A3P, the MLK Money Bomb, and real White Advocacy

American Third PositionI’m proud to have helped rally support for the American Third Position Party, striking a symbolic blow against the despicable enforcers of diversity on that most despicable of diversity enforcement holidays: Martin Luther King Day. Those of us who participated accomplished more than the $700 we donated will accomplish. We sent three important messages: that we support our activists on the street, that we have not surrendered in the culture war, and that we are in the beginning stages of coalescing into a true movement capable of unifying a broad range of organizations and individuals behind targeted goals.

The campaign only had about a week to gain momentum, but posters at Stormfront, Greg Johnson at TOQ, and “The Man” over at Nation of Cowards didn’t waste any time. “The Man” even designed some very sharp banner ads to help promote the event. While I’m not as hip as Kievsky is with sci-fi analogies, it does kind of feel like a “SkyNet convergence” for me – like we’re actually beginning to converge into a credible movement.

It was a great learning experience for me, one from which I took away several important lessons…

  • Give more lead time – We didn’t give A3P and the blogging community enough lead time to react with all of the support that could have been thrown behind it.
  • Have technology in place – This kind of relates to the first point, in that I didn’t give A3P enough time to react accordingly. In the future, all sites hoping to benefit from community-driven support need to have a money bomb thermometer module ready to go and need to directly encourage the campaign.
  • Host a pledges page – Pledges serve as a way to gain a tangible commitment before the drive which can later be used to drive up support on the day. Additionally, if the pledge counter has encouraging numbers, that creates the momentum necessary to grab more attention, more enthusiasm, and more money.

I’m not especially partial to the A3P, and I share the doubts many others have about the advisability of organizing into a formal political party. However, the act of organizing is far more important than the paperwork they use to organize with. Real world activism does a fantastic job of separating the hobbyists from the activists.

I mean, seriously. Their mission statement is simply “The American Third Position exists to serve the political interests of White Americans”. It doesn’t get much more direct than that. Kevin MacDonald is a Director. It doesn’t get much more Jew-wise than that. James Edwards just hopped aboard. If that’s not good enough, then I strain my imagination to envision what could possibly be good enough for the skeptics.

Can anybody think of ways we could improve on the money bomb experiment? Are there any similar “mass action” ideas we could implement?

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  1. 1.) We need more media.

    2.) With more media, we can reach more people.

    3.) With more people, we can reach more donors.

    4.) With more donors, we can fund more activism.

    5.) With more activism, we can create more excitement.

    6.) With more excitement, more people will read our sites and donate.

    7.) When the excitement, financial resources, activism, and discourse poisoning reaches a critical mass, we will achieve our first political breakthrough.

  2. I think this is a great first step!

    However, I am unsure how we will appeal to the masses, publicly displaying Kevin MacDonald and James Edwards-both associated with heavy controversy by even Strong Conservative standards.

  3. The A3P address needs to be put in standard format:

    American Third Position
    13772 Goldenwest St. #423
    Westminster, Ca 92683

    And listed in more than one place on the A3P website. The idea of a return e-mail verification is an excellent idea!

  4. I share your enthusiasm about A3P, and hope to get my coin in the mail soon.

    “I share the doubts many others have about the advisability of organizing into a formal political party.” I have no doubts about this, I think its a great idea. Having an organized group of supporters helps to give legitimacy to an idea. The Republicans and Democrats were not uncertain about organizing when they began, and organizing politically obviously helped them to carry out their respective agendas. If A3P was able to appeal to a substantial number of people, it would attract the attention of the major parties, particularly the Republicans. The “Contract with America” (which at least included some good ideas like an end to the deficit) came about only because of the extreme popularity of Ross Perot’s Reform party the previous election cycle (the Republicans adopted much of their platform). A WN political party with support could help to influence the Republicans in the same way.

