Thinkpol vs. Amren

R.E.A.L. (an anti-White hate group) is claiming to have persuaded the Westin Washington Dulles Hotel to cancel the 2010 Amren Conference. They also claim to be contacting other hotels in the area to discourage them from hosting Jared Taylor’s bi-annual racialist gathering. In November 2009, R.E.A.L. got the Dulles Marriott to cancel the AR Conference. This is the same group that harassed the H.L. Mencken Club back in October. I’ve exchanged words with them in the past.

If you are wondering, the acronym “R.E.A.L.” stands for “Responsible for Equality and Liberty”: a perverse name for an anti-republican organization that attempts to disrupt the freedom of White men to assemble and organize. There wasn’t a single group like R.E.A.L. in the United States for over a hundred years following the ratification of the Constitution. Even the most radical fringes of abolitionism never went so far as to attack White men for entertaining certain thoughts or holding public meetings. That simply wasn’t considered part of the American natural rights tradition.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, “hate” is defined as “extreme dislike or antipathy” or “intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.” By their actions, it is clear that R.E.A.L. “hates” Amren and White racialists. In fact, R.E.A.L. is such a fanatical organization that they claim racialists are outside the human family for disagreeing with their ideology. Jared Taylor has never claimed that blacks and Hispanics aren’t human beings. Their animus and aversion towards Whites warrants labeling R.E.A.L. an “anti-White hate group.”

If George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt (the faces on Mount Rushmore) could be summoned from their graves, who do you suppose they would say is more American, Jared Taylor or Jeffrey Imm, Amren or R.E.A.L.? Would any of these men have called “diversity” an American value? Would they agree that “liberty” and “equality” requires denying White men the freedom to organize? Would they agree that White racialists are outside the human family? These are all rhetorical questions. Every historically literate person knows the answer.

R.E.A.L. isn’t rooted in the American natural rights tradition. You can get a better idea of the communist world these people are coming from by reading George Orwell’s 1984. Flipping through the Newspeak dictionary, we find the concepts like “goodthink” (orthodox political thought) and “unperson” (a person officially erased from existence) and “crimethink” (unorthodox thoughts). “Thinkpol,” of course, were the thought police of Oceania. They were in charge of the ritual shaming. The people behind R.E.A.L. have anointed themselves their totalitarian counterparts in the real world.

Fortunately, I found by all reports that R.E.A.L. is something of a joke. These kooks always turn out for our public events along with the suburban anarchist hoodlums. It wouldn’t be an AR conference without them.

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  1. Mr. Fred Scrooby, my religion is not relevant to my support for universal human rights. But since it is an obsession for you, you might have gotten a clue from my previous postings about the comments by Jesus Christ. I am a Christian.

  2. “my religion is not relevant to my support for universal human rights. But since it is an obsession for you, […] I am a Christian.” ( — Jeffrey Imm)

    Thank you for replying, and in this case I consider it potentially highly relevant. Are you of Jewish family background? Thank you in advance for replying to that further question.

    (You’re not supporting “universal human rights” of course, but genocide.)

  3. Regarding Israel, we do point out human rights challenges there and all other parts of the world, whenever egregious violations occur. Our human rights are universal to all parts of the world. — Jeff Imm

    Appreciate the reply, but I must respectfully say that this is not an honest and direct answer on your part, Mr. Imm.

    You are clearly obfuscating, and saying that you have ‘Muslim supporters’ (in Africa, no less) means nothing in relation to the question posed to you about murderous Jewish Supremacism and hegemonic Zionist Imperialism (backed up by ‘racist America’) in the Middle East.

    So Jeffrey, do you have any Palestinian or any other Arab Muslim/Christian members or supporters of your organization who are indeed also pro-Palestianian Human and Civil Rights leaders as well??

    Does your organization highlight and address the State of Israel’s Crimes against Humanity(?), or, as commenter MGLS says, was your organization – “in support of the State of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu across the street from the White House” to “address the Islamic supremacist threat to Israel.”(?)

    I will be politely asking (and encouraging others as well) for you to frankly answer this very reasonable question.

    Thank you again.

  4. Good follow-up comment by Reality Check, #104. Imm has denied he’s Jewish so (given his positions, his particular pattern of obfuscations, and all the rest of it) it is highly likely he is either of Jewish family background or is backed/funded by the Jews. He has chosen not to answer the question about his family background.

  5. As for Imm’s “Christian quotations” (“couldn’t you tell I was a Christian by my frequent quotations from Christianity?”), Saul Alinsky specifically said half-a-century ago that marxists should use the tenets of Christianity against Christians (i.e., against white people, Eurochristians, the perceived worst tribal enemy of Jews) by taunting/ridiculing/condemning them for failing to live up to biblical precepts which it is impossible to take literally and still have a functioning society, such as unconditional brotherly love and the others one can imagine. Clearly that’s part of what Imm is doing with his use of “quotations from Christianity” in his diatribes.

  6. For best tactics, see # 90. Take apart the babbling rethoric and ask for specific clarification on each asinine point. Also ask short, poignant questions regarding other lies and inconsistencies.

    Repeat (“why haven’t you replied to my questions in post #123?”) until the adversary replies intelligently (not gonna happen) or until he appears are the dimwit that he is (sure gonna happen).

  7. Fred Scoobey – no I am not Jewish and I do not have a Jewish family background. In fact I report critically on the actions of some Israelis, and I have reportedly repeatedly on the recent attacks on a West Bank mosque, including a report today. Your comment that I support Marxism is obviously also repudiated by my well known protests and writings against Communism, including, but no limited to R.E.A.L.’s web site.

