrating to speak seemingly the same language as another and yet the two of you might as well come from different galaxies. Words mean different things to different people. What is “justice” to you, may be an atrocity to me, and vice versa. People that you may feel are worth “fighting” to “save,” I may dismiss as being not worth the ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, that it would take to blow them to hell. This article is my answer to those who object to revolutionary logic on the grounds of “morality” or “goodness.”

    I will begin with a fictional version of a “question” I have been asked numerous times in the last three months.



    From: Lemming@H…
    Subject: Decency

    Grant, aren’t we doing something just by leading good lives? Won’t that do much to show our people there is a better way?

    Signed, Lemming



    Dear Lemming,

    That depends very much on what you consider “good”. Some object vehemently to my assertion that the White Race must conform to the laws of nature, or it will eventually cease to exist. It can hardly be sensibly argued that every form of life on this planet must struggle for its place in the Sun, BUT the Aryan Race! That is patently false. It is beyond laughable, that at this advanced stage of racial/cultural decay, where race-mixing and all-round dysgenics is the order of the day in all of the Western World, that there are still those among us, denying what is screaming in their faces! The primary duty of a species is to insure that it continues. If one’s biological line continues, then one was “good.” Survival of the race is paramount, all else runs a distant second. My God created nature and its laws, in order to insure the upward development of the various species. What kind of idiot would seriously argue that the “plan” was to advance to a certain point, and then jump headlong into degeneracy and decay?

    Frankly, I could care less about denatured white and mud religionists and their “surface morality.” If you want to see what I mean, watch the judeo-“Christian” TalMUDvision show, “Seventh Heaven.” This stomach-churning drama is the work of Anti-Aryan kike (is their any other kind?), Norman Lear. It depicts a “good” family of judeophilic lemmings who just love mixing with their nigger and jew friends. They place great importance on comparatively meaningless issues like — Cigarette smoking, “cussing” and the like. This family of drooling drones is typical of the “decent” Whites that have been every bit as detrimental to our race and culture as have even the most rabid kikes!

    Good to me means securing the existence of our race and a future for White children.

    “Good” to cult-minded chumps like the above-mentioned TV family means that you marry your nigger or spic partner before you have sex with it for the first time.

    Anything that harms the race can hardly be considered “good” in any way that counts. May Jabba the Falwell and others of his Zionist ilk, be damned a thousand times for their crimes. An idiotic ear-to-ear grin on a zoned-out face does nothing to make treason more palatable in the minds of those of us who know the score and are “making a list and checking it twice!”

    –Luke LaVellian


    “Remember, It’s a ZOG eats dog world, so don’t be one of their servile curs”.–LL

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