    In the worst case scenario, A3P would do nothing and then go defunct, which although dissappointing, would have a neutral affect. But in any better case scenario, there are only advantages that can accrue to the WN cause. Although we shouldnt expect any sudden breakthrough, if the A3P continues organizing, protesting and engaging in outreach, there is every reason to expect that
    it will grow and increase its legitimacy. Its like planting a seed now that we can expect will grow into something larger in the future. As time goes on, more and more people will be looking for alternatives to the current two(?) party system, so we need to have a real alternative out there.

    I would also like to chime in withy my opinion that “worse is better”. While of course in some cases, worse is worse, such as if we have Amnesty or increased non-White immigration. But in many cases, worse is better. Barrack Obama’s election, which helps to demonstrate that non-Whites have socialist voting patterns, is a case of worse being better. After about 12 years, the Democrats should have a demographic lock on the Presidency. Once it is obvious that this is a fact of life, we can expect many Republicans to become disillusioned, and look elsewhere. Economic problems are another example of worse being better, because people need to feel the pain in their own life before they really begin asking questions as to the cause. A man who is sick inside but still feels fine isnt likely to visit the doctor, but once he is in agony, he will be running as fast as he can to get a diagnosis. That sick man is the U.S., so bring on the pain! Its a necessary part of the awakening.

  5. Wikitopian said: “I’m not especially partial to the A3P, and I share the doubts many others have about the advisability of organizing into a formal political party. However, the act of organizing is far more important than the paperwork they use to organize with. Real world activism does a fantastic job of separating the hobbyists from the activists.”

    A3P is a public organization explicitly dedicated to representing White people in America. This is a watershed moment in American politics. We are creating a new framework. We are adding our voice to the culture. Regarding the practical lessons of our little money bomb, the one’s mentioned are good, including the need for A3P to make their mailing address more visible, and for them to acknowledge receipt of a gift or new membership with a simple thank you.

  6. I am generally cynical about third parties, and I share Steve in the Swamps’ concerns that having MacDonald right out front just asks for controversy where none might necessarily exist, but I have to say that A3P’s political platform is nearly exactly what I would have dreamed up if I was starting a political party.

    If this is a serious concern I hope they do not make the same mistakes American third parties usually make – don’t run pointless national campaigns for president or other federal office, don’t run against some well established Senator, just concentrate on winning local offices around the country and focus on propaganda and promoting the platform. At some point, the Republican party will co-opt one or two issues and that should be considered a sign of success.

    For me personally, aside from explicit pro-white politicking, I really appreciate the anti-globalist capitalism/international corporation angle (rendered here as “merchantilism”) and putting Fed under Treasury. I’m certainly donating.

  7. Serious practice and study of political maturity is important; even von Calauswitz saw this clearly. Yet, Balance is everything:


  8. Balance is everything; consider von Clauswitz.


  9. …if not, like Clauswitz: [url]http://www.strategicstudiesinstitute.army.mil/pdffiles/pub851.pdf[/url]

    (originally, I was unable to Post…nothing appeared, even for moderation)

  10. A3P is still young, it needs more exposure and some signs of accomplishment. I think support and donations will grow in time.

    I wouldn’t use the Skynet analogy, it’s negative, it destroyed the world.

    Love the Terminator story and movies 1 and 2, Cameron is a genius. The third was okay, the fourth was a letdown.

  11. A3P is an excellent idea. It will start slowly, then become a substantial political force. In a year or three, when the ZOG economy collapses, A3P will be part of a larger coalition of rightist forces that will destroy the ZOG itself and create a new Nationalist Government. Holding the coalition together will be the difficult task.

  12. Why avoid the futile national elections? I believe Dr. Paul and Ross Perot demonstrated that futile presidential campaigns can serve as lightning rods for activism, donations, networking, media attention, and power (with a major party suddenly paying attention to the concerns of the constituents the party has put in play).

    Unfortunately, James Edwards won’t be eligible until 2016 or our success would be a done deal.

    Yes. The amount was supposed to be $50,000, but you failed to come through with the $49,300 that you pledged. I tried to think of a number which was aspirational without being ludicrous. Without having a thermometer module, it’s kind of irrelevant.

  13. Sorry, Hunter, after several hours I was just wondering; thanks for checking. I apologize for the repetition.

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