  8. More Excuses from American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor
    —–Original Message—–
    From: “R.E.A.L. Organization”
    Sent: Jan 31, 2010 9:19 PM
    To: Jared Taylor
    Subject: Re: Message from Jared Taylor

    Mr. Taylor –
    Once again, you are focused on making excuses rather than meeting a challenge that YOU made.
    I have provided you a venue, a date, a time, a place, and even a map. Unlike you, I am willing to “submit my views to public criticism.”
    Clearly you thought I wouldn’t reply. Clearly you don’t understand our commitment to being Responsible for Equality and Liberty.
    Specifically, your challenge was for “So long as the meeting takes place before the American Renaissance conference is scheduled to begin — a date with which you are familiar — it can be at a time of your choosing.” Those are your words.
    Your conference begins on Saturday, February 20 at 9 AM, as you are well aware.

    But now you are too busy “preparing” at noon on February 19?

    This means of course that it could be any day between now and February 20, and you would still be too busy “preparing.”
    Apparently it can be a “time of my choosing,” as long as you didn’t think I would take you up on the challenge. You weren’t “prepared” for that.

    What you are not “prepared” for is to honestly address the American people – neither the American public, nor the hotels that you seek to do business with.
    What you are not “prepared” for is to meet me in broad daylight on the street, and under the scrutiny of the public.
    What you are not “prepared” for is letting the public see the weakness of the lie of racial supremacism.
    You can preach to your “choir” of those who already agree with that lie, but you are not “prepared” to face the American public who know the truth of human equality.

    If an American public street corner is not a “proper, public” setting for you to address the American public, then it is not just me that American Renaissance is afraid of – it is America itself that you are afraid of. How ironic – the very thing you claim to seek to be a “Renaissance” of – is the one thing you fear the most: America.

    That is the real point. It is no different than your efforts towards finding a “secret” location for your AmRen 2010 conference that you don’t have the courage to tell the public. It is no different than blaming me and R.E.A.L. when the hotels that you sought to do business found out the truth about what you and your organization claim to be promoting, and they could not stomach such an association.

    The real reason why Jared Taylor cannot meet with us is the same reason why American Renaissance seeks to hide in the shadows.
    American Renaissance fears the honest reaction of the American people to racial supremacist hate and to its practicing of belittling others based on their race.

    R.E.A.L.’s February 19, 12 Noon event at Columbia Heights will continue to stand.

    We don’t expect the American Renaissance members to be willing to show up. We expect that they know exactly how the American people will reject such hate.

    However, you should know that while R.E.A.L. may seek the rejection of your ideology, but we don’t reject you as human beings. Our universal human rights are also your universal human rights. There is always a path back to rejoining those who stand in support of our shared human rights.

    Choose Love, Not Hate. Love Wins.

    Yours in Equality and Liberty,

    Jeffrey Imm, Responsible for Equality And Liberty

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Jared Taylor
    Sent: Jan 31, 2010 5:46 PM
    To: “REAL Organization”
    Subject: Re: Message from Jared Taylor

    We will be preparing for our conference on Feb. 19, and you know very well that you do not plan to give me equal time to defend my point of view. The only fair venue would be one that is a proper public debate with equal time for both sides.

    Your proposal that I come be part of your audience is laughable.

    Clearly, you do not wish to submit your views to public criticism.

  9. 102:”…you might have gotten a clue from my previous postings about the comments by Jesus Christ. I am a Christian.” Jeffrey Imm

    It is a great pity that although you claim to be a Christian, Biblical Christianity hardly informs your behaviour. The very first characteristic of a Christian has to be humility – because he’s come to the realisation of his own imperfection: (i.e. his own sinfulness AND also simply of his own LIMITATIONS because of man’s finiteness). Christians realise that they understand their own motivations so imperfectly – HOW THEN CAN ANYONE PONITIFICATE SO SELF-RIGHTEOUSLY ON THE MOTIVATIONS OF OTHERS. In your case, Jeffrey, this is compounded by your refusal to TRY TO UNDERSTAND what others clearly say. You simply know (by faith?) that they are motivated by hatred.

    Which leads to another Christian principle which you flout: acting in GOOD FAITH. Why don’t you? Your BAD FAITH smearing as “Nazis” and “haters” of all who disagree with you is “loving as Jesus loved” is it?

    Seeing as you brought up Bible verses – let’s look at probably the central Bible verses for Christians shall we:

    Matt 22:36-37: “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” 37 And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the great and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

    Yes LOVE is a very important part of Christianity, but do you see what it says, Jeffrey? LOOK: “…love your neighbour as you LOVE YOURSELF.” To use the well-known proverb based on this, “charity begins at home.” All your great LOVE for the “diverse other” MEANS NOTHING if you haven’t first learnt to love yourself and your own, because you prove the quality of your love at home first. If you haven’t LOVE for your own heritage and race – (your first encounter with reality) – then you have no love to give to the other. Worse than that you hide “hatred of own” behind “love of other”.

    I see in your latest post you prove conclusively your cowardly lying BAD FAITH :

    111:”If an American public street corner is not a “proper, public” setting for you to address the American public, then it is not just me that American Renaissance is afraid of – it is America itself that you are afraid of. ”

    As if you don’t know that you and your ilk in the media stoke and manufacture the hostile environment and organise your “choir” to suppress all opposition. Without your “choir” behind you, YOU are not man enought to face Jared Taylor. YOU are the coward.

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